Report: Sanders offer sheet worth $2.5 million


Despite speculation that the offer sheet signed by Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders with the Patriots is worth as much as $4 million for one year, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the offer sheet is worth $2.5 million.

That’s roughly $1.2 million more than the value of Sanders’ one-year tender offer.

As of last week, the Steelers had $2.0 million in cap space.  Which means that they could match the Sanders offer sheet, since $1.32 million already counts against the Steelers’ cap for Sanders’ tender offer.

But that wouldn’t give them much room to maneuver, and they’d need to create more space to sign their draft picks.

49 responses to “Report: Sanders offer sheet worth $2.5 million

  1. Wow. We are really gonna be handcuffed now!!! Darn. Wish I was a fan of the Ravens…they know how to work the cap and draft well. Oh well. Maybe next year?

  2. The steelers are going to be really bad this year. It will be fun to continue to beat up on them. Ravens own the division, the conference and as super bowl cham

  3. Again, Colons June 1 designation frees up $5m in cap room before any draft picks need to be signed. It would be all their cap space, but they can resign him without restructuring anyone else.

  4. Giving up a 3rd rounder for Sanders for a one year deal kind of sounds like a waste of a pick for New England, but it could be argued that they couldnt draft anyone better than him in the 3rd round, and they gotta keep Tom Brady happy!

  5. Smarter to use your 3rd rounder on a player who will be contractually obligated to you for 4 years.

  6. Pittsburgh cant even match it unless they restructure more contracts. Hah! What a broke franchise, they resemble their fans quite well. Another down year in Pittsburgh. Oh boy am I gonna have fun with this.

  7. Steeley McBeam says:
    Apr 10, 2013 4:05 PM
    Again, Colons June 1 designation frees up $5m in cap room before any draft picks need to be signed. It would be all their cap space, but they can resign him without restructuring anyone else.

    Steelers only have five days to match the offer. June 1 is not five days away, even though I wish it was.

  8. We see so few RFA’s that actually change teams; this is (in some ways) almost uncharted waters. If Pgh. passes, I would imagine the Pats will try to get him into a long-term deal in lieu of that one-year contract.
    Sanders’ production doubled last season from the previous year and he just turned 26; still believe it’s a good signing given N.E.’s situation @ WR and for giving up only the 91st pick.

  9. mchatrie says:

    Steelers only have five days to match the offer. June 1 is not five days away, even though I wish it was.


    They dont need the money to resign Sanders (they have that $$ available), they need the 5 mill from Colon to sign the rookies before camp.

    Lets do some math here so we can shut Ravenator up real quick:

    2 mill (current cap $ avail) + 1.32 mill (Sanders tender $ already against the cap) = $3.32 million

    3.32 > 2.5

    so therefore, they have plenty of money to match this offer without any restructures.

  10. As a Steeler fan I say take the pick, unless in these 5 day’s they workout an extension with Sanders.

  11. I still say we let the Pats have him. We can pick up a receiver in the draft and give Cotchery more time. I don’t think we have utilized Cotchery as much as we should anyway. Win win.

  12. Even if we match their offer….we are still handcuffed to the cap. Not much else we can do unless we keep restructuring everyone’s contract! Makes me wanna jump ship to the Ravens, Bengals or Browns! UGH. Not a good year so far for us.

  13. This would leave the Pats with only four picks, two of those being 7th rounders.

    Im not sure which team hurts the other more here- The Pats forcing the Steelers to pay Sanders an extra 1.2m, or the Steelers leaving the Pats with only 4 draft picks.

  14. as much as the Ravens fans hate it,,,,,,,6 rings for the Steeler Nation. Until you get 6, shut the heck up!

  15. Hey dickson29….we should probably respect our rivals….they are the world champs after all…Not to mention last time we were in the playoffs we got Tebowed right out! Still stings me. Go Steelers.

  16. looks like the steelers reign of tht division is coming to an official end. they had 2 shaky years but this year they lost many guys on D and 2 of their top 3 wrs. plus IMO they made a mistake of cutting mendenhall. he was their only talent and just cme back from ACL tear give the guy a break..hes going to be pretty good for arizona watch..hell have more rush yards than any pitts back.. unless they get bradshaw that guys a beast

  17. @frogyzero …

    Correction: Last time we were in the playoffs, we were outFoxed. Fox should get the lion’s share of the credit for devising a game plan that played to Tebow’s strengths and our weaknesses. Tebow gets credit for doing his job. But yes, we should respect our Raven rivals. They deserve it.

  18. Just to clarify – if the Steelers want to match the Pats offer (at 2.5 mil) they can do that right now.

    It’s also a forgone conclusion that Willie Colon will be released in the June 1 time frame, which will free up an additional $5 million in cap room, which will cover the draft picks that they sign.

    They don’t have to restructure any more contracts. The Pats aren’t pulling a “chess” move by offering Sanders $2.5 million for 1 year. The Steelera have that covered, and if they want Sanders long-term, they will have to pay him next season anyway.

  19. The thing I think everyone is forgetting that as far as the draft goes, the Patriots haven’t exactly been ‘hitting’ in the Wide Receiver category. Whether it be through poor scouting or simply poor development after drafting.

    May as well take a chance with a 3rd that would likely end up getting cut anyway, on someone who has already shown some production (when healthy), of course, this assumes that he can adapt into the Pats offensive scheme (probably another reason why the Pats have so many WR misses in the draft).

    As a Pats fan, I’m cautiously optimistic, but, emphasis on cautious.

  20. Hey Steeley McBeam,

    There’s one serious flaw with your Illogic.

    If you don’t have the Cap space available that your pick is Slotted into, You’re not allowed to MAKE THE PICK !! You get Skipped Over !

    Guess the Steelers won’t be Picking until the Third Round if they Match and Don’t Restructure some Contracts!

  21. If you draft well, you can find an elite receiver in any round. The Pats problem, and I’m a Pats fan, is that they never quite pick the right guy at that position. Case in point; 2009 draft. Pats pick Brandon Tate with the 83rd pick. Pittsburgh, with the 84th pick, takes Mike Wallace.

    I’d rather have Moss back at minimum salary and still have my 3rd rd pick.

  22. @frogyzero …

    Thank you! 😀

    @ziggy26 …

    Colon signed with the Jets about a month ago, so his cap money should already have been deducted. We’re in a real bind this year.

  23. Losing 2 of his top 3 WR’s can’t be viewed favorably by Roethlisberger. Sure you can use that draft pick but there’s no position that makes me more nervous than using a high selection for THAT position. Headcases, prima donnas, ego maniacs, guys whose college talents don’t translate, etc…
    Ask the Patriots; no one’s done a worse job drafting wideouts than they have over the past 6/7 years.

  24. Although I’m definitely not a Steelers fan, losing a receiver of this quality is not too big an impact…sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back to move forward.

  25. steelers might come in 4th in the division bengals will be a playoff teams, the ravens might. i see flacco like eli.. rly good qb but sometimes can be inconsistant and miss the playoffs.. and the browns are one good qb (no weeden, i was always a mccoy fan) away from being a playoff team.

  26. Last time the Steelers were in the playoffs, the Steelers’ offense went up and down the field in the first half en route to two field goals. The Steelers’ offense managing just six first-half points had nothing to do with either Tebow or Fox.
    Some Steelers fans have yet to figure out that IF the offense would score some TDs, especially early and often, that might change the other team’s attitude and strategy.

  27. A lot of bad information reading the above posts. The salary cap is top 53 signed contracts. So draft picks don’t count until signed. You don’t just lose the pick idiot. And Colon was cut creating dead money post June 1, I believe. The issue with Sanders is this- let him go to the Pats and get the 3rd rounder, sign him and he plays out the 1 year and then leaves and you could potentially get up to a 3 round compensatory pick the following year, or negotiate a longer term deal beyond the 1 year on the table. The best option is to get him signed to a long term deal if it has value compared to what a WR would receive at the 97 spot in the draft. Stedman Bailey at the bottom of Round 3 just might make me want to take the Pats pick.

  28. No steely, you’re wrong. The steelers need 6-7 mil for the rookie pool. So, even after 6/1, when Colon comes off, they’re still up against it. There’s your intelligent conversation. There is no down side for the Pats on this deal. The steelers have to decide if they want to match, when they have no money due to cap mismanagement. They can match, restructure some other players, have Sanders for 1 yr and let him walk for nothing, since they have no intention of paying him next yr(they decided to pay ABrown), or they can cut their losses and at least get a 3rd from the Pats, and we’ll see what happens. Brilliant move by the Pats.

  29. Sorry. My mistake. The Steelers designated Colon as a June 1 cut. They free up his 5.5 mil salary after that date, even though he already signed with NY.

  30. Awe look at the Steelers and Ravens fan fight. Both your teams are gonna be irrelevant this year. You could take the 53 beat players between the teams and you might get 10 players that make the Patriots roster. Ok 10 if I include. The practice squad.

  31. Except for the very occasional (steeler) fan, every where I read, they are saying that this entire draft class is pretty weak. For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be much talent graduating. Maybe because many Jr’s skipped their senior year for last years draft.
    Whatever the reason, this years 3rd pick doesn’t mean too much and it is interesting that BB, who usually stocks up on picks, gave so many away for this year. It is like trading your broken down VW for a vintage BMW. Talk about playing chess with preschoolers.

    Wish I had taken BB along to haggle for me when I was in the market for that cabin cruiser.

  32. I say let him go & take the 3rd round pick. Use the 1st round for best available, 2nd round for receiver or ILB, 3rd & 3rd for positions not filled or depth at receiver & O-line…4th & on are just butter on the bread. Doesn’t make sense to over pay a guy who drops balls all the time. This would allow the Steelers to get the depth they need within the Cap.

  33. It appears the Steelers are cleaning house or better yet, cleaning out the negativity of the locker room. It makes sense that after the locker room fiasco the Steelers are better off without negative players! As for you naysayers, Colbert has done a decent job in the past and to suggest that the “reign” is over, it remains to be seen. I believe we will have a far better season than last year. Let the new locker room leaders emerge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. The pats haven’t drafted a wr in the first round since Terry Glenn in 96. They did draft some busts with semi high picks. Johnson and Jackson in the second round and Price and Tate in the third round. They also drafted Branch,Givens,Edelman and Slater. You win some you lose some with wide receivers.

  35. I actually think the Steelers letting him go to the Pats is a win for both teams. The Pats need a receiver and can’t draft one to save their lives, so makes sense for them to nab Sanders if they can. And the Steelers have cap issues, so letting him walk relieves a little bit of pressure there, and they are able to draft receivers so they’ll be able to replace him with the pick.

  36. Gayvenator (hilarious name), I think you’re being a little generous by including Slater and maybe even Edelman as successful WR picks for the Pats. Both of those guys are special teamers (we’ll see what happens with Edelman). Unfortunately, I think the Pats have lost far more than they have won over the last decade with WR draft picks.

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