Richard Sherman: Half the NFL takes Adderall


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who successfully appealed a four-game suspension last year after testing positive for Adderall, says the prescription drug is so commonly used among NFL players that the NFL ought to just accept it and take Adderall off the banned list.

Although Sherman argued during his appeal that the NFL’s drug tester made errors in collecting Sherman’s urine sample which nullified the test, he told the Vancouver Sun on Tuesday that the league really shouldn’t be testing for Adderall anyway.

About half the league takes it [Adderall] and the league has to allow it,” Sherman said. “The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don’t believe me. But I accept it. If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player.”

Whether people believe Sherman or not, Adderall became one of the most-discussed issues in the NFL last year, as player after player blamed positive performance-enhancing drug tests on it. The NFL never confirms the substance that a player tests positive for, so it’s possible that some of those players were lying because they thought using a common prescription drug like Adderall would go over better with their fans than using other performance-enhancing substances.

NFL players are permitted to use Adderall only if they to through the necessary process to get a therapeutic use exemption, and the NFL says not many players are using substances that would otherwise be banned under such exemptions. So if Sherman is right that half the league is using Adderall, then the NFL’s drug testing procedures are seriously flawed, and the league is only catching a tiny percentage of the users.

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  1. Everyone says the drug they tested positive for is Adderall but there is a good reason it could be true it’s the drug they popped for because it clears your system the quickest, within a couple days.

    If there’s any position where 50% of the league takes Adderall it’s the corners because it’s the position requiring the most reaction, as you’re essentially paid to mimic the moves of the receiver if you’re playing man coverage.

  2. This guy just implicated himself. He ought to be immediately suspended for a year.

  3. This guy is a bumbling idiot. This same guy will be suing the nfl in 20 years when there is research that shows all the negative effects on your heart from long term use of adderral

  4. What’s become clear is that Sherman would rather be known for his mouth than his game – which will keep flapping long after his game is gone.

  5. “The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything.”

    Falls under the category that if you state enough times, it becomes true….

  6. Oh Thanks Richard or can I just call you “DICK!!” Because half the players in the league are doing it anyway it should be accepted, and if half the players in the league use steroids, it should just be accepted, and if half the players in the league shoot their girlfriends in the head it should just be accepted, and if half the players in the league…… Thanks Dick, your a genius!!!!

  7. If half the players are using Adderall, there is a problem. Unless you have ADHD, the drug affects you much differently. I can speak from personal experience on this; I went through all the cognitive testing and interviews by a clinic to get my diagnosis. Adderall has helped me tremendously; if you don’t have ADHD it is a stimulant ripe for abuse. I take one 10 MG tablet every morning; I bet Sherman and any other players abusing it are taking more than that…

  8. As usual Sherman is an idiot. I love how these idiots get off with things and then claim to be innocent. The old everyone is doing it excuse! Awesome!

  9. MDS,

    Last sentence is 100% correct.

    The ones getting caught are just stupid. They know when the test is coming. One player said they only test for weed once a year and the players know when.

  10. “The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. ”

    Really? What mistake did the NFL make, except hiring an incompetent tester? If your cup wasnt cracked, you would have been suspended.

    And complain all you want about Adderall being on the banned substance list, but it is banned for a reason. If half the players in the league are using it, there is a reason for that. And it isnt medical.

  11. As a Seahawks fan, I was shaking my head while reading this. Let it go Sherman. You took it but beat the system. Anyone who takes Adderall without a prescription is benefiting from the effects. I don’t have a prescription but used it for work once, and it was the most productive day I ever had there. It should stay banned to non prescription players. I did get a good chuckle out of the “If everyone loves you, you’re not not much of a player line” though.

  12. It is a PED and should not be allowed unless the player is cleared to use it through the proper exemption.

  13. I think it should be mandatory that they all take steroids and are equipped with some sort of javelin or CBs get the bow and arrow and lets kick this game up a notch.

  14. Someone please kindly inform Mr. Sherman that Adderall (like other ADHD stimulants) is a federally controlled substance, and hence illegal to use without a prescription. Why should the NFL allow something that is illegal?

  15. in what way does adderol enhance a football players performance? i thought it was for ADD kids.

  16. how is the use of medically necessary and prescribed medication NOT covered under the American with Disabilities Act? If all these guys are taking is actually Adderall, this sounds discriminatory at the very least.

    “The NFL never confirms the substance that a player tests positive for, so it’s possible that some of those players were lying because they thought using a common prescription drug like Adderall would go over better with their fans than using other performance-enhancing substances.”

    -entirely plausible. maybe the league should announce the substance for which they are being suspended to avoid even the appearance of unfairness. or maybe do so only when a player decides to challenge or appeal the suspension. seems only fair to me.

  17. This guy had one decent game in his career and from the end of that game until now, he hasn’t shut up.
    Go Away Dick.

  18. Attitudes such as this reinforce the necessity of an active Commissioner to police the game. Left to their own devices, the players would destroy the game. Not the owners or the Commissioner.

    Adderall is a methamphetamine derivative. A Schedule II that is highly addictive. It unquestionably provides a competitive advantage to those who use it for non-medicinal purposes. For that reason alone it is justifiably banned by the league.

    The players who willingly cheat are the same ones who will sue the league after their playing days are over. After developing a dependence on the drug they will claim the league should have saved them from themselves. One need only look to the concussion lawsuits.

    Players play the game. The owners and commissioner operate the league. The NFL has, and will, thrive without Richard Sherman. He cannot thrive while playing football without the NFL. Mr. Sherman and his comrades would be well served to appreciate this critical reality.

  19. I don’t have ADHD and have taken adderal. It’s a drug. It’s basically like cocaine but you don’t snort it and it doesn’t make your upper pallet and nose numb. It’s still has the same effects and I have seen good people become addicted to that stuff. Sherman is an idiot for thinking its no big deal. It’s a controlled substance for a reason.

  20. This guy is becoming the new TO. He simply never shuts his gash and has no filter whatsoever. As a Stanford fan, I find it particularly disturbing because he takes down the prestige of the school and the football program everything he does this. There are already enough PR battled to fight when Tiger Woods makes a sideline appearance. He needs to just shut it and play.

  21. Taking Adderall will greatly reduce fatigue during practices and games. Although he is using a falicious argument, it would not be surprising if the statement were true.

  22. So half the league taking speed is ok just because everyone is doing it ?


    Hope the league has someone knocking at Sherman’s door or locker every few days for all of next season testing him.

  23. Diarrhea of the mouth. Uhhhhh, was that my outside voice?? LMAO.

    Petey and company are NOT cheaters!!

  24. As someone who is ADD myself, I take issue with players just using it recreationally, if that is what Sherman is trying to imply.

    ADD is a real problem for those who really have it and Adderrall is a very dangerous drug. It has the same effects as cocaine, possibly stronger, depending on the prescribed dosage. Yes, it does make you concentrate harder, but the costs outweight the benefits, at least for me. It can cause delusions, severe mood swings, spike in blood pressure, etc… I’ve been hospitalized 2x because of adderrall.

    I don’t think it should be banned b/c some players really need it. But I would not be shocked to here that adderral has caused a player to have a heart attack or stroke on the field.

  25. Correct me if I am wrong but given that he was on the verge of a 4 game suspension means he was caught doing something twice before. He is either a liar or just plain stupid.

  26. He is doing an interview. He is not bring this up. They are asking him questions. Comparing taking adderall to shooting your girlfriend shows how ignorant you are. Btw who cares about Stanford. Players make comments all the time. Sherman comments just appear on PFT cause they know the idots will come out.

  27. I believe Sherman that half — or more — of players in the league are taking Adderall. If this drug can provide such a competitive advantage it should surprise no one that many, many players are using it.

    While Sherman is, at times, overly mouthy he is probably correct. It is uncomfortable to hear but likely true that Adderall use is widespread. The same people attacking him for saying this are the same type of people who had their head in the sand about baseball’s steroid problem in the late 90s/early 00s. Then a very significant percentage of players were using PEDs; yet when players came out with statements akin to Sherman’s they were attacked by disbelieving fans.

  28. Not sure I can wait 5 yrs until he is a regular in the ‘police blotter’ claiming family disturbances and altercations were ‘misunderstandings’. Just play ball, shut up, work on your craft, and earn a good living that hopefully will keep you from ever working a 9-5 job ever again.

  29. His rationale sounds eerily to someone who just spent the last couple hours snortin rails….not that I’ve seen that in real life…;-)

  30. Adderall is basically a prescription form of meth.

    Definitely performance enhancing and definitely a dangerous drug to take recreationally. I’m sure these guys will all blame their health problems down the road on the NFL though, not the fact that they were all popping legal meth and who-know-what else on a routine basis.

  31. So the rest of the NFL takes adderall and whatever else they can in order to compete with the Redskins. Why should anyone be surprised? Other teams don’t enjoy losing to the Redskins and watching the Redskins win Super Bowl after Super Bowl. HTTR.

  32. what a bright guy. by making this statement you are ADMITTING you did it without speaking the words. This dude may be talented, but he is dumb as a rock

  33. If half of the league takes Adderall and 1/4 of those players were caught, then there would be no NFL.
    That is the reason you don’t see the NFL testing more players at one time.

  34. If there is any positive to all this it is that since Dick Sherman can’t stop running his mouth it likely ensures that at the moment his skills ever so slightly erode he’ll get the T.O. treatment from the league and be banished.

  35. Anyone who knows anything about Adderall, knows it is like cocaine to people who don’t need it prescribed. All these players trying to say it’s no big deal or just trying to hide the fact they probably are using it as a ped.

  36. I realize he was involved with the Adderall case, for his suspension, but its just an excuse to keep talking. The guy played well, will most likely continue to do so, but he’s addicted to the attention.
    For someone who doesn’t have “Prime Time or Playmaker” charisma, he should allowed his play to do the talking, mature as a man, then come in to his own. At the latter part of his career, then he can set himself up for a media job. Otherwise, he’s heading down a self destructive road like Chad Johnson. Annoying people is not a good thing Rich.

  37. Whether “half the league” really takes it or not, he just opened up a can of worms he will soon not be closing.

    Just because half of the rockstars out there do/did coke or heroin doesn’t mean that should be legal; but with this thought process, it obviously should be.

  38. Yeah Sherman runs his mouth and sounds like a Moron most of the time…. But he is an all pro corner, the best in the game. I don’t care what this guy says if he keeps shutting his corner of the field completely down. And he will.

  39. Yeah Sherman runs his mouth and sounds like a Moron most of the time…. But he is an all pro corner, the best in the game. I don’t care what this guy says if he keeps shutting his corner of the field completely down. And he will.

  40. What the hell? He didn’t say anything wrong. You people are just annoying, he was stating a fact and you still call him an idiot. The dude is actually pretty humble and is a great guy.

  41. If Richard Sherman was here, he’d only have one thing to say to all of you…… “I’m better at life than all of you, what have you done with your life? Are you top 22 in what you do? No. I’m a Stanford graduate and an All-Pro, in fact address me as All-Pro from now on.”

  42. But you of course are in the other half, which is why you had a “false” positive right?? Right…..

  43. I really hope this is not true. Adderall is basically meth and these players will have many more problems than concussions down the road. Definitely barking up the wrong tree!

  44. You got to love all the negative comments…52 people felt the need to tell us how he ‘isn’t any good’, is ‘a cheater’, and just needs to ‘shut up’…
    Sherm’s the best cover corner in the game…
    And Florio and company know if they put his name in a headline, that a bunch of ‘fan boys’ will jump in to run him down…
    Think of how much more he’ll have to say when he’s holding up the Lombardi next year.

  45. So this guy fails the testing so now half the league does it but not him, so let’s make it legal. He knows he does it and proved with these shenanigans. Guy is a loser and will show that if he has stay clean this year.

  46. People should give Sherman a break. Revis and other great DB’s have both money and fame. Sherman, as of 2 years ago had neither. Now he has a little fame, but makes less than $500k a year, yet his market value is up over $10m a year.

    I guess he wants to talk his $9.5m worth of smack. Maybe he deserves to talk. Regardless, we all know that even though we may criticize him, he has great game, and someone that talks like this is good for the NFL in moderation – keeps things interesting and edgy. That is just a reality.

  47. FYI if you go back to all the instances of him talking (besides skip bayless, but hell skip had it coming) it was Richard Sherman merely replying to others comments. Brady check, Revis check. Do some research before forming a blind opinion

  48. It’s a shame “celebrity” status gives some people a voice. The sports media keeps giving this irrelevant mouth a platform to open. Try speaking to players and coachestthat truly have constructive things to say, about their teams, communities, and with the ability to help others. The days of Tony Dungy and Reggie White are gone. But, as long as we keep clicking on the links, hack writers will continue to produce his garbage.

  49. I personally think Sherman is the best corner in the league, hate to take a page out of his book, but just look at his numbers. Yeah he talks a lot, but in all honesty some of it is hilarious. His attack on Skip Bayless was borderline the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life. I like him, and if he keeps attacking and downgrading the media, I’ll like him even more, sorry but I HATE the media.

  50. Hey me and browner got caught so half the nfl is or must be using got off on a technicality. Not because you did not use would think more players would be getting caught like these two losers browner and I will hold you all the way till the whistle blows bruh sherman.refs all of a sudden turn blind eye on 5 yard rule.this guy is a joke.shut up already dude.lets see what you play like with out your adderall richard

  51. Never seen a player who is more desperate for attention than this guy… Unless of course your not counting the seachiken fans. Guy had one good season and made all pro (only because the real all pro went down with a knee injury) and all of a sudden he is the best in the league. That’s expected though from the Seattle fans, i mean they had one good season and now they are the best team in the league by far and will win the next 8 sb’s! Ahhhh the comedy train known as the 12th man continues. Keep up the good work Seattle fans

  52. Sherman can’t spell. The bottle he has is labeled Anadrol not Adderall and is a completely different thing.

  53. Sherman is a cool dude, its off-season and he can talk to the media all he wants to even if sports reporters are becoming TMZ. It funny all these guys screaming for him to shut-up but actually go through and read articles about him and get fired up. Let it go, its not like you’re going to buy a Seahawks # 25 jersey anyway? That’s for the 12th man only and we like it that way. Go Hawks.

  54. I’m fairly certain they do allow it already. You just need a doc to write it. Which is incredibly easy. Most make you take some sort of long test so they can bill you. All you have to say is you don’t accomplish tasks and you struggle to get motivated to do things. Voila, they put you on speed. It’s a joke. Docs would put 98 percent of public on it.

  55. Isn’t it a funny feeling when someone is lying to your face and you know it but he just keeps talking.

    Richard- I’m not calling you a liar about half the league I’m calling you liar that you are not in that half.

    Seattle = House of Cards

  56. For all the Sherman haters: We invite you to keep your sub-par, undersized, occasionally effective CB’s on the roster so that we can have a loudmouth that is a walking distraction for opposing teams that is an all-pro, 25 year old with huge upside.

    I’m not in love with all the talk, but I respect the man who can back it up. If nobody else can challenge you, then I suppose you’ll need to challenge yourself. (How’s that for a Sherman-ism?)

    It’s fine, we’re good with it. Seattle fans like him just where he is.

  57. I do find it amusing how any article about Richard Sherman brings out the vitriol in the responses. Usually he’s just answering questions from a reporter. The Skip Bayless thing was quite a bit over the top though.

  58. It’s laughable that he claims his superiority based on his Stanford education. It’s not like he got in because of his intelligence. As a Stanford grad myself, I can’t stand the turd.

  59. Lets just let them all shoot up Heroin and mainline cocaine while we are at it. Maybe even let them take masive doses of human growth hormone. Why not? Everyone is doing it apparently.

    Sherman is a fool if he expects everyone to believe than half the players in the league are doping for a competive advantage. He is trying to justify his own doping by making it sound like it is less than a big deal.

  60. Sherman does not believe he should be held accountable because ‘every body else is doing it’. A childish response usually relegated to childhood.

  61. No wonder the NFLPA doesn’t want drug testing. You would have half the league under suspension. There would be no games, no commissioner, no drug sales, no hot dog vendors, no ticket sales. Wow, putting a stop to this drug would really screw up the economy.
    The smart thing for the league is to create a sure fire test that does not detect Adderall. Then everyone can be satisfied and the game goes on.

  62. As someone who takes samples for testing purposes in the Biotech industry daily, I can tell you that a cracked vial or sample cup does not necessarily mean the sample was compromised if the sample was placed in a bag. Unless the bag contained Adderall, there is no reason to suspect the sample was compromised. Sherman was lucky he had a lawyer and a gullible commissioner who knows nothing about the sampling process. This dude is guilty as sin, and a moron.

  63. If he says half the nfl kind of makes you wonder how many seahawk players are using it.

  64. “If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player.”

    People don’t hate you because you’re a good player Richard, which you are, they hate you because you’re an arrogant, disrespectful, self-aggrandizing blowhard.

  65. You people do realize that he wouldn’t talk about it or make statements like this if the media didn’t prod him for it, right? Get some perspective.

  66. Sherman went to school with a student from Canada this week.He is always furing something in the community. When he went on first take it was to talk about his charity but the only thing you idiots can remember is the back and foryh with Skip. Is it his fault that all that is published is some controversial statements.

  67. Your right, a player such as Adrian Peterson is not a good football player because no one hates him. All he does is keep his mouth shut, stays loyal to his team, and runs over defenses, like yours, to the tune of 150+ yds every week. Maybe that’s why no one hates him.

  68. What I’ve noticed, is that a large number of responders here, those being highly critical of Sherm, have ID’s that tie them to teams other than the Hawks. What they all are thus saying, is that if this had been a player from their team, that they would gladly accept it if all the rest of us dumped on their fave. If you can give it, you should expect to eventually get it.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  69. sweetnlow44 says:
    Apr 10, 2013 12:49 PM
    You people do realize that he wouldn’t talk about it or make statements like this if the media didn’t prod him for it, right? Get some perspective.

    Always love this argument. It’s the big bad media’s fault that these guys say controversial things, not theirs.

    Here is some perspective for you: The are somewhere around 1,500 active NFL players. Approximately 1,499 of them manage to not get themselves in trouble with their mouths as often as Sherman does.

  70. Everyone is using it, but even though I tested positive for it, I was clean. What a lier. The NFL ought to be on his a$$ with testing the rest of his career. He made them look like incompetent fools.

  71. I know people that take this to concentrate at work, and on papers. Since I’m at work and on PFT right now, maybe I should look into getting a prescription for it.

  72. So Sherman, now famous for testing positive for Adderall then beating it, is supposed to decline any and all interviews from now on due to the likely chance he will be asked about this very subject? Is that it? It’s not like he’s started a proactive campaign in favor of the drug. He was being interviewed and gave an answer, sharing his opinion.

    I look at threads like this and see them as hater-bait. Very disheartening to see how much hate and anger dwell within so many football fans, looking for an object at which it can be vented at. You all could use a good year of psychological therapy to figure out what you’re REALLY so angry about, and why. Odds are high that for at least half of you, it’s something other than football.

  73. He peed in a cup, which broke and was placed in an opened cup. There was no verification of Adderall in the original cup. But that doesn’t stop the haters evidently. You say he “tested positive” for Adderall. Wow, the sample collector could just look at the urine and knew there was Adderall in Sherm’s system.

    Where did the second cup come from? The record shows that it was open prior to being used to collect Sherm’s sample. How many other tests were made in that room, that day, or on previous days. How long had that second cup been open? No one knows. No one can say.

    I’ll bet if any of you haters get busted for DUI, you’ll have liars for hire in court trying to exploit every loophole under the sun, to get you off, even though you’re as guilty as sin.

    But that’s different, isn’t it?

  74. Hey PillowPorker, how did that game end up? So since Adrian Peterson, by nature doesnt talk much, that makes him a better person to Richard, who by nature, likes to talk? Wow, thats really deep…

  75. The story above this one is about a well-paid player’s failed attempt to become a drug kingpin by distributing cocaine.

    Only three people weighed in on that, but the masses are out in force to slam a guy about adderall?


  76. Just because half the Seahawks take it, doesnt mean that half the NFL takes it Sherm

  77. So basically you got caught, now you know you can’t use it anymore so your going to try and get the nfl to beef up the testing policies so nobody else can use it and have an advantage on you the way you had while you used it.

  78. Isn’t incessant babbling a side effect of speed use? Bet he grinds his teeth too.

  79. All of this Sherman hate. He backs up his talk and that is why people REALLY hate him. Best corner in the league and he’s not slowing down anytime soon.


  80. adderall gives you this false energy so u can go twice as hard in the gym. its not hgh but it is an unnatural source of energy and that unnatural energy is used to gain honest mass. i mean u dont want to turn your employees into pill poppers but rather them that than be hgh expieriments. if they test poitive for both they should get a lifetime ban because your not human anymore.

  81. C’mon Sherman. I highly doubt this no one as of the draft is taking aderall. He was taking things like full on steroids and he knew it. Without them he would be out of the league.

  82. “If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player,” said Richard Sherman.

    “Wow, I must not be much of a player,” said Robert Griffin III.

  83. Adderall is banned because it contains an amphetamine component. Amphetamines known as bennies, cross tops, or Mollys were widely available by prescription chiefly for weight loss back in the 50’s, and frequently illegally used by long haul truckers, students to “cram” for exams, or to extend an alcohol high. In baseball Pitchers were known to berate fielders not taking them for not backing them up enough. I would say most of us in our 60’s have used them at least once for some reason. My experience made the steep addiction curve obvious, but I knew many who dabbled intermittently with little ill effect. Also knew people who trashed their bodies and minds with it in a few years. Definitely widely used in some form, definitely enhances performance, definitely quickly becomes addictive, and definitely destroys an abuser.

  84. They hung Canseco out to dry once a long time ago when he made such”outrageous” claims in his given sport,i think I will reserve judgement on Mr.Sherman and his claims

  85. Instead of shooting his mouth off nonstop, he should watch film of Roddy Smith smoking him.

    Sherman is definitely Top 22 jerk offs in all of sports.

  86. The most comical thing about this story is not Sherman himself, but the Seakawks fans saying hes the best corner in the league. Seatle doesnt comprise the whole league. They are just 1 of many teams.

    When you have a really good year one season that doesnt make you the best at your position. Revis has been doing it for many years. But the difference with Revis is he performs at the highest level in the playoffs, shutting down Reggie Wayne for 1 catch for 1 yard, chad johnson when he was good for 2 catches for 22 yards, and 0 catches for 0 yards against Gates/Jackson/floyd (even though all three of them smoked the Jets that game when Revis wasn’t covering him.). I can’t get the picture out of my head of Sherman coming up small in the biggest game, watching Roddy White from behind scoring a pivotal TD in a playoff game.

    Too bad you couldnt take adderall that game too.

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