Successful WrestleMania bodes well for Super Bowl power supply


The folks at World Wrestling Entertainment would like the NFL to know not to be worried about another Super Bowl power outage next year.

WrestleMania XXIX took place on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, which will also host Super Bowl XLVIII next year. And because everything went smoothly on the electricity front for WrestleMania, the NFL can probably feel confident that there won’t be a repeat of the Superdome blackout.

Frankly, our event is bigger than the Super Bowl,” WWE executive vice president of television production Kevin Dunn told “I’m very confident that when you go to a WrestleMania, you will see a bigger show than the Super Bowl.”

Dunn (who attended the Super Bowl at the Superdome) noted that WrestleMania taxes the stadium’s power supply with stunts like turning out all the lights at MetLife Stadium for The Undertaker’s entrance, then lighting the stadium up for his match. And John Cena, who defeated The Rock to win the WWE championship in the main event, said afterward that MetLife stadium accommodated all of the WWE’s needs.

“After seeing how we transformed this place to look nothing like a football stadium on game day, you guys are just fine for the Super Bowl,” Cena said. “If you could accommodate what we’ve done out there, [MetLife] will be just fine.”

If the WWE champion says it, you can take it to the bank.