Tavon Austin’s pre-draft dance card is full

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How much interest has West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin generated among NFL teams?  So much that he has had to decline some invitations for pre-draft visits.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Austin has visited or will visit the Rams, Bengals, Buccaneers, 49ers, and Jets.

The Jets are an intriguing option, given that they hold the ninth overall pick in the draft — and could end up with the 13th overall selection.

Austin’s floor could be No. 16 to the Rams, a team that desperately needs playmakers.

43 responses to “Tavon Austin’s pre-draft dance card is full

  1. Well, so much for the Bears having a shot…No way he makes it all the way to #20.

  2. With Bruce Arians loving to throw the football, with a veteran QB under center now, Austin doesn’t get past 7. Fitz on the outside, and this guy working the slot, is a nightmare in his downfield passing scheme.

  3. Anyone remember Ted Gin Jr.? Small, fast special teams ace that can be a #3 or 4 receiver. Just not worth a top 20 pick. A playoff team needing a dynamic player, sure but a building team????? Not my type of pick.

  4. I agree with the Ginn comment. This kid is extremely explosive but he is extremely small and his hands are shaky at times. This is a pick I’d prefer the niners don’t chance missing on. I have my doubts Harvin will survive within the division personally and he is by most accounts a tougher player. Then I think back to that vicious hit Chancellor put on Vernon Davis who has similar speed to Austin with 75 lbs extra and wow that would be a train wreck. Fortunately there is almost zero chance he makes it to 31.

  5. Man….I’d feel sorry for him if he got drafted by the Jets…imagine realizing that you’re going to catch passes (or something like them) from Sanchez!! Hope he goes to a team that can utilize his talent….

  6. He’s not going to Tampa. Bucs need a TE more than a slot guy. Besides, did just resign Easy E, so since he’s the best CB on the roster (I shed a tear writing that), its gotta be a CB with the 13th pick, either the actual pick or Revis (though I am firmly against this years first)

  7. I don’t know where all the Cleveland talk is coming from, but that is wrong. If you ever read Mike Lombardi’s stuff, he never considered WR’s first rounders. He always said they were the last piece to the puzzle and were like small forwards in basketball. That if you knew what you wanted specifically, you could find that in later rounds. NO WAY Cleveland picks a WR in round 1.

  8. So who did he decline to visit? The article says he has so much interest he said no to some teams, who did he say no to?

  9. Is he really ranked that high? Maybe I’m just not open minded enough but this guy’s 5-8 and 170 soaking wet. And he doesn’t play big like Harvin. He plays small and he is small and he avoids contact even at the college level.

    Guy can juke and cut like crazy in the open field and put on the jets. I definately like him in the 1st round. But a top 10 pick? How often are 5-8 WR’s in probowls and taken top 15 in drafts?

    Also people say he’s like “DeSean meets Percy” but if you watch his highlights and look at his measurables it is more like DeSean meets DeSean. (then again if Jackson was more consistent he’d be a pretty elite player…)

  10. Tavon is going to be a play making, TD machine in the NFL for some team. Just get him the ball. Hand it off, throw it short, throw it deep, it doesn’t matter he will do the rest.

    Most mocks have him going between 15-20 but he could go sooner. Who doesn’t need a play maker these days?

  11. At 5-8, 174lbs, Austin is too small to become a #1 receiver. That’s why I don’t think he deserves to go in the top 20. Buffalo had a carbon copy of Austin in Roscoe Parrish, look how that ended up… He couldn’t stay healthy because he was being man-handled. Yes super speed and all the moves in the book are great, but If one of these guys actually does get run down by a 270lb Linebacker or a hard hitting Safety, they are going to IR. I hope Buffalo passes on this kid, he’s just not worth a low first round pick IMO.

  12. If guys like Austin and Fluker end up going top 12 there is going to be some surprising players left for the teams drafting after that.

  13. Having watched about 5 WVU games this season because I wanted to know what the Geno hype was about. I found myself more intrigued by this guy, Geno just pushed the ball in front of him to Austin who often ran it in for a touchdown. Easy touchdown pass on Smith’s stats. No question Tavon made Smith look good.

  14. This guy is getting over hyped. WV had another stud receiver and Smith in a weak footbal conference.

    We’ll see when he hits the bigs

  15. Not trying to discredit the guy before he plays in a NFL game, but anyone in the top 10 that’s looking at him seriously is blatantly ignoring that he’s 5′ 8″ – he’s a specialty type player- not a top-flight pick.

  16. Wishful thinking guys, he’s a wide receiver so of course the Lions will draft him at 5

  17. With his body type and style (very similar to Percy Harvin) he is not a receiver you want to build an offense around. Just like Percy, he’ll be no more than a number two receiver who will have a lot of production IF and only if he has another receiver to take the attention away from him.

  18. I don’t know, who did they actually play against in college? Typical over hyped fashion for a player that tore up crappy teams in college!

  19. I hate wvu and tayvon Austin but only as a feared opponent. I watched him crush my HS alma mater in a couple state playoff games. He was clearly the best player on the field and the same applies with the bum ass mountaineers. Austin could be a even more dangerous harvin.

  20. I guess I might be a bad GM if I was one but I wouldn’t draft a WR on the first round unless he has the chance to be an elite #1 WR. They simply don’t touch the ball enough. I wouldn’t take a WR in the top ten unless he had HoF potential.
    Some team is going to draft this guy WAY to high and regret it.
    D Jackson was barely worth the second round pick that the Egirls used to get him. If you look at his production and nit his name, you would agree too.
    Pervert Jargon hasn’t been worth a first round pick either, all things considered. How much did he really help the Yikes?

  21. Oops..a thousand pardons. Since you got Mike Wallace (at $30 mill guaranteed) Phins nation claims to win it all.

    Jennings got $18 mill guaranteed, and he’s better!

    WTG…Mr. Ross. Once again.

  22. Remember the hit Ike Taylor put on Pat White who is 4 inches taller and 20lbs heavier than Austin? Imagine that same hit on Austin coming across the middle on a slant pattern and I’ll show a seen more gruesome than Kevin Ware’s leg.

  23. While I understand the excitement over Austin, the comparisons to Percy Harvin are not accurate. Harvin is taller, and carries at 15-20 pounds more than Austin, and and Harvin can line up as a halfback, run up the middle and punish defenders when he hits them.

    Austin is a play-maker, no question. But don’t be surprised if this guy ends up being a cross between Tim Dwight and Wes Welker. He’s dynamite with the ball in his hands, but his size is always going to be working against him. Can this guy play 16 games, be on the field for 80% of the offensive plays, and not get hurt?

  24. People really need to stop with the “he’s the next Percy Harvin” talk, cause he ain’t. Austin might be amazing in the NFL but his play style is almost a polar opposite to Harvin’s.

    Percy Harvin’s strength is that he can run through tackles in a way that a 5-11 190 pound player should not be able to. He’s fearless and takes the football recklessly right through the heart of defenses, looking for a seam.

    Austin plays small. He plays smaller than 5-8 170 pounds, if that is even possible. He runs through nobody. He runs around them.

    Austin might be great but he is absolutely nothing like Harvin. DeSean Jackson or Roscoe Parrish are much closer examples in size and play style.

  25. phinfan says:
    Apr 10, 2013 8:32 PM
    So… in order for the Jets to draft him they would need someone to actually throw the ball to him?!?!
    While, having an IQ above 80 and having watched the buttfumble at least 100 times on youtube, I obviously agree about the Jets quarterback situation, sometimes an elite receiver needs to come first.

    It’s a shame if that receiver has to languish without a quarterback to get him the ball for a couple years in his prime, but already having that superstar receiver will be a big help to any young quarterback entering the league. Think abut 2007– the Raiders needed a quarterback, but does anybody think it was wise for them to pick JaMarcus over Calvin Johnson

    The Jets have huge needs at both the receiver and quarterback position; but in a draft class like this one, it would be a horrific decision to spend their first round pick on a questionable starting quarterback rather than a surefire receiving threat, and pick up a guy like Barkley, Wilson, or Nassib in the second or third.

  26. The guy is a football PLAYA period…. he’ll get it done at the next level ….woe to the team that passes on this man …. a game changer rather its lined up outside in the backfield or on special teams he will be worth the pick he’s just to explosive not to at least account for ten TD’s next season barring a serious injury

  27. Love how PhinFan shoots off his mouth, and my reply to said post continuously gets taken down.


    “How can the Jets use Austin when they need a qb to throw it to him”.

    My reply was that I suggest he should count how many quarterbacks had the Dolphins use since Marino??

    Close enough?

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