2012 top-five redraft, from Pro Football Talk

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As we get closer to the 2013 draft, we thought it would make sense to look back at the 2012 draft and re-do the first five picks on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk.

It also helped chew up time on slow day.

So here’s how we would have re-done the first five picks in the draft, with Shaun King, Mike Mularkey, Erik Kuselias, and yours truly chiming in.

What would your top five be?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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66 responses to “2012 top-five redraft, from Pro Football Talk

  1. I told all my friends the Texans should draft Wilson with their bottom 2nd round pick last season and got lost of flack. And then Schaub showed his ‘cannon’ last year…

  2. Did this dude really say the Browns should take Khalil? He should be kicked off the show for lack of knowledge, you’re gonna spend your #3 pick on a LT when you have Joe Thomas?!

  3. If you didn’t watch the video, the most interesting part is definitely when the fired Jaguars coach talks about who he would pick and why. It seems like he got really annoyed with MJD last year

  4. If I recall correctly, going into the 2012 season most experts were calling Seattle Seahawk’s receivers as one of the weaker groups in the league. Amazing how much better they became after they replaced T Jax with Wilson.

  5. It’s really easy to look like a genius when you get to sit back and watch for a year and then make decisions. If that was how things really got done in the NFL, Mike Mularkey might still be a coach.

  6. Saying Russell Wilson has more weapons?? Last I checked a d-fense doesn’t make a qb’s numbers better OR a run game. Those are in separate categories. He didn’t tie Peyton Mannings touchdown pass rookie record with outstanding receivers

  7. Give me a break – Skins would not take Wilson over RGIII in a redo. Just because Wilson performed well with Seattle doesn’t make him a good replacement for what RGIII did in Washington last year. With Wilson, The Skins don’t make the playoffs.

  8. 1.Luck
    ………….102.IRG3 (bryant gumble jr)

  9. 1. Luck to Indy
    2. Wilson to Washington
    3. RG3 to Cleveland
    4. Kalil to Minnesota
    5. Harrison Smith to Jacksonville
    6. Janoris Jenkins to Dallas
    7. Trent Richardson to Tampa Bay
    8. Doug Martin to Miami
    9. Kuechly to Carolina
    10. Bobby Wagner to Buffalo

  10. For me its a toss up between rg3 and luck… But considering the draft order i would go with luck first as he fit so well with indy and bruce arians system… same with rg3 and shanahan… throw in crazy season that wilson had and this has to be the best QB class of all time…

  11. If logicalvoice could redraft, he would have the ‘skins give up more future draft picks to move up to number one, just so RG3 could be drafted first overall, and then proceed to say that it doesn’t matter who is drafted afterward because everyone will inevitably lose to them.

  12. Since the Colts had the first pick, I’d say RG3 would go above Luck in a redraft. Imagine what he could have done running half his games on turf instead of that awful FedEx Field. In a dome, he likely stays healthy too.

  13. This is solely based on the teams needs at QB based off the same 5 teams. IND, WAS, CLE, MIN, JAX

    1. Andrew Luck
    2. RG3
    3. Russell Wilson
    4. Bobby Wagner
    5. Michael Brockers (Trent Richardson/Doug Martin/Alfred Morris/Daryl Richardson would also be viable picks here for JAX imo.)

  14. You have to understand positional value. QB, LT, DE & CB are the four most valuable positions on the field. You don’t take Kuechly that high, especially before Kalil. Minnesota doesn’t make the play-offs with Kuechly over Kalil. And if they were as successful they would be out of range for the top LTs.

  15. Logicalvoicesays list

    1. Bob Griffin
    2. Alfred Morris

    There I saved you the anticipation and stole his thunder

  16. In terms of QBs—

    Robert Griffin III 102.4
    Russell Wilson 100.0
    Andrew Luck 76.4

    Why keep the stat if we just keep ignoring it?

  17. To re-draft is just a bunch of Monday morning Quarterbacking where we can act like we know what we’re saying.

    Which is why “Re-Drafts” don’t make a lot of sense to me…so many factors play in to each player’s success.

    It’s hard to actually know RGIII would have been as great in Indy or that Wilson would have been as great going to the Vikes. It’s just “monday morning quarterbacking.” Google it.

  18. Five (other) 1st round picks whose names we WILL remember besides RG3 + Luck:

    (in order)
    Melvin Ingram
    Luke Kuechly
    Mark Barron
    David DeCastro
    Doug Martin

    Janoris Jenkins was my favorite player in the draft– and has the skillset to give Revis a run for his money— but the same issues that pushed him to Round 2 will probably hold him back for life.

    Overall: Sickest draft in a long time

  19. Wilson is the best QB of the 2012 class. Before the draft he was the best. He just didn’t project well as a pro because of his height. Just because we were spoon fed Luck v. RG3 for almost a year, there is a perception that they are the top two. It makes for great debate in the media, but the numbers and results don’t lie. Go research footballoutsiders.com pre-draft analysis on the 2012 incoming QB. The labeled Wilson the “Asterick” because he had the highest Lewin Forcast Score ever for a college QB, but they felt he would not be drafted until the 4th round solely because of his height. The only ones who are surprised about Wilson’s success are the ones that don’t watch college football and who are brain washed by media driven narratives.

    Shaun King is hilarious with the “skills” player comments. Seattle has better skills players than Indy or Washington? Who thought that before the 2012 season? Good defense, no doubt, but common. Other than Lynch, who coincidentally put up his best year when he finally had a QB, who did Wilson have? King also failed to acknowledge that Wilson also faced the toughest defensive schedule of the rookie QB’s. 9ers(twice) card(twice) rams(twice) bears, jets, and vikes. This is what matters.

    The kid was just born to play QB. I wished the Eagles would have drafted him

  20. As someone mentioned before this is rather stupid after a year and seeing the players production and doing a draft redo.

    That being said this goes to show those teams who selected who they did knows what the H#?? they are doing, the success and production of the teams and players reflect that.

    When you draft it shouldn’t be based the success alone a kid had in college, but also does he fit into what you do, that’s reason the draft went the way it did.

    What you should ask after a season is which players were a steal in the draft based on what they did and where they were drafted, my answer would be Doug Martin and Alfred Morris…






    Not much change…too early in the game for a do-over.

  22. Hey jdubb84,

    defense does have an affect on a qb’s numbers, when the defense gets turn overs on the offrnsive side of the ball or backs the offense up to where they are punting at their own 10 to 20 yrd like makes it a lot easier to get td’s. I. E., Wilson played all 16 games and was 27th in the league passing. Less put yardtannehill han both tannehill who was
    2nd of the rookies despite missing a game and rg3 who was 3rd despite missing a few games. Wilson’s numbers are alex smith like, low passing yards, low turnovers because the d puts them in such great position. Wilson by far had the best offensive and defensive teams of all the rookies, he did his job, game manager. i
    Put tannehill above him because he had nothing to work with and showed much more poise and read the defense much better than most of the other rookies, plus Wilson head to head against tannehill…. 0-1

  23. liquid says:

    In terms of QBs—

    Robert Griffin III 102.4
    Russell wilson 100.0
    Andrew Luck 76.4

    Why keep the stat if we just keep ignoring it?

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, anyone who knows football can understand that luck had to carry that team on his back and was asked to do way more. He didn’t have the luxury of a great running game or a defense, he had to score 25 pts a game just to win. Plus why are you ignoring that luck had a better record, 7 come from behind wins and took a 2 win team to the playoffs. Did you even watch the games?

  24. 1.) Wilson
    2.) RG3
    3.) Luck
    4) Wagner
    5.) Kalil

    OK, a nice undersized MLB over an All-Pro Left Tackle… Wilson at #1… A classic post to remember!

  25. Wow, people sure like to forget that the Colts were NOT a bad team prior to 2011. they just had the equivalent of Brady Quinn at QB. Do you hear anyone thinking the Chiefs are going to be terrible this year? No, because they have a “decent” QB.

    Luck did not “carry” that team. The GM in 2011, tanked that team on purpose. Hell he was at half of Lucks games that season for a reason.

  26. Since hindsight is used in this argument, I can’t imagine neither Jacksonville nor Washington trade up. That being said:

    1. Colts: Luck (they sucked for Luck)
    2. Rams: Morris (best rookie RB)
    3. Vikings: Kalil
    4. Cleveland: Griffin (does everything Wilson can do and is better at the deep ball)
    5. Buccaneers: Kuechly
    6. Redskins: Tannehill
    7. Jacksonville: Janoris Jenkins

  27. Why do so many have Richardson listed? He had a bad year and did not look explosive. He doesn’t play to his 40 time.

    If you were going to re-draft just RB based on last year, it would go

    Doug Martin
    Alfred Morris
    Bernard Pierce
    David Wilson
    Trent Richardson

    Richardson is one of the worst draft choices I’ve ever seen. The Browns could have drafted Tannehill and Doug Martin last year and they would have been set.

  28. jdubb84 says:
    Apr 12, 2013 12:38 AM
    Saying Russell Wilson has more weapons?? Last I checked a d-fense doesn’t make a qb’s numbers better OR a run game.

    dude you seriously think that having a top RB that is respected by defenses doesn’t make a QB better????

    Is that what you think? – if so lay off Madden and get watching more football.

  29. Carrying a team past a bunch of teams that are drafting in the top ten this year is no big feat. Wait until this year when Luck falls flat on his face and the colts lose 10 games.


  30. Frankly, taking a running back in the first round is a stupid waste of a pick, especially a top five for Richardson. Running backs do not have the shelf-life to justify a frist round selection on….period!

  31. Andrew Luck would be the #1 pick if every player in the league was included in a redraft. Definitely not RGOden. Wilson would be #2 in the 2012 redraft, Luck was asked to do way more for his team than shorty. Shorty is pretty damn good though. BTW, Andylucksneck, the Colts beat the Packers, Texans and Vikings.

  32. @indywilson
    the colts didn’t beat the packers. some idiot referee gave them a win with a terrible call. Do you watch football? The texans laid down at the end of the season, and the combined win-loss total for the opponents facing the colts last year was 106-121. Obviously for everyone that has half a brain is a sub .500 record. The colts are a joke, and will lose 10 games this year. Luck sucks, he wouldn’t be drafted over Wilson or Griffin if the draft was held again.


  33. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 15, 2013 10:39 AM
    Logicalvoicesays:hes on my redskins and is just as underrated as our QB RG3. I wish the colts had taken RG3 instead of mush mouth Luck!!! We failed miserably, HTTR-hail to the redskins

    THIS IS WHY SKINS FANS HATE ON THE COLTS…….. peytonsneck is consistently commenting on how much he loves RG3 and how much he hates Luck.


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