Amendola’s father sues Cowboys Stadium for golf-cart mishap

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This next story would have been a little extra awkward if the Cowboys had signed receiver Danny Amendola in free agency.

Amendola’s father, Willie, is a high-school football coach in Texas.  After winning the 5A Division I state championship and giving interviews in the vicinity of the midfield star at Cowboys Stadium, Willie Amendola was bowled over by a runaway golf cart.

Willie Amendola has now sued Cowboys Stadium for $1 million, according to  The building is owned by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The cart went rogue after stadium workers put a touchdown pylon near the accelerator.  The foam apparatus wedged against the pedal and the cart took off.

Willie Amendola in part seeks compensation for the embarrassment arising from the media attention the incident received.  And by filing suit, the incident is now receiving even more media attention.

Actually, the Cowboys signed Danny Amendola as an undrafted free agent out of Texas Tech.  He was cut by the Cowboys before landing with the Rams.

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  1. While somewhere could have been seriously injured (I’m glad no one was), that is hilarious to see the cart take off on a beeline for a crowd of people.

    Again, I’m glad no one was seriouosly injured (no torn acls, broken legs/ankles, back injuries)

  2. Hahaha! I seen this clip numerous times but never knew the source. At least he wasn’t the one who tried nonchalantly to “slide” off the moving cart.

  3. Never heard about it until now.

    As mentioned in the article, it is now magnified. So really, you are creating your own embarassment.

    I never would have known about this had you not sued.

    And 1 mill seems a little steep.

  4. Doesn’t sound nearly as bad as it looks. I was thinking a millie sounds a little excessive, but 1) no one deserves it more than Jerrah and 2) that looked painful! Too damn funny though…now the embarrassing part makes sense to me.

  5. Seems like alot of mishaps happen to the Cowboys.

    Super Bowl fiasco, practice facility being blown down, runaway golf carts

  6. This was Rob Ryan’s fault… he should have worked with the grounds crew to make sure they know how to take proper pursuit angles for runaway golf carts.

  7. Love the last view from way back. I can just hear Fred Flintstone or Al Bundy yelling Steeerike! as it curves into the pocket.

  8. Unless he got injured, I see this as just a money grab. Suing because he got embarrassed? At least 5 people got bowled over, are they suing? Stuff happens. It was an accident. If he got injured, that’d be a different story. Just part of the world he live in now.

  9. That old dude that Amendola spiked in the face with a football should sue on the same grounds.

  10. Apparently, Jerry’s ability to hire competent groundskeepers is equal to his ability to hire competent football players.

  11. 1. C’mon dude, suing a million dollars because you feel embarrassed? Just stop.

    2. I forgot about this video. The guy bailing with the tuck and roll is the greatest thing ever. It’s like he thinks it’s going 70 and about to go over the Grand Canyon. It’s a golf cart going 4 mph in a wide open football field. Calmly sit up, have a sandwich, and put your foot on the brake

  12. Never ever want to see anyone get hurt but this thing took off hooked a hard right and headed right for him! Not saying he did anything wrong but it almost seems like he had this coming to him! Hope everyone is ok and hate to say it but this was funny as HEL*!

  13. According to Roto World, he signed with the Patriots NOT with the Rams!

    Jerry Jones strikes again (cuts the guy!!)

    3/13/2013: Signed a five-year, $28.5 million contract. The deal contains $10 million guaranteed — a $6 million signing bonus, Amendola’s first-year base salary, and $2 million of his second-year salary. Another $3.3 million is available through incentives. Amendola is eligible for per-game roster bonuses totaling $500,000 annually throughout the contract’s life. 2013: $2 million, 2014: $3 million, 2015: $4 million, 2016: $5 million, 2017: $6 million, 2018: Free Agent

  14. According to Roto World, he signed with the Patriots NOT with the Rams!


    This happened a few years ago before he signed with the Rams

    Having a bad “hair day” today!!!

  15. Jerry must have bought the golf carts from the same company that built the practice facility. Starting to wonder if that place is haunted.

  16. Gotta admit, it’s a little funny.
    I hear three stooges type sound effects when I watch it…

  17. That is pretty careless but obviously just an accident. I’m sure they will settle for something like $100,000. If he doesn’t take that good luck going against Jerry Jones’ lawyers.

  18. A football coach is suing because he got embarrassed at Cowboys stadium. C’mon Garrett it’s your own fault you’re a horrible coach that….wait I’m sorry this isn’t about Jason Garrett? Nevermind. Actually maybe Garrett should sue! 🙂

    Seriously though how does a coach that I’m SURE preaches toughness and integrity then sue somebody for embarrassment? What a pansy. If you got hurt then make sure they cover your medical bills plus any work you missed, but emotional damages? Sack up “coach”.

  19. this is almost as funny as that boating accident with the 3 guys and 2 chicks with sunglasses flying all over the place.

    In both cases – no one was seriously hurt.. so we can laugh, right?

  20. “The Cowboys have offered that cart a contract to play right tackle.”

    Several have chimed in with similar comments but this one wins the Pulitzer.

  21. A few years ago, the Cowboys also had a practice facility fall during a storm which injured a special teams coach for Dallas.

    And at the super bowl, snow/ice fell from the roof and injured several people.

    In this recent event with Amendola, that golf cart was shot right at him like a torpedo.

  22. If the money hungry blood runs in the Amendola family, the NFL should expect a future lawsuit from Danny Amendola because of his NFL injuries.

  23. There are some funny comments on this article. All he needs to do to prove the embarrassment portion of his case is pull up this comment section in court.

  24. if you look carefully at the upper left corner you can see jerry jones with a golf cart remote. rumor has it that Amendola was saying bad things about jerry jones, so jerry took his revenge.

  25. That was very odd. That thing had to turn an eventual 90 degrees in order to hit them…& they just happened to be facing the wrong way & (of course) never saw it coming.
    It reminds me of a scene out of “The Omen”. Or like watching professional bowling…the way the ball seems like it will go in the gutter, but all of a suds, it starts curling back toward the headpin for a strike.
    That was horrific.

  26. You have to love the class of the local sports network not oly giving us a slowmo replay but also a telestrator breakdown of the incident.

  27. Thats not Jerrys fault! thats an act of God himself, seriously who gets run over by a “run away golf cart”??? You can’t make this stuff up. bad luck

  28. New Stadium is cursed, construction guys electricuted during construction; can’t win on home field; fans killed/injured by falling ice =during superbowl; run-away golf carts; next the world’s largest falling TV; never thought it was a good idea hanging it over the field but there it is, haphazardly located; what goes up must come down…

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