Bengals, James Harrison meet

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How’s this for a little AFC North intrigue?

The Bengals and ex-Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison are meeting Thursday, Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Mike Garofolo of USA Today reported Thursday. The Steelers released the 35-year-old Harrison in March and have moved on from him, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported in March.

Harrison starred as an outside linebacker in the Steelers’ 3-4 scheme. Cincinnati, meanwhile, employs a 4-3 front. He could project as a strong-side linebacker in the Bengals’ base defense as well as a defensive end in passing situations. Manny Lawson, who started on the strong side for the Bengals in 2012, departed in free agency.

The Bengals, who want to build via the draft, spent the early portion of free agency retaining their own players. However, they have started to shop a little more of late, with Karlos Dansby, Akeem Jordan and Felix Jones among the players they have met.

108 responses to “Bengals, James Harrison meet

  1. The Eagles need Harrison. He may be washed up but any Eagles fan will tell you the D is soft. For average money he would be a good investment in toughness

  2. this is too much to grasp. Wow Pittsburgh, you better hope you don’t have Harrison beating up Big Ben twice a year.

  3. It will be interesting to see who signs him and what he ends up earning. I’m guessing it is nowhere close to what he and his agent envisioned at the end of the season. I wish him well regardless of where he plays.

  4. Everybody loves our old throwaways! No player we have ever cut has ever.comeback to haunt us. We will always love James for what he has accomplished here. But he’s not that scary player he once was. Sign him bungles!

  5. I personally do not like Harrison as a player. I don’t like how he appears to try to injure other players. IMO I wouldn’t want that type of guy. People will say he brings attitude to the Defense, but I think the Bengals already have a pretty tough attitude as is.

  6. He would be a situational player, and would mostly be on the team to add toughness and leadership. As a Bengals fan, I’d love to have him.

  7. As a Bengals fan, no thanks. Harrison at best is a situation pass rusher at this stage in his career. My guess is there is a young guy in the 4th or 5th round who can come off the edge and provide what Harrison would be able to give the Bengals….a few sacks a year in a backup role.

  8. If he can help and for the right price, sign him.

    The Bengals will probably win the division this year. The Ravens will still contend because they have had some decent pickups after all the attrition and the big contract to Flacco. The Steelers and Browns will compete for 3rd.

  9. if i recall Rite didnt the Bengals end the steelers Season Last Yr. so How the Heck is Pitt Panthers 2nd team > Bengals. Seems Like Pitt Panthers 2nd team > Bengals > Steelers LMAO

  10. Steelers are pathetic. Basement dwellers they will be. Enjoy the many years of mediocrity that await. Cheers!

  11. Choke on a puke yellow towel steeler trolls……You were all afraid this might happen….not only are we surpassing you in the division we just might do it with one of your favorite guys in a support position just salivating to lay it to Ben Rapethelisberger … Off to the cellar with you!

  12. The Steelers are pathetic because a player they have already cut ties with has met with another team? Please, Ravenator, explain this profound statement to us simpletons.

  13. Should’ve paid JH. That defense will be swiss cheese without him. And now if he signs with the Bengals, hell rip through that snuggie you call an offensive line twice a year

  14. bigbenownsthenfl says:
    Apr 11, 2013 12:18 PM
    No player we have ever cut has ever.comeback to haunt us. We will always love James for what he has accomplished here. But he’s not that scary player he once was. Sign him bungles!
    That’s because every player Pitt cuts is either over 30 and has had their contract reworked and deferred 20 times over, or they’re a washed up busted pick that never contributed to begin with.

  15. Rod woodson never haunted the Steelers. He was cut at the right time. He’s still mad the Steelers axed him. He never wanted to go to Baltimore. Where he played very mediocre btw!

  16. Wouldn’t be a bad move. As Z-Man keeps the rotation of the D-linemen going, he won’t have to be an every down player. If he plays Defensive End with Dunlap, Geathers, Willberry and Johnson, everybody gets rest. If he plays Linebacker he may be able to help Rey-Rey and Taz. Win-Win

  17. I think he would be a great fit for the Bengals. He Brings additional toughness and attitude that they have been missing. and Bengals are already Very talented team, so as a Ravens fan I hope it doesn’t happen, but would be a good signing for them

  18. MSNBC Breaking News Alert!!!

    Four of those six Lombardies Steelers fans love to boast about happened over 30 years ago. Let’s join the 21rst Century, shall we?

  19. This is not good news for my Steelers, but this is very good news for the Bengals. He might play with a vengeance against us! I was hoping he signed with an NFC team.

  20. Ok, well the front office tried to sign him. Offered him $4 million a year, but he turned it down, and they have since moved on.

    I’ve always said that Harrison has at least two productive years left in him. The Bengals signing would be a curious move, considering they run a 4-3 and he’s not a natural fit for 4-3 LB or DE.

  21. Those Lombardies are a part of our history. It doesn’t matter when we won them….. We won them period. 6 is greater than 2 any day!! Its funny to me how The Steelers knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs and dominated them for a decade and they have some success and they act like they own us. We owned you for a decade Its about time you caught up to us.

    We are Steelers nation!

  22. He’s kinda old but this guy plays hard and is a monster. And on top of that he’s like the meanest player in the league. Get the deal done! Also I liked when he won the superbowl and was asked to go to the white house he declined cause Obama wasn’t a Steelers fan. Man has pride.

  23. Make this happen Mike Brown! Taking a top 5 defense and adding a little bit of nasty to it! Add a playmaking safety via the draft along with an explosive running back and watch out AFC North. The Ravens and Bengals will battle it out for the next few years as the Clowns and Squealers fight for 3rd place….

  24. If I was a QB in the AFC North, I’d be paying this guy an extra million out of my own pocket to get him on my team so I didn’t have to think about facing him twice a year!

  25. The Bengals are looking better and better these past couple of years. Signing Harrison will add to that positive note. The chances the team has taken on certain players is really starting to pay off. Early prediction for 2013: The Bengals will make the playoffs.

  26. “Everybody loves our old throwaways! No player we have ever cut has ever.comeback to haunt us. We will always love James for what he has accomplished here. But he’s not that scary player he once was. Sign him bungles!”

    Didn’t the Steelers “throwaway” John Constantine Unitas? Because he was “not smart enough to quarterback an NFL team”…

    If the Ravens didn’t sign Dumervil, I would have been happy with a Harrison signing.

  27. wldkat says:
    Apr 11, 2013 1:14 PM
    Haters going hate ! We let our 6 lombardies do our talking ! Cheers Ravenator !

    If those Lombardies COULD talk, four of them would be too old to make any sense. Speaking of Lombardies, make sure you check out the one Green Bay received in 2011 when you play them on the road this year. YIKES!

  28. Should’ve paid JH. That defense will be swiss cheese without him. And now if he signs with the Bengals, hell rip through that snuggie you call an offensive line twice a year


    Should of paid a 36 year old James Harrison mad-money coming off of knee surgery that took all year to barely heal with his projected stats declining that past few years the same way you should of paid the REAL Super Bowl MVP Anquan Boldin?

    Looks like somebody didn’t learn anything from how the “Bestest most wonderfulest GM in the league” operates.

    Also, what makes ANYBODY think James Harrison would be able to transfer over to a 4-3 defense and put his hand on the ground at this stage of career and be the same player?

    Worked out for Dwight Freeney nicely switching from 4-3 to 3-4, didn’t it?

    This is his last year in the league and we’ve got EVERYTHING out of him as an elite player. He’s now a shell of his former self. Have our scraps. The Steelers played their cards right on Harrison and won.

    Plain and simple.

  29. Off-season blabber is cheap. Rubbish. Order will be restored once the Steelers can stay healthy. The Steelers had a TERRIBLE year to their standard and it still took the league down to the final gun to finish us off beaten and bruised. The Steelers lost most of their games within 3 points. Keep blabbing. We’ll see you in September to watch your big mouth’s close.

  30. bigbenownsthenfl says:
    Apr 11, 2013 1:12 PM
    Rod woodson never haunted the Steelers. He was cut at the right time. He’s still mad the Steelers axed him. He never wanted to go to Baltimore. Where he played very mediocre btw!

    Talk about sour grapes! Rod Woodson was a key member of arguably the top defense in NFL history, which went on to win a super bowl.

    Only a Steelers fan would call Rod Woodson’s performance ‘mediocre.’

  31. @steel2372 – The Ravens werent even a franchise when the 1st 4 trophies were won. Since the Ravens became a team they have the same # of trophies… you cant argue with numbers.

  32. I don’t like Harrison. I wouldn’t want him on my team. But I’d be happy to see him take cheap shots and Pig Ben twice a year. Go get him, Cinci.

  33. The Ravens were a franchise, the Cleveland Browns, Don’t act, like they are a expansion franchise, been around a lot longer than the Steelers, same as Baltimore = Indianapolis Colts

  34. Reading the Steeler fans comments remind me alot of Raiders fans comments last year. Talking about how great they’re going to be based on how great they were in the 20th century. When I look at the Steelers roster I can’t help but think the same way I did about the Raiders last year. They will be lucky to win 6 games. I’m not being mean. Every team must rebuild and the Steelers are finally at that point.

  35. Former Steelers rarely are as good on other teams as they were on the Steelers after they leave Pittsburgh. There’s one exception every decade; ie Hardy Nichelson, Rod Woodson, Alan Faneca, Johnny Unitas…but I don’t think Harrison will get that lucky. If he wants to keep his ‘mojo’ going he needs to stay in Pittsburgh. Just ask guys like Joey Porter and Levon Kirkland and Yancey Thigpen.

  36. I struggle to see why this would make sense for the Bengals. Teams bring in guys in this situation for a one or two year deal because they are going “all in” for a title run before their core players start getting too old. Bengals are young and coming up but I don’t think they are in a mode where they have to buy hired guns and go all in for the title run. They can just keep building.

    Teams I would consider needing to go all in – Dallas, Denver, Saints, Patriots, Bears, and maybe Chargers and Lions.

    I’m hoping I’m right because I wouldn’t mind him out of the division. Even at 35 Harrison would scare me if he’s healthy.

  37. Raiders fans? Are you out of your damn mind? The Steelers still have talent in place to contend and there’s NO QUESTION about it!

    Maurkice Pouncey is an ALL-PRO and the leader of a very young and hungry offensive line and the health of David DeCastro and Mike Adams strengthens that.

    The Steelers have an elite QB entering his prime years in Big Ben and judging by FINALLY rebuilding their offensive line, that will give time for Ben to maneuver in his prime.

    Antonio Brown has showed promise. LaMarr Woodley was on pace in 2010 to be the defensive player of the year before hamstring issues. He’s feeling the heat and expect him to come back stronger.

    Lawrence Timmons is destined to breakout and be the best MLB in the league.

    Troy finally is healthy and was looking like Troy of old. Most of the pieces to the #1 ranked defense return whilst getting younger on the defensive line.

    Keep dreaming, haters. As long as Ben is our QB and we hammer-down Haley’s system, we’ll be Super Bowl contenders. No doubt about it!

  38. actually dave you are wrong. yes the ravens were the browns but according to the nfl they are pretty much treated as an expansion team with their own history and records. for instance jim brown has no connection to the ravens and their history. hope thar clears it up for you. go ravens

  39. Harrison lost his edge ever since he became Goodell’s whipping boy. He was never the same after that, even before the eye and knee injuries.

  40. The Ravens have been around since 1996. In 17 seasons, they’ve won two Super Bowls, or one for every 8.5 seasons.

    The Steelers have been around since 1933. In almost 80 seasons (give or take due to the war), they’ve won only six Super Bowls (or NFL championships).

    Oh, the Ravens are the old Browns and you want to count their wins? They don’t officially count, but ok. The Browns were established in 1946 and won four AAFC championships, then joined the NFL in 1950 and won four NFL Championships. Suppose we count only the NFL Championships — that’s SIX championships since the Browns/Ravens joined the NFL in 1950, to the Steeler’s six since 1933.

    Of course, the AAFC championships were pro championships, just in a competing league. So, that’s TEN to your SIX, and still in less time.

    So, in summation, shut yinz mouth Stllr fans. And yes, Bengals, sign Harrison, if only to deploy him against the Stllrs and keep them in the basement next season.

  41. Wasn’t Len Dawson also a Steeler castoff? Chad Brown has a very nice career in Seattle. I’ve always somewhat admired how Pittsburg has been able to let good players go rather than pay them too much, and still remain competitive. However, many of those players have gone on to be really good for other teams.

  42. So between the Baltimore Colts and the Baltimore Ravens, Charm City has 6 Championships.

    Baltimore Colts won in:
    – 1958 (Colts 23 vs. Giants 17 – Greatest Game Ever Played)
    – 1959 (Colts 31 vs. Giants 16)
    – 1968 (Colts 34 vs. Browns 0)
    – 1970 (Colts 16 vs. Cowboys 13)

    Carroll Rosenbloom was the owner from 1953, when it was founded until 1972. 4 titles in 20 years.
    Once Robert Irsay became the owner in 1972, the Baltimore Colts went downhill fast until the relocation in 1984. 31 seasons of Colts football in Baltimore while securing 4 titles. Baltimore was the first team with CHEERLEADERS (thank you very much) and a marching band.

    Baltimore Ravens won in:
    – 2000 (Ravens 34 vs. Giants 7)
    – 2012 (Ravens 34 vs. 49ers 30)

    In 17 seasons of Ravens football in Baltimore we get our hands on the Lombardi twice. Based on the numbers (and they don’t lie), Charm City has won 6 titles in 48 seasons or 1 title every 8 years!

    The Steelers on the other hand, have won 6 titles in 80 seasons or 1 title every 13.3 years. So which town truly is the better football town???

  43. everyone knows baltimore is the better football town. steeler fans are blind to everything prior to the superbowl era due to their 40 or so years of irrelevance. most of them dont even give the packers their just due because they claim it wasnt real football. if so why couldnt they win anything. yes the steelers have the most super bowls and that is impressive. but the history of the league started before then. i mean why not just count championships since they expanded to 16 games or 32 teams. it all counts…not just what you choose

  44. Polamalu and Fat Albert Woodley are the heart and soul of the Steeler defense…one AGING QUICKLY and the other is on his 10th Big Mac as we speak. And isn’t Keisel about 45 years old.?

  45. bmorecharmcity,

    No one cares about championships before the Superbowl when there were 12 teams in the league. The Superbowl matched up 2 leagues league’s champions (equivalent to the AFC and NFC Champshipions), evenutally the two leagues combined, doubling the amount of teams and thus making it much harder to win the trophy.

    Fans bragging about old champtionships is like the Bills bragging about the AFC Championships they won in the 90s. No one cares about championships. The Superbowl is all that matters. Hats off to Bmore, this year.

  46. This discussion again, here we go… The only thing that matters are superbowls and the steelers got 6 and Baltimore has 2. I laugh everytime I see someone count championships like its a superbowl. What did you have to play one game to advance to the championship in a 12 league team. Please dont tell me that compares to winning a superbowl in the modern era or even since superbowls began period. Of course, I guess I expect to hear that from either old fans or fans of Baltimore who are in reality 4 superbowl wins behind the steelers. I do believe both cities are great football towns but lets not compare superbowls now because the steelers are superior. Bradshaw 4 to 1 over Dilfer…..Big Ben 2 to 1 over Flacco. End of story.

  47. The Steelers have been a constant since 1933, a league in its infancy. They weathered the storm in the league’s darkest days and never had the financial gain to field a competitive team like other markets could in the golden age of football.

    Throughout WWII, the team had a shortage of players and needed to team-up with other franchise’s TWICE to put men on the field with the Eagles. The Steelers founding father, Art Rooney SR, went to bat for the league itself and was one of the reasons why the NFL exists today.

    The Steelers have been owned by the Rooney family since its existence and fielded only 3 head coach’s in 44 years and COUNTING, all winning Lombardi trophies in the process.

    Since the beginning of the NFL Boom, the Free Agency era, Pittsburgh has won more Super Bowl titles (6), won more AFC Championship Games (8) played in (15) and hosted more (eleven) conference championship games than any other AFC or NFC team.

    The Steelers share the record for most Super Bowl appearances with the Dallas Cowboys (8).

    Again, the Steelers have been a constant and fielded a football franchise in a struggling financial city where their ownership was responsible for the success’s of the present NFL.

    They never disappeared, they never left town, nor did they ever need to scrap their history of a franchise and start from scratch as a “expansion” team.

    They remained intact since day 1, something Baltimore or Cleveland don’t have the privilege of owning (taking the Colts and their history out of Baltimore and moving to Indianapolis. Taking the Browns out of Cleveland and swapping the franchise to Baltimore. What a LAUGH.)

    Don’t EVER compare football towns again. Quite frankly, givin what Pittsburgh and their owners have done for the NFL and its history, it’s not even CLOSE.

  48. everyone knows baltimore is the better football town. steeler fans are blind to everything prior to the superbowl era due to their 40 or so years of irrelevance. most of them dont even give the packers their just due because they claim it wasnt real football. if so why couldnt they win anything. yes the steelers have the most super bowls and that is impressive. but the history of the league started before then. i mean why not just count championships since they expanded to 16 games or 32 teams. it all counts…not just what you choose

    That’s rich coming from some one who believes what he wants to believe about two dead men in Atlanta.

  49. I love all of the Steeler hatred on these boards. It is like all of the great franchises in all sports. Lakers, Yankees and the Great Pittsburgh Steelers!! Steelers are the greatest NFL franchise in the football era. I dont know who will be the best in the new flag football era???

  50. Steeler fans are heading to the cellar kicking and screaming aren’t they…. It’s been a rough fall.

    2013 AFCN

  51. Harrison has a couple years left in the tank, and will play at a high level if he’s given the chance. His attention to conditioning is miles above players much younger than he (*cough* Woodley). I hope he piles up more numbers in Cincy, because I hate seeing Steeler greats embarrass themselves on other teams.

    Of the former Steelers mentioned in previous posts, only Woodson was let go too early in my opinion. He was getting burnt too often at CB after the knee injury but he tore off some great seasons at FS for BAL and OAK.

    Also: after Pittsburgh, Len Dawson went to Cleveland and Dallas (Texans) before he started down the path to legend in KC, so PIT is not the only team to miss on him.

  52. The Baltimore Colts franchise ended in 1983 and took the Browns from Cleveland in 1996. That’s 13 seasons of SILENCE and NOTHING from Baltimore football. Where were you at, Ravens fans? Who did you root for when you weren’t relevant during and entire time period?

    In those 13 seasons where Baltimore football failed to exist (’84-’96), the Steelers have been to the playoffs 7 times, advanced to the AFC Championship 3 times and played in 1 Super Bowl while you sat at home in the dark watching Pittsburgh dominate through the decade.

    Again, for a city where football didn’t exist 13 years in a booming league simply can’t be takin seriously where Pittsburgh was on the field year in and year out, never missing a season since their existence.

    Seriously, good on Baltimore for winning the Super Bowl this year. In today’s league, anybody can win it but you don’t hold a candlelight to the Steelers franchise when your team was moved once and again took another franchise from them for a second time.

    Step child’s. That’s what you are, Balty. Enjoy your Lombardi, the reign won’t last long.

  53. I’ve been reading how the Steelers will finish in the basement for about 15 years now. How did that work out so far?


    I would of loved to see the reaction when the Steelers went 6-10 in 2003, only to turn around in 2004 and go 15-1 and one cheat from the Patriots* away from going to another Super Bowl.

    I would of loved to see the reaction when the Steelers went 8-8 in 2006 only to win another Superbowl 2 years later in 2008.

    I would of loved to see the reaction when the Steelers went 9-7 and missed the playoffs in 2009 only to return to the Superbowl in 2010.

    Same ‘ol, same ‘ol from the haters. The Steelers were 8-8 this season and people claim we’re nothing but irrelvant, lmao.

    Let the haters make that mistake in writing Pittsburgh off.

    This team is a fix or two away from another Lombardi push. The Steelers play best with their backs up against the wall, no question.

  54. lo6icalvoice says: Apr 11, 2013 1:57 PM

    @steel2372 – The Ravens werent even a franchise when the 1st 4 trophies were won. Since the Ravens became a team they have the same # of trophies… you cant argue with numbers.

    Take your own advice here : lo6icalvoice… You CANT argue with numbers! 6 is greater than 2. It is beside the point that the Ravens franchise wasnt in existence. We are not talking about the franchise and how many they have won. We are talking about the Steelers franchise and they have won 6 trophies. 6 is greater than 2 my friend. You cant argue with the numbers!! Go Steelers

  55. stainlessstill is right.
    Let the haters make that mistake in writing Pittsburgh off. Dont sleep on the Steelers they are not that far away from winning again. With everyone healthy and A year under their belts in a new offense. We are going to surprise people.

  56. Ravenator is on here everyday talking how they are going to dominate us and win the division easily and blah blah then Charlie Batch steps up and lays them out with a straight punch to the mouth.
    Quit talking haters its April. Lets see what every has in December when all the cards are on the table. We will stand toe to toe with any AFCN team

  57. To all Ravens fans:

    Of course we STEELERS fans boast about the 6 Lombardi trophies. To not do so would be most idiotic…

    I mean, how is it ok for Ravens fans to boast about 2 Lombardis when one was earned way back in 2000? That was 13 years ago…

    So by your own logic, quit boasting…it does not matter…it is in the past.

    It really is silly to think that STEELERS fans would keep quiet about 6 considering how much Ravens fans blather on about 2…


  58. And to think last year, Ben missed a whopping 3/6 divisional games, including both against Balty and one in Cleveland and we still were in the division hunt at the end of the season, let alone a playoff spot.

    Year after year, we play atleast 3-4 games WITHOUT our starting, elite QB and we STILL are in the division hunt late in the season while Baltimore and Cincy get 16 games out of their QB and barely squeak out the division championships they have won.

    Keep Ben healthy and those teams in our division don’t put a DENT in us.

  59. By the release of Harrison by the Stilers, it shows that they are concerned about the aging defense. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain their caliber of defense this year. Harrison can still play, wish the Browns would sign him.

  60. Just reading all this trophy counting by Ravens and Steelers fans, As an old Browns guy, you can say our trophys dont count, but they are there, Otto Graham played 10 years and went to 10 straight championships winning 6 of them. Just keep in mind there was a time when both Baltimore and Pittsburgh were the doormats of the league. But I also remember their fans disappearing then too, while Browns fans take this crap year in and year out and keep waiting for next year. Be careful, it may be your turn again.
    Humility in life will take you far.

  61. That’s funny – he’s already “met” many of their individual offensive players over the last several years…

  62. They didn’t release JH because of aging defense concerns. They released him because he would not accept the reasonable offer they made him and now he is struggling to find employment elsewhere – and it sure won’t be at the price the Steelers originally tendered.

  63. They didn’t release JH because of aging defense concerns. They released him because he would not accept the reasonable offer they made him and now he is struggling to find employment elsewhere – and it sure won’t be at the price the Steelers originally tendered.


    Ah, yes. I love when people speak of reality and facts instead of diarrhea of the mouth. You sir, are correct. The Steelers made the right decision into letting Harrison go after he turned his nose up at a paycut in all FAIRNESS and he lost.

    We’ve let stars go at the right time and have been doing it successfully for YEARS. I loved the Harrison-era as ROLB in our defense but time to move forward. I just don’t see him as a 4-3 defensive end. No way, no how.

  64. stillers213:
    The Steelers released James Harrison because he refused to take a reduced salary on a contract he had earned and deserved.
    The mere fact that the Steelers are no longer interested in re-signing Harrison even now at an even less salary is a pretty good indication they were going to release him even if he had agreed to the cut in pay a month ago.
    There was nothing reasonable about any of the options the Steelers presented to Harrison. That offer (demand) that he play for less money but be paid for more “incentives” was a smokescreen. They had zero intentions of keeping him through training camp.
    To his credit, James Harrison refused to allow himself to be released twice in the same calendar year by an organization he helped to win a Super Bowl.

  65. Let me see….Another Defensive player with a (Big Time) Axe to grind {Note: Something that Coach Lewis is very good in developing into a positive} , because he’s being disrespected….Like so many recent players on the up & coming Terror Squad of THE Cincinnati Bengals????
    He11 YES!!!
    James (Super Nasty) Harrison as a Bengal….I Love the thought!

  66. Keep Ben healthy and those teams in our division don’t put a DENT in us.

    This man speaks the truth! Dont sleep on the Steelers. Our defense was ranked 1st in the league last year. The Steel Curtain lives…..Steelers Nation the only nation!

  67. Deebo is still a beast! I hate to see the Bengals sign him. He will always be a Steeler! Thank you for all the great years and hustle and play, James. Steelers Nation will miss you !!

  68. Bob, you are making quite an assumption that the offer was a smokescreen. How the hell do you know what the Steelers’ intentions were. It was a fair offer as evidenced by the lack of interest from other teams. Steeler management needed to balance the talent of their roster against what the league allows them to spend. Once he refused, they moved on and we fans have no idea what was said during those exchanges. From where I sit, it was a good move and one that is typical each off season. Oh, and let’s not pretend that we don’t know how NFL contracts work with “earned” salaries as you put it.

  69. stillers213:
    A fair offer?
    It was a take-it-or-leave-it demand.
    As for “the lack of interest from other teams,” other than Dumervil, how many linebackers and/or defensive ends have changed teams this offseason?
    It’s only April.
    Harrison’s release was a mistake, especially if he goes to another AFC North team.
    As for “earned” salaries: No player has posted more mediocre numbers over the years for a ridiculously insane wage as the injury-prone quarterback.
    I think if I were going to ask someone to take a cut in pay, I’d ask (demand) the player who is making the most money. The problem with that, though, is that Roethlisberger has been nearly “paid in full.”

  70. It’s still mind-boggling to me that Harrison has said he’s willing to work out a compromise and the Steelers are refusing to negotiate. Sorry, but the man has skills the team desperately needs. I’ve been a fan for decades and always will be–and usually the Steelers make good calls. But as long as this situation continues, it’s impossible not to question what’s going on in the front office.

  71. you asked me a question a few days ago and i gave you an honest answer. you have nothing at all to back up what you say whereas i have facts. you are nothing but a fraud. when you can actually present a fact based opinion on a subject you challenge me on then maybe you will be taken seriously. until then keep looking for ravenator

  72. and steeler one is disputing your 6 trophies as being the best of the superbowl era. its a tremendous accomplishment that 31 other teams dont have. the issue is your arrogance and childishness in refusing to accept anything before 1967 as legit championships just because your team didnt win any. you know if the steelers won any pre superbowl era championships you would count them. pitt has 6 nfl championships…same as baltimore. and green bay has more than both of us combined. and to the browns fan who brought up otto graham and the 10 straight aafc championships…thats a great record that will never be broken. go ravens!

  73. Ok let’s get this all figured out right now. First why couldn’t Harrison play in a 4-3? He could go in the rotation at DE on passing downs on other downs he could stand up on the line as a 5th DL in a 5-2 much like the Broncos use Von Miller. When Harrison came back last year after the knee procedure they showed footage of his patented rip move and he couldn’t get levarage like he did in previous years the knee only got stronger as the year went on and he finished with 6 sacks how is this guy finished? He is won the hardest workers in the NFL and now he has a vendetta with the Steelers look out! Shoo to the cellar with your trophies, I’m sure the bond with Haley and Pig Ben has strengthened and they’re set to lose Sanders now too. I love how the cellar talk is catching on this is great. They may get luck and tie the clowns for last in the division. WHO DEY!

  74. So, with no games played and based on the results of last year the Steelers are already going to be the worst team in the league and irrelevant for the next decade. Got it.

    After two good seasons and experiencing the same level of roster churning the Ravens are the greatest franchise of all time and a dynasty. Got it.

    No overreaction to see here, folks. Move it along.

  75. The fact that the Steelers won NOTHING their first 39 years of existence is the reason the fanbase is proud of the organization’s winning tradition the past 40 years.
    Once the Ravens get 80 seasons under their belts, get back to me. Until then, based on what I’ve personally seen since 1972, I wouldn’t trade legacies with any other fanbase.
    I’m quite content with eight Super Bowl appearances, six Super Bowl wins and THE greatest dynasty (1970s) in NFL history.
    I have no complaints.
    Should the Steelers morph back into being the pre-1970 Steelers, so be it. I have no control over such things. But the one thing no one will ever be able to take from me are the memories of all the success…

  76. bobzilla you are correct. steeler fans should be proud of what they have accomplished in the superbowl era. my issue is with the fans who refuse to acknowledge there were pre superbowl championships. the steelers have the most superbowls. the packers have the most titles. teams like green bay chicago and baltimore were winning titles long before pittsburgh. they all count

  77. @bobzilla …

    Beautifully said. To me, the story of the first 40 years is what makes the rest so remarkable.

    And yes, scoobies05, all championships count. They mean you were the best of the best in your day. That’s why I respect the Browns for their five championships.

  78. I don’t get the discussion about NFL Championships not counting as a league title, and only Super Bowls count. Kind of silly. The Packers are the best in this category no doubt. They have 9 NFL Championships, and 4 Super Bowls. Also they are the only team to three-peat, and they did it twice. 1929-1931 and 1965-1967.

  79. right on deb…you are the best. if you ever want to jump ship we would love to have you with ravens nation. and great point about the browns. otto graham jim browb leroy kelly. a great history

  80. scoobies:
    Most so-called Steelers fans believe Ben Roethlisberger first discovered Pittsburgh, then invented football.
    Stop listening to them!!!
    I sure as hell don’t.

  81. Thanks James for what u brought to Pittsburgh but as an 8-8 football team it is time to move on and the Great Front office of the Steelers understands this. Cinn would be happy with 8-8 but not in Pittsburgh. TO the Cinn fans, the record speaks for itself over the last 20 years. Houston owned u 2 years in a row which means no improvement for u guys. No need to worry about the Steelers fellas. Just trust the Rooney’s and Colbert and we will be fine. this is not foriegn ground. Everyone needs to remember that the Steelers were left for dead the year we won the Super Bowl vs Arizona. Except for Peter King that is. It just kills the cinn fans who cant say something like that.

  82. Thanks, scoobies05. I respect the Ravens, but my heart belongs to the Steelers.

    @pitt9292 …

    James isn’t the reason Pittsburgh went 8-8–in fact, when he played, he was a bright spot last year. So there’s no reason for the team to move on from James. To me, the Rooneys are the best owners in football and I loved the Chief. But he fielded losing teams for 40 years. Dan built the franchise into a powerhouse. But he hasn’t run day-to-day operations for a decade. I trust the front office … but also recognize that no one is infallible. With a few adjustments, we could have a phenomenal 2013 season. Or it could tilt the other way, and we could have a miserable season. Nothing is a given. But I’d feel a lot better about our chances going forward if we brought James back.

  83. Deb:
    With all due respect, the slid to 8-8 actually began in 2011, when the Steelers went 12-4 with only one significant win: Against New England.
    In other words, if not for the defense, the 2011 Steelers could’ve just as easily been 8-8. In 2012, if not for the defense, the 8-8 Steelers could’ve just as easily been 6-10.
    Sooner or later, the defense is bound to turn ordinary. I mean, gone are Casey Hampton and James Harrison; gone are Aaron Smith and Chris Hoke. Meanwhile, Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu and Larry Foote aren’t getting any younger. And I no longer know what to think about LaMarr Woodley…
    By my count, the defense currently only has one legitimate and dependable performer: Lawrence Timmons.
    The Steelers simply no longer have the cap space to replace superstars with other star-quality players.
    I believe this downward spiral will continue until they release the highest paid player in franchise history. There’s no way they will be able (even want) to re-sign him to another $20 million-per-year contract.

  84. @scoobies …

    LOL … that sounds like fun. But I’m pretty intense when the game is on 🙂

  85. @bob …

    I agree about the downward spiral starting in 2011 and share your concerns about the defense, but can’t agree about getting rid of Ben. For all his faults, he’s an uncommonly talented QB. And the NCAA isn’t putting out enough uncommonly talented QBs to cover 32 teams. With him, we have the potential to win big. Unless we can replace him with a similar talent–and no one of that caliber is on the board this year–we lose that potential. One thing we all should have learned from 1983-2004: No matter how good your defense, o-line, coaches, receivers, or RBs, you will not win championships without a championship QB. We can’t afford to lose Ben until we can replace him.

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