Colts sign former Army standout Josh McNary

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The regional combine process has produced at least one signing by an NFL team as the Indianapolis Colts have inked former Army standout pass rusher Josh McNary to a contract.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, McNary’s mandatory enlistment in the Army following his time in West Point kept him from being drafted after graduating in 2011. McNary one of over 200 players invited to the Super Regional Combine in Dallas on Sunday.

The 6-foot, 250 pound McNary is Army’s all-time sack leader. He recorded 28 sacks as a rush linebacker for the Black Knights during his college career.

12 responses to “Colts sign former Army standout Josh McNary

  1. The Great all mighty Grigson has found another gem, all team’s shall fear us……now thats how obnoxious dudes from certains would’ve wrote that if that was yr team, but colts fans are humble ..

  2. From serving our country to serving our entertainment needs. Thank you for your service Josh McNary.

  3. The colts are reaching in every possible way. There is no way this kid is going to make the 53 man roster. Irsay is making horrible decisions. Colts finish 6-10 this year.


  4. After getting a free four year taxpayer paid education at West Point in exchange for becoming an officer in the Army all he has to serve is a measily two years of active duty?they should require at least a four year hitch,one year active for every year of taxpayer paid education he recieved.

  5. As a Navy vet and a member of Navy Customs Battalion Quebec 2006 “Hoo-Rah” I support this move. He may or may not make the squad, but I am glad my brother got a shot at his dream. He has a fan in Ohio, that’s for damned sure.

  6. Good for him. It’s always nice to see a member of our Armed Services get an opportunity; particularly if they’ve earned it.

  7. “The colts are reaching in every possible way. There is no way this kid is going to make the 53 man roster. Irsay is making horrible decisions. Colts finish 6-10 this year.”

    Didn’t folks say the same thing last year when Grigson signed Jerrell Freeman from the Roughriders???

  8. I do love Colts fans who just support our team and our players, and just leave it at that. I hate it when SOME, not all, Redskins & Seahawks fans need to bash the Colts or Andrew Luck in their support of RG3/Redskins or Russel Wilson/Seahawks. I used to love those QBs, but now any mention of them somehow always ends up including unfair bashing of Andrew Luck/Colts – just scroll to one of the #HTTR comments. Why can’t all of these QBs be wonderful for their teams, fans, and cities – no need to bash the others to show or justify your love for 1 of them. That kind of homer-like behavior (minus the losing or playing badly, but the kind of blind love for one person that leads to unreasonable blind hate of someone else is just as bad) only makes their own QB/team/fandom look bad.

  9. Billh1943, I had to setup an account to log in and say you are an A–hole!!!! Probably the biggest a–hole I ever heard. You should do your country a favor, be a Patriot and hang yourself you peice of sh-t. We dont need your petty tax money you contribute to our country, especially if we have to listen to the diarrhea that comes out of your mouth. I would gladly pay double in taxes to boot your ass to north Korea.

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