Dez Bryant frustrated with media: They “twist your words”


We may not be hearing any more words of wisdom from Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant this offseason.

Bryant, who has made highly publicized comments recently about his goal of gaining 2,000 receiving yards and about the way hatred of the Cowboys motivates him to work out, wrote on Twitter that he believes his words have been misconstrued. As a result, although Bryant will continue to comply with the NFL rules that require players to give the media access at the team’s headquarters, other than that, he says he isn’t talking.

“I’m never talking with the media outside of valley ranch all they do is twist your words,” Bryant wrote on Twitter.

Bryant didn’t say specifically which members of the media have taken him out of context, but the radio station Bryant made his comments about hatred of the Cowboys on, ESPN 600 in El Paso, complained on Twitter that when the interview was picked up nationally by ESPN television, Bryant’s words were twisted. The El Paso station specifically said that Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith had unfairly used a snippet of the interview to criticize Bryant.

Criticism from folks like Bayless and Smith comes with the territory of being a professional athlete, and Bryant would be wise to develop thick skin about that. The reality is, he’ll face that kind of criticism whether he gives media interviews or not.

58 responses to “Dez Bryant frustrated with media: They “twist your words”

  1. valley ranch. sounds like something michael jackson would own. come to think of it, there are similarities between those owners.

  2. When the media twists his words, it makes him so mad that he goes home and beats his mother.

  3. Sounds like a 8 year old……..just shut up dude and focus on being better than a .500 team!!!

  4. If the Media ignored him and didn’t say anything about him, he’d be screaming for them to “twist his words”.

  5. As a Giants fan, i can safely say that Dez Bryant’s talent scares the hell out of me. We’ve already seen signs of greatness, esp last year, but if he ever puts it ALL together in a consistent manner, he could be scary Calvin Johnson good.

    However, his immaturity and annoying sense of entitlement that he hasn’t earned yet seem to still be holding him back. He’s young and plenty of time to grow up but he’s in the wrong environment in Dallas in my opinion for that, where they seem to fuel this type of behavior in Jerry’s world, instead of temper it like they should.

    For the Giants sake, i hope his head never matches his talent, cause he’ll be unstoppable for a long time

  6. If you’re worried about the media twisting your words, then don’t talk to them, GENIUS!
    As long as you let your mouth outpace your brain, the media {& football fans} will always ridicule you if you clown yourself.
    Besides, you brought this spotlight upon yourself, Mr “I’m not carrying your bags” or Mr “I’m fist-fighting with my mom”.
    The next time VH1 or MTV calls looking for a replacement to HoneyBooBoo, this clown better pick up that call!

  7. shows maturity you would expect from a professional. whine and cry about what the media, an element of football you cant control says. Especially skip bayliss, a glorified rodeo clown who says whatever he wants and only gives credit to Tebow, the worst QB in the league

    Time to take the 88 off you aint earned it and never will

  8. He actually caught onto that pretty quick. It usually takes athletes a while before they realize that the media might have some sort of agenda.

  9. Actually if someone twisted my words, I’d be pissed to. Why shouldn’t he be mad about that?

    Sell out’s like Smith/Bayless taking something he said out of context, and ESPN allowing it…hmmmm don’t know if it is true, but honestly should anyone be surprised if it were?

    This has nothing to do about Bryant being immature, and seems more to do with the fact that he wants to be quoted accurately, which may in some odd way be a sign of maturity from him lol.

  10. I’m not sure about the whole megatron good comment. Dez has a lot of talent but megatron is one of a kind. Maybe Andre johnson good is a better comparison?

  11. Maybe he fails to understand he is being paid as an entertainer so he will be treated like every other entertainer until he can no longer play in the NFL. At that point no reporter will care what he says or thinks.

  12. Possibly of the more pointless pursuits of man is his complaining of being misquoted or misconstrued by the media. Who, exactly, do you think will reporting these complaints to the general public? Starts with ‘m’, rhymes with seedier!

  13. I don’t think his words have been twisted at all. From the media reports I’ve seen:

    – he absolutely guarantees 2000 receiving yards every year till he retires

    – his motivation stems from his hatred of the Cowboys

    – he holds Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith personally responsible for the teams 4th quarter struggles, global warming and something about Hidden Valley Ranch

    Did I get all that?

  14. Bryant is like a spoiled little kid. Dude needs a taste of the real world but I’m sure he will when he’s broke in a few years.

  15. Just like the Media some of your comments sound just like what he’s talking about cause is your were in his shoes u would have the same complaints if someone took parts of what u said and made a issue with it, matter of fact Idk a single person not in his shoes that wouldnt take offense to someone twisting your words especially if it lead to Drama so chill with the annoying comments about him being immature and what not!!!!

  16. Dez, do us all a favor: Stop supplying the words so there will be nothing to twist. On the field, you may be gifted. Off the field, you are noise pollution.

  17. Maybe DB and other football guys should have taken better advantage of their scholarship, gained a better education, and learn how to express their thoughts and ideas in a manner that is clear, concise, and unable to be twisted or taken out of context.

  18. What Smith and Bayless did to Dez was unfair and unprofessional. They took a comment made on a local interview (that 99.5% of the population never would have heard) and proceeded to twist and completely misrepresent what he said so as to fit their narrative. Anyone who claims to be the least bit interested in the truth and fairness should be appalled by the behavior of these two men and ESPN.

  19. “I’m never talking with the media….”
    This is the equivalent of an 8 year-old threatening to run away from home. This guy will be talking to the media the minute he realizes nobody is talking about him.

  20. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

  21. I find it odd that everyone’s ripping on Dez Bryant and saying he’s making excuses. Even the local radio affiliate that interviewed Bryant said that ESPN national twisted Dez’s words. If the people who interviewed him are not just backing up Dez’s story, but they even said it before Dez, how is he the bad guy here?

    What’s even more odd, I’m a Giants fan and I’m defending a Cowboy. I think I’m about to throw up.

  22. It isn’t the media’s fault that these dumb athletes can’t express their thoughts in an intelligent manner.

  23. Let me get this straight, when Dez says it he’s right. But when Sherman says this he’s an idiot and needs to shut up? I agree with Dez though this has gotten annoying, the media make the players out to be what they aren’t. They want to project an image that just isn’t true.

  24. He wouldn’t be wise to develop thick skin, but rather a closed mouth. When will these guys learn, you only have to answer, what ever you want to answer, in the manner you want. “Are you going to the playoffs this season?”, Yes. “Is Tony Romo a good quarterback?”, Yes. “Do you love the media?”, just say yes….Easy Dez

  25. As a Broncos fan, I absolutely despise Josh McDaniels, but one of the very few things he did do right was drafting Thomas ahead of this clown.

  26. I can’t remember who it was, but there was a celebrity or an athlete who claimed the media was twisiting his words so much, he took to carrying his on tape recorder (when tape recorders were still in use) whenever he had an interview. The problem was that the reporters taped it also and the athlete STILL claimed he was misquoted until the reporters broadcast the tape word for word.

  27. If every story on this site was cowboy related it would probably need new servers

  28. As someone mentioned above & everyone ignored: How is Dez the bad guy here?

  29. I find it slightly amusing that he felt the need to post publicly on Twitter that he doesn’t want to talk to the media any more. Because the best way to show you’re never opening your mouth again to avoid critiscism is to open your mouth again and invite criticism.

    I also find it amusing that the blog links to stories that mischaracterize what he was saying. Story one paints the picture of Dez Bryant claiming that he will do it, and this upcoming season rather than saying that he believes it is possible because he ties success with the attitude of being able to achieve anything. Story two doesn’t give any mention to the fact that he is talking about how working for a franchise that always has high expectations because of the name, and the fact that people revel in their failure, makes him work harder to succeed and that the pressure of being in the national spotlight is something he thrives on.

  30. I think it’s very possible that the media did twist his words, but I hold further comment until I know more about the media coverage.

  31. Dez just needs to understand how things work. He is a successful NFL player who came from a background that would have sent many on the path to prison.

    Yet he held it together enough to be drafted into the NFL and is on his way to being one of the best at his position.

    Critics, like Bayless and Florio are the ones who NEED athletes for their existence. Not the other way around.

    David Lee Roth once said the reason critics like Elvis Costello so much is because most critics look like Elvis Costello.

    Carry on Dez, you were right all along. So was Dave.

  32. Dez is a pretty good ball catcher but he still has the personality of a child with a huge chip on both shoulders. Ignoring the media stick-poking would benefit him massively.

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