Eddie Lacy finally runs, and reportedly runs fast

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Alabama running back Eddie Lacy, whose draft stock had been slipping and sliding while he was unable to work out at the Scouting Combine or during his Pro Day due to a hamstring injury, finally is healthy enough to run for scouts.

He ran today in Tuscaloosa, and at least one account has Lacy running very fast for a 230-pound tailback.

Via Mark Edwards of the Anniston (Ala.) Star, Lacy unofficially ran a pair of 4.4-second 40-yard dashes.

It’s unclear whether that’s 4.40 or 4.49 or somewhere in between.  And it remains to be seen whether other stopwatches showed slower times.

Still, the fact that Lacy was able to run and that he apparently ran at least in the mid-four-second range is good news for a guy who would be, in our view, a great fit for the Steelers at No. 16.

UPDATE 11:27 a.m. ET:  And now there’s another account of Lacy running a 4.58 and a 4.62.

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  1. steelers have more pressing positons like OLB and corner, they need someone who is going to play at those positions this year.plus you can get good running back in the later rounds. no one usually overpays in the draft for running backs these days

  2. Who cares if it was 4.40 or 4.49? Its still fast, although we know sometimes pro day numbers arent always the most accurate.

  3. Steelers need way more than a RB. Better think O-lineman. Bathroom Ben gets nicked too often and he’s getting older. Sooner then later they have to protect him. I mean, he is the franchise

  4. At least the guy is healing up at the right time. Good to see another hopeful get his chance.

  5. for a guy who admitted he doesn’t watch college football, you sure presume to know a lot about how good a player is and where he would fit

  6. steelers rookies never start on D. so taking a OLB or CB at that pick won’t get them in the lineup this year anyway.

  7. I’d like to see 40 times broken down a little better. I’d like the 10 yard split….I’d like to know if his 2nd 20 yards is faster than the first….stuff like that.

    I just don’t think the difference in a 4.4 and 4.6 is enough for me to know anything at all. That’s like half a blink of an eye.

  8. The more important thing is that after he worked out for scouts he looked like he was ready to pass out! He’s going to be the last person left in the green room in 2 weeks. I’m guessing somewhere in the early 2nd. The value on RBs has dropped signifigantly in the last few years and Lacy didn’t help himself today.

  9. I agree the Steelers probably wont pick him in the first but IMO its not because they have “more pressing needs,” especially on D or the OLine.

    The only players who were lost to FA on defense had experienced replacements already on the roster. Cotez Allen will be an upgrade to Kenan Lewis (the reson they didnt submit him an offer) and Jason Worilds is ready to step in for Harrison. Not only do defensive players never start under Dick Lebeau but there isnt even a starting position open for them anywher but maybe ILB. Sure they can draft J Jones or Vaccaro but I dont think he starts a single game this season.

    I know it might pain haters to hear this because its been an easy target for years, but the offensive line may be the brightest spot on this team outside of QB. They invested two first and two second round picks in the last few years on the line and its good to go now and for the future. So, forget offensive line with that pick.

    That leaves them with needs at WR and TE at least for the first part of the season while Miller heals. With picks like Wallace, Brown and Sanders all being third round picks or later WR is still not a pressing need in round 1.

    Comparable RBs can be found in round 2-4 so I’m not big on the Lacy pick but its not because they have “pressing needs in other areas.” If the Steelers want to draft a defensive stud to groom for 2014 and beyond whether it be Jones, Vaccaro, Werner or someone else then great. If a stud WR falls to them in round 1 and thats the choice then great to. Tyler Eifert isnt a bad pick. And although I may not agree with the pick they are totally free to pick Lacy in round 1. The Steelers will pick BPA as they always have and will have no trouble doing it.

  10. Not a fit for Pittsburgh. It’s not his forty time, but his acceleration. The dude has no quickness, and will be like most BAMA backs the enter the league. A product of their college system, but unable to translate to the NFL. Until Yeldon enters the league. That kid can play anywhere. Tyler Eiffert with pick 17, opens up the offense downfield, without having to have an extreme blazer on the outside.

  11. I don’t think anyone questioned his speed. I think the question is how much of his college performance is due to Barrett Jones, Warmack and Fluker… Nobody knows if he’s Trent Richardson or Mark Ingram. He might’ve run himself into GB’s 1st round pick. Rams and Steelers both need a safety more than a running back. Rams could use a DT too.

  12. I dont think that the steelers are going to spend the 1st pick on the O side of the Ball the O-line should be the best it has been especially everyone being healthly look at the picks invested the past few years.TE, miller maybe be hurt they also picked up Spaeth I am glad he is back and I think he can definitely be a stop gap. WR I think that the Steelers are very good at picking WR in the later rounds. can Jarvis Jones come in and start maybe not but on passing downs he could deifinetly make it easier for Woodly to get back to the QB. and CB we are getting awful thin at position and definitely need some one to be a nickel and future replacement for Ike who is getting old. the Steelers will miss Allen and Lewis leaving. the D- side of the ball is getting old and not placing the pressure as the Blitzburgh fans have known and loved.

  13. If Pittsburgh drafts accaro, he starts day one. Why? Unfortunately, Ryan Clark will be a casualty. The Steelers would never release Troy, but they need to free up more cap space, and they would save by letting Clark go, and adding minor pieces in the post FA market. No big names, just stop gaps, to determine which younger guys continue Steeler tradition. I love Clark, but he’s expendible in my eyes.

  14. ^^ why would they slash Clark at this point? They get $5 on June 1 from the Colon cut and depending on Sanders decision they could have almost $4m available already. Next year absolutely, but certainly not this offseason.

  15. The kid was a mid second rounder at the end of the college football season. Now the media has hyped the kid up and some stupid GM will tak him way too early.

    This kid will fit in a system in the NFL and probably be good. Problem is, there are only a handful of teams that use a system in which Lacy can excel. He is not a guy that can carry the load for 16 games.

    His size fits him in well in places like New England, Atlanta or Green Bay. maybe a few other places as well. Generally, teams that have a passing game. Lacy can get yards against defenses that are forced to defend a broad passing attack. Teams that have to play defense against a run first type offense will stop Lacy because he lacks the lateral mobility to make tacklers miss.

  16. joemammy says: Apr 11, 2013 11:32 AM

    Eddie Lacy to the Steelers? That’s like putting lipstick on a pig.


    Oh that made me laugh. Thank you sir! Steelers need more 0-line help especially if they are looking to become zone blocking.

  17. Pittsburgh will try to trade up to get CB Dee Milliner. Not only would he fit right in on that Defense, he would start from day 1, which is what the Steelers need.

  18. Although I would prefer a LT in the draft, I fear the cream of that crop will be gone by pick 26.
    I could see the Packers taking this kid. Unless a D Lineman or O line player drops down that far I could see Lacy or the TE from Notre Dame going to the Pack.

  19. I think its fair to say that his offense line at Alabama was better than Pittsburgh’s. So draft him if you will in the first round, just don’t expect the same results.

  20. So, Lacy’s agent quickly calls the media and says his guy ran fast. you guys hurry up and post it sans homework.

    Then the real info filters out that he is kind of a big average dude running behind maybe the best college offensive line in 20 years?


  21. Steelers won’t draft him in first round. Mark it down, no WAY.

    They already have bigger, slower guys.

    They won’t match Emmanuel Sanders offer sheet either.

  22. True that Lacy was running behind a stellar offensive line. True that we have needs at safety and OLB. But we also need that Bettislike back. The Steelers have made significant improvements to the o-line in the last couple of years. If we bring in that power back, coupled with Haley’s offense, it can be a game-changer.

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