Gronkowski decides to put off another surgery for now


While there’s still some uncertainty about when Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be recovered from his broken forearm, there’s at least some clarity about the near-term prognosis.

He won’t have another surgery — yet — as doctors wait to see if the infection in his left arm will clear up.

According to Karen Guregian and Ron Borges of the Boston Herald, doctors have decided to continue antibiotics instead of a procedure to look inside his arm and install a new protective plate.

Gonna hold off for a few weeks to make sure infection gone before going back in,” a source told the Herald.

Gronkowski, his agent and team officials met with doctors to determine the next steps, before deciding to stay the course.

If they have to go in to clear out the infection, and then replace the plate later (which requires a 10-week recovery) his status for the start of the regular season will be in question.

12 responses to “Gronkowski decides to put off another surgery for now

  1. That Jake Ballard swipe looks really, really good right now. He’ll have a shot at contributing early next season with Gronk down to start the year potentially.

  2. If I was the Pats, I’d be planning for him missing most of the season already. Be nice if he’d be okay, but it’s looking pretty sketchy.

  3. Dude just stop drinking while on antibiotics…
    I’d hate for him to miss any part of the season, but if it’s any at all I’d rather it be the beginning. It’s not hard to see we struggle without him in the postseason.

  4. Good to see PFT has so many comments from people with medical degrees.


    please contact Bill Belichick as soon as possible to share your wisdom on how the team should prepare for the season without Gronk.

  5. Thanks for the motivation haters.

    Phfftthh, we scoff at your predictions of doom. It’s April 11th for Pete’s sake.

    Gronkowski is going to go completely beast mode on the league and you know it.

    Come chat on opening day when he catches 11 for 135 and 2 TDs.

  6. The Pats need another big guy that can use his body and height in red zone situations / the end zone. Brady relied too much on Gronk in those situations. Ballard? Jones?

    Need a non-Gronk option. Love this kid, but he’s not been there at the end of the last two seasons.

  7. ”Gonna hold off for a few weeks to make sure infection gone before going back in”

    If the infection’s gone, why would the surgeons want to cut open his arm again?

    Man, strong antibiotics for this long… Gronk’s immune system is getting hammered and if he doesn’t chill out with the boozing and night life, he’ll never attain his potential.

  8. My wife has a metal plate in a joint.. She is a bible toting Christian who drinks very little and takes very good care of herself. She got an infection around the metal plate that required a 2nd surgery to fix. Let Gronk be Gronk..

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