Gronkowski surgery not inevitable, but probable


The prospect of another arm surgery for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski isn’t as inevitable as otherwise believed.

While it’s indeed probable at this point that Gronkowski will need another procedure on his twice-broken forearm, there’s still a chance that the fracture will heal and the infection will resolve itself without a scalpel.

The loose timetable is six more weeks.  If the fracture isn’t healing well enough by then (and if the infection hasn’t cleared up), the last resort of one more operation will be pursued.

For now, the last resort is regarded as probable, but not definite.

Unfortunately for Gronkowski, his fun-loving, slam-dancing ways will cause some to believe that his current predicament comes from his lifestyle.  But infections happen to anyone; quarterback Tom Brady developed an infection after his ACL/MCL surgery in 2008, and plenty of other athletes and non-athletes don’t ultimately have a fully successful outcome.

That said, all NFL surgeries will continue to be called a success, and all players will be deemed to be ahead of schedule in their recovery — unless and until reality gets in the way.

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  1. That said, all NFL surgeries will continue to be called a success, and all players will be deemed to be ahead of schedule in their recovery — unless and until reality gets in the way.


    Just ask RG3! The NFL needs to get with the HGH testing soon.

  2. Get well Gronk…..the sooner you get over this, the sooner the Summer of Gronk can resume!

  3. Not to hate on the Pats, but for all the talk by the NFL analysts on how well they are run, they have sure failed to deliver in the past 7 or 8 years. Also it doesn’t seem like they can control Gronk, that dude parties harder than most college students and he can’t just assume that being on New England will automatically get you a SB ring someday, Brady won’t be there forver.

  4. Yeah, I totally remember Tom Brady re-injuring his ACL/MCL because he fell down whilst he was dancing drunkenly on a table at a nightclub before his knee got infected.

    Yes, infections can happen to anyone, but they happen more often to people who don’t allow their bodies to heal by putting themselves in situations where they are far more liable to re-injure themselves.

    Like dancing drunk on a table for example.

  5. I am a pats fan and I am really scared for Gronks future. the guy has absolutely no idea in the world of how to ensure that his body gets the nutrition it needs to heal his back problems and ensure his bones are strong enough to handle the rigors of the NFL. Dead athletes don’t lie

  6. @hieveryone12345…

    I realize you are probably (certainly?) a troll, so I shouldn’t be responding, but oh, well.

    If that Pats haven’t delivered in the last 7-8 years, I don’t know who has. There has been no other team that has been consistently in it since 2003. They have only missed the playoffs once in 10 years, and that was the year Brady went down. You know what, they still went 11-5 and lost to a tie to not get into the playoffs.

    You know how many teams have not gotten into the playoffs with a record of 11-5 since the Merger? 2…

    That’s it. The Pats and the 1985 Broncos. If it weren’t for that one year of the Dolphin’s getting the tiebreaker with Brady out of it, the Pats would have been to 10 consecutive playoff appearances.

    While they haven’t won a Superbowl, they’ve been contenders every single year. The problem is that we as fans have become so entitled, we forget that is wasn’t too long ago that the Pats had only 2 superbowl appearances (both losses) and 4 total playoff appearances in its entire history.

    This run by the Pats has been rather historic, I would say. And while not delivering in the trophy sense the last 7-8 years, they have certainly delivered continued excellence that pretty much no other team can compare to. Even the New York Football Giants, despite winning 2 Superbowls, often have trouble making the playoffs, although they do tend to get hot at the right time, damn them.

  7. Bill B is yet again a GENIUS!
    Floating all these Gronk needs surgery stories right before the draft….

    he is the MASTER!

  8. What would his lifestyle have to do with his infection??? They use alcohol to kill infections. I would guess having high quantities of it in your blood would be good when trying to prevent an infection.

  9. Hey trevor, you have absolutely no idea in the world what Gronk’s nutritional regimen is, the strength of his bones, the rigors of the NFL, or the fact he hasn’t had back problems since college. Who’s dead? What the hell are you talking about?

  10. I had a 4th degree burn that developed staph and yeast infections. My dads chiropractor treated me with a KA laser. Killed the infections, knocked my pain meds down by 80%, and kept me from having the next graft that the burn center said was needed. It’s OKd for animals but not humans by the FDA for pain and healing but it works. Gronk, find a chiro that has one and give it a shot.

  11. For any commentor to suggest a player is on HGH or used HGH without any proof get a life wait to the facts come out.

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