Gun charges against Da’Quan Bowers reduced

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Buccaneers defensive end Da’Quan Bowers dodged a bullet Thursday.

That’s something Plaxico Burress wasn’t able to do, and the difference was shown in their sentences.

Bowers paid a $250 fine and a $120 surcharge, and had his felony second-degree possession of a weapon charges reduced to disorderly conduct, according to Mike Garafolo of USA Today.

The initial charge was the same as Burress faced in New York, and the then-Giants wide receiver served nearly two years in prison.

Bowers was arrested in February, when he told LaGuardia Airport employees he had a gun in his luggage while checking in for a flight.

“[Da’Quan is] very happy, and honestly the Queens County District Attorney’s office investigated the case thoroughly and he was honest when he had the gun,” attorney Dennis Coppin said. “He turned it over to the first gate agent he saw. He did the right thing, and they did the right thing in their investigation.”

“Sometimes with these cases, you have to use common sense. Obviously, a lot of people are anti-guns or what not, but you just can’t have a blanket rule that applies to [all cases].”

The disorderly conduct charge carries no jail time or probation, meaning he won’t miss any football activities this offseason because of it.

15 responses to “Gun charges against Da’Quan Bowers reduced

  1. I’m happy for him. If he did time for this something is wrong with this country. I don’t know the full story or how he decided to bring a gun to the airport, but he did inform them and doesn’t deserve jail time. Still, what an idiot, but this worked out the way it should.

  2. I think Bowers’ attorney summed it up perfectly when he said: “Sometimes with these cases, you have to use common sense.” The prosecution did that and it avoided ruining Bowers life over a mistake.

  3. Was the gun in carry on luggage, or in checked luggage? If you have a legally owned gun, why should you not be allowed to put it in a locked container in checked luggage? How else can you get it where you’re going? What if someone was flying out of NY to train for an Olympic shooting sport?

  4. Only if you arePlax you get convicted of this, he can thank Bloomberg for his jail sentence. They wanted to make an example out of him and they did. People get acquitted, or probation ALL THE TIME for the Criminal Possession of a Weapon (NYS Penal Law 265.08/1). This is a super liberal state, and have seen people walk from gun charges all the time (being in law enforcement for seven plus years). Plax was convicted for attempted Criminal Possession of a Weapon, how do you attempt to have a gun? The system is seriously f’d up.

  5. I know people want to compare this to plex, but bowers came forward and was honest about his mistake once he realized it. Plex planned to take the gun there, and never bothered to realize he made a mistake (until he shot himself).

  6. ncm42 says: Apr 11, 2013 12:31 PM
    “Was the gun in carry on luggage, or in checked luggage?”

    He was attempting to check it in.

    The way it went down was that his girlfriend, while in North Carolina, surprised him with a trip to New York. He threw a bunch of clothes into his suitcase and rushed out to catch the plane.

    He hadn’t realized his gun was still in the suitcase. Once he did, he immediately went up to the airline desk to ask advice on how to check it in properly.

    They arrested him on the spot.

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