Jeff Ireland wants to improve offensive line as a whole


There’s been some discussion today about which of the draft’s best tackles the Dolphins like the most, which makes it no surprise that General Manager Jeff Ireland spent some time talking about the possibility of drafting a blocker at a press conference Thursday.

Ireland predictably offered little specific about what the team was thinking about doing with the 12th overall pick in the draft. Ireland did say that he had no problem using a high pick on an offensive lineman after doing so several times in the past and said that the team was generally interested in adding to their options on the offensive line.

“We’re going to try to upgrade the offensive line as a whole,” Ireland said.

Tackle remains one of the most obvious needs for the Dolphins so there’s sure to be plenty of speculation about them taking one early in the draft. With 11 picks (five in the first three rounds) at his disposal, Ireland’s got the ammunition to deal up for a player he likes. He acknowledged as much, saying clout like this doesn’t come around very often and suggested the team would be willing to use that clout if they saw players they liked coming off the board ahead of their picks.

The Dolphins were aggressive about using their cap space to grab players they wanted in free agency. With so much to work with, we’d expect to see the same from them come the draft.

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  1. He’s made good moves this offseason. I think the taint of fat Parcells has finally left the building. That and/or Philbin is getting into his head….

    Certainty, the Fins have positioned themselves to compete with the dreaded hoodie.

  2. Jake was one of the best for 3 years, and Pouncey is one of the best over the last two. You can criticize Jeff for taking O-linemen so often, but he generally hits when he takes one. And he could really use a hit right now.

  3. whatnojets said:
    Has a former NFL player ever become a GM??
    I assume based of your question you are either a troll, bandwagon fan, or very young.

    Its excuseable I suppose to forget about Matt Millen in Detroit.
    Its not excuseable to not know about John Elway as the GM for the Broncos. The man won back to back super bowls for poops sake.

  4. whatnojets says:

    Has a former NFL player ever become a GM??


    Currently, Ozzie Newsome (Baltimore), Martin Mayhew (Detroit), and John Elway is Exec VP but functions as GM (Denver) come to mind.

    I am sure there were others at different times.

  5. @whatno jets

    How could you not think of OZZIE NEWSOME…in the Hall Of fame as one of the best tight ends ever and now a GREAT GM.

  6. If the Big 3 O tackle’s are off the board I see Miami moving back a few spots pick up an extra 3 and then Drafting TE Tyler Eifert 6-6 255.

  7. ajferraro says:
    Apr 11, 2013 3:08 PM


    ravenmuscle says:
    Apr 11, 2013 3:09 PM

    I blew that one! Thanks for straightening me out!

  8. Matt Millan – player turned GM. EPIC fail.

    I love the Ireland haters. He gets zero credit for getting them in position to have all the cap space and draft picks thay have. Whoever he signs or drafts they will say is wrong. Whoever he does not sign or draft they will say he is wrong. No winning with these people. They would obviously do a better job.

  9. the fact that we need to draft another o-lineman and on top of that, another tackle in the first round kind of sucks.

  10. Looks like the Dolphins are going to become another Team that beat the Jets twice a year. LOL

  11. Trade offer from Buffalo.

    Dolphins acquire the 8th pick (1400 Points).

    Bills acquire the 12th (1200) 83rd (175) and 217 (4.6)

    You guys move up to secure your franchise LT in Fisher or Lane Johnson and we move back a few spots for some extra picks.

  12. Cool. As long as Ireland isn’t using those high first & second round picks on interior linemen though. Save those picks for playmakers & find your serviceable linemen in later rounds.

    Guards don’t score touchdowns or force turnovers.

  13. Wise choice JI as the offensive weapons recently acquired won’t matter without blockers. On another note it is extremely comical when Jests fans knock any other team, any in the NFL. In case you haven’t noticed the Jests are unequivocally the laughing stock of the NFL. Go Fins!

  14. @jpack1974 – what has Ireland done up to this point to suggest he is a good GM?

    Up until now you were probably a fan who bashed him as well. Now that he throws money around on some players (they may not be as good as you think with the Fins – truth with all FA’s) you changed your mind?

  15. Name me the GOOD players drafted while Ireland has been GM who STILL play for Miami. Not to mention you pass on Matt ryan to draft Long (Long was great – but drafted LT before you had a good QB)

  16. Jeff seems to rebuild every other year its getting annoying. Jake was suppose to be our longevity – our franchise player and hes gone just like all our past draft picks by ireland

  17. Quote:

    Currently, Ozzie Newsome (Baltimore), Martin Mayhew (Detroit), and John Elway is Exec VP but functions as GM (Denver) come to mind.

    I am sure there were others at different times.


    Ryan Grigson (Colts) played in the NFL and CFL.

  18. Jeff seems to rebuild every other year its getting annoying. Jake was suppose to be our longevity – our franchise player and hes gone just like all our past draft picks by Ireland

    What did you want him to do….overpay him based on his performance the last 2 years. Jake has been a great player in his first 3 years but not so good the last two. Last year was pretty bad. I think he made the right decision not overpaying him and letting him walk.

    You can’t afford to pay a tackle $10m a year unless he is a superstar. Jake seems to be breaking down physically.

  19. Jeff Ireland has done a great job in Miami. He’s had very decent draft classes the past 2-3 years. He’s drafted really good starters in the 1st round (Jared Odrick, Mike Pouncey, and R Tannehill), and has been able to find good findings in the later rounds (Reshad Jones 5th, Jimmy Wilson 7th, Olivier Vernon 7th, Lamar Miller 4th).

    Although theres been players released or not make the team, it wasnt bc the suck, it more due to the fact that he’s found better players through FA. Also some drafted in the past have gone to other teams bc of money, not bc they suck. We wanted to keep Lankford last year, and Long & Smith this year, but they were offered much more money.

    I have criticized him for some moves, but he’s been right on most of them. Overall, he’s done more good than bad decisions.

  20. Pull the trigger on the Branden Albert trade then! Costs you that extra 2nd and change and you can fill another need with the 1st rounder. Established LT from day one.

  21. @jetstizzi85

    No sir. I like Ireland. I get upset with some moves he makes sometimes. But have backed him all the way. You can’t judge him on any of the moves while Tuna was there. I LOVE the fact that after fans (probably like yourself) begged him to sign Orten. He passed. Tebow….He passed. But wait, he signed Moore. A QB nobody else wanted. That was a fantastic find. Pouncy was a first round interior lineman that I would pick over and over again. @zackattack006 laid it out great a few comments up with how he has nailed it in the later rounds. Everyone has misses. Go look at NE’s past few drafts. See where there were big misses. I am just saying that he needs a chance. Tuna tried to build a big, slow, old school model that did not work. Yes, there had to be some rebuilding. He threw big money at Wallace. Nobody else. The rest of the guys were picked up at fair market prices. You tell me, what has he done so bad. Not what you “hear” that he did, but what you know that he did. Have you even looked at the Wallace deal. If he doesn’t work out in two years, they will cut him with VERY LOW cap costs. Pay attention people. Read up and know what you are talking about.

  22. Great, another o lineman in the first round. How exciting. You wonder why this team has struggled to score points since Ireland has been GM.

  23. Geeze. Ball watchers. The line makes it all happen. On both sides of the ball. Emmit Smith ran behind some of the best lines in football. They spent their number 1 on a QB last year and spent their cash on a WR. Somebody has to keep the QB on his feet. Long needed to go. Couldn’t stay healthy.

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