Mark Davis is pleased with Reggie McKenzie


An offseason that has featured several significant moves, most notably trading for quarterback Matt Flynn and trading away quarterback Carson Palmer, has left Raiders owner Mark Davis pleased with the work of General Manager Reggie McKenzie.

Everything is going as planned,” Davis told of McKenzie’s offseason work. “He’s doing what he was hired to do. I’m very happy with it.”

Davis said he’s very confident that McKenzie is the right person to rebuild a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2002.

“He’s doing the job. Yeah, he’s my guy. I’ve never wavered from that. He’s the only guy I’ve hired. Well, I traded for Carson Palmer, but [McKenzie] decided he was not part of the long-term plan, and I’m O.K. with that,” Davis said.

So McKenzie has his boss’s support. If he wants to keep that support, however, he’d better be right that Flynn is a better quarterback than Palmer, and he’d better see the Raiders improve on last year’s 4-12 record.

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  1. The record this year doesn’t matter all that much…he just wants to see guys fight to the finish and be competitive. Reggie isn’t going anywhere, so everyone get off his back already.

  2. Beyond impressed.

    I know some Raider fans are negatively loud about him but Reggie is setting this thing up well for next year.

    The team will be better to watch this year, more talent in the schemes and players, playing for $ and starting roles/chances.

    Not sure the W-L record will be much better, might tickle 8-8 with the cake shecdule but next year with $50+ mill in cap …..

    That never happened in OAK in a longg time.

  3. Raider fans Butt Hurt Alert (If you are a sensitive Raiders fan, you may want to skip this post.)

    I respect Reggie for having the courage to make the decisions he’s made. IMO, not a lot of GMs would have the courage to jettison as many big contract players, including a bevy of recent Top Ten draft picks, in a single season and eat the cap hit.

    McKenzie is still dealing with the damage from previous mismanagement. The Raiders will be without a 2nd round pick this month, because Hue Jackson surrendered it to the Bengals a year and a half ago for a player who is no longer even on the roster (Carson Palmer).

    All that said, the roster McKenzie is building for 2013 is going to be filled out with bottom of the barrel free agents. There are few, if any, stars on the Raiders’ roster. That is why I keep saying it’s going to be the Dream Team of the UFL in 2013.

    This is going to be the season McKenzie gets the Raiders over the mountain … a mountain of dead cap money. Next year is when I can see the Raiders really start to make some noise, if Reggie drafts wisely and spends wisely in free agency in 2014.

    But in 2013, it’s hard to see the Raiders being competitive. That’s not a slam Raiders fans. It’s just reality.

  4. Mark you hired the right GM for the job and one day the Raiders will get back to being a winning organization, this season ticket holder is happy. But I think its now time to really evaluate your barber and think about going in a new direction with your hair.

  5. Oh boy…there goes that moron humbolt again and his UFL reference. No, it’s not getting old at all humbolt…and it’s still not funny.

    But in 2013, it’s hard to see the Chargers being competitive. That’s not a slam Charger fans. It’s just reality.

  6. someone please let Humbolt know that yes Reggie and raider fans are well aware of the damage from the previous managment there is nothing that can be done so Reggie is dealing with it as best he can, and please remind him humbolt that it’s better to have won multiple super bowls than read every year how the chargers are going to win the super bowl

  7. Reggie’s completed the first part of the rebuild: getting rid of the check-cashers and guys who get paid like All-Pros but play like scrubs.

    I don’t know how many games we’ll win this year, but you’ll see a Raiders squad that other teams hate to play, because we’ll fight and scrap and battle for all sixty minutes.

    Now comes Step 2: the talent infusion. It will start in two weeks at the draft, but won’t really get going until next offseason when all that dead money goes away.

    Then we’ll see what kind of talent evaluator Reggie really is.

  8. Umm yeah, Mark, instead of praising Reggie maybe you should work out a deal with the coliseum so the Raiders actually have a home beyond this year. Lease expires 2013.. which last time I checked was this year.

  9. Have to like the way he is going about it. But the real questions will end up as:

    1- Can he pick a good coach?
    2- Can he run a draft?

    The first question doesn’t look good so far but time will tell. The second question is still open because of how few picks he’s had.

  10. No offense to his family but since Al’s passing the Raiders finally have a chance to move into the 21st century. Al never evolved his management since the 70’s and, I’m being generous, the 80’s. It’s taken many years for the Raiders to come to this lowly state and it will take a few horrible years to get out. I hope they do and I’m not even a raiders fan.

  11. So are the Raiders going to compete this year for a Super Bowl, or are they rebuilding for a more promising future? If not going for a Super Bowl, then what’s with the lack of strategic moves and positioning for the future, and if he is trying to compete this year, then well that’s what I’m assuming they are trying to do and I’m scrutinizing them every step of the day.

    As of right now I don’t get what the Raiders are trying to build, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I think they are doing everything wrong.

  12. Hey Humbolt when I lived in So.Cal and used to go to the Raiders, chargers games it seemed like the SD games were more of a home game for the Raiders, why is that? we would arrive early the night before just like the autumn wind and ruffle the feathers of the boyz that dare to hang out that night and take away their women..Why because real man wear BLACK……..

  13. If Raider fans are patient they will be one of the better run organizations in the NFL. McKenzie learned from the right people and is making the necessary moves to set themselves up for a chance to be a winning team year in and year out. The Raiders have been dealing with so much dead money under the cap because their team run to what you would expect the village idiots at the pub would do. Trading away future picks and signing old men to big contracts is a sure way to lose in the NFL. This will turn around quicker than people will expect.

  14. The funniest thing about the Raiders in the last year.

    1: Having Ice Cube, a HUGE Raider fan sing “Good Day”to the fanbase during the “long snapper” game!

    2: Watching EVERY ex-overpaid former Raider get paid or traded for peanuts in the open market. Thus (as if we didn’t already know) establishing how incredibly terrible the Raiders were, at their own personnel evaluations. While the fans who defended every decision like it was infallible- instead of eating their own words, now pretend like they were against the decisions all along!

    3: The nickname for the 2013 Oakland Raiders

    “The Walmart specials”

  15. @humbolt: You sure spend a copious amount of time posting about a team you claim to hate. As Raiders fans, we know what the past ten years represent and we are aware of the monumental task that McKenzie has in front of him.

    The Raiders will be “making noise” soon enough. Clear thinking fans of the Silver and Black know that 2013 is a building year. A year used to clear bad contracts and stash cap cash for 2014.

    McKenzie will be judged in 2014 on a complete body of work, at the end of that season.

    Meanwhile, please keep your focus on the lowly chargers and their current change of personnel. They are one year behind the Raiders in their rebuild and looking a little suspect.

  16. All of us Raider fans know that this is going to be a tough year with 1/3 of the cap tied up in dead money. The great thing is Reggie is not sitting still, he is thinking one to two years ahead and trying to form a solid team that has solid backups for when we do get some top of the line talent in here either through the draft or through FA next year. This will be a very young team with a great future ahead if we use the draft to build the roster.

    I really believe that our UFL lineup will finish ahead of the bolts next season, I am 100% sure of this, and I can’t wait to see it happen. The bolts will be rebuilding for 4 more years, the Raiders will be two years ahead and a top the AFC West for years to come.

    Have the Chargers ever one a Superbowl. Umm No. —Thanks to the Holy Roller baby!!!!

    Go find some more hungry young men Reggie!!!
    Good job.

  17. I know its asking for a lot, but patience is necessary for Raider Nation.

    I like some of the recent signings and personnel moves he’s made, especially the defensive backs he’s recently signed. This draft (and more specifically what they do with the 3rd pick) will go a long way in determining the direction the Raiders are headed in.

    I’m still not sold on Dennis Allen, though.

  18. humb0lt says: Apr 11, 2013 5:25 PM

    McKenzie is still dealing with the damage from previous mismanagement. The Raiders will be without a 2nd round pick this month, because Hue Jackson surrendered it to the Bengals a year and a half ago for a player who is no longer even on the roster (Carson Palmer).
    All that said, the roster McKenzie is building for 2013 is going to be filled out with bottom of the barrel free agents. There are few, if any, stars on the Raiders’ roster.
    We are all aware of the Palmer trade and the Curry trade and how many draft picks McKenzie currently has. We don’t need any condescending Charger fan laying it out for us.
    Not every player McKenzie has signed for this season is a scrub. They appear to have upgraded the linebacker group. Roach, Burnett, and Maiava were all signed to multi-year deals. They lack impact players, especially on defense, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be competitive. Lots of teams have star players and don’t do squat with them. Look at the Chargers.

  19. “So McKenzie has his boss’s support. If he wants to keep that support, however, he’d better be right that Flynn is a better quarterback than Palmer, and he’d better see the Raiders improve on last year’s 4-12 record.”

    To say that if Flynn isn’t as good as Palmer is going to create some big issue between McKenzie and Davis is an assumption.

    Davis says hes knows its going to take time. I’m sure he’s smart enough to know that Flynn is a stopgap that has the potential to be very good. They certainly weren’t going to pay Palmer the 13 mil he wanted and got Flynn for half that. Seems like a smart move to me.

  20. Green Bay fan here, I hated to see Reggie leave Green Bay as he did such a complete job as Dir of Pro Personnel. He was tutored by Ron Wolf, and Ted Thompson. You’re in good hands Raider fans. It won’t happen overnight but I expect you should be looking better this year and 2014 should be a big change for the better. Of course I’m a Packers fan but I’ll be watching what the Raiders do with interest. Be patient.

  21. I know it’s Halloween year round in Raider Nation, but didn’t think the owner and GM dressed up too. If that’s not the case, the Raider’s team barber needs to be fired ASAP.

  22. choo choo, i think the chargers can , i think the chargers can, i think the chargers can, etc…

    No you can’t humbolt, but we all know why your butt hurts.

  23. sometimes I think you just write stories about the raiders so you can post pics of Reggie and mr davis so we can comment on their haircuts…… lol.. deng

  24. Humbolt you are starting to sound like the hack over at rotoworld Evan silva who tries to talk smack about the raiders every chance he gets, we get it you think they are a ufl team, man that’s classic every time I read it.

  25. Reg is doing it right in OakTown! The reason we get many negatives and doubt from many on this post is becuase we all are not accustomed to seeing this kind of transitionof change and addition, These Players are not scrubs they were all drafted highly in their own right and now they have a great Opp to perform and get compensated nicely – when healthy they can contribute as a team like they should. Reg has a great eye for talent and believe me he is not just adding anyone who is not being signed as of yet.. Ask Seneca Wallace.

    Reg has been a man of his word ask Andre Carter, and Joselio Hanson.. they all want a chance to prove and once we get thru some nice picks in the draft this will be a well balanced team that will compete in 2013 –

    I am all in !!

  26. Reggie is doing the hard, dirty work that needs to be done, that Al D and Hue managed to screw up so royally. I’m not Raider fan but you can tell McKenzie is ultimately doing the right thing, even though it’ll mean lots of short term pain. That organization was screwed up.

  27. Nope. He doesn’t have to improve on last years record. With over 45 million in dead money and no second or fifth round picks no owner in his right mind is going to expect or demand improvement this season over last. Its a completely unrealistic expectation. Poor old Reggie can’t really even begin to rebuild this team until 2014. Since Mark Davis is partially responsible for this situation, he is all too aware of the fact that 2013 will be a lost year and is not going to hold the GM’s feet over the fire. Reggie’s time on the clock starts in 2014.

  28. First of all, he didn’t get Flynn to be “better than Palmer”. He’s just a placeholder.
    The quarterback for the future isn’t on the roster. Or in the draft this year.

  29. Reggie McKenzie probably took on the biggest rebuild project in NFL history. Al Davis made some of the worst first rounds picks in NFL draft history, Al handed out some of the most bizarre contracts in NFL history and made some of the worst trades in NFL history…. I mean, the past 10 years have been a complete disaster in every aspect.

    Hopefully Mark Davis gives Reggie 5 full years before judging him. You can give Dennis Allen 3 years.

  30. I’ll keep saying it: Raider fans aren’t use to a GM making moves like these. Big splashes, big gambles, big payoffs, big disappointments. That’s what we’ve had. The talent thrown together in the early 2000s worked out as a great team with a great coach until we traded him.

    This slow, steady process is totally new and so forgive Raider Nation as we react to stepping into the 21st century.

    Getting solid players step by step is pretty cool. I agree we need stars but that’s what the draft is for.

  31. I don’t understand how so many Raider fans can be upbeat with the upcoming lost season. Considering they haven’t had a winning season since Gannon’s great performance in the Super Bowl, I’m not surprised that the fans posting on this board aren’t asking for more. McKenzie is doing a great job?? Isn’t this the same guy that said that the Raiders had a “championship caliber team” last year? LOL. Raider fans, get used to this pathetic team because McKenzie doesn’t own a magic wand and even with all that money next year, the Raiders will not “make noise” as one poster eloquently put it. And to the poster that said their lease is up this year, let it end Mark. This is the worst team in the Bay Area and it’s time to move this team out.

  32. “he’d better be right that Flynn is a better quarterback than Palmer, and he’d better see the Raiders improve on last year’s 4-12 record.”
    Let me correct your assumptions.
    Flynn is a CHEAPER option and serviceable. Maybe not as good as Palmer, but he’ll do for this year.

    Improving on 4-12 is not expected by anyone on this part of the sideline. It would be nice, but it’s not expected. At least these guys on the field won’t be on scholarship, going through the motions, and jumping off sides every other time when opposing a 3rd and 4 situation (Tommy Kelly).

    I, for one, having followed this team since the Frank Youell Field days finally see light at the end of the tunnel after the last 11 lousy years.

  33. He’s slashing the payroll down to nothing just like I hired him to do. I have no desire to spend money on this team like my father did,

    you dummies who keep praising him despite him not doing anything credible since taking this job don’t realize that might only goal is for us to become another version of the Buffalo Bills when it comes to me spending money on this team that plays in one of the league’s most depressed markets.

    Just look at all the Jacksonville Jaguar and Cincinnati Bengal type rejects we’ve gotten into the fold on the cheap because Wayne Weaver and Mike Brown are obviously idols of mine to how they run their teams in the past. Poor saps hate my dad so much that you won’t even see it coming as we descend to being Buffalo/Cincinnati West Coast division.

    Poor Al Davis, rolling over in his grave. No wonder he kept his dopey son away from the team and held on ten years too long. It’s a shame. The Raiders are about to become the football version of the Pittsburgh Pirates, a once great franchise reduced to not only a laughing stock, but also a cheap one that doesn’t compete with the big boys.

  34. hey humbolt, I guess you have something in common with your chargers. You show up every spring and summer ranting and raving, and then disappear every fall and winter.

  35. “If he wants to keep that support, however, he’d better be right that Flynn is a better quarterback than Palmer”

    No way Davis holds anything over Reggie for signing Matt Flynn. Because Flynn is a quality career backup QB. Period! It was a good move because not every team has a good backup. This a rebuilding year. I promise you and ALL the haters, Terrelle Pryor will be the starting QB.

  36. Why are people saying Reggie is doing a great job and then in the same sentence say Dennis Allen is not the answer.
    HELLO … Reggie hired DA.

    I know I know … the dead cap issue he has no choice but he does … he just chose to dump everyone and fill the roster with nobodys. Hey if the Colts can throw a season to get a franchise QB so can the Raiders but please Reggie don’t tell the fans you can win with this team.

  37. Packers fan here. This offseason I have a very simple way to tell if someone understands how to build a long-term successful modern NFL team or not. I simply ask them if they think Reggie is doing a good job with the Raiders.

    If they say “yes, he’s doing exactly what needs to be done but they will still have a rough season next season” they know what they are talking about. They understand that the Reggie was smart to just accelerate all the dead money to this year so he can start with a fresh cap after that.

    If it is any variation on “why is he giving away all their good players for nothing?” or “he needs to make a bigger splash in free agency!” or “he doesn’t seem to be setting them up to win right now!” then I simply change the subject to the latest big Hollywood special effects block buster.

    Some folks have no idea what they are talking about, they think this is Madden. The long-term successful teams build through the draft, find and develop young players, and don’t get themselves into cap trouble with big splashy free agency signings. The Eagles of recently, the Redskins of a few years ago… these are cautionary tales. The idea isn’t to put all the chips on one number and hope it hits before the cap blows up. The idea is to be good, competitive, every year because all that you need at that point is to get hot around December.

    Trust Reggie, and in a few years the Raiders will be competitive every year.

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