NFL calls Sherman comments ill-informed, inaccurate, irresponsible

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Cornerback Richard Sherman has become the latest athlete to accuse a professional journalist of making up quotes out of thin air.  The NFL is now accusing Sherman of being a little too flippant with his comments regarding the misuse of a prescription stimulants.

As MDS pointed out earlier in the day, Sherman now says he didn’t say that half the league is using Adderall, an ADD drug that appears on the list of banned substances negotiated by the NFL and the NFLPA.  But Sherman still said plenty about the substance while appearing on NFL Network.

“There’s a bunch of guys in the league on prescription for Adderall, so what — you know, I’ve never seen people get prescribed a performance-enhancing drug, you know what I mean?” Sherman said.  “So I don’t understand, you know, what everybody is so — you know, they go so crazy about it when some of these guys test positive for it, but a bunch of guys have prescriptions for it, so it’s, like, you know, kind of misleading.”

The league believes that Sherman is the one who’s being kind of misleading, both in the things he has said and the things he now says he didn’t say.

“The comments are ill-informed and inaccurate,” the league said in a statement that was forward to PFT. “Adderall is easily detected under current testing and will result in a suspension absent an approved therapeutic use exemption.  If his statement were true, we would be seeing many more positive tests and suspensions. More importantly, his comments are irresponsible, as they ignore the serious medical risks and documented public health crisis associated with the improper use of Adderall and similar drugs.”

Regardless of the specific words Sherman has chosen, his nonchalant attitude regarding Adderall use could be interpreted as an effort to reduce the stigma that has attached to Sherman via his own positive test by reducing the overall stigma that applies to the drug.  Though Sherman beat the suspension on appeal, plenty of people believe he took it, tested positive for it, and escaped the suspension on a technicality.

So by taking the position that it’s no big deal to use Adderall, maybe people will think it’s no big deal that Sherman tested positive for it.  Even though he still says he didn’t take it.

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  1. Look, this guy may be an outstanding athelete. But between seeing him “express” himself in his “beat down” of Skip Bayless and then everything else he’s done, I honestly think there is something developmentally wrong with him.

    … or he’s just a big dumbie liar!!!

  2. I agree with the NFL.

    He tested positive. He didnt necessarily “successfully challenge” the ruling. He challenged that the cup wasnt sound, and got off on a technicality. So unless someone specifically put a PED into a cup for him to pee in, he still tested positive.

    I would expect him to get “randomly” selected several times this season for testing.

  3. Sherman fits right in Seattle. Their fans are delusional and annoying just like him. Win something of relevance besides a regular season game before talking trash. Seattle fans, smh.

  4. Richard Sherman will be a fart in the wind in the anals of NFL history. This guy talks so much he probably can’t stand to be around himself. So many people, including seahawks fans that I have talked to can’t wait for this fool to just disappear into the obscure hole filled with loudmouth atheletes.

    BTW Richard, you’re one tough guy trying to pick a fight with at 123 pound reporter. smh….

  5. The NFL needs a interview training program because this type of chat doesn’t happen in other major sports. Did you ever hear a golfer talk like this or tarnish the brand’s image ??

    It’s obvious a proper education skipped by many of these college “grads”.

  6. Sherman: “There’s a bunch of guys in the league on prescription for Adderall, so what”

    NFL: “Adderall is easily detected under current testing and will result in a suspension absent an approved therapeutic use exemption”

    Is “prescription” not the same as “approved therapeutic use exemption”? If it is, than I can’t see how Sherman is ill-informed, inaccurate, and irresponsible. I don’t have a PHd, but I am fat.

  7. What a tool…………….suspend him. He did test positive and then get off on a loop hole. Stanford needs to stop trying to win football and concentrate on molding educated men.

  8. Am I the only one who really wants to try Adderall now.

    Goodbye daydreaming and hello to actually getting some work done.

  9. Normally I don’t care what people put in their bodies, but in sports I do. That is because the athletic talent of the individual should be enough for anyone to reach the professional level. However, if PED’s is accepted then athletic talent will no longer be enough. Which means that to get the attention of pro scouts college kids will need to begin using PED’s, and to get the attention of the big name colleges we will also see an influx of high school kids using PED’s also. So that is why I don’t have a problem with the NFL cracking down on these sorts of drugs…

  10. So a college graduate doesn’t undertand that a contract negotiated between his union and the league as to what is legal and illegal and the procedures needed to be followed on substances is the document that determines what’s allowed and what isn’t? ALL drugs are “performance enhancing” if you look at that term literally. Even aspirin.

  11. @overweightman . . . prescription and therapeutic use exemption are two very different things.

  12. What you have here is a AssClown running his mouth and the Bossman Cracking down on him. Everyone respects RESULTS but I wonder what becomes of this man this year…..

    Feels like a young MeAngelo….

  13. The reason there aren’t more positive tests is because it gets out your system within 3 days and the players know when they’re going to be tested. We used it all the time in college

  14. Dont talk about it, be about it. Suspend him for his comments, and shut his mouth and bank account up. The only way to take out a loud mouth, not confident, but loud mouth attention seeking person. A shame these young guys have no older players to guide them in the fine art of dealing with the media and shrine creating public. It deminshes from their true intelligence and talents. SMH

  15. What an embarrassment to Stanford. One thing we know for fact from all of this is: Sherman is just plain stupid.

  16. The NFL does not test for Adderall. The positive is for amphetamines. A player can claim the reason he tested positive for amphetamines was because he took Adderall, but who really knows?

  17. I read the title, then saw the picture and assumed that was Sherman’s response to the NFL, haha.

    Good choice on the pic.

  18. Ill informed, inaccurate and irresponsible, explains sherman in a nutshell, just add annoying, delusional and unfortunate, unfortunate that a stanford grad acts like he does.

  19. i like a few seahawks players – wilson, lynch, robinson, thomas, chancellor, wagner – but pete carroll makes it impossible to cheer for them, and sherman is making sure i don’t have any second thoughts about it.

  20. I think Sherman is being misunderstood in what he is trying to say here, but he is probably better off that the media and public interpret his statements more literally, because I believe he is trying to say would/should earn even more blow-back. I don’t think he is saying that a lot of guys are taking Adderall and getting away with it; I think he is saying there are a lot of guys who take Adderall with permission from the league. To Sherman this seems to make the drug something less impactful on the game than to deserve banishment from the league. Of course this completely discounts the mental illness that necessitates the drug for those with prescriptions.

  21. He flaps his gums far too much, but as a fan I don’t care. Honestly, I leave the male soap opera stuff to the talking heads and everyone that gives a rip. I would care if he were on my team as I don’t like walking distractions. However, in the off-season, who cares. If the guy wants to put himself in the league’s cross-hairs, and he is on my team’s arch nemesis, I welcome it.

    With that being said, I’d take his loud punk arse on my team any day of the week and twice on Sunday. He’s a unique corner who is very good. Even if you can’t stand him you have to admit that he can play. I can’t speak to his play without the secret sauce but it is common knowledge among media members that a large percentage of the players are on the sauce and they don’t say anything because the league will crush them. So it’s pointless to think of him as a cheater.

  22. Did anyone really read or hear what he said. He said many nfl players have prescriptions for adderall and thus it shouldn’t be a banned substance as it isn’t a PED. If it is a PED, it would be banned. Thats’ it. Thats all he is saying.

    The press add their spin to make it sound like he said over half of the NFL players take it and then add their own spin to his motives. He didn’t say what they said he said. He was responding to questions and thus his motivation is to answer the questions.

    I am disappointed in the NFL in coming out against his supposed statement without obviously having looked at what was really said. They appear to be reacting to the press’ opinion and not what Sherman said.

    Okay; Done venting…….I feel better……..

  23. Yet Seattle fans will tell you Harbaugh passed on his own pupil because he can’t evaluate talent which in itself is ignorant when you look at most his draftees. Fact remains Sherman’s loud mouth doesn’t fit the team mold and Harbaugh knew he would be nothing but drama. When Pete Carroll acknowledges Sherman needing to tone it down you know there is a serious problem. Look what happens when players start popping off and being a distraction in SF…. either gone or whipped into shape. Culliver will be a model citizen or be released. Wouldn’t be surprised if Crabtree has already been talked to

  24. What did you think the NFL was going to do? did you think they were going to say yes that is true half of the league is duping us.

  25. Less then 5% of the population needs this drug for ADD, but he’s saying 50% of the people in the NFL have ADD. He’s a Stanford grad, shouldn’t he know those numbers don’t add. And he’s saying 50% of the NFL players take it, but he’s not one of them. His jar was accidentally contaminated. Pete Carroll left USC because his teams were cheaters. Looks like somethings never change.

  26. The fans that read here are so “knee-jerk 1st impression”. Most of you are so ill-informed of who Sherman is that it makes me smh.

    Alright, bring on the downvoting from all of the sherman-hating sheep!

  27. First, Richard Sherman does talk too much and contrary to what his apologists say, it isn’t harmless talk. He can be vicious and vindictive.

    Second, he is an elite football player and those who deny that either haven’t watched enough Seahawk games or are letting his talk obscure their judgment.

    Third, how can anyone who has watched the development of the game and the players over the last 30 years not believe that the use of Adderall and any number of banned substances aren’t rampant in the NFL. For every drug test ever developed there are people out there who get paid “good money” to find ways to neutralize it.

    I love football as a spectator but choose not to be myopic when it comes to understanding that where the money is big, there will always be the “dark side” of the game.

  28. Whether he actually took the drug or not, who knows? With that said, however, Sherman sure sounds like he does suffer from ADD or even ADHD and should probably be taking it. Why the league would ban a legal prescription for a behavioral disorder doesn’t make sense to begin with. Sherman would probably be much more coherent and better behaved if he were taking it.

  29. wow the hate for this man is incredible. if he is indeed just about self-promotion, everyone commenting here is playing right into his trap by flocking to everything thats written or said about him or involving him. it’s sad and comical.

  30. gigantic A-hole, this guy. Folks that show no humility usually take a hard fall towards it someday. I hope he survives the fall because it’s coming.

  31. Makes you wonder why Stanford would bestow an “honorary degree” on this clown because it’s rather obvious that he isn’t smart enough to earn one on his own.

  32. All the adderall in the world won’t knock some sense into this chump. He will be his own undoing in this league. He’s a bigger mouthed version of T.O. and that’s a scary thought.

  33. @vermonator
    Adderall is essentially an amphetamine salt. The “athlete’s zone” that some people talk about… Well, this drug puts you in a similar focus or “zone” if you will. So in that regard, it is performance enhancing drug.
    Btw.. I am a sports psychologist.

  34. I could listen to Richard Sherman talk all day long. Its refreshing hearing the truth once in awhile. Doesn’t happen much anymore.

    Hahaha starts fights he cant finish? You’re on the internet guys. Lets relax everyone.

  35. The truth huh, so he said something, the reporter puts it on paper, then sherman said he didn’t say it, called out the reporter and blasted him, so the reporter has it on tape with Shermans exact words…… So he doesn’t lie? Lol.

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