ProFootballTalk: Russell Wilson over RG3?

Mike Florio and the rest of the ProFootballTalk crew do their best general manager impressions, and redraft the top five picks of the 2012 NFL draft. In a stunning turn of events, Florio would take Russell Wilson over Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick.

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8 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Russell Wilson over RG3?

  1. I don’t understand why it’d be an unpopular opinion at this point to take Russell Wilson at #2 instead of RG3, based on where things stand at this point.

  2. RGIII= offensive rookie of the year
    RWI= no awards
    GRIII=NFC East Champs
    RWI= wild card that wouldn’t have made it past a healthy RGIII
    RGIII= among the best in QB stats last season including accuracy.
    RWI=come on hot after switching to what was working in Washington.
    RGIII= world class hurdler with awesome speed that adheres to a military style dedication to being the best
    RWI= some short guy with a good defense

  3. RGIII-East Coast team, East Coast hype machine, East Coast bias, etc.

    RW-Pacific Northwest team, no hype machine, no NFL bias to the “old boys”.

    But, their numbers were remarkably similar.

    RGIII-Fewer picks.

    RW-More TD’s.

    But let’s also not forget that the Redskins had a much easier schedule. Philly, a faltering Giants team, & Tony Romo, each twice.

    RW- beat Green Bay, New England, Chicago,
    SF (split), and Minnesota.

    Of course I’m going to pick Wilson. He IS the leader of my team.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  4. Ide take him first overall .. two years ago.. Last year.. This year.. And next year.. Russell wilson# True leader,, great guy.. Hes like tim tebow but can actually play the position.. Great work ethic.. #1 pick nobrainer..

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