Report: Dolphins like Joeckel and Fisher much more than Johnson


With two weeks to go before the NFL draft, rumors are easier to come by than solid news. And one of the most persistent rumors has been that the Dolphins want to trade up from the No. 12 overall pick to draft Oklahoma left tackle Lane Johnson.

But Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins aren’t as high on Johnson as the folks perpetrating that rumor are suggesting.

In fact, Salguero reports that the Dolphins like Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel and Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher “much, much, much more than Johnson.” Salguero adds that the Dolphins have some concerns about Johnson as a left tackle.

If the Dolphins do want to trade up in the first round, they’re well positioned to do so: They own 11 draft picks, including five in the Top 82, thanks to receiving the Colts’ second-round pick for Vontae Davis and the Bears’ third-round pick for Brandon Marshall. They have the picks they’d need to move into the Top 10 if that’s what they want to do.

But if that’s what they’re doing, it probably won’t be for Johnson.

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  1. Miami will be one of many teams trying to get in the top 5.

    I’m sure Reggie McKenzie would be happy to oblige.

  2. I love what Ireland has done so far this off-season BUT…..IF we trade up for an OT then I will be upset. Sign Winston and move Martin to Left. If Ireland just HAS to have an elite LT then he shouldn’t have let Long walk…..3 Rd1 picks in 6 years on olineman is too much.

  3. It seems that every “expert” out there believes that this draft is less top heavy than most. That a 20th pick this year isn’t as different than a 10th pick as you would see most years.

    If that is the case, I would think teams could trade up at less cost, or simply not trade up at all. We’ll see.

  4. I think the raiders are in the perfect spot to trade down. With the rookie wage cap, it is not going to be so damaging money wise to move into the top 3. The raiders only have 7 picks, no second and no 5th. I would actually like to see Reggie trade down twice in the first round if possible. Come on fins, call Reggie at 1-800-call-regg on draft day.

  5. I don’t see a huge need to trade up for any OT in this draft. In my eyes, if you want Jockel then Kansas City is the team to talk to. Otherwise they’ll be taking him. And trading up for an OT? I know it’s a need, but it has mistake written all over it. Going all in on a need is dangerous business, especially when there will be a lot of talented players that can really help our team IMMEDIATELY at 12.

    And let’s not forget, Salguero is notorious for being very “front office” friendly. More than likely he’s just adding to the smokescreen that Miami loves Lane Johnson. Reader beware.

  6. Why do people keep talking about Miami and left tackles after they drafted Jonathan Martin last year? If anything, the ‘Fins need a RT and some guards. LT looks set for years to come.

  7. And I agree with CJ that Eric Winston seems like a good fit for the ‘Fins. He’s a proven RT and played his college ball at UM. Why not?

  8. After reading him for years I have become convinced that Armando has little access to the highest levels of the organization. Ireland is a Parcellian….he keeps very, very quiet.

    At best, he will give up his first and Indy’s second pick to move up (dream on if you think he is including next year’s first) but I really doubt he will. Armstead or Long will be there in the second round.

  9. @cuda,

    Everyone keeps talking about a LT because Martin isn’t good enough. Dude was manhandled all year at RT. Lane Johnson is overrated so I expect somebody to trade up for him and be stuck with this years Jason Smith.

  10. If the Raiders strike a deal, and get the Dolphins first and a second picks, everyone would be a winner.

    Have to believe at least Jarvis Jones, Bjorn Werner, Chance Warmack, Jon Cooper or Manti Te’o will still available when the Raiders are on the clock.

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