Richard Sherman: I was misquoted and I’ve never taken Adderall

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The Vancouver Sun quoted Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman this week as saying that half the NFL takes Adderall. But Sherman says he was misquoted.

Sherman, who successfully appealed a four-game suspension for a positive Adderall test during the regular season, also said on NFL AM on Thursday morning that he has never taken the drug, which is commonly prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“I didn’t say that,” Sherman said. “It’s just another case of these writers trying to gain a little notoriety in an interview. What I said was, There’s a bunch of guys in the league on prescription for Adderall, so what — you know, I’ve never seen people get prescribed a performance-enhancing drug, you know what I mean? So I don’t understand, you know, what everybody is so — you know, they go so crazy about it when some of these guys test positive for it, but a bunch of guys have prescriptions for it, so it’s, like, you know, kind of misleading.”

So where did the “half the league takes it” quote come from? Sherman said he didn’t say that.

“I didn’t say half, I said a bunch of guys, and then he went with whatever he went with, but that’s the way I put it,” Sherman said.

Sherman said he hasn’t used Adderall and isn’t sure why anyone would use it as a performance enhancer.

“I’m not sure. I’ve never taken it,” Sherman said. “So I’m not sure. From what I’ve learned from this whole case and everything, it somehow, like, slows, slows it down, for people that are sped up, like, ADHD, apparently the guys are too sped up, and, you know, there are breaks in their attention, that the Adderall kind of bridges the breaks in their attention and allows them to stay focused on one thing at a time.”

Sherman added that he doesn’t care if his public comments hurt his reputation.

“I really don’t care either way to tell you the truth,” Sherman said. “If it does, so be it, if it doesn’t, so be it.”

78 responses to “Richard Sherman: I was misquoted and I’ve never taken Adderall

  1. NFL shouldn’t be talking or tweeting during the off-season. The majority are not very bright and nothing good comes out of it for them

  2. This guy needed a childhood mentor bad. He acts like he is still in fifth grade and all the kids are spreading rumors. Let me help you son. “Just shut the hell up.”

  3. No one cares Richard. You took it, you got caught, you got off on a technicality.

    Please just shut up.

  4. “I really don’t care either way to tell you the truth,” Sherman said. “If it does, so be it, if it doesn’t, so be it.”

    so then why are you trying to clarify your comments? guessing it’s because you do care Dick.

  5. Your best shot at regaining any sort of respect from anyone who isn’t a Seahawks fan, Richard, is to keep your mouth shut and prove your worth on the football field.

  6. What a bunch of BS. No one twisted his words. This guy talks waaay too much then wants to cry foul when his words are taken seriously. Maybe people shold start just ignoring him, then he can’t be “misquoted”.

  7. Just shut up already Sherman. You already did the impossible by making Skip Bayless a sympathetic figure… the more you talk the less people like you.

  8. Or, maybe he just said, “half the players in the league are on Adderall” and is now backtracking like so many other idiot athletes who use Twitter to stick their foot in their mouths.

  9. Athletes do not retract statements, team public relations department issues a statement through the player.
    It is the sign of a coward. Voice your opinion and stand by it.
    Say it and stand by your statement or keep your mouth shut.

  10. This guy really needs to shut up. From calling out cb’s and wr’s that are better than him to testing positive for a drug and claiming he never took it. It’s obvious he never received an education at Stanford. This guy is obnoxious.

  11. A lot of guys probably use Adderall as a substitute for coke by crushing the pill rather than use it as a PED.

  12. adderall an analogue of amphetamines slows people down? come on Sherman you are Stanford educated . dont expect us to buy the aw shucks excuse. we all know why players take it. You tested positive for it and got off on a technicality (tester screwed up) and ran your mouth. if you cant take the backlash, keep your mouth shut

  13. Sherman benefits from a great pass rush, I will love to see him get torched this year.

    The guy just irritates me, he wants to talk so much crap all the time, but then he gets perturbed when he gets quoted!

    Dude just needs to shut up!

  14. Well you know, I didn’t take you know, the players you know, have prescription’s you know.

    Based on all the you knows I would say if you never did it then why are you stumbling over your words? O its because you do take it but don’t want people to find out. You know

  15. It took a while but eventually, diva’s like Pacman Jones, M. Vick, etc. became humbled and came to understand that it’s not all about them…..guys like T.O. , Dez Bryant and R. Sherman never seem to “get it”. Sherman’s communication skills are laughable, he said what he was quoted as saying and his comments about how he was misquoted sound like a liar trying to say something without ever saying anything.

  16. Ooops – tryin to get the toothpaste back in the tube. Another case of speaking without thinking.

  17. Hahaha all you haters are just mad because Sherm is a lot more intelligent than you and on top of that, shuts down your top receivers. Please keep hating on Sherm and the Hawks, it makes you all look a lot more silly when you’re proven wrong. #1 corner in the league hands down, #1 D, and a stacked offense. BRING IT ON! 12th man stand up!

  18. @max Great pass rush? Please if anything that’s the only major hole in the Seahawks defense. Stop trying to make up things to discredit Sherman, he’s a great corner why don’t you just admit that. I hated the way he insulted Bayless, that was pretty classless. But you can’t say that he isn’t a good player, that’s just wrong. Sometimes he does open his mouth too much, but the guy doesn’t do it more than any other player in the NFL it’s just that when he does it he generates headlines.

  19. It’s become overwhelmingly clear that the fans don’t want to hear players talk. No matter what the issue is, we don’t want to hear about it. Even when they are talking about the game, they don’t really say anything worth hearing.

  20. It had to be an “honorary degree” that Stanford bestowed on Shermy because he certainly didn’t earn a degree.

  21. I study speech and subconscious patterns. You know- uh- you know- are delay patterns and typically mean he is lying. Actually that’s enough for an expert to basically guarantee he is being less than truthful.

  22. This Guy is a joke, it’s clear he got into Stanford cause he can ball, cause he obviously isn’t smart enough to get himself out of a bind when he so often puts himself into one, pretending not to know what aderol does, I’m sure you have a smart phone to google what the drug does to you after you came up for using it in your mishandled urine sample Richard, hopefully this guy is a flash in the pan like the rest of his team, anyone who doesn’t run their mouths as much as you is better at life than you all team stanford graduate

  23. This idiot is going to spark the next college grade changing scandal.

    No way this guy honestly passed.

  24. Please just shut up now, while you still may have any dignity left.

    I’m really starting to hate this team, I’m gonna be hoping they get lit up every game just to hear this punk’s excuses. Seattle has one good season now all of a sudden they think they’re the best in the NFL.

  25. Another very good athlete who is simply a clown. Was embarrassing on First Take — and I’m not a big Skip Bayless fan — and he continues to make a fool out of himself. Just shut up!!

  26. Here is your quote Richard…

    “About half the league takes it [Adderall] and the league has to allow it,” Sherman said. “The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don’t believe me. But I accept it. If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player.”

    Where exactly is the “misquote”? Those are the words straight from your mouth.

    Obviously the league made a mistake. You peed in a cup. That cup was broken and it went into a cup that the seal was open on. Your urine tested positive for an illegal substance. Not just banned, but illegal without a prescription. Where exactly was the mistake maken by the league? And no, dont tell me “you know” because I dont. You seem more than happy to tell everyone though.

  27. LOL, he probably got punked by players on other teams for snitching on them with the “half the league does it” quote.

  28. This guy like you know doesn’t know when to shut up you know. He is obviously guilty you know and you’d think that somebody that you know is paid to backpedal you know would be better at it you know.

  29. He was probably misquoted, you know, because if they had, you know, taken his quote directly, you know, he would have, you know, put the reporter over his allotted number of words for the article. You know?

    I can’t stand this guy. Here’s to hoping his hype train gets derailed and he goes back to being an afterthought.

  30. If the reporter was dumb enough to talk to Sherman, or any athlete for that matter, without recording it, he deserves to basically be called a liar. I have a feeling no reporter will make that mistake again with him.

    Hopefully, the guy was smart enough to record it and will release is ASAP. I don’t think anyone thinks Sherman didn’t say it.

  31. For an Adderall user who got off on a techniclity, this guy should learn to keep his mouth shut. Everytime he opens it, stupid just comes pouring out.

  32. I was sticking up for this guy one time….love how he plays the game…..Now I’m starting to think he did use it….He is to hyper…..LOL

  33. Cue Trent Williams mugging this coward in the face. I mean really..I love trash talk, but this guy is just an a**! Roddy White said it best yesterday on NFL Live, this guy only has a lot to say when things are on the up for him, he didn’t have anything to say when they were down to the skins or falcons in the playoffs..he was silent & dejected, but when everybody else stepped up besides him to get them back in the game..he had all the mouth in the world.

    Now cue all the seahawk fans that are going to say we’re hating & Sherman is the best db in the game smh

  34. Dont think he’s trying necessarily to clarify what was said. He was in an interview with NFL AM, and they asked him about it, the guy is just answering questions.

  35. What a buffoon this clown is. He probably has no clue what he’s talking about and is just one of those people that loves to hear himself talk. The shame of it all is that someone actually pays attention and quotes him in the media! If everyone would just ignore people like this they will go away eventually. The Hawks should really shut him up!

  36. he’s taking his constitutional right to freedom of speech a little to literally. I thought my teams TE Jermicheal Finley talked too much. Sherman makes him look like a church mouse

  37. Remember when McGuire, Sosa, Clemens, and Palmero went before Congress and embarrassed/perjured themselves? And you just shook your head at how stupid either they were or thought that we were? Enter Richard Sherman. He would have fit in nicely sitting there with his peers. And if the Seahawks organization can’t shut him up, then please god trade him. He’s a complete and total embarrassment off the field.

  38. You know, even schools like Stanfurd allow the imbeciles in, not SEC type of illiterates, but they need to get off their moral high horse. Stanfurd wants to win as much as the other schools. However, they have a small stadium and can’t even sell that out, even with their recent success. Dick Sherman’s agent pulled the wool over the appeal board’s eyes with the irrational “contaminated sample” excuse. There’s no way a sample can be contaminated with a banned substance, even if it “leaked”.

  39. I think that in the interests of fairness, EVERY NFL player, every last one should be tested for PED’s, and if they come up positive, they should be thrown out of football. I don’t care if they play for the Hawks, the 9ers, the Pats, the Vikes, etc.

    The man says he was misquoted and that he’d never taken Adderall. But that’s not good enough for you partisan snakes, is it! I hope if any of you get busted for DUI, or using, that they throw the book at you. Don’t bother with your false cries of “I’m innocent.” I ain’t buying.

  40. ugghh.. enough about this idiot ego maniac. your explanation of what you “really” said sounds straight dumb. “I.. you know… I… said.. that.. umm… a lot of guys… or players.. have.. ummm… prescriptions.. for.. you know… uhhhh… that.. or.. it. yea.” no wonder your exact words werent quoted. then hiw do you test positive for something you never took?! someone in Seattle’s PR department is telling him to take it back.. and Sherman isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    “I’m better at life than you.” yes. because you’ve played a few years of football you are better than everyone Sherman. no shut up and go pee in the little cup again.

  41. Sherman benefits from a great pass rush, I will love to see him get torched this year.


    Oh the misinformed. Seattle at times got home with sacks, very streaky no blitzing pass rush depending on Clemons and Irvin to beat their guys because our terrible 3rd and long scheme went extra conservative rushing 3 (one being an undersized DT that never pushed the pocket) allowing Trufant and linebackers to be abused inside. Avril & Bennett will only improve our pass rush…So keep hoping for it, Sherman is the best CB in NFL. When the season starts look forward to everyone cheering against the top dog. Go Hawks!

  42. I for one like this “you know” speech impediment of his. It shows that the Adderall is working because he used to be a monosyllabic a-hole that said “uh” after every other word. That and the drooling were annoying.

  43. Shouldn’t the nfl comment about what percentage of players are legally taking adderall? It’s widely abused in baseball. They just don’t bother testing for it.

    Id imagine its a mind boggling figure. Id think 50 percent is low.

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