Sedrick Ellis acknowledge buyer’s remorse from CBA

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When the new labor deal implemented a rookie wage scale, the league and the union sold the greatly reduced pay for incoming players by explaining that the windfalls that previously went to unproven players will go to veterans.

For the most part, that hasn’t happened.  Especially this year, where free agency has been more tepid than ever.

“I think from talking to a lot of other guys . . . the players in free agency are not quite seeing the money that was promised by cutting down the rookie salaries when they came into the league,” free-agent defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday night.  “A lot of the big deals have been cut down, and a lot of the players who are going to be expecting big money either got cut or let go in some manner.

“And I think that’s what you’re seeing when people are saying [there’s] a little buyer’s remorse.  It’s because we’re expecting a lot more money on the veteran end, and it’s just been hard.  We haven’t seen as much of it as we thought we would have.”

While the CBA now requires teams to spend 89 percent of the unadjusted cap on a four-year rolling average, that translates in 2013 to only $109.47 million per team.

Actually, nothing must be spent this year, because the teams have the next three years to make up the difference.  Even then, 11 percent of each year’s spending limit can be pocketed by the teams.

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  1. It’s going to the veterans as previously suggested. However, it’s all going to the QBs. Put a pay structure on them and the rest of you will get some more money.

  2. Well Sed, the fact that the team with the worst defense in the league last year seemingly have zero interest in re-signing should probably tell you a lot about why teams aren’t lining up to throw money at you that they are saving on rookie contracts

  3. This coming from the guy who’s been a HUGE letdown as the 7th overall pick in the 08 draft.

    Regardless of the cap Sedrick, no one is paying you like you think you should be paid.

  4. Yeah d smith is a moron good deal you got the players to sign off on. The players should be ashamed also because they should have known better. I’m sure if the salary cap doesn’t sky rocket in the next couple of seasons I’m sure there will be a strike

  5. Cry me a river and float downstream. The money is going to be spent. The next CBA should stipulate that no player can receive more than 10%-15% of the cap. Otherwise, come out into the general work force and schlep like the rest of us.

  6. I get that the vets feel buyers remorse but how do the rookies feel who had no choice in having their potential salaries lowered?

  7. The new CBA actually benefits playoff teams who want to move up to high first round picks to get players who can help out right away without paying the ridiculous 30 to 50 million guaranteed before the CBA. Such as what the Falcons did for Julio Jones.

  8. I’d say current contracts have more to do with teams realizing they can’t pay Nate Clements & Albert Haynesworths 80-100 Million Dollars Contracts unless it’s a QB if they truly wanna Compete for the Superbowl.

  9. Seems the restrictions on rookie pay created something that the owners like very much: a guaranteed pool of cheap labor locked in for 4-5 years.

    I don’t know if FAs will always be at the muddy end of the stick because of this cheap labor, but it sure seems to suck for the guys who find themselves on the outside looking in this year.

  10. Hard economic times for these players…

    These days, they can hardly afford to add that continuously flowing cascading waterfall of velveeta cheese to their olympic-sized swimming pool out back from their 15 car garages.

    My heart goes out to you and yours.

  11. I don’t think anyone’s all that impressed with the quality of talent available in free agency this year. There are some good players out there, but not many that are worth breaking the bank over. At this point, I expect teams will wait until after the draft, and then try and fill needs with veteran talent afterwards.

  12. So the veterans are experiencing buyer’s remorse? The blame lies with Maurice Smith who sold out those he was to represent. He ignored his fiduciary responsiblity to the players, took the short money, and all to selfishly retain his position. As a player, I’d demand his immediate dismissal.

  13. lol , you another 8 years to live with it and I’m pretty sure you will be out of the league by then. On a separate note since the QB’s are eating about 20% of the cap space they should think in the next contract of excluding 1 QB per team salary to not be counted against the cap

  14. This guy should never expect to be paid…

    …he’s the classic example, the poster child for why a rookie wage scale had to be introduced…

    …he held out and never panned out…

    …that lazy jerk should give a refund for what he stole…

  15. Sedrick has been a disappointment and bust for the Saints…wish you the best Sedrick in your future endeavors and hope a team will pick you up down the road.

  16. ItS so sad to see pros struggling to get paid. They should just strike and renegotiate a new deal. Guarantee all contracts. Ban college football and let NFL build schools of football excellence like they do for soccer in Europe.

  17. Sedrick sounds like a guy that agreed to a CBA that takes money away from young players, and is now surprised that the savings are not being applied directly to his contract.

  18. DeMo is the problem. Why can’t these players see that? If they wanted a pimp they got what they wanted.

  19. Since when is there a REQUIREMENT that teams MUST pay guys on the downside of 30 with diminishing skills and speed the huge multi -million dollar contracts?
    Face facts…its a quarterback driven sport.

    Then its the top calibre receivers like Mike Wallace…then Calvin Johnson with the Lions, Larry Fitzgerald and then the top corners and top LEFT tackles. After those guys the salaries drop off. I didn’t hear any complaints when the Dolphins gave a hugely inflated contract to Dannelle Ellerbe or the Browns gave that HUGE deal to Paul Kruger. That was OK..Neither was worth $35 million and $40 million respectively. Ahh…but they played for the Ravens so they must be worth far more than players on other teams….NOT.

    Guys like Charles Woodson, James Harrison, Richard Seymour, e.g. just have to face reality.

  20. Football players always have and always will be the dumbest group of athletes around. The salary issues they have are issues the NBA and MLB haven’t had for decades.

  21. It’s not a coincidence that the first 2 years of the rookie wage-scale have seen the cap basically remain flat for the first time ever. That was the entire purpose of the idea. Anybody that thought the owners didn’t really care about how much more money they were spending each year, they just wanted it to go to guys that “deserved it” is just plain naive. The only thing they care about is the bottom line. Limiting rookie salaries has gone a long way towards limiting everyone’s salary and we’ll see another work stoppage within a few years as a result

  22. If he’d played better the Saints would have locked him up years ago. Teams that know how to manage their cap lock up their biggest contributors long before they hit FA. Teams will pay top dollar if they have the answer on the roster at positions like left tackle, and of course, a franchise QB who will be at an All-Pro level for years. Players like him who didn’t live up to their draft position are allowed to walk and end up with less money than they thought was possible in FA. Wallace left Pittsburgh because they weren’t going to empty the bank on a guy who drops too many balls and knew he was going to get way overpaid by somebody else. He was one of the few who made out like a bandit. Most of the FA class this year are in Ellis’ shoes: having to take less or still looking for a suitor.

  23. Surprise surprise. The owners lied to the players about taking the rookie scale contracts to the veterans.

    And can’t believe the players were stupid enough to believe that the owners would actually spend money when they didn’t have to.

    All he NFLPA managed to do was take $30-40 million out of RG3 & Luck’s pockets.

  24. Look I hate hindsight, but if you were De Smith, an allegedly powerful attorney, you should have put in sneaky language to dupe owners into giving you more.

    I knew the players lost once they decertified because it made no sense to name any plaintiffs particularly when one of likely few antitrust/collusive actions was the TV Network lockout insurance money.

    Plus, what if the league became non-labor the day after the decertification and subsequent antitrust suits were filed. Another sign of NFLPA stupidity leading to bad signs down the road.

    The day they officially lost was when Buffalo, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay each had at least $30 million of cap space. Yes they were able to carry the space over, but with the 89% the majority of other teams could prevent players to cash in.

  25. as a Saints fan, this guy is poo. For a guy with a 5oo pound bench press, he stinks. No money is being throw your way Sedrick Ellis, because frankly sir, you stink

  26. Hard time feelin’ it Sed. What’s that adage about crying because I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet. Enjoy your shoes punk, and shut up about it.

  27. They are ALL overpaid anyway.You are making a living PLAYING A GAME-be HAPPY-NOT GREEDY!

  28. haha love this.. The vets decided they deserve the big contracts and rookies can wait. They didn’t see that teams will now prefer to go young and the average older guys are going to be out of work.

  29. Dont blame the system set in place, blame your fellow players that fail to live up to the contracts, once they are in place. Guys like Albert Haynesworth caused Owners and GM’s to limit who they give money to, ensuring there would be athletes competing even after the contract is received. That was the main premise behind rookie wage scales and balance veteran paydays.

    The statement that quarterbacks get all the money is true, but based upon productive stats. Quarterbacks have historically remained healthy and competitive once getting big dollars, after they have shown they can play. This doesn’t apply to rookies like Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf. They never saw money again, or the league for that matter. Others positions, not all, have shown once the big money comes, so does the work ethic and desire. If you prove that your willing to give your all throughout the contract, you’ll get paid accordingly. Didn’t Ed Reed just sign?

  30. Bwhahahahaah! What did you think was going to happen? You try to strong arm the owners into raising your salary by forcing them to pay your replacements less money? Think about that for a minute. You force them to pay someone doing the same job as you less money, and NOW you wonder why they are just sticking with the cheaper labor…. Did you guys learn nothing in college?

  31. Are readers (and the author) forgetting how long-term guaranteed salaries in MLB and the NBA are plagues that help ruin those leagues’ salary structures?

    Much better and fair as a meritocracy, the NFL provides qualified candidates a guaranteed bonus and a guaranteed first year of service (in most cases).

    What’s wrong with this concept, please tell me?

    As for Ellis and other previously well-paid veterans who are still floating free, the lesson to learn: Don’t expect a second big contract unless you perform.

    Ellis and perhaps 30-50 other current free agents, hopefully, listened well when the annual free investment advice was dispensed by the experts each NFL team invites to training camp.

    Not to be too snooty, but if you gave me $1-$5 as a rookie, I think that I’d be able to invest it for a 5%-8% average annual appreciation for the next 30 years, and, thus, be able to retire easily by 50 or 55…….Then again, I read all the time about retired NFL players who are penniless 2-3 years after they leave the gridiron.

    Do you think they are listening well to the free investment advice?

  32. I know for a fact Ellis made a lot more money already than he deserves because of his rookie contract from 2007. He got his money already and has been a big disappointment up till now!! He is one player that should’t complain!!

  33. “Raise the cap. Won’t happen, but they should drastically raise the cap.”

    What for? Teams aren’t using the cap space they already have. How will increasing the cap help anything?

  34. I predict that the benefits to the veterans will not be fully seen until the the contract has been in place for a few years. As the overly inflated contracts of the past 4-5 years start to expire (exception QBs), the rookie wage scale will enable teams to reward vets and players signing 2nd contracts. However, during the interim period, I believe vets with inflated contracts (or aspirations to get one) will continue to find it difficult to keep or land new roster spots.

    I also think that top tier QB salaries will eventually start to decline to balance the overall team payroll to adapt to the salary cap.

  35. The market isn’t soft, teams just being stupid. Ex no way Aqib Talib gets a big deal when dudes been in so much off the field trouble. Another thing is the really good players rarely hit free agency.

  36. Whoever sold these players on that theory was genius! In no way would that make sense. The draft money had become a problem, and if I recall the guy drafted ahead of Ellis at #8 Derrick Harvey was a better example, because he was being paid like a top #5 Defensive End in the league and he was a colossal failure. The system honestly is better for players and teams now. Players are still instant millionaires, and teams can move guys that under-perform.

    The rookies were getting to be the highest paid players on every team. 86 Mil (max deal for Sam Bradford) for a QB that hadn’t touched a football field in a year was beyond insane, and he was guaranteed $50 of it.

  37. It will take a few years to determine how the rookie wage scale affects salaries. Because teams can roll forward cap space from previous years there are a number of teams planning to sign their own veterans with the extra revenue. San Francisco recently signed several young veterans rather than chase free agents. Expect the Seahawks to start doing the same in the next 24 months.

    The reason there is not a huge market for most free agents is the same reason that they are free agents in the first place.

  38. Maybe owners have realized that paying big bucks for other team’s players hasn’t worked out that well. The players think they are impact players, but how many FA’s truly make the kind of impact on their new teams that justify the huge contracts that were being paid out?

  39. Millionaires & Billionaires arguing over a poor mans dollar……..WHAT WE SUPPOSED TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU OVER RATED PLAYERS ……Not going to happen

  40. Part of the problem has been the salary cap being relatively flat since the CBA was signed. You can’t sign new people to ridiculous contracts if all your money is tied up in previously overpaid players unless you get new money coming in.

    I agree though that QB salaries are ridiculous.

  41. The players negotiated a bad contract. Football is different from other sports in 2 ways:
    1 – injuries (serious ones) are much more common
    2 – players have shorter careers

    I do think a professional should be able to make enough money to have a comfortable life after they retire (I don’t meant extravagant, but they did earn their money as much as any entertainer). Having said that, the rookie pay scale makes sense, too many first rounders were sucking up unearned money (Jamarcus Russel, Sam Bradford, Vernon Gholston).

    Given the nature of the injuries in football, I think 49% is too low. But they are still making a lot more in a year than I do.

    The QB pay raise phneomina is becaus ethere are so few average level QBs available. If you choice is to sign Joe Flacco for 20MM or an average QB (lets say Andy Dalton) for 9MM, you may decide to go with Dalton. But if those average QBs are in short supply, and instead of Dalton you get Matt Lineart, Mark Sanchez, or Tavaris Jackson, then QB scales shoot up because there arent enough starter quality QBs.

  42. Answer is simple,Sed. Dominate at your position and
    teams will line up to give you lotsa money. You are good but not great. And, yes, the QBs are taking too much of the cap space

  43. Sedrick Ellis is pointing out the obvious here.

    When reporters and so forth broke the news about the CBA, they condensed it by saying that the otherwise ludicrous rookie contracts will be obsolete and instead that money will go towards the veterans.

    For the most part that’s been true, however, it’s been going towards quarterbacks and nobody else.

    And for those calling him a bust that seems like a stretch. He’s a defensive tackle, his job is to allow his linebackers and defensive ends to get one-on-one’s and if he’s doing that he’s doing his job.

    Very rare nowadays to see defensive tackles putting up big numbers in the sack column, it’s the plays in which he takes a double or drives his lineman into the backfield that goes noticed.

  44. What a gullible bunch! To think cutting down the pay opportunities of the rookies was going to somehow translate into increasing your own ( veteran) compensation was a viable strategy shows a fundamental lack of grasping how the open market works. Short sighted & greedy.

    The owners are laughing all the way to the bank!

    NFLPA = National Football League Punking Association.

  45. So let’s see, Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, Snyder, Mara, Allen, etal. against D Smith. Can you say mismatch? LOL at the players.

  46. Messing with the earnings potential of other players for the sake of your own is short sighted & just wrong!

    Now you’re having to face the KARMA of your actions!!

  47. bert1913 says:Apr 11, 2013 10:49 PM

    if you can’t make millions, come play for the seahawks and win a superbowl.
    It’s cute when Lions, Seahawks and Redskins fans talk big about their dominant teams….after kind of doing well after one season in the past.

  48. They need to come up with an NFL version of the NBA’s Larry Bird rule. 90% would use this exemption on QB’s, problem solved

  49. The players are mad because the owners are not overpaying for this crappy free agent class. a few players got a huge pay day but the rest are average at best players. stop whining and just improve your game. The players can’t strike, they agreed to not strike during this CBA.

  50. I’m sorry he is an idiot. Yes some teams have money to spend and they are not spending… Just like every year. There are also teams with less than 1% available like every year and just last year didn’t Mario Williams get a monster deal. If the FA class is weak teams invest In their players. As of right now pre draft 22 teams are spending more that the needed amount. That only leavs 10 under the 11%. And after the draft more teams will enter that realm because of signing their drafted players. This just shows that athletes like him didn’t attend a single class while in school. Heck his saints only have 2 million left so they def arnt spending another penny on him.

  51. What’s probably more likely happening is what was supposed to happen: more veteran solid players are getting more money and the number of semi or full blown astronomical contracts are lessening, therefore closing the gap between the huge free agent contracts and the core foundation type player.

  52. The problem is guys like Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford still have pre wagescale contracts that is taking up space. The savings will come as though contracts clear the books and there are cost savings of guys like Kaepernick and Wilson being unable to hold out for pay raises.

  53. I’m just curious who Ellis voted for. If he likely followed the path and trend of the overwelming number of young non-whites, he therefore stated on not one but 2 election days that economic redistribution is ok.

    Oops, you thought it was gonna be someone else’s money didn’t you when you were teary eyed pumping your fist screaming yes we can. Idiot.

    Ooooooooo now all of a sudden the money going to others and not him suddenly is a problem.

    You phony.

  54. There are twice as many mid sized contracts being given to solid veterans, stars keep getting paid like stars, and replacement level players like this guy will battle rookies for roster spots.

    It all sounds right me.

  55. To players:

    1. If more of you would live up to your FA contracts and not take the money and sleep on it some. The league would be more apt to dole out the cash. But it’s been proven FA is more famine than feast.

    2. If the Rookies were making more, that would mean the offers would be even less. Regardless if the cap raises or not. It would still be less.

    3. McDonalds employee’s are now figthing for $15 starting wage. Connect the dots…

  56. The players lost in this current CBA bcuz the spent there $ and could not with stand a strike !!! When ur union leaders tell you to save ur money bcuz we could be in for a long work stoppage that didn’t mean go to the club and make it rain!!!!! The NCAA and the NFL used this players and the players were not smart enough to stick it to them when they could!!!

  57. It also didn’t help that DeMo helped some of the owners take spending money out of the hands of 2 of the teams notorious for spending cash every year.

    I mean the players just lost 46million in money that normally would’ve been spent over the last 2 years.

    Everyone is blaming the owners, they were very honest that they wanted their money. The one that the players should really be looking at is their nefarious leader.

    DeMo Smith signed off on obvious collusion so he could keep his job. I mean that is priceless.

  58. bigjdve, the cap penalties were split up and given out to other teams. MOney is out there, but its not yet being spent.

    The key will be, in a few year, with teh stricter spending floors are implement, as well as a FULL realization of the cost savings of the rookie wagescale.

    There are at least a couple guys out there taking up cap space in pre wagescale deals. Sam Bradford is counting 13 million against the Rams. If that space was cleared out, they’d be in better shape.

  59. flaccotoboldin: Actually I don’t believe the money went to the other teams, I believe that as part of the agreement with the NFL the salary cap went up for most of the teams by 1.5 million or something like that.

    However, in the end, it doesn’t really matter because either way the players still won’t get much if any of it.

    Think about it this way, if you take money from people that will spend it, in order to give it to those that don’t – do the players really see the money?

    Look at all of those teams with more than 3 million in cap space left over from last year and from this year once the season begins. Take however many teams that is and calculate how much didn’t make it to the players.

  60. Teams still have to spend a minimum amount and most teams will be up near the cap. With the exception of QB no position is getting outlandish money anymore because of guys like Haynesworth. If a guy stops showing up, or the rest of your team is bad, or a guy gets hurt, now you’re screwed. Meanwhile that creates opportunities for backups who now won’t stay with the team as a starter because the team has no money left. After the draft teams will finish filling their rosters, the total amount of money spent will be the same, but now you’ll see three RB’s making $7 million instead of one making 15, one making 6 and one making $300,000. The guy who used to make 15 will complain, but the other two won’t.

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