Sherman’s gaffe could be good for him

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman recently told the Vancouver Sunhalf the league” takes Adderall.  Then he said he didn’t say it, essentially blaming the reporter for lying about Sherman’s words in order to boost the reporter’s career.

The reporter then released the transcript of the discussion with Sherman, and there it is:  “There’s about half the league that takes it.”

Some have suggested that Sherman’s comments were taken out of context, a claim that frankly makes no sense.  The context is Adderall use and the quote is half the league takes it.  With a prescription, without a prescription, with a therapeutic use exemption, or without one.  Half the league takes it.  That’s the context, and that’s what he said.

Sherman has yet to challenge the accuracy of the transcript or demand that the tape be released, and he’s probably wise not to.  A talkative guy, Sherman needs to realize the importance of precision and consistency in the words he chooses.  And before recklessly rattling off that the didn’t say something he actually said, he needs to be sure he didn’t say it.

Otherwise, no one will ever believe him when he says he didn’t say something that he was quoted as saying.

That’s not to say he should stop talking.  He just needs to be more careful.  And that’s precisely what he needs to hear from someone he trusts, or he’s going to continue to say things that will get him into unwanted controversies — and he’ll continue to be tempted to talk his way out of trouble by denying saying what he said.

POSTED 10:37 p.m. ET:  Sherman doesn’t need to demand the audio.  Because the Vancouver Sun has released it.  Video too.  “Half the league.”

58 responses to “Sherman’s gaffe could be good for him

  1. That’s not to say he should stop talking. He just needs to be more careful.
    Could be difficult for him considering he got into Stanford because of athletics and not his intelligence/academic accomplishments.

  2. Well it’s clear that regardless of what exactly was said or not, we have an issue where one side is at risk of getting egg on their face regardless of whether they are right or wrong considering many people will happen to view it differently than the person who feels they are right.

    The only fair (and most entertaining) solution here for both sides is to have a separate new interview take place to give Sherman a chance to redeem himself by trying to last the entire interview without getting trapped into saying something foolish and/or embarrassing.

  3. I have lost so much respect for Sherman. Bragging about how great you are and bashing haters is not the way to go. Being humble and professional is.

  4. Aside from the controversy, is anyone besides me seeing a pattern here with Sherman? Maybe diva behavior is migrating from Receiver to Defensive back.

  5. I’m a Seahawks fan and even enjoy Sherman, but keep in mind this: he is a 25-year old who has a 4 year $2.2 million dollar contract. He is one of the 2 best cornerbacks in the league and even though $2.2 million dollars over 4 years sounds like a lot, the reality is that he is just making barely above the league minimum for really outstanding play. What does all that mean? He is a young kid with millions of dollars, yet underpaid by league standards. He hasn’t grown up and he’s probably feeling a little victimized so he puts his foot in his mouth–a lot. Yep, I wish he’d shut up.

    But he does a lot of good with the underprivileged youth in the Seattle area and sadly that’s not mentioned outside of Seattle.

  6. maybe he meant of the people that take adderall, half of them have a prescription, though that’s really being charitable. It’s probably more likely that because he’s the person most associated with adderall despite not being suspended for it, he’s exaggerating its usage to make it not appear so bad. Of the PEDs, it probably is the most mild aside perhaps deer antler spray.

    The league should have different grades of PED violations, it’d give fans a better idea of the type of violation while maintaining some privacy. I don’t think anyone who has been suspended has copped to anabolic steroids.

  7. Yeah the guy is annoying when he says things like this. Sometimes it’s best just to keep your mouth shut. He’s still a good guy nonetheless, just needs to stop saying everything that’s on his mind.

  8. there is no controversy. talking heads like yourself, gossip girl, love to take something like this and run with it. true football fans dont care what sherman says when he talks or the context of what he says. we just care about the game of football not the drama created by the media

  9. as much as I dislike the guy, I realize 90% is him running his mouth and the other 10 is just for him being so damn good and not wearing burgundy and gold. After years of meangelo and wondering what could have been if talk was turned into effort, I hope he cleans up and stays a pro bowl stud for a decade.

    just not with the seahawks

  10. If you hear the audible transcript of the interview you can easily take Sherman’s side here. He’s clearly exaggerating and just saying a lot of players use it. I think they took him a bit to literally here…

    I’m siding with Sherman…and not because I’m a fan of his…unless he’s ever a lion, that is. I’m sure I’d be a big fan of his then.

    One of those “hate him when he plays for someone else, love him if he’s on your team” guys for sure.

  11. Sherman has the gall to say a reporter is lying to boost his career? Seems to me he is the one doing all of the yapping to boost his own career. Some of these guys get that “media bug” and they can’t stop talking. He is a prime example of someone who talks so much that he doesn’t even know what is coming out of his mouth. I don’t care if the guy talks, but he should at least have a little discretion, speak intelligently, and not just blabber every chance he gets. If I was an O- lineman turning the corner on a sweep and this guy is in front of me, I’m not going for his ankles or his knees. I’m going for his mouthpiece, to try and shove it down his throat.

  12. Is there no respected veteran on the Hawks who can take this loose cannon aside and help him understand that he is a walking, talking piece of bulletin board material for rival teams and a locker room distraction by way of reporters seeking comments from his mates regarding his attention-seeking remarks? Can’t anyone explain that behavior from an individual that takes away from the focus on the upcoming game detracts from the overall performance of his team on Sunday? Oh wait, Sherman would have to give a spit for the above to matter to him enough for him to shut his pie hole.

  13. The guy’s kind of an idiot.
    Good corner, but maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    He’ll keep getting attention with his mouth until everyone is sick of him. By that time, he won’t be the same player.
    I’ve seen it before.

  14. bobhk,

    fyi, Stanford is one of the few non ivy league schools that doesn’t bend academic requirements for athletes.

    you can call him immature and needing to learn when to shutup, but questioning his intelligence is proving yours.

    anyways….. he’s better at life than you.

  15. @bobhk Sherm had a 4.2 GPA in high school. Obviously athletics landed him his scholarship, but he did his part in academics.

    Anyway I agree with the article. Dude needs to think before he speaks. He usually comes off as all those things he accused Skip Bayless of being.

  16. Richard Sherman needs someone to tell him the old saying – better to keep your mouth shut and be presumed stupid than open your mouth and prove it.

  17. Sheesh, cut the guy some slack already. He was clearly having trouble with the question…now if only there were something out there to help him focus…

  18. Basically you called Sherman a liar. And you wonder why nobody ever talks straight to a reporter…

  19. You all know I’m a Hawk fan but please Sherman, just play the game and enjoy life being a top flight corner without the constant chatter.

    You’ll get a lot more respect that way.

  20. So strategyexpert, are you insinuating that sherman was “trapped” into saying those comments? This guy is a 1st class idiot who is letting his mouth take all of the attention away from his play and his team. He sits there are blasts the reporter for writing what was said saying he tried to revive his career off of his comments….. But the guy has him on tape! Anyone who sticks up for this clown is as idiotic as sherman is. Not saying you are a Seattle fan, but only Seattle fans have their heads so far up their…. Clouds…. With “we’re the greatest team of the next decade” crap that they would believe a word that comes from this guy’s mouth. It’s a shame that a respected school like stanford saw potential in this kid to give him a full ride only for him to act like a 7th grader when is time to be an adult and a professional.

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the players in the league take the stuff.

    NFL Player: Doc, I am sure I have ADD I need to get a scrip for Adderall.

    Doctor: Sure no problem at all, I could see where that would come so fast this late in your life. I will email your prescription to your local pharmacy.

    NFL Player: Thanks Doc

    Doctor: Thank me by paying my bill for this service on time.

  22. It’s called “HYPERBOLE”. Look it up. Saying “about half the league” from a guy hanging out in canada watching a hockey game to basically mean “a bunch of dudes are on it” is what happened.

    This wasn’t Dr. Richard Sherman, NFL Statistical Drug Expert saying that “Exactly fifty point nine two seven atheletes in the National Football League take adderal, by my scientific expert evaluation!”

    Those of you guys in the media acting like it’s anything BUT exactly what I’ve stated here are the actual problem, not Sherman.

  23. There could be a good reason why Shermy acts and talks as stupid as he does. He didn’t really earn a degree from Stanford, they gave him an honorary degree which means he has a legit reason for being such a dumb azz.

  24. “It’s called “HYPERBOLE”. Look it up. Saying “about half the league” from a guy hanging out in canada watching a hockey game to basically mean “a bunch of dudes are on it” is what happened.”

    When you open your mouth, you are responsible for what comes out. What was reported was exactly what he said any nothing else was implied.

    You don’t say “about half the league” unless you are implying it’s widely used which in the context of the conversation is exactly what he was trying to say.

    The fact that you are drawing a different conclusion is kind of absurd given you can read the entire conversation.

  25. @kylexitron, nice try nice try. The problem here is, he isn’t just some dude hanging out a hockey game. He’s a pro football player. Know the difference.

  26. kylexitron says:
    Apr 11, 2013 10:38 PM
    It’s called “HYPERBOLE”. Look it up. Saying “about half the league” from a guy hanging out in canada watching a hockey game to basically mean “a bunch of dudes are on it” is what happened.

    This wasn’t Dr. Richard Sherman, NFL Statistical Drug Expert saying that “Exactly fifty point nine two seven atheletes in the National Football League take adderal, by my scientific expert evaluation!”

    Those of you guys in the media acting like it’s anything BUT exactly what I’ve stated here are the actual problem, not Sherman.


    You’re funny. Now that’s hyperbole.

  27. Sherman is actually a smart guy. He had a 4.2 GPA in high school. I don’t think he got into Stanford or earned his degree just because he was a good athlete. He seems like a cool guy, but it also seems like he doesn’t know when to stop. Then again, maybe he’ll continue to feed off of it.

    And kylexitron nailed it – this is getting blown way out of proportion, like everything about Sherman will be from now on. People exaggerate things all the time, and there’s a huge difference between saying “about half” and “50%.”

  28. As a Hawks fan I have no issue with him running his mouth as long as he backs it up. Which he does. Everyone that hates on him is either jealous that they don’t have him, or “simple” enough to follow what every other talking head is saying. Keep up the work Sherm, the 12’s got your back!

  29. I’m no Richard Sherman fan…

    But the fact that so many of you can’t see that this is, indeed, hyperbole is indicative of the level of intelligence in this country.

    Sherman is right on this one. It’s painfully obvious to anyone that actually listens to the interview.

  30. For those that say he’s an idiot, I bet you can’t boast a 4.2 out of high school, and you haven’t started working on your masters either.
    That said, Sherm needs to keep a lid on for a couple months, just stop speaking to reporters. Then when he gets on the field and dominates again, people can start to forget about this stuff.

  31. He makes his living on the football field and not in a press box. He makes a good living too. Time to move on…..He didn’t say anything bad about anyone. He exhagerated to make a valid point. End of story.

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