Vancouver Sun stands by Richard Sherman quote

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says he was misquoted when the Vancouver Sun reported that he said “about half the league” takes the prescription drug Adderall. The reporter who quoted Sherman says otherwise.

Sun reporter Mike Beamish told PFT via email that he stands by what he wrote, and he provided us with a transcript of that portion of his conversation with Sherman:

Mike Beamish, Vancouver Sun: “Let me ask you about the suspension you were handed, and you appealed it. Have you left that behind? Do people ask you about that? Do you have to explain it a lot?”

Sherman: “Not really. It was what it was. I think the league made a mistake. Obviously, they cleaned up their mistake by repealing . . . repealing? . . . taking it away. That’s what it was to me. Obviously, I didn’t do anything. But you have to go through the process to prove you didn’t do anything. Once the process played itself out, it ended up being true.”

Beamish: “There are players who actually have to take Adderall, because people have ADD and ADHD.”

Sherman: “There’s about half the league that takes it, and the league has to allow it.”

Beamish: “It’s like you have a prescription, if you’re a diabetic.”

Sherman: “Exactly.”

Beamish: “So, are you on any medication that way?”

Sherman: “I’m not. But there are players that took it. We all got tested on the same day. There was kind of a little mix-up with that.”

Beamish: “So, it’s not like you’re flying around all the time and you have to take it in the morning. Did it embarrass you? You seem like a
guy who’s good with people. You’re very good with public relations. Even though you were absolved of it, it still kind of hangs with you. Does it bother you that way?”

Sherman: “Not at all. In the NFL, you always have people who don’t like you for any given reason. If you do anything well . . . If you’re the president, if you’re anybody of importance or with any kind of fame or notoriety, there are going to be a lot of people who don’t like what you do, who don’t support you. And you have to embrace it. You have to almost accept that there’s going to be naysayers for everything. If everybody says ‘I love you’ you’re probably not doing much.”

When Sherman said “half the league” takes Adderall, he presumably wasn’t saying that he actually knows that 50 percent of the NFL has taken it. He was saying that Adderall use is commonplace, and no big deal. That’s a point he reiterated on NFL Network on Thursday morning. And a point on which he and the league office sharply disagree.

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  1. You know well we already you know understand Sherman is a liar you know. This is one of those few times you know that I believe the media… you know?

  2. People don’t realize that its not a performance enhancer on the field, its a performance enhancer in meetings and in the film room. Kids in college take Adderall to study for hours and hours on end, and if NFL Players have the benefits of Adderall in the film room it will enhance their ability to learn more than their opponents in a similar way.

  3. When you read the transcript he doesn’t sound nearly as wreckless with his comments. In fact, in context it actually makes sense. He was not saying that literally 50% of players take it. He was using hyperbole to suggest a very high number of players do take it implying that it ought to be allowable — if so many have prescriptions for it why can’t everyone use it, in other words.

    So, we can see when put in context that the newspaper did twist his words to make him sound more accusatory, more defensive, and also less articulate. Not saying the reporter was wrong in how he quoted it in the article but when viewed in context he was answering the questions and making a plausible argument.

  4. I would like to personally congratulate the Seahawks and their fans on their amazing win in December versus the Niners. From all the excitement and posts since then it seems like the biggest win in franchise history. Great job guys!

  5. I think the only thing he omitted was the part where Sherman laments about there not being a version of the drug you take rectally as he much prefers that to oral…he doesn’t like anything that forces him to stop talking and with a rectal version he can enjoy 2 of his absolute favorite things.

  6. Sherman….exactly what did you take. Got off because you broke the containers…..why did you do that? How can you go on saying you did nothing?

  7. Steeley McBeam says:
    Apr 11, 2013 12:20 PM
    People don’t realize that its not a performance enhancer on the field, its a performance enhancer in meetings and in the film room. Kids in college take Adderall to study for hours and hours on end, and if NFL Players have the benefits of Adderall in the film room it will enhance their ability to learn more than their opponents in a similar way.

    this isn’t the point of adderall- for kids in college to study for hours and hours. it isn’t the point for NFL players taking it either.

  8. I agree with “madpunter88”. The actual context of the transcript is much easier to understand. Right or wrong, I wish writers would just print what is said and not add their own words, or delete and paraphrase as they wish.

  9. And, by saying that they all get tested at the same time….it sounds like he is saying his sample got mixed up with another players, and that is why it was positive.

  10. Read the transcript and Sherman is saying exactly what he was talking about being misquoted. When you but leave out the before and after the reporter lost the context NFL players having a prescription and it sounds like he said “half” but he clearly wasn’t saying NFL talking illegally use Adderall. Bring on the hate..Maybe it gets some through the day, its makes Hawk fans laugh. Going to be a great season. Go Hawks!

  11. Adderall is a big deal. I have taken it in the past, and it most certainly is a focus-enhancing pharmaceutical.

    ADD and ADHD are over-diagnosed by an extremely large percentage. Check out the doctor that works with Kirk Cousins — he specializes in helping kids with ADD/ADHD, and has found that in most cases, the issue is either a messed-up sleep cycle or a diet deficient in foods that aid with cortisol production and intake.

    Adderall unnaturally spikes cortisol production and inhibits serotonin uptake. Both effects are actually pleasant, productive, and positive. The problem is that, if the patient stops using adderall, the body no longer functions on a “natural” level for serotonin and cortisol.

    The resulting dependency varies in severity, but Adderall is extremely difficult to kick because going off of the drug can (read: almost certainly will) cause deep depression, lethargy, lack of focus, and jacked up sleep cycles.

    It is one of the most irresponsibly prescribed drugs in the US and one of the most abused drugs by non-prescription patients. I am not saying that “no one” needs adderall, but it is an amphetamine with severe physical and psychological side effects. It is extremely easy to abuse and enjoy because its effects are so incredibly positive, even for non-ADD users.

    Fortunately, there are good alternatives. A mix of 5 HTP, Ginko Biloba, & St John’s Wort will give those of us who don’t actually have a medical need for such drugs the same level of focus and cortisol/serotonin regulation as adderall without the addictive effects.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a doc. Nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn. I am, however, a former adderall user who has found how to use natural supplements to produce the same positive effects without the junk.

    In summary — Sherman, dude, you couldn’t be more wrong. Adderall is a big deal, and the way you’re trying to dismiss it reeks of, “I’m not an alcoholic! Tons of people drink alcohol, and I can quit any time I want!”

  12. This may be an erroneous generalization, but wasn’t half of Major League Baseball jacked up on amphetamines way back in the day? We hear a lot about “the steroid era” but what about the guys back in the Babe Ruth’s day that were taking speed?

    I guess my point is that athletes taking drugs to gain an advantage is nothing new. If anyone should be punished it is Roger Goodell for his laxity in stopping it. He seems to find the time to fine guys for hitting people though. Maybe those hits wouldn’t be so vicious if the players weren’t using HGH and speed.

    But that would just make too much logical sense, wouldn’t it?

  13. Adderall is basically legal cocaine. The people that are prescribed to it should not be. When I took it in college, I would accomplish 6 hours of work in 2 hours or less. It is without a doubt a PED. For this clown to downplay it and suggest it is ok because everyone else is doing it,(which they are not) should result in a suspension.

  14. “I was misquoted/taken out of context” = “I said what was on my mind, and now I realize I should have just kept my mouth shut.”

  15. Pete Carroll has been a cheater his entire life and it’s easy to understand why his players cheat. Shermy can preach all he wants about how the NFL got it wrong, he doesn’t use, the NFL admitted their mistake, blah blah blah but it’s useless to try and convince anyone outside of Seattle. He can make these statements because he got off on a technicality with a cracked glass…..that’s a far cry from saying the NFL got it wrong and that he doesn’t use. Some people want to say how smart Shermy is with his degree from Stanford (someone better check, it was prolly an “honorary degree” and not an earned degree) but yet it’s funny how he feels compelled to keep talking about himself not being a user because he can’t help but want to try and convince the intelligent crowd. Keep talkin’ Shermy and that bullseye on your back keeps getting bigger n’ bigger for the NFL to get ya……..and then we’ll really hear him cry mama!!

  16. Answering the questions asked and not saying much that was not true to how he feels. What did he say that was so bad? I don’t think he is nearly as bad as everyone who hates the Seahawks thinks, including the press who like to blow things up bigger than reality.

    Sherman just needs to stop addressing the questions by the press.

  17. For those constantly defending Sherman, point me to any article where he explicitly says, “I have never taken Adderall while playing in the NFL”.

    He always says things to the effect that he was proven innocent and justice happened, he never explicitly denies it.

  18. Hey Sherman instead of mouthing off how about studying plays so you don’t cost your team going to the NFC championship game getting burned for touchdowns. You know like the Falcons did to you.

  19. The NFL could silence everyone on the subject by publishing actual numbers regarding who is taking Adderall. If they are so adamant that Sherman is wrong – prove it.

    As always the NFL is so defensive, they lose sight of the issue. Sherman stated an opinion. The NFL can state facts, but won’t. They have the actual numbers. Let’s see them if Sherman is so wrong.

  20. tlmoon2112 says:
    Apr 11, 2013 12:38 PM
    How in the world did this guy get into Stanford? Have they relaxed THAT much on academia?Holy smokes.
    He got in and graduated the same way you could never have gotten, he earned it. (even if they had relaxed the requirements) You hate it don’t you?

  21. Holy hatred…all stemming from internet commenters applying their sensibilities to pro athletes.

    So because it’s what you all would do, Richard Sherman should:

    Shut up
    Admit it
    Be suspended
    Speak out on the facts about Adderall

    All I expect of Sherman is for him to consistently lockdown his man/side of the field on 3rd down.

  22. Not only do we have armchair QBs, coaches, etc., but we also have armchair physicians! People who think ADD/ADHD is just a scam to get PEDs should have a child who suffers from this very tragic syndrome. As more and more research is done, it is being discovered that many adults also suffer from ADD/ADHD and quite often they are the “active” people who turn out to be athletes and “workaholics” because of their energy level. Like, Ritilin, Adderal has a paradoxical effect in people with a chemical imbalance who are ADD/ADHD and allows better focus. Anything can be abused and unfortunately the media only makes it more difficult for people suffering from ADD/ADHD by it’s blanket condemnation of medications legitimately prescribed.

  23. All of you trash talkers seem oblivious to the fact that you condemn Sherman for doing the exact same thing you’re doing right now. The only difference is that he is famous, and you are not, and therefore that somehow makes you immune to being perceived as negative a light as that in which you perceive him. It does not.

  24. Having a prescription is not enough according to the Labor Agreement to make it legal to use in the NFL. The NFL also has to give permission in advance.

    I assume that is to prevent simply getting unscrupulous doctors to prescribe it to any player who wanted it.

    Seymour is incorrect that the “league has to allow it”.

  25. you’ll have to excuse sherman, he must have been expectiing the reporter to figure out the number through the exchange rate.

    seriously, why are mental drugs ok but physical drugs are not? if you cant pay attention long enough to watch film, or read plays, then too bad, this sport isnt for you.

    you natural mental ability should keep you out of the league the same way your natural physical ability would

  26. being a fan in the nfl is like maintaining a second girlfriend every day theres a new annoying problem noone really cares about except media and players, everyday your annoyed of it, but ya come back putting up with it.. until one day you break up

  27. If he’s going to compare himself to a president, it should be Dubya…they both have about the same IQ, as well as similarly ridiculous excuses about why they’re abusing drugs well into their adult years.

  28. Seahawk fans – Richard Sherman doesn’t need your vigorous defense.

    Blowhards – You’re going to pop a vein in anger, relax.

    Everything but the game is simply entertainment; so have fun with it! (I love the game too much to call it entertainment like the WWE, but yes it too is entertainment under its simplest definition.)

  29. The NFL should test him again. Considering all the drivel the pours out of his blabbermouth it’s obvious he’s hopped up on something.

  30. All this proves is that he was indeed misquoted. If you read the questions and the answers, everything got twisted. Who even cares? Adderall does nothing. Go Sherman and Go Hawks

  31. He can talk all he wants as long as he is an all pro. Literally everything this guy has said besides the skip thing (which was hilarious) has been blown out of proportion. If you’re sick of hearing about the guy, then don’t click on the articles…

  32. explosionsauce says:
    Apr 11, 2013 12:22 PM
    Did he really just compare himself to the president?
    HAHAHA, I was going to say …megalomaniac anyone?
    1 % er problems, amirite?

  33. Rich thought it should have been obvious. Half the players in the league play in the Adderall Football Conference, and half play in the Non-Adderall Football Conference.

  34. Beamish: “There are players who actually have to take Adderall, because people have ADD and ADHD.”

    Sherman: “There’s about half the league that takes it, and the league has to allow it.”

    Beamish: “It’s like you have a prescription, if you’re a diabetic.”

    Sherman: “Exactly.”

    Beamish: “So, are you on any medication that way?”

    Sherman: “I’m not. But there are players that took it. We all got tested on the same day. There was kind of a little mix-up with that.”
    I assume everybody can correctly interpret this transcript,if you cant,well, “you know” you need to go back to school. Clearly he was answering a question that was in it’s entirety taken out of context.

  35. They should start testing these players for soda and chips! If they are going to treat these players like little kids then they might as well start acting like little kids! Like with the helmet rule – last time I checked these playes make millions and millions of dollars! Of course 99% of people don’t want to see anyone get hurt but at the same time everyone playing knows darn well the Pro’s and Con’s on playing a physical sport! As for the drug use, lets face it players are always going to try and push the limits on what they can and cannot take! They ban something and the players just move on to the next thing!

  36. And yes 50% sounds a little high of a number but i’m sure there are a decent amount of players using this drug! It is very common and doctors are very quick to diagnose people with ADD and ADHD these days! Just another case of the media making a big deal out of something that isn’t! Come on now we don’t have better things to talk about than this?

  37. Again Richard, simply because half the Seahawks take PED’s doesn’t mean that it happens in 31 other locker rooms. You can only speak to your own (only) team. And we KNOW where the Seahawks stand on that issue.

  38. @106reasons Dude, stop talking sense or they’ll delete your post. 99% of the kids that I went to school with that were called a spaz just grew up and grew out of it. These days they are instantly diagnosed as ADD or ADHD and medicated. Some kids just don’t want to study and their parents won’t make them. Some kids just go through a spaz phase and grow out of it. Some kids just plain aren’t smart. Think of the avg IQ. Now realize that 1/2 the people are dumber than that and it explains it. It’s nature and doesn’t always require pharms.

  39. I don’t know if the Sun misquoted Sherman, but it is obvious from the context of the video that every other media outlets that picked up the “half the NFL takes adderal” comment and ran to the headlines with it, at the very least took the statement out of context and were looking for sensationalist rumor-mongering means to slam a Richard Sherman.

    He was obvious being facetious in trying to convey the idea that there are a lot of NFL players who are prescribed Adderall.

  40. I’m not a Richard Sherman fan, but in this case I would tend to believe him before I would the NFL.

    The idea that NFL players can ram into each other during four preseason games, and then 16 regular season games and need nothing more than a bandage, an aspirin, and perhaps a Mountain Dew is pure fallacy.

    The NFL wants an 18 game regular season so that they can increase profits … but there may be a problem here – the bones, muscles and ligaments of players on 53 man rosters simply are not going to stand up to it.

    Not without the aid of drugs. It’s simply not possible. Sooner or later, the suits are going to have to come to grips with that fact.

    So why all the fawning over “player safety”? One reason only … over 4,ooo former players are now suing the league over head injuries. Before that trend started – they were marketing “biggest hits” videotapes.

    It’s all about trying to maintain a snow white image while racking in as much coin as possible.

    Pure fallacy.

  41. I supposed it’s just slow in the NFL pre-draft days but when will the media stop following or listening to this walking talking turd?

  42. It’s amazing how so many can be suckered by an outright lie and coverup by players/agents/ PR teams.

  43. You know, I don’t care what he did or didn’t mean, you know, when he, you know, said what he, you know, said. you know?

    In the famous words of some old poet who wore frilly collars and a wig, “thou doth protest too loudly”

  44. Asking an NFL football player about Adderall is liking asking an Iron worker about the mineral makeup on the surface of Mars.
    This reporter is trying to make himself a name….and he did.
    Poor Shermy the Clown- doesn’t know what hit him.

    Reporters can always count on an over-zealous, conceited, full-of-himself player-du-jour to make an idiot of himself. Stanford degree and all
    It’s a regular as rain in Seattle.

    ” Well, you know Jim, Here in the good ole’ NF of L, where all us uber, talented, brilliant rocket scientist super men hang out, you can always count on someone not liking you and tearing you down a few pegs. I’m really used to it cause I’m so awesome and better at life than anyone else I’ve ever met, blah blah blah.”
    This dude cannot get over himself…
    What an A-hole

  45. Are we really vilifying this guy for having the guts to say whatever is on his mind, while there are other nfl players doing all sorts of significantly worse and immoral acts? See Daquan bowers, pacman jones, ben roethlisberger, desmond bryant, donte stallworth, jerramy stevens, alfonzo dennard, and on and on and on. Yet , we leave those guys alone so we can paint this guy a “whats wrong with society today”

  46. Did any of you actually read the transcript, or did everyone just come on to defend or rip up Sherman?

    The things that I took away from reading the transcript are:

    1 Sherman is still sticking to his guns on the two pronged defense of “nuh-uh” and “not me”

    2 The response to a question of whether or not people take Adderol in the NFL was answered with the belief that a large number of players take it and obviously believes that some were given a therapeutic exemption while others were not and that the NFL should remove it from the banned substance list because such a large number of players are given it by doctors.

    3 Richard Sherman is not being treated pharmacologically for ADD/ADHD

    4 Sherman comes off more intelligently in the direct transcript than he did in the out of context quoting (minus the defense, that’s still silly).

    Saying half the NFL is on Adderall isn’t the same as saying half the league is juicing. The general populace is over medicated. Pharmaceuticals is big business. Doctors medicate everything. If you don’t believe me, take your kid to the pediatrician and tell them that your kid is having trouble in school. See how fast ADD/ADHD is mentioned.

  47. Listened to and watched the clip.

    No idea where some of you are getting the exaggeration or hyperbole idea from.
    It was in the course of normal conversation. There was no major inflection of his tone of voice. No rolling of the eyes or sign that he was exaggerating at all. It was all very “matter of fact”.
    However, he stated it matter-of-factly and immediately followed that by pointing out the fact that players have MD diagnoses and prescriptions for it’s legal use.
    Notice the “half the league” statement is immediately followed up by the prescription comment.

    2 points;
    how the heck would he have even the faintest idea of how many players in the league have scripts for it’s legal use?
    Maybe around half his team does and he is just extrapolating the number from his own team?

    If even 1/4 of the league legally takes it, it’s as simple as having a teammate flipping him a small portion of his legally acquired med’s to Shermy or any other player for that matter.
    Point 2; Very reckless and haphazard about the whole subject and other peoples medical conditions, particularly since everyone outside of Seattle knows he is a cheater for using it ILLEGALLY.
    Leaky sample cup or not…

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