Bengals bring back Bernard Scott


The Bengals know Bernard Scott’s medical file better than anyone, and decided he was worth another shot.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, the running back agreed to terms with the Bengals on a one-year deal.

He met with the Raiders, so there was some degree of interest in his services after missing most of last season with a torn ACL. He hasn’t gotten much work in Cincinnati, with just 255 carries in four seasons.

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  1. Some guys just can’t stay healthy—for whatever reason—and Bernard Scott is one of those guys. Even when he’s “healthy,” he’s really not because some nagging injury is limiting his productivity. He’s just not built for the rigors of the NFL. 1) He’ll take up a roster spot. 2) He’ll go down with an injury early. 3) Bengals will play with a one dimensional running game and be predictable on offense. This probably means we’re done with Andre Smith and will be drafting a tackle in the first round—one less pick for a RB. That sucks.

  2. Id say he gets cut in training camp the guy just cant survive on this level but its a nice good faith signing I mean he gave em all he had but he didnt do much me for me

  3. He is still young enough to overcome prior injuries and make an impact. The question is, does he have the work ethic to minimize injuries. He looked like a solid back in the limited times I’ve seen him play. I think it’s a good, affordable signing to add depth.

  4. Cincinnati resigned one of their existing players!!!??!?!?!


    (However I’ll admit I like BScott)

  5. This in no way changes their draft, they’ll still draft a back in top 2 rounds. This is just depth for now of course if they sign Felix Jones or Ahmad Bradshaw yet they’ll wait till 3 or 4 and get a human bowling ball like Montee Ball or maybe Lattimore or that Le’Veon Bell. But if they get Jones yet that cancels out Givanni Bernard and that’s the back I like the most for Cincy.

  6. I read a lot of praise for this guy on here but he has never done anything at the NFL level. Cut him and get Lattimore. I think he would fit this team better. Split with Green Ellis this year and then feature back next year when he’s healthy

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