Caldwell says MJD won’t be traded


With Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew entering the final year of his contract, and in the wake of a nasty holdout in 2012, some think that Jones-Drew could be traded during the draft to a team that will pay him the kind of money he wants.

Jaguars G.M. Dave Caldwell says that won’t be happening.

Appearing on Friday’s PFT Live, Caldwell unequivocally said that Jones-Drew won’t be traded.  Instead, the Jaguars will keep him for the final year of his contract and make a decision on his status after the season ends.

Jones-Drew’s performance will hinge in many ways on his health.  He’s recovering from foot surgery that limited him to just a few games in 2012.

The options at that point will be:  (1) sign him to a new deal; (2) apply the franchise tag; or (3) let him walk.  Either way, both sides benefit from Jones-Drew having a big year in 2013.  The team will be better, and the player will be better positioned to get the contract he craves.

Caldwell’s appearance on PFT Live can be seen by clicking the appropriate box in the right rail.

21 responses to “Caldwell says MJD won’t be traded

  1. Regardless, jags need to draft m. BALL in the second round if he’s there. Run game would be better, especially if mjd gets hurt or holds out

    Draft dion Jordan with first pick.
    Get some talent on that roster

  2. No surprise. There is zero market for a guy like that. Running backs have been devalued and he has alot of wear and tear and is coming off an injury.

  3. MJD probably won’t be traded, but he may not like the contract that he’s offered. The Jags will wait for him to play out his contract or for him to hold out and “demand” a trade. Either way, they’re protecting their salary cap.

    it’s a shame that he’ll end up on the short end because he wasted his talents & career in Jacksonville

  4. Imagine the euphoria of being a 2nd round pick, getting playing time, then singing the big contract & becoming the face of a franchise. But as 30 creeps up realizing that you’ve never played any meaningful games, won a division title, and your a lame duck on a lame team.

  5. They might as well get what they can for him.

    The Jags will be battling the Chiefs for the basement again anyway.

  6. No surprise here. MJD is a staple on the offense, and part of the core to build around. Despite all the knocks (mostly from people with zero knowledge about the Jags), the Jags have a decent group of players to build around and be competitive. MJD, Monroe, Lewis, Nwaneri, Shorts III, Blackmon, Posluszny, Babin, Mincey, Lowery, and Alualu. I understand they aren’t a great team, but it could be much worse at this stage. MJD was the best RB in the league just two years ago, and was playing great before his injury last year – no reason to think he won’t be running right over defenders this year again.

  7. Often injured and aging malcontent. The Jags would be smart to keep him, let him work hard this year for a huge contract and then let him head to free agency next year. Once a UFA he will realize that big contract he wants does not exist anywhere in the NFL

  8. He is the heart of the team and a player that I touted to teams about when he was a freshman at UCLA (Maurice Drew) but…they should start fresh, trading a solid talent would allow that to happen because they would have so many options to choose from…build a young Pro Alabama team and the networks will throw you a couple of televised games next season…watch.

  9. His silly holdout set the tone for last year. Let him walk and thanks a lot or take a 5th for him and draft a hungry, bright-eyed kid.

  10. Hmmmm – I remember “we’re not trading Percy Harvin” sounding pretty unequivocal as well.

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