Eagles cancel visit with Dee Milliner


The Eagles have the fourth overall pick and they have visited with plenty of the players expected to go early in the first round of the draft, but they won’t be meeting with the man considered to be the best cornerback in this year’s class.

Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Eagles cancelled a scheduled visit this week. The Eagles have signed Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher to help replace the departed Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, but they are expected to make some further additions to the unit via the draft.

Canceling Milliner’s visit could be seen as a sign that he won’t be one of those additions, especially with the Eagles spending lots of time talking to offensive and defensive linemen recently. Of course, one can only take so much at face value in the silly season that leads up to the draft so the cancellation could also be regarded as a smokescreen designed to keep others from learning of any Philly interest in Milliner’s services.

Milliner has met with plenty of other teams picking in the top 10 and he’s expected to be off the board early in the first day whether or not the Eagles are the team picking him.

23 responses to “Eagles cancel visit with Dee Milliner

  1. Huh???? Uh, I remember the Birds being one of the worst secondaries in the league…..And I’m a fan of the Iggles but you don’t even want to talk to him????

  2. no reason to waste his time when you know he’s your pick and maybe you keep somebody from jumping over you to get him.

  3. I think that the Eagles are looking towards offensive help in the form of a OT, OLB or OG. Gotta protect the QB as much as possible.

  4. Mis-direction worthy of Andy Reid. Watch them draft him, unless they’re already trading down.

  5. They won’t take a corner at 4. If he could return puts and kickoffs too maybe but they won’t take a guy who is JUST a corner at 4.

  6. The Eagles should draft either an OT or Star Lotuleili.

    If they draft a DB with the number 4 pick than Roseman needs to be canned.

  7. Milliner will be the bookend DB to Joe Haden in the Browns’ backfield this fall. Book it.

    Go Brownies!!!

  8. Looking at the eagles it makes no sense to invest in offensive line if you’re letting Vick be your QB. The only reason to play Vick at QB is if you plan on letting him run around, otherwise you’d be better off putting in a guy who can throw darts

    I like the eagles best out of the NFC East, aside from liking RG3 better than anything else in the NFC, if they want to get better they have to get rid of vick plain and simple.

    If Chip Kelly is going forward with Vick in the pistol, then he’s going to need a RB who’s smarter than Vick, which isnt a reach for any RB they can draft

  9. Chip Kelly is an absolute moron if he starts Michael Vick at QB.

    Call it the Pistol or whatever, but Nick Foles should start.

    The kid was a rookie who had just as bad as O-line as Vick and he outplayed Vick.

    He would’ve won more games if Bryce Brown could learn to actually hold onto the ball!

    So, if Kelly goes with Vick all he proves is that he is so devoted to his Mickey Mouse college system that he will play inferior players who better fit his system.

  10. This is funny. I remember a radio interview with Howie Roseman a month ago where he went out of his way to talk up Milner. Right then I knew they wouldn’t take Milner. I think it’s Dion one of the OTs or we trade back

  11. Actually the smart move is to start vick. He better than any qb they have and i think he will do wonders in an offense designed to his skillset. Those of u saying to get rid of him is stupid. Nobody better to replace him u idiots… Mark my words… Vick has a decent season this year…

  12. And actually foles didnt outplay vick. We were much more comprtetive with vick than we were with foles. We even beat the sb champs with vick. People just want to hate…

  13. Dee Milliner? You do know that our D-Line has been getting trucked over the past 2 seasons right? And It still got trucked when Babin got Cut. Babin was a great Pass Rusher, but he left open big wide gaps where a Hummer could drive on through. Graham is good. Curry is a toss up, he obviously doesn’t fit the plans. So, if we been getting trucked it’s time to get a stout dude to place in the middle to disrupt everything and make it hard as hell for the opposing O-Line. On top of that he’s versatile. Star can switch in and out with Isaac and switch to DE for a few snaps. We have an Athletic freak on the Line with Cox. All we need is a stout dude [Star Lotulelei] to stop the run and wreak havoc once the ball is snapped. For me to take Milliner in the Top 5, he better be a Deion Sanders type CB Or something close to a Revis or [Prime] Asomugha. You don’t build around CB’s. So, Star Lotulelei is the way to go in my opinion.

  14. You cant select a CB in the top 5 if he doesnt intercept the football. He’s not Patrick Peterson.

  15. tea boy…you do know that the reason our d-line got trucked over the last 2 seasons is because the last 2 seasons we ran the wide 9, right? its a pass rushing alignment that we filled with undersized pass rushers. Recipe for failure. Different story now, bigger guys, tighter alignment.

    I don’t understand why people think Star Lotuleili is the pick. We signed Sapoaga for a reason. He’s our starting NT. Neither him nor Lotuleili project as a 3-4 DE so it doesn’t make any sense to waste the #4 on a position that already has a starter. Plus you can probably trade back to somewhere around 8-11 and get him there while adding some extra picks if that’s who you want.

    Milliner is a lock-down corner. Those of you saying he doesn’t get INT’s don’t understand what makes a good corner. Its all about completions and YAC allowed. Do you want another Asante? Do you want anther guy who jumps routes and puts himself out of position? Do you want anther corner who can’t/won’t tackle? IMO, Milliner is the pick. This has become a pass happy league and we need a stud CB that can be our next Troy Vincent/Bobby Taylor and suit up for us for the next 10+ years. However, don’t count out the Raiders taking him at 3.

    OL is DEEP in this draft so while I originally wanted Joeckel, Warmack, or Fisher, I’m past that now. I think were pretty good at LB and I think Dion Jordan is a reach at 4 so that’s out. However, if they trade back to say 6-10 and get Jordan or Milliner there while adding more/better picks, I’m all for that.

    I’d like to see EJ Manuel be the pick in rd 2. I like what the kid became his senior year…a real QB. He showed nice improvement over his underclassmen years.

    IMO, for #4 QB is out, RB is out, WR is out, TE is out, OT is in, OG is in, C is out, DE is out, DT SHOULD be out, LB SHOULD be out, CB is in, and S is out.

  16. Very good player, no question Not worth the 4th pick in the draft. If The Eagles wanna make an impact, they have to look to the STAR….He requires double team on every play. In my humble opinion, they must draft a guy who will start and be an impact player. Don’t want another Shawn Andrews or Jerome McDougle or for that matter another old Fireman.

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