Does anyone want Tebow?

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Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk included an in-depth look at whether any NFL team will be inclined to take a chance on Tim Tebow.

A first-round pick who led his team to the final eight in only his second NFL season, Tebow quickly fell out of favor with the Broncos before being traded to the Jets after Peyton Manning fell into Denver’s lap.

Now that Tebow remains on the property of the Jets, who apparently hope to trade him, the question becomes whether anyone really wants him.

Joining in the discussion was former Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey, whose team nearly pulled off the trade for Tebow last year.  Mularkey explained that he was hesitant to embrace the distraction of having Tebow on the depth chart behind starter Blaine Gabbert.

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123 responses to “Does anyone want Tebow?

  1. This guys only chance of staying in the NFL requires him seek a position which doesn’t start with the letters QB. If he’s unwilling to accept a position other than QB, he is more than welcome to join the millions of other truly hard working Americans who are unemployed.

    He needs to realize that he truly can’t play QB at this level.

  2. Ahahahha maybe he would still be the coach of the team if he gave him a shot!! Now he got canned and probably will never me a HC again. Thats what you get for denying Diesel Jesus lol

  3. @blacknoleo8 – That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on the internet. Do you honestly think NFL teams are afraid of him, and by proxy their team, succeeding?

  4. Why do fans continue to believe in Tebow, this is not Florida. He has not shown he is a NFL QB yet we still have to listen to hype for a over rated QB, not athelete but QB.

  5. Love him or hate him, it’s entertaining as heck to watch his games. The crazy streak the Broncos went on 2 seasons ago was must-see tv.

    Not that I wish injury on anyone but I’d like to see him catch on as a backup somewhere and get some playing time at some point in the season. It would be hilarious to see him come in as a backup and lead a team to another victory in a 4th quarter miracle 🙂

  6. New England makes sense. Hybrid guy, fullback, split end, wild cat (rare occasion). I can see it.

  7. was that thing in denver not a “legit shot?” yeah I dint think there’s much of a market for an awful qb/rb hybrid of some sort.

  8. I don’t think teams are afraid of him sucking seeds i think it is more a fear of him sucking at playing QB !

  9. blacknole08
    Apr 12, 2013, 9:04 PM EDT
    No team is willing because they are afraid that he will actually succeed. Hope he finds a team willing to give him a legit shot.
    Seriously? That’s why you think no one wants Tebow? Because its a mass conspiracy. Guess what … The goal of every NFL team is to WIN!!! Nobody wants the guy because he can’t throw ad he isn’t fast. Now I guarantee you if his agent came out tomorrow and said Tim would like to play TE or FB he would have plenty of opportunities to prove himself. But the fact is he is not an NFL caliber QB. You Tebowites have to just face it.

  10. @blacknole08

    that is the most ignorant comment ever. If he succeeds the team succeeds, why would a team not want that? Unless, he doesn’t help them team more then he brings distractions?

  11. “No team is willing because they are afraid that he will actually succeed.”

    Yeah…I’m sure it’s a conspiracy against Tebow. 9_9

    Pretty sure it’s because teams have figured he has little value outside of Wildcat-style plays and brings way too much drama to the table for them. Whether or not he means to, the man ends up messing with a team’s chemistry with his antics.

  12. Shaun King looks like he put on about 40 pounds since he retired. Plus if I want an opinion on a QB, I don’t think he’d be the guy I go to.

  13. blacknole08 says:
    Apr 12, 2013 9:04 PM
    No team is willing because they are afraid that he will actually succeed. Hope he finds a team willing to give him a legit shot.

    You realize that makes absolutely no sense, don’t you?

    No team wants to give Tebow a shot because he might succeed and win games for them?

    I would love to hear the convoluted thought process that led to that conclusion.

  14. Truth is he shouldn’t have even been a 1st round pick. Everyone was shocked when Josh McDaniels picked him in the 1st. Everyone had him at 3rd round at best. It’s no wonder he was out of a job 2 years later.

  15. NFL coaches are the ultimate ego maniacs. They would rather lose and get fired like Mike Mularkey instead of win football games with Tim Tebow. Mularkey still thinks Blaine Gabbert is a starter in the NFL. Maybe Mike Florio can educate him on Gabbert.
    Newsflash to NFL coaches, PFT and the FFCA does not have room for all of you idiots.

  16. >>No team is willing because they are afraid that he will actually succeed. Hope he finds a team willing to give him a legit shot.<<

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! : )

    That's a Tebow fan, not a knowledgeable NFL fan right there!

  17. I never knew winning was a distraction. Tebow has would more games than blame Gabbert plus he has caused less head coaches to be fired.
    I am not a Tebow stalker like Skip Bayless but who really thinks Blaine Gabbert is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow? Oh yeah, the guy who got fired in Jacksonville last season.

  18. He needs to go to a team that has a true no questions asked starter so no one wants him to overthrow the Franchise. Pack, Pats, Steelers, Saints, Ravens, Cowboys. A team that already has THE guy.

  19. Imo john elway wanted and got p manning so he could send tebow packing without getting bronco fans to uoset. If elway knows that tebow sucks, the rest of the league and fans of the nfl know that tebow is a third string quarterback at best. I dont want tebow on the depth chart on the packers roster. Good luck in the arena league tebow.

  20. Mike Mularkey is the new Brian Billick. Decent OC who became overrated due to a talented offense then became a head coach so people could realize he was not as smart as some people once thought.
    Brian Billick and Kyle Boller is similiar to Mike Mularkey and Blaine Gabbert. It only took Jacksonville one year to admit their mistake.

  21. No team is willing because they know that he actually blows. If an NFL GM turned his offense over to this jamoke, it’d be one of the lasts mistakes he’d ever make. He’d be laughed out of the league.
    Tebow… Hardest pray-er in the league. Prayer doesn’t cut it in this league.

  22. Blacknoleo8 that’s soil remaking stupid. Jobs are on the line every year for coaches. Yep, there afraid he will succeed. Get a clue, the dude flat out can’t throw a football. He’s a horrible QB plain and simple.

  23. The problem for him isn’t talent. It’s the fact that picking him up as a backup makes useless as a scout QB and the media following makes him a locker room distraction.

    Most teams won’t want to take that on, even if he could become a decent starter.

    You’d have to believe he is a starter right now – which clearly no team currently believes.

  24. Yes….

    The Toronto Argonauts want Time Tebow.

    Is he better then Doug Flutie, Joe Theismann, Jeff Garcia, or Warren Moon? They all cut their teeth in the CFL to make it to the NFL.

    You had better believe if NFL Europe was still in business Scottish Claymores or Rhein Fire would be all over Timmy.

  25. Let’s see. Big contract. Losing record. Can’t throw. Hogs the spotlight. Divisive in the lockerroom. Big distraction for his team last year.

    Can’t imagine why no one is biting.

  26. In all fairness to the guy, some of the baggage he’s acquired is not from his doing. But equally in fairness to him….he’s just not that good at QB….weak arm, bad reads, no leadership skills that I can see, etc.

    Perhaps he can help a pro team out on their taxi squad as the opponent quarterback (at about 10% of what he earns now)….If not that role, perhaps the CFL..If not that, how about….’You want to super size your meal today sir?’

  27. There almost has to be something in his current contract that the fans know nothing about, that is keeping his desirability low. He “is” a decent QB, and a decent human being.

    Rex, treating him like crabgrass last year hasn’t helped Tebow. If Tim, weren’t the “too decent” guy that he is, I’m sure we would have heard critical comments aimed at the Jets blimp.

  28. Tebow does NOT have a losing record as a starting QB. In fact, far from it! C’mon man!! You can’t just make up your own facts..

  29. You idiots keep saying Canada or Arena League…

    Yall do realize that those 2 leagues throw the football 99% of the time???

    Tebow is a hell of a player and should catch on with a team needing leadership and a quality backup in the read option offense.


  30. If given a chance, teams would rather build and start a life-size version of the plastic QB from the old Electric Football game. Even he has a better throwing motion, superior accuracy, and quicker release than Tebow.

    Who knows though? Perhaps someone wants to deal with the army of hypocritical lunatics who cheer for Tim while they essentially commit blasphemy as they deify him.

  31. Wouldn’t b surprised if the Bengals are a last second player on him. If he comes at a cheap price. Could fill a void w Leonard gone in select packages.

  32. @thestrategyexpert

    You can’t be serious you want to give up Stafford. … guess your expertise is not in judging talent.
    We’ll welcome Matthew to New York and be very happy the next 10 years as you continue as a bottom feeder…

  33. I truly feel for him as a human being. It seems as if teams view him as a cancer, yet he’s clearly not. Hopefully the Lord has bigger and better plans for him.

  34. eatitfanboy says: Apr 12, 2013 9:45 PM

    You realize that makes absolutely no sense, don’t you?

    No team wants to give Tebow a shot because he might succeed and win games for them?

    I would love to hear the convoluted thought process that led to that conclusion.


    That’s exactly what happened in Denver. He led the Broncos to the playoffs and an improbable playoff win and they traded him months later once they got Manning.

    When he got to NY The Jets wouldn’t even play him after Sanchez got demoted AND McElroy got injured — they went back to Sanchez. Their season was over way before then and they couldn’t at least see what Tebow could do? He won a playoff game the year before. They never gave him a shot at QB.

  35. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    Enough with this guy!!!!

    Do you know how disrespectful covering and praising him is for others that CAN play????

  36. Does anyone remember a few years ago when Mike Vic came out and he was universally praised for his running and he could barely pass? But Vic got year after year even though he got injured and the football “experts” fawned all over Vic?

    Tebow’s passing skills leave something to be desired but why is it guys like Sanchez and Gabbert get chance after chance but Tebow does not? I am a Jags fan that has seen enough of Blaine, he stinks and can’t throw.

    Please remember the “experts” are the guys that draft Leaf, Akili Smith, Heath Shuler, Russell, Gabbert, Locker etc etc high in the first round. But Montana was a 3rd round pick, Warner undrafted, Brees 2nd round, Brady 6th round, Rogers dropped way down to bottom first round (we drafted Matt Jones arrrrrr).

    Tebow might not ever pan out but there is a double standard that exists and NFL personnel will stubbornly stick with a QB too long because they just have to prove themselves right. Doug Flutie is a great example.

    I am not a Tebow believer nor a Gator fan (been called a Gator hater because I like the U) but Tebow should get a better shot in a system that takes advantage of his skills. It is called good coaching. Wilson in Seattle is a good example.

    Let the kid play somewhere.

  37. Hey, he took the Broncos just as far as Manning did.

    But the guy could not hit a VW bus on a post route if his life was on the line.

  38. “No team wants to give Tebow a shot because he might succeed and win games for them? I would love to hear the convoluted thought process that led to that conclusion.”

    Talk to John Elway … or Rex Ryan. Teams would rather lose than win with Tim Tebow.

  39. The list of QBs who were first-round picks who were busts with their first team, but went on to flourish with subsequent teams is really small.

    Steve Young. Depending on how you want to define “bust” and “flourish”, Vinny Testaverde and Kerry Collins.

    Then you get to Len Dawson, and that’s the 1957 draft.

    It doesn’t make one too optimistic about the futures of either Tebow or Sanchez.

  40. Even the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League passed on him. If that doesn’t say ‘not NFL QB material’ nothing does.

  41. If Max Hall can get a job in the CFL, Tebow can be a Hall of Fame CFL player. It will happen sooner than later

    But for my own enjoyment I’d love an NFL team to get him and start him. Watching the broncos in 2011 as a neutral observer (and Tebow fantasy owner) was just too much fun

  42. I want him to start somewhere SO BAD! If he does, he will be completely exposed, everyone will see that run of wins with the Broncos was mostly his defense, kicker, and extreme good fortune. Then, after he fails everyone can finally shut up about him and we can all move on from this silliness.

  43. He just needs to accept he’s not an NFL QB right now. Take an offer in the CFL and keep working on his craft. Tebow only had one game with true starting QB worthy stats (over 300 yards in playoff game) but those were inflated by 3 passes that went for 50 yards or more. He only had 10 completions that game total. But yes the Broncos won. Those stats won’t cut it in the NFL as a starting QB. He has to prove to every team he can handle the passing game efficiently and effectively and not just 20 wildcat plays a game or learn how to play TE.

  44. cuda1234 says:
    Apr 12, 2013 10:30 PM
    Let’s see. Big contract. Losing record. Can’t throw. Hogs the spotlight. Divisive in the lockerroom. Big distraction for his team last year.

    Can’t imagine why no one is biting.


    big contract? losing record? You do know this isn’t a Mark Sanchez story, right?

  45. I think the pendulum has actually swung too far. Less than two years ago he was wildly overhyped. Now nobody wants to touch him with a ten foot pole. Teams like Oakland, Tennessee, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and of course the Jets are bad enough at QB that they should at least give him a shot. He will never be an all pro but he’s at least on par with incompetents like Gabbert and Pryor. And he can’t possibly be any worse than Sanchez. Do the Bills even have a QB on the roster?

  46. You guys don’t get it. You just can’t throw Tebow in when you need a boost. You need to set up an entire system to run the option offense. very mobile lineman, specific back who have run the option and recievers who know they’re not going to see the ball much.
    That’s the main problem. No one but the Qb likes this system. that’s why no one wants it.

  47. I would love to hear the convoluted thought process that led to that conclusion

    He won a playoff game for the Broncos and they dumped him.

    You don’t need to go too far back for evidence.

  48. For everybody bashing blacknole, think about this. When Fox gave Tebow a chance in Denver it was to shut up all the fans screaming for him and putting up billboards(!) He figured once they saw how awful he was, they would stop worshiping him. But when the team started winning with a completely different offense tailored to Timmy, Fox was stuck. He couldn’t run a “conventional” offense with Tebow, and there wasn’t really a way to find a backup that wouldn’t require another offensive sea-change midseason if he went down. If they hadn’t been able to lure Manning and they cut Tebow loose, the fans would have rioted. That’s what blacknole was referring to, I believe. The thing I find baffling is the Jets’ handling of the situation. Were they not watching Tebow play before they traded for him? For trading for him and not playing him, when they could have won with the same formula Denver had used, the entire front office AND coaching staff should be fired. UNLESS, they realize their mistake and go all-in with Tebow this year. I think he was only a distraction because Sanchez was so awful yet they never gave Timmy a chance. The Jets suck, so what do they have to lose? Tebow can win in this league. It ain’t pretty, but his intangibles are amazing and he can seemingly will his team to victory.

  49. @ajdl1

    Wait, are you saying that people don’t think Tim Tebow is a legitimate QB because he’s NOT black? Now I’ve heard everything.

    Tebow will be playing for his third team in three years not because he is white (that still baffles me), Christian (plenty of those too in the NFL) and conservative (is he? I’ve never heard him talk politics), but because he can’t read defenses pre/post snap, is inaccurate with his passes and makes terrible decisions with the ball. His running ability is useless in a read option, because the RO requires you to still be able to pass…

    It’s revisionist history to say that Tebow was responsible for the Broncos success that year (it was the D), or their playoff win against PIT ( he threw a pass -1 yard to Thomas who than beat his defender and went 80 yards for the winning TD).

    Tebow doesn’t pass the eye test. He looks lost on the field like the game is to fast for him. No question the guy as great leadership skills and great charicter, but like a lot of people in this world, Tim Tebow is not talented enough to play professional football.

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  50. “I do not think tebow is technically a great passer, but…”

    That’s like saying:
    “I do not think Stephen Hawking is TECHNICALLY a great high hurdler, but…”

  51. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that when sentences like
    “Dang, if only the Claymores were still winnin’
    2 games a year in Edinburgh…”
    are part of the discussion of your future,
    uh, you may not be the franchise QB you fancy

  52. That’s right! Tebow is the reason that the Jets are completely irrelevant. After all, he actually participated in at least 10 plays last season. He deserved the spotlight in Denver and if you are a Jet beat writer in NY, what else are you going to write about? A hapless Sanchex? A disgruntled Revis?Rex Ryan’s “guarantees”? They traded for him. Let the kid play. It’s not like he could be any worse than what they gave us last season.

  53. Football players are so delicate their must be no distractions for them to do the job they get paid millions to do. Notice when the broncos went on the winning streak it wasn’t a distraction, when they made the play offs it wasn’t a distraction. But when your starting qb sucks and is buttfumbling all over the field tebow is the distraction, gimme a break.

  54. Go to the CFL, flutie did it alomg with a long cast of supposed QBs that “couldn’t” make it in the nfl only to prove the NFL was wrong and return for successful careers.

  55. Cuda?

    What losing record do you see, brother? 9-7 looks pretty winning to me, esp. considering Denver were 4-21 before he got in there.

    Big contract? The bonus is paid…he makes 2 million…chump change, esp. for a playoff winner.

    Can’t throw? Has a better QB rating than 5 starters, & most of the signed backups.

    It was only a distraction for the Jets that they kept starting a guy who 1)kept losing 2)HAD A WORSE RATING THAN THE BACKUP, i.e., recent (@ the time) playoff winner Tim Tebow.

  56. He should just go play in Canada and take his fans with him. No one wants the media and fan scrutiny that comes with him being on your squad. His popularity has become a curse.

  57. Ajdel1,

    There are cases of true discrimination against Christians: Egypt, China, etc. Tebow is NOT one of them.

    Tebow stunk it up on the Jets last year when given the opportunity. Both on the field and in practice. The CFL and Arena League will give Tebow an opportunity if the NFL doesn’t. Let Tebow prove himself there, and he’ll get another opportunity in the NFL.

    Hardly discrimination…

  58. Mike mularkey would still have a job if the jaguars had picked up tebow, go 8-8 with tim tebow you are now a offensive guru. I would watch tebow all day in Oakland or maybe watch him help the New England Patriots win another Superbowl wouldn’t that be funny

  59. Actually if the brain dead media wasn’t so obsessed with the “shiny object” (Tebow), some team would give him a chance. I don’t believe he has the required QB skills to succeed. But he could at least get a shot if he wasn’t such a distraction. Now ESPN can lead Sportscenter with “and now we take you to the Toronto Argonaut training camp…”.

  60. the strate gay expert says:
    Apr 12, 2013 9:34 PM
    Yeah I do. But mainly because I want the Lions to trade Shaun Hill to the Jets. Or even better Matt Stafford.

    Seriously, you want to be rid of Stafford? You shouldn’t make statements like that because no one well ever take anything you say seriously. W/O Stafford your Lions are just a 2 win a season type team. He is the key player that makes your team relevant at all.
    Don’t give me that Megatron stuff because they went 0-16 with CJ. WR are just not that important, ask Tom Brady.
    No w/o Stafford you can just go back to drafting in the top 5 EVERY year.

  61. C’mon Buffalo, give him a shot, what do you guys have to loose. I guarantee you’ll sell some jerseys, people will watch and you might even win a few games (no offense Buffalo fans)

  62. Jacksonville should give him a shot. He really doesn’t deserve to be run out of the nfl because the media is obsessed with him! he’s cant control the media frenzy that follows him wherever he goes.

  63. Jesus was shunned too. Just like Jesus, compassionate Tim will make all those teams better that passed on Him

  64. egeisyaj says: Apr 12, 2013 9:22 PM

    New England makes sense. Hybrid guy, fullback, split end, wild cat (rare occasion). I can see it.
    Sure sounds great. Put Tom Brady on the bench or split out wide for a few plays. Sounds really smart. I want some of what you’re drinking.

  65. As a Jaguars fan, I have seen, firsthand the crux of the Tebow problem. Mullarkey was right in this video. It would have been a huge distraction. We all know that the Jaguars aren’t good, and our QB play has been bad. I would say that Tebow’s wins and losses in Denver are very David Garrard-like. If Tebow were a franchise type QB, there would be no issue….but he is not…he got his “chance” in Denver..he created some excitement with his late heroics, but that kind of play is not sustainable. (see 1-4 record at end of Denver season). Still, his legion of fans are screaming, and crying for him like no other (see Garrard). Teams probably would be willing to give him a chance, were it not for those that need to look in the mirror, and understand that they are the problem.

  66. There’s a reason professionals don’t want this guy…It’s because he’s not worth the circus. As much as I hate to say it, the fanaticism and overhyped media attention could be the end of his career. GM’s would love to have him on their team as a gadget to run some read-option plays every now and then, or try him at tight end, but nobody wants to have this media circus around their team 24/7.

    If 32 general managers of pro football teams don’t want anything to do with this guy, there is probably more than one reason and I can give you a few. He consistently misses open receivers, he brings his eyes down too fast and looks to run way more than he should, his delivery is just terrible, and again….the circus…Those are just a few.

    Sorry for this rant, but it is mind boggling how people will bend over backwards for this guy who has proven or shown nothing. He has shown that he can beat a Steelers team without Polamalu, Woodley, and Clark. And Ike Taylor was so bad that he apologized to the Steelers Organization. Lets just stop Tebowmania before it goes all 17 weeks of the football season.

  67. tebow wont develop into your cookie cutter qb but he can develop and i dont see why tems are wasting time developing scrubs that they say have all the tools but never really succeed at much. tebow helped the broncos get to the playoffs. my fav teams qb has probably won 4 or 5 games in his two seasons. players say the win is all that matters. coaches say they dont car as long as they win. i think its bs. tebow deserves to be a qb nobody is gonna be a perfect prospect. hence development. if coaches coach then tebow would learn.

  68. If you win, teams will beat a path to your door. Before you can win, you have to get on the field and produce.
    Case in point – when Kurt Warner came out of college, he was not drafted. Warner wrangled a free agent contract with the Pakcers, but then ran into a brick wall called the reality of the NFL. Warner could not learn how to run the plays in the playbook and actually refused to enter a pre-season game because he knew he could not execute the plays. Of course he was cut, but Waner refused to quit. He got into the Area League and learned how to quickly read defenses and quickly pass the ball. He learned how to execute timing patterns and how valuable accurate route running receivers were. He then got into NFL Europe to learn how to take his skills to the next level. At each stop, he succeeded. When he got his chance back in the NFL, he took off like gangbusters and won a Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, and NFL MVP.

    If Tebow wants to succeed as a NFL QB, he must take the time to re-engineer his passing and take his defense reading, timing, and passing technique to the next levels. When he does this, NFL teams will beat their way to his door. Until then, NFL teams and sportswriters keep declaring him a failure, just as they did with Warner.

  69. blacknole08 says:
    Apr 12, 2013 9:04 PM
    No team is willing because they are afraid that he will actually succeed. Hope he finds a team willing to give him a legit shot.

    I am so sick of hearing that garbage. If I understand your point correctly, you’re claiming head coaches would rather fail and get fired than succeed with Tebow. That is ridiculous beyond words. Knock it off. Nobody is that stupid.

    Tebow has already had more chances than anyone in the history of organized athletics that lacked talent to the same degree that he does.

  70. Amazingly the Tebow urban legend lives on. Why can’t people look up facts?

    He was a first round draft choice before the new CBA so he’s got a big contract.

    He began his career 0-3 as a rookie starter and ended it 1-5 as a second year starter. Statistically his passing numbers the year he played in Denver were perhaps the worst numbers ever posted by a starting qb in league history.

    He’s never been on a winning team in the NFL. He skipped organized team practices during the lockout to pimp the book he wrote about himself. He’s divisive in the lockerroom. He’s notoriously bad in practice. Three different NFL coaching staffs have concluded he can’t play after working with him on a daily basis. He charges outrageous appearance fees to shake hand with sick kids and he parades around in his jockey underwear for money.

    How does any of that make him a role model, or even newsworthy? Stop the insanity!

  71. There is one stat worth bringing up.

    Playoff Wins:

    Stafford (same draft)- zero
    Freeman (same draft)- zero
    Newton – zero
    Bradford – zero

    Matt Ryan – ONE
    Tony Romo – ONE
    Alex Smith – ONE

    Tim Tebow… – ONE!

    I am not a fan of Tebow, but the guy did win some games, including one in the playoffs. And don’t tell me Denver was head and shoulders better than the Panthers, Lions, Falcons, Bucs, or the Cowgirls that year, because I remember them starting out 0-4 or 1-4 with a different QB at the helm.

    Just sayin.

  72. Bring him to New Orleans to back up Brees. When he’s not playing football, he can go to the French Quarter, there are a lot of folks down there that could stand a little preaching….LOL!

  73. for football? i dunno if any team wants him…

    however the RNC will be happy to have him in bout 18 years when he’s eligible to run for nat’l office….

  74. He “won some games”? Let’s get this straight, Demaryius Thomas won that game, NOT Tim Tebow.

    The Broncos lost 4 out their last 5 in 2011. Let’s stop lying to ourselves Teboners. Tebow is NOT a winner.

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