Fred Davis gets sued again


The woman who sued Redskins tight end Fred Davis for a 2011 altercation has sued him again, this time for defamation.

According to the Washingtonian, Davis and his (sometimes) bodyguard Stewart Prince allegedly lied about Makini Chaka by calling her a “madam” and a “pimpette.”

Chaka describes herself as a “celebrity broker.”  Davis and Prince have claimed that she provides escorts to high-profile athletes and entertainers.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court, apparently arises from statements made within the confines of the original lawsuit, filed after Davis allegedly dumped juice on Chaka and threw a bottle at her.  Typically, statements made as part of litigation proceedings are protected against defamation claims.

Of course, nuances like what the law does and doesn’t allow possibly get lost in the shuffle when an intensely personal — and highly entertaining — controversy clogs up the legal system.

32 responses to “Fred Davis gets sued again

  1. So you’re a multimillionaire and you still can’t pick up chicks and have to goto a brothel? Sounds like somebody could’ve gotten some lessons on “importing” from dwayne bowe.

  2. logicalvoicesays RGIII will walk into the courtroom and everyone will bow to his greatness. They will recognize the Redskins are the best and relieve Davis of all his troubles. #iamatool

  3. I’m sure Detective Davis has smoking gun evidence to present in the courtroom. This lady is crazy for causing trouble unless she is confident that Davis can’t prove anything.

  4. What a name. Bartender, can you please hook me up with a Makini Chaka. No – wait … Make it two.

  5. “Yes, I am not a madam. I introduce women to athletes and celebrities. If they happen to have sex. That’s not my problem. I just take a small percentage of the child support.”

  6. LOL ,ohh those wacky redskins r good material, but Garcons joke was funnier Rg3 better than Payton, real knee slapper, LOL

  7. lmao, being that I actually know the “victim” in this situation makes this so much funnier. She is def good at what she does, and that’s bring chicks around athletes. Its not exactly pimping because these girls arent prostitutes, they are simply groupies, who want to have sex with athletes. She does the service for athletes, musicians, and other high profiled clients..

  8. Fred should leave this alone. Private detectives may find more than just players are using her services.

  9. Why are you guys so mad at logical? All he does is say crazy stuff about his team, just like that Steelers fan. At least he doesn’t obsessively put down another team like peytonsneck. But nobody brings him up cause he disses the redskins and all you chumps hate on the redskins. #themosthated #httr

  10. Skinsfan91: actually all logical ever does is troll on other peoples boards and dog their teams.

    But even that is tolerable.

    What isn’t is that he manages to get 30 some-odd thumbs ups from fellow Skins fans for being absolutely obnoxius.

    What does that say about your fans?

  11. I think Dr. Robert Andrews should be bought in as an EXPERT witness to the entire event and claim that since RGIIIs recovery is going so amazingly well that Davis should be found innocent.

  12. No actually he gets thumbs up for being the most effective troll that this site has possibly ever seen. He gets people like you reed2ofence to bite and get all worked up every time he posts. He’s so good at the blatantly transparent troll schtick that we get people talking and asking about him before he even posts in a thread. The guy probably isn’t even a Redskins fan, he’s clearly here to wind folks up and his posts are just screaming tongue in cheek, internet troll. The last guy this site had this effective was voxveritas the Cowboy fan.

    This type of nonsense from Davis is exactly why I wanted the Skins to move on this year. Million Dollar body and a ten cent brain.

  13. Sleepy, **** like this is a contributing factor why you didn’t get the long term deal you wanted, although tearing your Achilles was the main reason.

    If you don’t want to be sued by nuts (Celebrity Broker?), stop hanging out with nuts. Time to put your big boy pants on, Sleepy, if you want to get payed like a big boy.

  14. I haven’t seen him put down another team, but if he does yes, I see why people are annoyed. But of he praised the Skins and gets up votes b skins fans, what do you expect? All this trolling started with petrochemical. As soon as we drafted RGIII, he was “rgleaf, akilismith 2.0, irg3.” Even though his team got the top pick. It’s like he was pissed his team didn’t draft RGIII.

  15. And you people are pissed redskins fans up vote logical, how about the fact y poo u guys up vote Peyton when he says that Mike vick is better QB, JOSH CRIBBS is a better QB than RGIII, pathetic.

  16. Forget this guy going to Buffalo. They aren’t going to want to deal with his off-field baggage.

  17. awww skinsfan91, does him need his diaper changed? does him need burped? redskins are sensative mommas boys, fail!!!

  18. really money31?
    she gets paid to bring chicks around athletes to have sex with those athletes, but she isn’t a pimp, sounds like some Bill Clinton BS to me.

  19. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:
    Apr 12, 2013 9:24 PM
    OK deadskin fans that like to throw rocks at the cowboys for players that get in trouble, you got issues too. So put a sock in it.

    Now cue up haters with Dez and Josh Brent blah blah blah….

    Hahaha, you think this is actually a problem like the ones your players have? He called a ho a ho in court. She can’t sue him for that. This will be dismissed as soon as the courts get around to reading her claim. Bryant can be sued for his debts, and Brent killed someone while drunk driving, I think those constitute real problems.

  20. A true sign a team is on the rise, haters coming out of the woodwork, Giants are well coached and tough but the future is here, Shanny has his team and QB now, Philly and Dallas are dead (soft and leaderless) Peytonsneck is a candyass

  21. I researched a bit, but could not find what the verdict was in the first lawsuit for the drink throwing. Does anyone know what happened?

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