Jets could unload a quarterback as part of Revis trade

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If/when the Jets ship cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers, another current member of the roster could be making the trip to Tampa, too.

While poking around the question of whether the Jets could be trying to include quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow in the package (which would keep the Jets from cutting Tebow and seeing him sign with the Patriots), we tripped over a previously unknown nugget.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the discussions between the Jets and Bucs have included the possibility of the Buccaneers assuming the contract of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Yes, Sanchez.  He has a guaranteed base salary of $8.25 million for 2013.  If he didn’t, Sanchez would have been cut by now.  If the Jets could unload that obligation, they’d surely jump at the chance.

It’s unclear whether Sanchez would compete for the starting job in Tampa.  On one hand, he hasn’t done enough in recent years to justify the opportunity.  On the other hand, coach Greg Schiano doesn’t seem to be sold on quarterback Josh Freeman, who was taken 12 spots behind Sanchez in the 2009 draft.

Sanchez thrived in New York during a couple of Schiano’s seasons at Rutgers.  Schiano possibly thinks he could coax better performances out of the man who took the Jets to back-to-back AFC title games to start his career.  In Tampa, his offensive coordinator would be Mike Sullivan, who helped Eli Manning to a couple of Super Bowl wins.

Or maybe the Bucs would simply be absorbing Sanchez’s salary and cap number for 2013, and turning around and cutting him loose.

At this point, all we know is that the subject has come up in the trade discussions.  For now, it’s still merely a possibility.

An intriguing possibility, but a possibility nevertheless.

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106 responses to “Jets could unload a quarterback as part of Revis trade

  1. It’ll be Sanchez if they’re smart. So in other words it probably won’t be Sanchez…

  2. Idk what sanchez looks like next year against the cap but if its eatable i’d take him if I were the bucs. I honestly do not think Freeman is gonna get it. An Sanchez never really had much help on offense in NY. Not saying that he’s good. You can’t deny his situation for success would be night and day though if he were on the bucs.

    Plus the jets defense was pretty good without revis. I’d just take less picks get rid of these two an move on. Cap space is huge at that point an at least you get a few extra picks. Time to rebuild that baby. Let tebow run the show for a year an move on.

  3. Hopefully tebow goes to the redskins in a trade since rg3 is a bust.
    -then nologicalsense would pray for forgiveness

  4. wooow..and i still remember when the jets trade up with the browns to take sanchez with that pick,everybody was saying..FINNALLYYYYY,THE JETS WILL HAVE A FRANCHISE QB SINCE NAMATH!!!…time fly s

  5. Yes, because the expensive “buttfumble” and the “The Lords Bench Warmer” are CLEARLY the adhesives that can seal this deal.

  6. Taking the Sanchez salary cap hit could be part what the Bucs are offering for Revis.

  7. I think Sanchez plays like garbage in bad weather. It would be interesting to see his stats in good vs. bad weather conditions. In the NFC South he would play in ideal weather conditions in over half of the games. Tampa, Atlanta, Carolina, and NO.

  8. Revis “15 $million a year” = gimpy knee. Sanchez “9 $million a year ” = gimpy QB decisions. What could possibly go wrong for the Bucs? They should make this deal A.S.A.P.

  9. Serious piece of journalism right here. So we have a source that at some point during these negotiations, Sanchez name was mentioned.

  10. Make that trade, please. That way next year the Vikings can get either Sanchez or Freeman, both a massive upgrades from Crystal Ponder. Only the Cardinals know what it’s like to watch a QB with zero ability to play the position.

  11. I think the best solution to the Jet’s woes is to fire Ryan and hire firemen ED as the new head coach.

  12. I am not a fan of trading Revis but wow if they would take Sanchez as well that would be a huge plus for the Jets. But what really scares me is they might turn around and use the 9 or the 13 on Smith and be stuck with another Sanchez. Although using the 13 on Manuel might be interesting. Or better yest trading back 10 spots and taking Manuel might be very good.

  13. Funny that alot of the decisions the Jets front office makes is based on the Patriots.

    How much space does Bill Belichick own in the Jets braintrust ?

  14. First off, why would the Patriots ruin what they have and sign Tim Tebow? If Tebow comes in for a play or two, that means Brady has to come out, why would Belichick ever do something like that?

    As for Sanchez going to the Bucs, It would be a stupid move by Schiano. Why set Freeman back, he just started to look better?

    I guess if the Bucs really want Revis that bad, then they should find a team to come in and make it a three way trade. Like Arizona or another QB needy team. Something like Jets trade Revis and Sanchez to Bucs for a first round and 4th round pick, Sanchez then gets dealt to Arizona for a 4th round pick. That would let the Bucs rid themselves of Sanchez while gaining their 4th round pick back, making it just a 1st round pick they spent for Revis.

  15. I hope this is a joke. Sanchez, and worse, his contract, is the LAST thing the Bucs need.

  16. I have been saying this ever since the season ended. The Jets should just offer Revis for free or for a second or third rounder to any team that wants him … as long as they take Sanchez as well and assume both contracts. They should have done this a long time ago. If they had, they would have been able to keep Bell and Landry, keeping their secondary the same as the leagues second best last year, and still have a whole lot of extra cap space cleared up to pick up some solid free agents. Rebuilding mode doesn’t mean building up around an awful foundation (Sanchez). It means knocking down the building, clearing the ground, and pouring new cement. Rebuilding a team from the ground up wont get you anywhere if the foundation is cracked.

  17. Just found out that Tebow was down here in Tampa last week working out at Jesuit High School with Vinnie Testeverde (former Bucs QB).

  18. No one with any negotiating experience would waste much time trying to cut a deal with the Jets. They can’t even cut Tebow, something they could and should do in a milisecond, never mind negotiate a trade for Revis.

    Please, if they are trying to get the Bucs to take Revis (and his salary demands) and complicated the discussion by bringing up Sanchez I would politely hang up the phone.

  19. “Take Revis and Sanchez both and we can call it even. We don’t need anything in return. If you want to take Tebow also, we’ll throw in our 7th round pick next year.”

  20. Wheedon, Sanchez, gabbert….I can’t spell their names without auto correct but I do know they are failed mid first round draft picks that should have went way later in the draft.

  21. Armpits “Funny that a lot of the decisions the Jets front office makes is based on the Patriots.” Care to elaborate? Maybe you could enlighten the rest of us poor schlobs who don’t have your connections.

  22. What makes this more interesting is the salary floor.

    Yes, Sanchez has a terrible contract. But the Bucs have to add a bunch of dollars just to get up the salary floor.

    If the Bucs add him, he’d have no cap hit for them if cut next year, but he would help them hit the floor this year.

  23. hater79 says: Apr 12, 2013 4:26 PM

    “Wheedon, Sanchez, gabbert….I can’t spell their names without auto correct but I do know they are failed mid first round draft picks that should have went way later in the draft.”

    Since when is the 5th pick overall (Sanchez) a “mid” first round pick?

  24. jwcarlson says: Apr 12, 2013 4:24 PM

    “Report: Jets blow Revis/Sanchez trade chance after Bucs balk at also being asked to take Coach Rex Ryan.”

    They don’t want Ryan, just the tattoo of his wife in the Sanchez Jersey.

  25. If they Bring Either one of these Pair of Clown Shoes To Tampa, i’ll Punch Mark Dominik in the FACE

    So over this over rated CB and the Joke of a NFL Team.


  26. I am a Jets fan and that would be utter insanity. The Jets would then forced to use a draft choice on a QB in a very weak draft class. With Sanchez they can use him for one last year, if he does not produce, and then draft a QB in a much stronger draft class. NONE of the QBs this year are considered to be a franchise QB. Whatever the Jets gain from a Revis trade would be wasted since they would now have a need for both a QB and a CB. The only people who would like this idea are Tebow fans who feel this is the only way Tim will get a chance. Tim is a gadget QB, not a starter. This Memo must be left over from the Mr T era, because our new GM seems to be much smarter then this. For example the Jets no longer have a problem with cap space, since they are now $12.5 million under the cap.

  27. There is no way on Earth I’d take Revis’ contract AND get stuck with Sanchez.
    That’s insane.
    What are they smoking out there?

  28. What the heck. Throw in Naimath. A one tick pony is what Tampa needs. HAHAHAHAHA
    Schiano, is a bigger jerk then first thought

  29. steelerben says:

    Apr 12, 2013 3:50 PM

    No wonder the deal can’t get done. Talk about a poison pill.


    Candidate for comment of the year 2013.

  30. And… Tell me again why the Patriots would sign Tebow?
    Where did you come up with that piece of strategy?

  31. wrenches,

    might I suggest you READ the article before you post so you wouldn’t have to make a dumb post.
    See paragraph # 2 ( ) above. See Revis articles keeping him away for NE like the Pats would ever pay Revis.

    I hope by reading before posting it clears it up for a “schlob” like you.

  32. If the Bucs take Sanchez and his salary there is no way a first round pick is involved this year

  33. Wow…so much for the Jets having “leverage” to use against the Bucs for Revis….if they want us to take Revis and Sanchez the compensation Tampa would be willing to give up just went from a 1st, 3rd and 6th round picks down to a 2nd rounder at most!

  34. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation…”

    Grow a pair and name a source, or don’t mention anything at all. Because you and I both know you have no source. You are just trying to stir things up.

  35. Ah. Suddenly, this makes sense. I’ve been struggling to think why Rex would go along with trading away his best player. Rex agrees to the Revis trade as long as Sanchez leaves too. Then the Jets draft Geno or Nassib in round 1 of the draft. Rex then theoretically gets one more honeymoon season as fans/owners/press are more lenient on coaches in rebuilding mode when they have a rookie QB who’s showing signs of becoming a great QB in the future. (I.E. Shanahan, Rivera, etc.)

    Rex saves his job through the 2014 season, and Woody gets rid of his headaches named Darelle & Mark.

  36. Armpits Nice way to jumble what I didn’t say. I guess the fans have to ask you again. How are the Pats in the Jets head? The Pats are too cheap to pay any player unless it suits them, i.e., Wilfork, Brady, Mankins(which was classic) all of whom you had to pay risking a fan revolt. What move have the Jets made that was influenced by the Pats in the last few years? I was not talking about Revis.

  37. Because of Sanchez’s contract and salary cap implications, I have to assume that Sanchez has negative trade value, meaning the Bucs would give up less draft capital compared to a clean Revis for picks deal. That wouldn’t be unusual for the top end of the 2009 draft though.

  38. Belichick is sending out mind control waves from Foxboro to make this happen. Make the Jets draft Geno Smith this year, instead of Johnny Football next year. Genius!

  39. why would Jets care if Tebow went to the Patriots (or any other team for that matter)? He’s not a Manning, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady (hell Marcia Brady is probably a better QB). cut him loose and let him go to the Arena League or the CFL

  40. There are very few Jets fans in this discussion. Mark might have sucked this year, but we went to two AFC championship games with him the first two years he was with us. He had a terrible OC last year.. He is in the last year of an uncut-able contract. Why should the Jets take less in the Revis trade just to get rid of him. Maybe when they were thought to be in cap hell it was discussed, but that is no longer the case. In his four years on the team they only had one losing record, this past year.. He will not be part of the Revis Trade.

  41. here’s a fair trade
    sanchez and revis
    Freeman and exchanging draft picks this year or a player to be determined??
    i say this cause TB has not extended or started contract extension talks with Freeman and there words goin around that schiano wants his own guy instead raheem moore’s QB pick? FREEMAN IS GOOD AND HAS ALOT OF UPSIDE even though if this were to happen the Jets arent known for keeping black qb’s for some reasons? but this would be a great deal on top if it was possible the jets send cash to TB with sanchez and revis

  42. Why would jets trade Sanchez 8mil is nothing for a starting qb

    He had no wr last season n no running game last 2 yrs I’m not saying he is a great qb. But put some talent around him see what happens. Stop babying his ass. If he plays like crap bench him simple I blame the coach

    If I was bucs I would make this trade only if I can Lower Sanchez 8mil down to 4. N sign revis for 12 mil that would have to be in trade deal

    Bucs need cb n a backup qb who can push freeman

  43. This business about not wanting the Pats to get Tebo is silly. But if true, it shows that the Jets Know that the Pats won’t use Tebo as a QB, but will show some imagination and creativity by using him in a variety of other different ways. The Pats probably just see Tebo as a “good football player” and will get lots of productive use out of him. The Jets don’t want to be embarrassed by that.

  44. Please what in the world do people see in Tebow, to add to the conversation Tebow to the Pats.

  45. Another one of those BS/Smoke screen bits that pop up when free agency slows and the draft is still a couple weeks away.

  46. Is Freeman really that bad? I understand Schiano’s urgency to get a top tier QB in a division already loaded with them, but Sanchez and/or Tebow definitely can’t be viewed as an upgrade from Freeman.

  47. I would believe this crap if it said, Jets trade way 1st round pick to Bucs, just for taking Sanchez.

    Ps. Jets or fans don’t care where Tebow goes. Fans will root for Tebow anywhere he went. Nice guy. Even on Pats.

  48. I love posting facts in threads, like Tebow has a better rating than Mark Sanchez & is only 4 points behind Freeman. So yes, as a Bucs fan, I want Tebow.

  49. ampats says:Apr 12, 2013 4:12 PM

    Funny that alot of the decisions the Jets front office makes is based on the Patriots.

    How much space does Bill Belichick own in the Jets braintrust ?

    NOT 1/50TH of what the Jets occupy in your head. They should just write you a blank check for the rent.

  50. Any jet fan still riding with Sanchez is either blind or stupid. He is a bum and should have been benched last year if you want to go another year with that good luck. Lets all stop acting like Sanchez led that team and wasn’t dragged by the d and run game. He is worthless and mentally weak the mere presence of tebow made him a buttfumbling mess.

  51. WTF? Why would the Patriots want Tebow if the Jets cut him?

    Patriots offense isn’t broken.

    Tebow has proven he can’t move the ball consistently. No way does he go to New England.

    Future Montreal Alouette.

  52. The point would be salary cap relief for the Jets and to make the trade of Revis possible (he has a cap hit that the Jets cannot easily eat if they want to fill out their roster)

    If the Bucs take on the salary guarantee, the Jets would create nearly $4 million in cap room (rather than a giant cap hit).

    This would offset the cap hit from trading Revis ($3 million) as well as the salary of Sanchez’s rookie replacement (around $1-2 million, depending on draft round).

    Conversely, the Buccaneers need to add salary, because they are well under the salary floor (They are at $99 million right now). Sanchez lets them take a huge cap charge this year (which they need) without impacting future caps (they would cut him later).

    Oddly enough, his big salary would be a plus for BOTH teams in this potential trade.

  53. Bucs already have a starting Qb on roster, Dan Orlovski! Better than all qbs listed in article! I’am huge bucs fan and Freeman is just not getting it. Have watched every snap since he came into league, he almost seems to already be on the decline.

  54. first off, sources means they have no sources and they are just starting something. Second, I think it could actually happen to take place of the 3rd or 5th round pick jets would have gotten. I do see it a possibility and I sure hope so

  55. Two months ago I predicted Tebow should and would go to Tampa. It’s almost as close to Gainesville as Jacksonville. I’ll also predict he wins more games than Josh, and the Jags.

  56. Tebow as a replacement for Woodhead (another Jets reject). Also a flea flicker threat.

  57. How about the Jets KEEP Revis-and send Sanchez and Tebow to the Bucs for Freeman?THAT’S a fair trade.

  58. How can you Jet fans even think about putting the Jets and the Patriots in the same sentence. 1969 was how many years ago? FOURTY THREE!!! Put yourselves in sentences with Cleveland, Detroit,Jacksonville…get the point. Hell, even that fool of a fireman finally got it! I heard he now cheers for the real NY team…you ought to see him do a G.

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