Jon Gruden: Landry Jones got “complacent,” “bored” at Oklahoma


NFL head coach turned ESPN commentator Jon Gruden has carved out a niche for himself in the draft analysis business by taking a lot of time with a few select players to study them on film and get to know them personally, then produce 30-minute TV specials showing their one-on-one conversations. One of the more interesting conversations Gruden had came with former Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones, who in Gruden’s opinion has the talent necessary to make it in the NFL — but who regressed over the course of his college career.

Gruden writes at that Jones actually looked like a better pro prospect during his freshman and sophomore seasons than he did during his junior and senior seasons, and Gruden says he sees a player who lost some of his fire for playing the quarterback position.

“Jones was around so long and had seen so much as a college player that I think he got complacent,” Gruden writes. “I see a player who got bored. He has the raw skills to do so much that I think it actually affected him negatively over the last couple of seasons, when he didn’t reach the statistical heights of his incredible sophomore season.”

In Gruden’s opinion, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and his staff didn’t do a good enough job of running an offense that played to Jones’s strengths.

“I didn’t really like a lot of the plays he had to run at Oklahoma,” Gruden writes. “Last season, the Sooners consistently didn’t have any tight ends as options in the passing game, and didn’t do enough to give Jones the option to have easy outlets, which eliminated the opportunity to dump the ball off to tight ends or running backs. If I’m going to criticize anybody for that, I’m going to criticize Oklahoma. The Sooners often went with four-wideout formations, and I thought it stymied their QB. They lost balance and their play-action passing game. That put a lot on Jones, and it probably created a situation where he had to throw the ball too often.”

Early in his college career Jones was widely regarded as a future first-round pick, but he’s now viewed as more of a mid-round pick. Perhaps some NFL team can put him in the right system to prevent him from getting complacent and bored.

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  1. This kid will be a good one, I remember him coming in as a freshman when Bradford got hurt, my dad and I were impressed then. But Gruden’s evaluation sounds on target. Backing up someone established like Brady or Rodgers might be the best thing for him.

  2. Gruden can be kind of a pain in the ass sometimes, but I admire his willingness in this case to be candid in his analysis of the situation at OU over the last couple of seasons.

    The concern a great number of teams will have with Landry is the mental aspect of the game. Gruden’s comments aren’t going to help on that matter.

  3. This draft has some solid sleeper QB’s…As far as Jones goes, there are better ones to be taken. He would need to be with the right system and we’re not sure there is team that qualifies for that at the moment.

  4. I’m not sure Jones would appreciate the irony of the Rams drafting him to back up Bradford.

  5. Competitiveness should be enough to keep you from being complacent. If losing doesn’t piss you off, then good luck in the NFL.

  6. Why hasn’t Gruden developed a Young QB? Please tell which guy he should have developed in his career? Tuiasosopo would have been his best bet and by all accounts was well on his way to being Rich’s heir apparent until Al decided to burn the progress and trade Gruden. Tui fit in his system.

    Who did he have in Tampa? Chris Simms? He was on his way until his spleen burst…maybe Gruden should have seent hat coming? Shaun King? He was broken when Gruden got there.

    Let’s see who else….his 1997 Eagles offense? He got 4,009 yards, 22 TD’s and 16 INT’s out of Bobby Hoying, Ty Detmer and Rodney Peete.

  7. i dont think it was so much complacent as it was the OU offensive play calling. the sooners OC needs to be fired anyway.

  8. And even more to my point….

    the only QB’s drafted during Gruden’s time in Tampa?

    2006: Gradkowski in the 6th round
    2008: Josh Johnson in the 5th round

    After the season he got fired? Pick #17 Josh Freeman.

    He never had a GM that got him a guy to develop but he sure did go get Brian Greise.

    I get not liking him but the whole develop a QB stance is down right crazy. He wasn’t picking guys with Rich McKay in house.

  9. He got complacent because he was asked to throw it all over the field? I could see if he was playing for a Shottenheimer and only asked to throw on third and long that a quarterback might not get a rhythm and might get bored. But being asked to throw to 4 WR instead of checkdown all day? Sounds like a situation that a talented, competitive, seasoned QB would thrive in.

  10. HAHAHA, the guy is terrible under pressure, OU gave him a great o-line just like they did for Sam Bradford, outside the pocket he struggled big time

  11. If he “got bored” in college, I can only imagine how “bummed out” he’s going to be when he finds out all the time he’ll have to spend on preperation in the NFL, and all that coaches are going to expect from him there.

  12. whitdog23 says: Apr 12, 2013 2:38 PM

    “anybody who believes gruden on anything is clueless”

    Well we can’t all be former NFL coaches and brilliant minds like you whitdog23. I’m sure your insightful analysis would put him to shame. When is your article coming out?

  13. Gruden is a crappy talent evaluator.
    Check out the Bucs draft picks while this big mouth was head coach.
    They suck and he still sucks.
    Big mouth, and no brains

  14. Last year was best You’re too short you’re too short you’re too damn short! To russel Wilson (jokingly) you could tell he liked Wilson and thought the short thing was just stupid and he was right too bad the Seahawks were the only ones paying attention.

  15. Landry Jones reminds me of Matt Ryan.

    In that they do not have the “it” factor that NFL QB’s need. This guy, and Ryan, have never stepped up in a big game ever.

  16. Too bad he got bored, although those were most likely someone else’s words, not Landry’s…

    And as for the OC at OU needing to be fired…well, obviously not everyone feels that way! The regents just gave Josh Heupel a raise and a three-year contract (most coaches only have 1)! 🙂

  17. “he got bored”. That alone tells me don’t draft this guy! Unless of course you’re the Jets, Dolphins, or Pats (who should start him and bench Brady)

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