Mathieu: LSU went to great lengths to help me in my treatment and recovery


Jarrett Bell of USA Today had a report Friday that former LSU cornerback and potential 2013 draftee Tyrann Mathieu told teams that he failed at least 10 drug tests while in college.

An unnamed coach who spoke to Bell said that allowing Mathieu to fail that many tests “shows that he got no kind of help” from LSU. Mathieu and LSU have both responded, with the cornerback saying that the school did try to help him battle a marijuana habit that Mathieu admitted he put in front of football.

“It is irresponsible and shows a lack of integrity for anyone to disclose medical information regardless of how it was gathered,” Mathieu said. “I would expect that conversations regarding my drug testing history during the course of my medical treatment would be private. LSU has a strong drug testing program and LSU went to great lengths to help me in my treatment and recovery. I understand that many people enjoy reading about the negative side of sports, but to publish those second-hand comments without being given a chance to address that comment prior to the publication of the article is irresponsible.”

Joe Alleva, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics at LSU, also issued a statement.

“LSU has a strong substance abuse program that tries to identify and assist in the treatment and long term recovery process of drug use and abuse, and it is a program we would put up against any in the country,” Alleva said. “Once a substance abuse problem is identified, LSU is diligent in tracking those individuals over extended periods of time with frequent testing and engages them in meaningful opportunities for support through counseling and substance abuse treatment.”

While both men dispute the notion that LSU didn’t try to help Mathieu, there’s less specific pushback as to what Mathieu said about the number of drug tests. Mathieu has said he’s done with marijuana, but Friday’s report illustrates how big a red flag his former habit raises for teams that might be interested in drafting him.

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  1. Stay away from that spice crap and stick to the real green during the off season and stay smart during the regular season.. I’m rootin for this kid

  2. Although I am a staunch advocate of Marijuana, it has no place in a professional athlete’s life. Wait until you retire, and in the meantime use pain killers and alcohol like most other athletes.

  3. It’s funny how in 80% of the interviews I watch the player sounds normal or uneducated….. but in 90% of the quotes I’ve read from players they sound like English professors.

  4. Mathieu also indicated a desire to be drafted by either the Seahawks or Broncos. No specific reason was provided.

  5. If he failed all those drug tests despite LSU going to great lengths to help him, no NFL team should bother drafting him. Maybe think about signing him as an undrafted free agent, but that’s about it.

  6. yea a lot of athletes blaze a bit in the offseason. this guy is just irresponsible for letting it trip him up 10+ occasions (if thats even correct). after watching his combine performance, i think any team would love to have a player of his caliber on their team. just gotta put a babysitter on payroll to watch him similar to that of Dez bryant ha.

    Eagles have 3rd pick in second round and could use another premiere corner

  7. I don’t need him to be citizen of the year or run for mayor. I just need him to lock down WRs & make plays like he does!!!

    Pull the trigger baalke!!!

  8. jxt2521 says:
    Apr 12, 2013 4:15 PM
    It’s funny how in 80% of the interviews I watch the player sounds normal or uneducated….. but in 90% of the quotes I’ve read from players they sound like English Professors

    EXACTLY what I was thinking! I’m sure the kid is bright and he does have some great natural talent, but this quote most certainly did not come straight from his mouth…

  9. This kid is going to be good. I hope the phins draft him with the extra second rounder. He wont be around in the third, count on that. Talk oh him being a third day pick is absurd.

  10. In the last game he played, Kevin Norwood a good but not elite receiver, pretty much took his lunch money at will. Mathieu is basically the Chief’s Javier Arenas with character red flags. I wouldn’t draft him before the fifth round.

  11. Anybody else have a mental playback of the Bob Saget scene from Half Baked while reading this?

  12. Mathieu’s failed drugs test were for a synthetic marijuana called “Spice,” which at that time was not illegal under state nor federal law and was not banned by the NCAA. So the team was able to focus efforts on trying to help the player rather than on worrying about sanctions–which is what college teams should be doing in these situations.

    The reality is that if Mathieu became a productive player for the team of any of those mouthing off here, they’d forget their pious attitudes and start cheering.

  13. The Patriots will take him. Anything to improve that joke of a defensive backfield. Last in almost every statistic.

  14. @logicalvoicesays

    So I assume you are the one responsible for the garbage they’ve been putting on the field for the last decade. Way to go.


  15. This guy is not done with weed. As soon as he gets a pro paycheck I bet he’s going to buy a kilo of weed. He hasn’t shown that he has the willpower to abstain.

  16. So much depends if the chance to play in the NFL, as well as the size of the paycheck he will never match outside of the game, sinks in. An amazing amount to lose, but an addiction has ruined many. Hard to understand looking from the outside, but happens all the time. I sure hope the young man makes it. Needs a big support system, which he should get from the team drafting him, knowing the problem.

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