NFLPA certification for Jay-Z could be a long shot

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As entertainment icon Jay-Z launches a sports management company, NFL agents already are crying foul about his apparent efforts to recruit Giants receiver Victor Cruz to sign with CAA, the mega-firm with which Jay-Z’s new business will be affiliated.

But given the NFLPA’s requirement that only certified agents be involved in the recruitment of clients, Jay-Z won’t be able to help deliver potential NFL clients for contract representation unless he secures the appropriate credentials from the players’ union.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, CAA realizes that Jay-Z will need to be certified in order to actively recruit players.  That means he’ll have to pass the NFLPA’s admission test.  Another source explains that the test is administered in July, with the applications typically due by February.  That means Jay-Z couldn’t sit for the test until July 2014 at the earliest.

Of course, Jay-Z also would have to persuade the NFLPA to waive the requirement of a postgraduate degree.  His extensive success in various types of business could be regarded as the kind of “negotiating experience” that would potentially exempt him from the educational requirements.  If that happens, plenty of other agents will complain that he has received preferential treatment.

All of this presumes that Jay-Z wants to be involved in the recruitment of NFL players for the negotiation of their football contracts.  If he simply recruits players for other representation and if CAA separately recruits the same players and if the players decide to hire both Roc Nation and CAA and the paper trail makes it clear that Jay-Z had no role in recruiting players to sign with CAA, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Still, the joint venture would be a lot more effective if CAA could use Jay-Z to close deals.

43 responses to “NFLPA certification for Jay-Z could be a long shot

  1. Great rapper, great businessman, self-admitted successful drug dealer. He seems trustworthy.

  2. I get that I’m biased being from NY and all, but I ain’t what you’d call a Jay-Z fan. That being said, I don’t get the animosity on here towards him. The man epitomizes the American ideal of rags to riches and he isn’t rich being stupid, so who cares if he gets in the agent game and makes players some more money? If you’re against that then you must be a billionaire already, or an ignorant shill for the rich. I’m sorry if you’re the latter and jealous if you’re the former.

  3. 99 problems and the NFLPA is oneofem! Smack aside, I’m not “down” w/hip hop. But I cannot deny his success in entertainment, as an artist and businessman. Sorry, I think he could do well if degree requirement is waived.

  4. Rocafella Records has been around since the mid to late 90’s.

    Jay-Z has had a bunch of artists signed to that label. Including mega-stars Kanye West & Rihanna.

    Millions of records sold.

    Did he not negotiate their contracts?

    Oh, and all this talk about how Beyonce is overhyped and what not…guess who’s her manager and working these deals? Jay-Z.

    Preferential treatment indicates a lack of skill or talent. Give the guy some credit.

  5. I really doubt Jay-Z impresses any of the NFL owners, except Irsay. They would only negotiate with Jay-Z knowing that they would get the best of him.

    I wonder how challenging the NFLPA agent admissions test might be. Perhaps Vince Young could blow the grading curve on it.

  6. You’d have to be an absolute moron to hire anyone like this to represent you in contract negotiations.

    Hmmm who will get me the better deal, a lawyer or a rapper?

    GMs should avoid any player who hires this guy because they have already shown an inability to reason like a normal human being.

  7. Here’s to hoping that the NFLPA’s admission test is a touch bit harder than the NFL Wonderlic test.

    If Jay-Z can become a person that negotiates contracts for the NFL…. Then flag football is honestly not that far off.

  8. Unless things have changed since I worked for the NFLPA, they’ll approve anyone who applies and pays the app fee. And I really do know, because I worked in agent certification.

  9. first, I love when people post who cares on a story they obviousky cared enough to read and post on.

    Second, it won’t matter if he’s certified. Plenty of B level, and a few A level athletes will sign just to be close to Roc and Jay Z. Even athletes get star struck and especially now in the days where they’re all about branding and marketing their likeness and image

  10. I am sure Obama can make a call and get Jay-Z approved. He just got WH approval to go to Cuba, why not have Obama make him a agent

  11. Didn’t we already go through this with Master P? Get Jay-Z, J-Lo, and every other clown the Hell out of major league sports. They have no business in our sports world and I’m sick of watching these jerks waltz in from a different universe thinking they know how to be in sports management all of a sudden.

  12. Would not be surprised if this FreeMason clown is picked by the NFL/Obama to sing at halftime at MetLife Stadium NY

  13. QBs make the receiver, not vice versa. Cruz could hire the ghost of Tupac and it wouldn’t help him get $10M from NYG

  14. Given some of the slimy weasels like the Postons and Drew Rosenhaus that are agents I don’t see how Jay Z could be much worse.

  15. It seems like every rapper wants the be a athlete and every athlete wants to be a rapper. Are you giving up on the Nets already? The dude is an American success story no doubt. But C’mon man, what was in those “Cuban Cigars” you were smoking?

  16. He is already certified in Cuba..I am.sure his buddy’s Obama and Fidel can take care of his certification issue in the US..

  17. Stick to making bad songs, brah. Wait, the school of hard knocks isn’t post graduate?

  18. Can’t wait until the next player signs a terrible contract like Ricky Williams did with that other rapper representing him!

  19. He can have his “friends” in the White House help him to get around any legal procedures.

  20. Really, a clown? From nothing to one of the preeminent deal makers, businessmen, music moguls and entertainers. Im not a fan of his music but I find his business acumen to be something we should admire. And need I remind you that he did all this as an AA male from the slums of NY. He is an example of Capitalism at its finest! The American Dream and in direct contrast of those who push welfare and hand outs! Hard work is what will make you successful in America, not a hand out!

  21. Rags to riches…nice story.
    A blessed (educational) excuse for a Cuba visit…just so happens it’s a wedding anniversary tah boot. Oh, & Jay-Z’s spouse lip singing @The Big O’s inauguration.
    Do you not see the biases here, nygiant fan?

  22. Who’s next, Suge Knight? Remember when that dude held Vanilla Ice over a hotel balcony with a gun to his head while negotiating royalties for Ice Ice Baby? Yeah…I’m sure Goddell would go for that.

    Second thought, that might be the only way Jerry Jones will wise up a d hire a real GM. This cowboy fan can only hope.

  23. Looks like he’s gonna be headed back to school to achive that required postgraduate degree.

    He should be eligible to be certified in about 2022.

  24. I’m confused, why do you have to have a
    postgraduate degree and 7 years of negotiating experience to be an agent? It seems pretty straight forward to me.

    Step 1 – Tell the team you want way more money than your client is worth.
    Step 2 – Tell the team your client will holdout if he doesn’t get the money.
    Step 3 – Meet the team half way and show up at the end of preseason.
    Step 4 – Client pulls a hamstring in week 1 and doesn’t live up to expectations all season.
    Step 5 – Tell your client in the last year of his contract to play hard so you can do it all over again with a new team since the old team was already burned once and won’t be that stupid again.

    I’m not a fan of Jay Z but I’m pretty sure he will be able to lie, cheat and steal at the same high level as all the other agents out there.

  25. What a charade. Jay Z will have as much to with the day to day operations of his agent business as he has to do with the day to day operations of the Nets. That is to say, little to none.

    This whole operation is a CAA front to appear more hip and relevant. The people negotiating the contracts will be licensed CAA agents, not Jay Z or anyone from his posse.

    Everyone praising Jay Z as a master entrepreneur and hard nosed deal maker should do a little deeper research. He mostly uses his name and image to help others make deals that profit him greatly.

    Nothing to see here.

  26. Your name is Jay-Z? How could I be expected to take anyone serious with that name. Grow up clown.

  27. Yea he is just a face for the op. he would get laughed out of a negotiation room full of soul less lawyers who’s job it is to weasel out of things and cheat anybody to get ahead.

  28. He won’t be doing any negotiations with teams. He’s just a familiar face to the athletes that he’s going to bring into the firm and he has many connections that may have otherwise been unavailable to CAA. It seems to me that everyone involved makes out OK except for the other agents that will lose clients to them.

  29. Jay-Z is merely a product of affinity sales. Due to your race, if you were downtrodden and discriminated against for decades, virtually centuries, wouldn’t you identify with one of “your own”? Especially if this person was the first in a position from which your group had previously been excluded? It’s why Coleman Young got elected as the first African-American mayor of Detroit once the racial balance shifted. It’s also why President Obama garnered 95% of the black vote in 2008 and 93% in 2012.
    Jay-Z may have had nefarious beginnings, and made music that’s no better than hundreds of others have made, but he is where he is. He’ll have many star-struck athletes who will flock to him. But it won’t be due to his talent as an agent. It will be because of his race and celebrity.

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