NFLPA sees no problem with Jay-Z recruiting Cruz

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The agent industry necessarily entails a high degree of competition.  It’s harsh.  It’s cutthroat.  Frankly, it’s amazing that violence hasn’t occurred.

The burgeoning alliance between CAA and Jay-Z has stirred up the competitive juices for agents not aligned with a major entertainment icon.  As Darren Heitner of points out, some agents are crying foul via Twitter regarding the ability of Jay-Z to recruit players like Giants receiver Victor Cruz on behalf of CAA.

Last year, the NFLPA opted to deal with the lingering problem of “runners” doing the dirty work of certified contract agents by essentially banning the use of them.  As it now stands, no non-agent may help recruit players to join a given agency.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the NFLPA is unlikely to pursue the situation, because of the “long friendship” between Cruz and Jay-Z.  While that may help CAA avoid hot water for now, using Jay-Z to recruit clients for CAA will eventually cause problems.

It appears that Jay-Z’s Roc Nation management company will be providing services unrelated to negotiating player contracts, with CAA handling the football side of the business.  But imposing a “you hire me, you hire CAA” mandate on any player who signs with Jay-Z apparently won’t fly, unless and until Jay-Z becomes a certified NFLPA agent.

Moving forward, CAA and Jay-Z could face friction and possible sanctions if Jay-Z doesn’t pay the fee and pass the test imposed on potential agents.

Of course, he’ll also need a post-graduate degree or an exemption based on his ability to prove that he has at least seven years of negotiating experience.

Depending on how “negotiating” is defined, that could be a problem.

36 responses to “NFLPA sees no problem with Jay-Z recruiting Cruz

  1. Well sure they would. The NFLPA would very much like Jay-Z to do biz with them too! He’s a primetime player and has lots of ways to create new revenue streams for the savvy and hungry partner!

  2. Jay-Z is not smart enough to be an agent. He went from dealing crack, to rap, to investments. He has a team of lawyers and specialists that tell him what to invest his money into. Say what you want “but hes got half a billion dollars, giant companies, yada yada yada” and I say to you “yes, because he made good choices with his investment.. That does not mean he can negotiate contracts or pass a college exam”.

  3. “Long friendship” between Cruz and Jay-z. Yeah, sure. This is the incompetent, self-serving DeMaurice Smith refusing to tell one of his “boys” (Jay-z) that he needs to step back.

    DeMaurice Smith is a horrible union president. But the ignorant players will never fire him so they will continue to get destroyed by Mara and Goodell.

  4. I see no issue with this. Jay-Z’s company is legit and he is also representing Robinson Cano.

    He’s a smart business man that handles his business. Man.

  5. He’s currently in the process of getting the NBAPA certification and will probably get the NFLPA certification soon after.

    And the negotiating part is no problem. He’s been negotiating contracts all his life. You don’t get to half a billion net worth without having a strong negotiation record.

  6. Newest Jay-Z Line

    “I’m a Giant in this rap game
    Cruisin in my Bach just got a new client”

  7. gonavybeatarmy says:
    DeMaurice Smith refusing to tell one of his “boys” (Jay-z)

    So this a race issue? Real classy Seaman!

    And most CEO’s do not negotiate contracts, they are intelligent enough to hire a staff.

  8. If they let this trash represent players, lets let Don King. Is he still alive? Makes no difference.
    How about that convict Eric Holder when he gets done ripping the USA off.
    Rangel, the Jacksons, Shapton.
    Look at all the potential sewer rats to “work” with the NFL

  9. Cruz should call Ricky Williams and ask him how well having Master P as an agent worked out.

  10. Maybe he hired his buddy Cruz so that he can have someone he can trust to dance with his wife Beyonce since he can’t/won’t/might lose street cred if he does…

  11. nmking26 says:Apr 12, 2013 7:13 PM

    And the negotiating part is no problem. He’s been negotiating contracts all his life. You don’t get to half a billion net worth without having a strong negotiation record.

    No his team of white lawyers have been negotiating for him. He just raps and calls himself the boss. His rap fame and smart investments are what made him half a billionaire… not his skills at negotiating LOL

    knole08 says:Apr 12, 2013 7:12 PM

    He’s a smart business man that handles his business. Man.

    Again….. you people are sheep. You think Jay Z is a creative master? lol please. A dumb rich man is only as good as his help…. remember that.

  12. I see no problem with this. He’s already applying to be a Certified Baseball agent. He’s a face and a smooth talker. You hire people to negotiate contracts. All he has to do is get players who look like him, come from where he came from, acts like him, and see him making money, and they fall in line with everything he says. (How’s that any different than a white agent going out to a white athlete?) He takes a cut and CAA gets the publicity and the athlete.

    It’s a good investment.

  13. Jay z may get Victor Cruz millions from indoor Smith what is going to be hard pressed to stop the NFL version of collusion going on right now, the salaries a sec Victor Cruz will not get 10 million now way the owner of the giants is known for not giving in. Can we just say it seems kinda weird that NFL players are getting 1990 type salaries, its almost like the owners have turned back the hands of time. Guys can’t even get Chris doleman dollars, by taking away rookie salaries guys are getting slotted and I might look lower dollar amount, those rookie deals kept the market up. Is it me or all the players who were going at it with the owners over salaries and the labor strike are now basically out the league or playing for peanuts. Star players in the NFL are making pinch hitter money in Major League Baseball. This is collusion.

  14. I will rip thru Freeway shoot thru memphis for moneybags stop in philthy order cheese steaks and eat beans fast and bring it back top to move the fake king of New york you showoff we count doughoff when you sample my voice WE rule you before you used to sound like fu schnickens Nahbs desighned that blue print who you kiddin IS YOU H to the izzo M to the izzo fa shizzle you phony the rap version of sisqo

  15. Why would he have to prove negotiating ‘skills’?

    Remember his negotiating with the Occupy Wall Street crowd? He pretended to be a supporter, they agreed to pretend he was a rare good 1%’er. And then he laughed all the way to the bank by making t-shirts and keeping all of the profit.

    He told a story of ‘educational examination’ to sell a trip (a trendy one) to Cuba. A trip that is illegal without the ‘educational itinerary’. Of course, by coincidence, none of his ‘educational itinerary’ dealt with Black Cubans … who are treated like 3rd Class people. No big deal … they are not trendy.

    Has he shown the skill to be an agent? If lack of ethics and scruples are what’s required to be an Agent there can be no question.

    As to his ‘negotiating skills’ the two examples provided are just minor examples of that skill.

  16. Again….. you people are sheep. You think Jay Z is a creative master? lol please. A dumb rich man is only as good as his help…. remember that.


    Umm… he did all of this without a college degree. He’s self-made, well-respected, street savvy — how could this not work out for him? He will bank. The guys he represents will bank. Dude is a genius.

    Speaking of “dumb, rich men” –Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg never finished college.

    I wouldn’t call these guys dumb either.

  17. A lot of haters on here. Love how people try to undermine his accomplishments and talk about him not going to college to get their few laughs and feel big. At the end of the day, Jay-Z is a smart businessman, wise investor and a good speaker.H e’s living his dream, he has a beautiful wife and child, he has millions of fans world wide, is more than likely gonna become a billionaire, a great guy, and has made music hundreds of millions of people love. But im sure all that is worth so much less than your college degree. This isnt 1975. College is bare minimum at this point.

  18. Who do I want represent me in tough contract negotiations? Someone who specializes in the field and is most likely an attorney with years and years of focused training or an entertainer with no experience in the field?

  19. Sounds like illegal runners/ambulance chasers for shady injury lawyers who partner with crooked doctors to make billions off the insurance companies.

  20. This is a brilliant idea. In fact, tomorrow night I’m going to check out a local band. I think I’ll see if the guitar player can draft my will.

  21. My theory, the trip to Cuba was a recruiting trip. Funny that his quest to become an agent falls on the heels of his trip to Cuba. Gangster.

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