Pierre Garçon can’t say he’ll be 100 percent next season


We’ve already heard Pierre Garçon say that he thinks Robert Griffin III can be a more dynamic and dangerous quarterback than Peyton Manning.

The outcome of that prediction will have a lot to do with how well Griffin recovers from his knee injury. Any predictions about Garçon’s play will also be reliant on health. Garçon struggled with a foot injury for almost all of last season, an injury that caused him to miss six games and play at less than 100 percent in several others. Garçon said that he will be on the field this season, but admitted that he doesn’t know that he’ll be playing at full speed.

“I’ll be healthy enough to play,” Garçon said on the NFL Network, via the Washington Post. “I can’t say I’ll be 100 percent, but I’ll be back out there helping the team in any way possible. I’ll be rehabbing and doing whatever I’m able to do. The trainers will let me know and we won’t try to win a Super Bowl in April, but we’ll try to move ahead.”

Garçon has resisted surgery on the torn ligament that caused him the problems in 2012 because there was no guarantee that it would fully correct the issue. The offense looked better when he was on the field so the Redskins have to be hoping that Garçon chose the right path to get him as close to 100 percent as possible once the team does start playing next season.

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  1. Sad story with this guy. No durability otherwise would have been elite. Redskins better start planning for next year.

  2. RG3 tore a major ligament in his knee and everyone in redskins organization is claiming the 2nd year qb is super human. But this guy is doubting his chances to be 100%? Something isn’t right

  3. nagaswan says:
    Apr 12, 2013 2:02 PM
    Sad story with this guy. No durability otherwise would have been elite. Redskins better start planning for next year.

    he wasn’t 100% last year either and they were 9-1 with him and he made numerous big plays.

  4. hey ozymandias121 so at 70% Carson is a top 3 receiver??? Why don’t you name the receivers who are better when he’s at 70% and I’ll name the receivers who are better than him at 100%. ready?? GO!!!

    In no particular order….

    Calvin Johnson
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Dez Bryant
    Wes Welker
    Mike Wallace
    Andre Johnson
    Julio Jones
    Roddy White
    Marcus Colston
    Anquan Boldin
    Mikeal Crabtree
    Percy Harvin
    Reggie Wayne
    Eric Decker
    Dewayne Bowe
    Stevie Johnson
    Brandon Marshall
    Greg Jennings
    Victor Cruz
    Rob Groncouski (TE)
    Jason Written(TE)
    Tony Gonzollas (TE)
    Hakeem Nix
    Vincent Jackson

    just to name a few. I know I missed some only because I couldn’t remember their names. Garson is NOWHERE NEAR a top 3 receiver even at 100%. so, step away from what ever drug your on….. its time for rehab! that goes for you to Mr. Logical voice….


  5. haha skins fans are nuts. this dude is barely a top 3 on his own team. he should get surgery on his hands so he can catch a ball when it is thrown directly at him.

  6. Man, makes me wonder what to do with Garcon in my Fantasy drafts next year. If he’s wondering whether he’ll be 100% before the season even starts, that’s not a good sign.

    Spending a pick before about round 7 or so would be taking too big a risk I think. He’s a great player when healthy, but at less then 100% he’s not the same player. Especially when re-injury could cause him to miss several weeks.

  7. Redskins fans are completely delusional and always have been.

    They are like the dumb kid who thinks he’s joining in the laughter when in actuallity, he’s the one being laughed at.

    Oh Redskins fans, never change (and long, LONG live lil’ Danny Snyder).

  8. So glad Cleveland got outbid for this chump.
    Not only did they avoid an injury riddled, mediocre-at-best Wr; but it indirectly led to the selection of Josh Gordan in the supplemental draft.

    Not only does Gordon have a much higher ceiling, but he is also better right now. Both started around 10 games. Gordon’s stats were better. Garçon caught passes from the ROY and was in an offense completly suited to his stregnths, Gordon was out of place in a WCO and caught passes from Brandon Weeden…..

    Sorry skins, but Cleveland came out on top of that situation.

  9. we should make a poll to see if pft should banned logicalvoices forever,this cant be happening anymore..WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD VE HEARD!!

  10. @woodrree7

    he was kidding – it was a stab at illogicalvoicerants

    Garcon has always been a mediocre receiver. He has some speed but suspect hands.

    I never understand how people never bring up that HUGE drop in the Super Bowl that changed momentum. He catches that ball (which was perfectly thrown), that is a different game.

    The dude just isn’t that good.

  11. Pieere Gar-bage is a #2WR and getting paid as a #1, and he isnt any better than Darrius Heyward-Bay, who my Colts got for 2 mill, so Failedskins enjoy yr ovetated so called super phoney QB in IRG3 and mr stone hands Pierre Gar-bage

  12. Hey skins, how do u like the Colts sloppy 2nds, we didnt want that overpaid turd in Gar-drop

  13. @nagaswan and @ jimfix. you both are pathetic loser that have to clue on what your talking about. Why don’t you 2 go back and root for your pathetic teams. Next time come strong or don’t comment at all.!!!!

  14. I really liked Garcon when he was with the Colts. He might drop a few easy one’s but then he will come back and make some serious circus catches. If he can stay healthy he can be a game changer with his YAC.

  15. Garcon was a stud in the games he played in, unlesss I watched games he played in from a different angle or something?? He (if healthy) should be a 1000 yard reciever easily. Even the occasional football fans had to have seen atleast some of his highlights on espn or the nfl networks top plays.

    And for the Clevland fan…. I’m pretty sure the Redskins are just fine with their choice in trading for RGIII. And the Redskins stomped the Browns with their rookie back-up qbwho was a 4th round pick. How’s your teams qb situation looking??

  16. I want to like this guy, but don’t know if I can! On the Colts I felt like he made more one handed catches than he did two handed catches. And last year was just pathetic for sitting out as much as he did after getting that money!

  17. I want to like this guy, but don’t know if I can! On the Colts I felt like he made more one handed catches than he did two handed catches. And last year was just pathetic for sitting out as much as he did after getting that money!!

  18. Once again, people commenting on a player they have never seen.

    Yes, he was out and that affects the opinion of him.

    But all I know is, when he was in the game, even Logan Paulsen was wide open! Teams clearly had to account for him.

    BTW, he is a ferocious blocker!!!

  19. @peytonsneck18…..how did you guys do in the playoffs last year?….and don’t you think it’s about time time to change your handle since Peyton is with Denver?…..all of your hatred towards the Skins seems just like that…..hating….and haters always gonna hate….by the way….who got rookie of the year?…..HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

  20. Peytonsneck should change his handle to Lucksneckbeard, when yours kissing Lucks fanny at fair weather fan appreciation day ask him how it feels to get beat by rg3 at everything

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