Raiders work out Vince Young, Troy Smith

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Two great college quarterbacks who are just hoping for a chance in the NFL worked out in Oakland this week.

Vince Young and Troy Smith both worked out for the Raiders, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The Raiders also worked out Seneca Wallace and were expected to sign him, but ended up taking a pass.

Young is a two-time Pro Bowler who hasn’t been with an NFL team since the Bills cut him in the preseason last year. He has been openly campaigning for another shot and publicly promising that he has learned all the right lessons about how to conduct himself as a professional both on and off the field, but so far he has found no takers.

Smith’s most recent NFL game action took place when he started six games for the 49ers in 2010. He spent most of the 2012 offseason with the Steelers but was cut before training camp.

Young led Texas to the national championship at the end of the 2005 college football season and was the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft. Smith won the 2006 Heisman Trophy and was a fifth-round pick of the Ravens in 2007.

The Raiders have just two quarterbacks on the roster, Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor, and will add at least one more in the coming weeks.

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  1. Some of us wanted Troy Smith the year we drafted JaBustus #1 overall. Which reminds me of why I can never wish JaBustus and Slowlando well. It’s one thing to not pan out like DHB – hand/eye and should never have been taken with the 7th pick. But DHB worked hard, did everything asked of him and is a great kid with a great attitude. It’s not his fault he was drafted too high and I wish him well with the Colts.

    But JaBustus and Slowlando took the money and mailed it it from Day one. That’s why Raider fans have so much antipathy towards them. They had the talent – they just didn’t care because they had the money.

  2. In related news, Ken Stabler and Daryle Lamonica will also work out for the Raiders next week…

  3. Troy Smith? Terrelle Pryor? What next? Are they gonna give Craig Krenzel another shot? Maybe see if Joe Germaine has any gas left in the tank?

  4. I think Troy Smith’s best play while he was with the Ravens was the 40 yard pass Flacco.

  5. Given that the Raiders are the farm team of the Ravens, I hope they find somebody good. Then hopefully the Raiders can then develop him into somebody good enough for the Ravens, but that is desperate to get onto the Super Bowl Ravens and take the league minimum.

  6. chances, chances, chances,
    when was the last time you needed a chance?
    many people in society refuse to give people another chance, we have become part of the one and done society. I myself have made many mistakes but have been allowed many opportunities to redeem myself. I am always rooting for the underdog I cheered for DHB, I cheer for TP 6, and I always cheer for the Oaktown Raiders. it’s obvious that over the years I have given the Raiders many many chances. I like to hear how the Raiders are entertaining the idea of bringing in Vince Young. the Vince Young I remember was a winner, when he was in college he was the winner, when he came into the league he was winner, his record as an nfl quarterbackrecord is that of a winner. redemption is the key of life,

  7. There’s what, over 90 QB’s on NFL rosters today. I’m betting VY is better than many of them, with a higher potential ceiling.

    That said, being the 80th best QB in the league doesn’t mean much in the way of wins – so he has to reach closer to that ceiling to make an impact on any team.

    At the vet min, he’s a low risk, potential high reward, signing. Which follows the blueprint McKenzie has been following. If he suks, cut him for a little investment but if he pans out to even being a viable backup, it’s a good signing.

    I just hope I don’t hear some dillusional fan proclaiming VY is the key to getting us in the SB….baby steps baby.

  8. I don’t see the big deal, ill take Vince young AND troy smith over Seneca Wallace as back-ups. With that said Pryor should be our #2 and has earned a chance to compete for the starting job.

  9. the mistakes that Vince Young made could only be beneficial to TP6. if he truly understands the mistakes that he made and is willing to redeem himself why not allow him to school others? most of the world’s best mentors have committed a lot of mistakes. steering others away from making the same mistakes that they made has allowed them to be viewed differently by society. I for one am rooting for you Vince Young not to come in and take over the quarterback position but to be a great mentor for the people that are before you.
    silver and black forever

  10. I’ve been on board with every move so far this off season so I’ll trust Reg on this….but doesn’t it seem odd that we bring in Matt Flynn who is a pure pocket guy and then our back ups would be a combo of Terelle Pryor, Senaca Wallace, Troy Smith or Vince Young? Whole bunch of runners in that lot.

  11. Leave no rock unturned. Or in this case pebble.

    If they gonna take a look at Young, what do they really think of Pryor? I know Reggie wants to rid the team of Al’s players (for the most part), but give TP a chance in camp. Unless of course we get a deal on draft day. Not to mention VY seems like an Al guy.

    Anywho. In Reggie I trust.

  12. I remember when some thought it was a bad move in Tennessee when we cut him. It’s been tough since then for vy, but I hope he catches on somewhere and gets a shot.

  13. Before Wilson was “too short” to succeed, there was Troy Smith. With the new emphasis on the mobile QB and less emphasis on combining mobility with classic pocket height, I think it’s only logical that Smith should get some looks as a back-up.

    I’m emphasizing back-up. I’m not saying Smith would be a good starter like Wilson. I’m just saying he fits the profile and, unlike Pat White, though he hasn’t done anything spectacular he has at least shown something on the pro level. His biggest knock was his height, and I think his passion rubbed some people the wrong way. Smith is guy who was used to being a leader and wanted to compete. When it comes to being a back-up QB in the NFL, I think some teams would just rather have a guy like Matt Leinart who is content holding the clipboard.

  14. I hope we dont sign Young cuz if Flynn gets pulled they will probably put in Young OVER Pryor even tho Pryor will be “2nd on depth chart”. Ill take Smith.

  15. jimmysee says:
    Apr 12, 2013 9:25 AM
    This is so totally a transition year for the Raiders.


    I agree they will have MAD cap space next year – both Rivers and Manning are on their last legs, so the division is very do-able, provided they get the right free agents in 2014.

    The Raider Nation will rise yet again, im not concerned with any haters at all.

  16. I hope NFL owners and coaches soon learn that the mobile QB does not win SBs in the NFL. Joe Flacco and Trent Dilfer have rings while McNabb, Culpepper, Vick, Young have nothing.

  17. The Raiders should give Vince Young the chance to compete in Training Camp. Its a low risk signing.

    IMO, Pryor should be given the keys to the company car. He has waited patiently for his chance, so why not give him a shot? The Raiders will never know what he can bring to the table if he is always warming the bench. Flynn is a decent Quarterback, but not the future of the organization. Terrelle Pryor could very well be the Franchise QB that they have been waiting for. So how about it McKenzie?

  18. now this is the true meaning of competition, maybe team in the National Football League use that term so loosely. how many times have you heard of a coach bringing in players to compete? it seems that every team said those exact words when camp starts. knowing all along that they have already brought in their starters. here you actually have an opportunity for a very very competitive camp.
    1 ) you have a 3rd round pick who has been waiting for his opportunity.
    2) you have an opportunity for a quarterback who thought he was going to be the starter and got beat out by a rookie.
    3) you have a quarterback who was at the pinnacle of his career and made a lot of off the field bad

    Yes I am currently talking about only the quarterback position. but take a look at all the other acquisitions this season and you will see that that is what they are shooting for

  19. @raiderufan who says:Apr 12, 2013 9:11 AM
    “I’ve been on board with every move so far this off season so I’ll trust Reg on this….but doesn’t it seem odd that we bring in Matt Flynn who is a pure pocket guy and then our back ups would be a combo of Terelle Pryor, Senaca Wallace, Troy Smith or Vince Young? Whole bunch of runners in that lot.”

    Great comment! I say this. Vince Young did a few boneheaded things like all young people do. Including everyone commenting on this forum. But he is far from being a bad person or terrible QB. In fact he is a good person and good QB with a ton of upside. If he has matured and learned from his mistakes. We’re talking a 28 year old, 2 time pro-bowl QB; Rookie of the year; Playoff QB, who is entering his prime years. He still has a strong arm and runs the 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds on a 6’5″ 235 lb frame. VY continues to support and care for Steve McNairs sons because he bears a responsibility to his mentor. That is a good person with integrity. Not the Bum some are portraying him as on this thread and elsewhere.

    I personally hope he pulls off a Jim Plunkett type revival of his career in Oakland and become the great player and role model he can become for the talented young Terrelle Pryor. If this works out, it coulod become special in Raiderville. Because it takes 2 good QBs to make it in today’s NFL (injuries). Young and Pryor are similar styles as a QB and would complement each other. Unfortunately, Flynn may be the odd man out again if Oakland signs VY.

  20. As a Buckeye fan, I always thought Troy would make it in the NFL. He was set to start in B-More, before getting sick in training camp and losing out to Flacco. He apparently looked very good throwing to OSU wideouts and TE’s at the OSU pro-day. Ohio guy, openly loves the Browns, and has stated that he would love to play there… I can’t believe they won’t sign him to compete in camp. They have nothing to lose.

  21. hmm, bringing in run type qbs to back up flynn? i see tony sparano just cant let his “wildcat” play days go

  22. Dan Marino looks like he’s in great shape. Sign him so he can finally win that Super Bowl ring.

  23. Some of these Raiders jokes ( most of them not very clever or funny) make no sense to me how dare a team strapped with the worst cap situation ever kick the tires of every pssible option in a rebuilding year hell I don’t think people were this pissed when Al was giving out those horrid contracts I’m just glad those days are over and my Raiders are on the way back

  24. I agree with bringing Young in to camp. What’s the risk? Nothing.
    I’d like to see 3 quarterbacks going at it for the starting job.

    I’m not convinced that VY can learn an NFL playbook to the point that the game plan isn’t dumbed down for him, but if he’s successful, it’ll look like a good move.

    This is also Pryor’s last chance to move on from the “project” category. He needs to show more than just a good attitude and athletic ability. If he’s not becoming an actual quarterback, I don’t see him making the roster. No need to keep a project when it’s possible that there are better quarterback draft prospects next year.

    Time to put up or move on.

  25. I will also be working out for the Raiders later in the week, hoping to gain that coveted 3rd QB spot. Wish me luck.

  26. Well if the Raiders sign Young and if Leinart is some how retained…..

    They can sit back like some washed up varsity high school football players drink beers and talk about when they were football players or even relevent.

    Time to get a real job and spend time with your kids.

    Not pretend to be football stars.

    Sorry guys.

  27. jimmysee |
    This is so totally a transition year for the Raiders.
    This is so totally a transition decade for the Raiders. Or maybe two decades.

  28. It’s funny how they “worked out” these players and all the haters come out and say how dumb the Raiders are for picking these guys up. IT WAS A WORKOUT! What’s the harm in working a guy out and see if he has anything to offer. Other teams work guys out all the time. As soon as the Raiders work a guy out, they get lambasted!

  29. Keep in mind, working out players in the offseason when you have time for that sort of things helps make in-season decisions easier. That way you’re not making rash choices during a hectic season. Remember what happened last time OAK lost a starting QB in the middle of a playoff chase?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    The only backup QB performance that was worse than Kyle Boller in 2011 was what I imagined Matt Leinart would’ve done in 2012.

  30. Me being a Broncos fan and my wife is a Raider fan. How am I supposed to tell her what the Raiders are doing without laughing. Looks like I will be sleeping on the couch again.

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