Report: Cruz wants to stay with Giants over long haul

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Remember those reports that teams were champing (yes, it’s champing not chomping) at the bit for a crack at signing receiver Victor Cruz to an offer sheet?  There’s a brand new spin on why it didn’t happen.

It’s believed that Cruz, like former Steelers receiver Mike Wallace a year ago, simply wanted too much money.  Now, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the reason Cruz didn’t entertain offers elsewhere is that he doesn’t want to leave the Giants.

Per Cole, Cruz wants to stay in New York in order to “take advantage of the business and marketing opportunities he envisions” with Jay-Z’s new marketing company, Roc Nation.While that may make plenty of sense from an off-field dollars-and-cents standpoint, letting it be known that he wants to remain in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of won’t help his leverage in talks with the Giants.  If the Giants know Cruz wants to stay in New York, the Giants have no reason to increase their offer of $7 million or so per year.  (Cruz reportedly wants more than $10 million annually.)  And Cruz, whom many believe is viewed by the team as less valuable than Hakeem Nicks, becomes destined to make less than Nicks over the long haul.

That won’t go over well with CAA, the agency that now represents Cruz via their mutual relationship with Jay-Z.  CAA isn’t used to doing bad deals, and CAA can’t be happy with the idea that Cruz is hurting his leverage by making it known he doesn’t want to leave the Giants.

Looking at the situation more broadly, the representation of New York athletes by Jay-Z could end up helping the players’ teams.   If the players think a relationship with Jay-Z can help them make more money via other business ventures, the players may take less money from their primary employers.  That could help the teams be more competitive, by being able to pay less to keep quality players who are tied to Jay-Z.

And in the inherently cutthroat universe of NFL agents, it quickly becomes the Jay-Z/CAA Achilles heel.  No matter how strong of a closer Jay-Z will be, other agents will argue that Jay-Z will advise players he represents on New York teams to take below-market deals in order to stay in New York.The only way for Jay-Z and CAA to fight that perception will be to take a high-profile player out of New York.  If that happens, it apparently won’t be Victor Cruz.

42 responses to “Report: Cruz wants to stay with Giants over long haul

  1. I can not stand Cruz!!!!!

    But only because he’s not on my team!!! Giants got a hell of a player!!

  2. Lets review.

    1. Everyone, including the Giants, know that Cruz wants to stay in NYC (family and endorsements)
    2. No other team would pay him 10+ million AND give up a 1st rounder. So he is stuck with the Giants for this year, at least.
    3. Cruz realizes that for his Future contracts, he’s better off with a QB that can throw and plans on being competitive for the length of this next upcoming deal.

    The problem that CAA has, along with Cruz, is that Reese and the Giants are savvy enough to understand the 3 above bullet points as well as having Nicks to deal with in a year from now.

  3. Florio points out many great reasons why one shouldn’t rely on a rapper for business advice.

  4. Phew! Thatta boy. Giants can now save money AND keep him. Anyone that thinks Cruz is just as important to this team as Nicks is crazy. Just look at the last super bowl run! Without Nicks, Cruz gets bottled up!

  5. I don’t see how it gives the Giants more leverage. If they don’t offer him enough money, he’ll go somewhere else. Plain and simple

  6. It’s both champing and chomping, no need to be pedantic.

    As for Cruz, it hurts no one. Letting it be known that you’d like something isn’t the same as saying you want nothing else. I want to make a million dollars a month but will settle for $600,000.

  7. Not begrudging Jay-Z as a businessman because he seems to know what he’s doing… that said, it’s getting a little annoying. I feel like next time I go to buy a vacuum cleaner I’m going to see the “HOVAcuum by Jay-Z” in the store.

  8. Jay-Z sat down to their first meeting and said “Alright Victor, we’ve got your entire post-Giants career mapped out for ya. We based it off the experiences of other offensive skill players to leave the Giants like Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, Jeremy Shockey, Plaxico Burress, Derrick Ward, and Brandon Jacobs who found the grass, and cash, is much greener on the other side. Now, we’ve learned Jacksonville can’t draft to save their lives and have a ton of cash to throw around at other teams’ players instead. What do you think about Jacksonville, Florida and Blaine Gabbert for the next 5-6 years of your life, Vic?”

    No wonder he wants to stay.

  9. Cruz is not losing leverage by saying he’s wants to stay in NY. Betcha’ if a team offered over 10 mil a year he’d jump at it in a heartbeat.

    CAA has always and will always squeeze every last dollar they can for a player, JayZ doesn’t change anything. The allure of JayZ is his brand and soley that. JayZ is not partnered with CAA to help convince players to take less money this is just silly.

  10. this clown is losing the war. if he was that good of a WR why haven’t other teams made a bid for his services why.????? I rest my case.!!!!!!!!!

  11. There is no state income tax in Texas. What about that being used as leverage in taking below market deals in TX?

  12. This is an interesting article. The fact that teams won’t give up a high draft pick AND pay Cruz $10M though doesn’t mean that they won’t pay him something close to that if he becomes an unrestricted FA.

    He’s obviously close to his family who lives close by, so I’m sure the Giants see a hometown discount there, but the idea that Jay-Z’s representation could make him $3M more off the field that the representation of another entertainment agent is just that, an idea. It’s yet to be proven.

  13. Another athleter making another mistake with his life and money. Over and over History has told us that Rappers Can Rap and Athletes can ball but they can’t be mixed. Cruz and Mr. Z will get ate up by the NFL GM’s.

  14. The greatest slot receiver in the history of the game just got $6MM/yr, what should a younger version of Wes Welker expect.

    CAA, Roc Nation and Victor Cruz should all recognize that the slot receiver is NEVER going to get the same kind of money that premium outside the numbers receivers get. Its as simple as that.

    With the Giants currently at $7MM amd Cruz somewhere north of 10MM, Victor and his agents should be happy to compromise on some kind of $8MM/year deal. That is simply the reality of the position. Besides he should more than make up the “lost” revenue through off the field gigs that JZ can give him.

  15. Nicks is clearly the 10mill/season WR.
    Top 3 in my opinion (Nicks).
    Cruz benefits from Nicks constant double teams.

    Ever notice that teams don’t double Cruz and leave Nicks in single coverage?
    They double Nicks and let Cruz get single coverage.
    That alone explains why Cruz = 7mill/season.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  16. I love how anti cruz staying in New York this site is. As if marketing deals which wont be voided due to injuries are some how not a consideration when it comes to being payed. A player is much better off getting a chunk of his money from endoresments that are guarenteed than in an NFL contract that goes up in smoke as soon as production ir health slips. Obviously Cruz is more savy than your average pundit.

  17. It’s all well and good to think Nicks is the better player, but what about the 6 games a year (or more) he isn’t on the field or is playing so banged up he is severely less effective?

  18. I think that Cruz is more than a slot receiver, but not a number 1 WO. So for a slot/no 2 WR $7-8 seems fair. Anyone who watches the NYG knows that Nicks is the bigger weapon, and if they pay Cruz $10M then by all rights they should pay Nicks more. That won’t happen because of cap space.

  19. @bigbluecott- Cruz was bracketed and sometimes doubled throughout the nfccg and he still went off. Too much is made over slot vs outside. If he can get open and catch, that’s all that should matter

  20. I don’t see how we can tie up $20-22M in 2 wide receivers without being pretty thin in other areas. I could live with maybe $18M for the two of them, even though it’s not that much less.

    But if Nicks misses another bunch of games this season, he’s not going to get $10M on the open market…

  21. Technically, he could still get some leverage if he made some sort of play with the Jets? That way Cruz can reconcile the desire to stay in New York with retaining some leverage in contract discussion, and it’s not like the Jets are going to say “no thanks, we’ve had enough media coverage and publicity for one offseason”

  22. I dont get it the Giants don’t want to pay him that much a year but he doesnt want to go anywhere else where he could get value for his play which is well above knicks who is less dominate or productive. So why would Cruz not entertain other teams.

  23. Since when is $7M below market value for a slot receiver…let alone a walk on from UMass…Cruz will sign a deal and you’ll see even more Chunky soup commercials next year

  24. They (the Giants) liked what they saw in him, and the team did put a ring on his finger, a SB ring that is, so, this marriage seem to have had a good start. What you say about going against the grain and keeping the party going?

  25. “Rap Star/ Agent combo”
    If my memory serves me correctly, I believe it was p.diddy or some freakish name like that, that negotiated Ricky Williams first contract that may have been the worst contract ever.

  26. I get the feel that this could lead to a lot of collusion (price-fixing, in a sense) down the line. That whole thing with Cano firing Boras and giving the Yanks a “hometown discount” of sorts feels the same way.

    But being a Giants and Yanks fan, and hoping they both stay, I obviously only care as LONG as they stay on cap-friendly deals.

  27. Yeah, both of the teams in the Superbowl last year didn’t have star slot receivers. Using 8% of the salary cap on good slot receiver is a waste.

  28. @ justintuckrule- Agreed. He did go nuts during that San Fran game. He also did have some double coverages in zone against linebackers. He will have the advantage everytime. However, was the game plan seriously going into that game…”watch cruz and do what ever you can to stop him?” from the 9ers point? NO way. After what they saw from Nicks against ATL, 115 yards and 2 TD’s and against GB, 165 yards and 2TD’s, i’m pretty sure the 9ers were thinking ” whatever you do, don’t let Nicks beat you” And they did a great job of that…..the benefactor was Cruz.
    Simply put, he’s a great compliment to Nicks and I would LOVE to see both of them back, but if i had to pick one, it’s Nicks.

  29. everyone and their mom knows cruz can make 10 times as much in NY with a 7 year deal than going anywhere else and signing an 10+ year deal that frankly he isnt worth… just sign the line youll be lined up for the rest of your life off endorsements

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