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It all came tumbling down for the Jets in 2012 as they turned in their first losing season under Rex Ryan thanks to poor quarterback play, injuries to two of their most talented players and the power of the Buttfumble. There’s been a partial purge this offseason as General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and several veteran defenders were cut loose and any worthwhile free agent from last year’s team signed elsewhere. Cornerback Darrelle Revis may be the next to go and the draft will be the Jets’ first chance to get started on building something out of the rubble left behind.

Quarterback: You can’t talk about the Jets’ needs and not put quarterback front and center. Mark Sanchez’s inability to stop handing the ball to the other team has left the team without a sturdy hand on the rudder of the offense and neither David Garrard nor Greg McElroy offer much help as a better solution for the future. Tim Tebow’s still on the roster as well, although his presence remains as baffling as it has since the moment he first arrived in town.

The problem with taking a quarterback this year is that Rex Ryan is a lame duck head coach and the team may be moving in a different direction offensively if they wind up parting ways with Ryan after the 2013 season. While General Manager John Idzik will still be around, the next coach might want something different than current offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. With this year’s class offering little in the way of certainty at quarterback, it would be surprising to see the Jets go that route in the first round when they have a need for talent in every corner of the roster. Reaching for a franchise guy and missing again would keep any rebuilding efforts from gaining much traction.

Pass Rusher: The Jets added a couple of players on the defensive line in the last two years in Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples, but they desperately need someone who can create pressure off the edge. Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas are both gone, so outside linebacker would seem to be the best place to find it even with Antwan Barnes signed this offseason. Several candidates should be on the board when the Jets make their selection, including Ziggy Ansah of BYU and Barkevious Mingo of LSU, and grabbing one would put some teeth back into a defense that has only been able to create pressure through smoke and mirrors recently.

Wide Receiver/Tight End: Santonio Holmes was out for almost the entire season and Dustin Keller was in and out of the lineup with injuries all year, leaving Sanchez and McElroy to throw to a motley crew of receivers. Jeremy Kerley is a useful slot piece and the Jets hope Stephen Hill will blossom, but Keller’s gone and Holmes’ status will be uncertain until he proves he can get back to previous levels. Tight end is barren, but the Jets need to find guys who can make plays at both spots and they probably can’t stop at one.

Safety: They lost LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell, both of whom played fairly well on one-year deals in 2012. Dawan Landry has been signed to help take his brother’s place, but the Jets could really use a long-term solution to a spot that’s never been a strength since Ryan came to town. T.J. McDonald of USC and Phillip Thomas of Fresno State are a couple of guys who will be available after the first day that could challenge for a starting job right away.

Offensive line: It’s hard to ground and pound when your offensive line doesn’t do much pounding. The Jets have lost both of their starting guards and Austin Howard wasn’t up to the task at right tackle, leaving the Jets with plenty of room to improve. Willie Colon will fill one of those spots, but the Jets still need to add younger players and increase the overall talent level of a group that fell off in 2012.

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  1. It will be years before this team will be able to exit this Rex Ryan disaster. It couldn’t have happened to a better bunch IMO. Even Fireman Ed quit in disgust.

  2. Pretty slanted, negative spin here.

    I see absolutely zero mention of all those Super Bowls Rex Ryan won. That certainly warranted equal time.

    Wait. What???? Oh right.

  3. Just blow it up and start over !

    Clowney will be there next year with the first pick in the 2014 draft which the Jets look like the odds on favorite to receive.

  4. @bobbyd12 Who cares about these superfans with their annoying sense of entitlement, they’re not bigger fans than you and I are. Anyway the jets are in rebuilding and I hope that this GM is going to draft the right players. The Jets are now on the Teddy Bridgewater boat for 2014.

  5. Team needs: a couple of years in the CFL to get their heads on straight. Tag them out in favor of the Argonauts?

  6. The Jets are a joke, including their deal with the Giants on the stadium. The Giants have their offices, practice facility, the whole shebang right at the Meadowlands while the Jets facility is a traffic heavy ride away to Florham Park. They couldn’t even get that deal right.

    Its not that I dislike the Jets, I actually go to a few of their games since I live nearby although they’re a second-rate franchise and it all starts with the bonehead owner and his infatuation with the back pages of the NY Post and NY Daily News.

  7. Jets had their chance but wouldnt accept the fact that Sanchez was a bad QB and wouldnt upgrade. Now their D’s old and most of those good D players are gone.

  8. Alabama could beat the Jets. Alabama has more NFL caliber players on their roster than the Jets. Count the players drafted over the next four years from Alabama and compare the number of stars to the stars the Jets have. This team is bare and has a chance to have the worst record in the NFL this season. Trade Revis for draft picks. Release Sanchez. Draft the best player regardless of position. Trade Holmes for draft picks.

  9. Rex Ryan needs:
    1. Double bacon cheeseburger
    2. Laser tattoo removal
    3. Another double bacon cheeseburger

  10. only one team wins every year, so unless you’re a ravens fan, not much to crow about here.

    oh, and ampats, you ain’t won a thing since you got caught cheating

  11. astigmatism? football? why not both. says: Apr 12, 2013 9:25 AM

    they should invest in New Jerseys. Rams did it from blue and yellow to blue and gold and started winning

    The only New Jersey they should invest in: Changing their team name to New Jersey Jets.

  12. can you trade the entire team and head coach for a red scooter?
    summer is coming and a red scooter would be awesome!

  13. The Jets aren’t that far off from being a contender. They are only 15 to 16 guys away! Now it’s just a matter of finding those 15 or 16 guys to put them over the hump.

  14. They are the worst run team in the league and the least talented by far. I think most Jets fans can even admit that. They will be holding the #1 pick in the 2014 draft and rid themselves of the Cancer that is Rex, Sanchez, and Tebow. They are the whipping boys in that division for the foreseeable future. Ryan should have been fired two years ago. Pretty ugly situation going on over there.

  15. Everyone knows this team is rebuilding and is going to be crap this season. Their roster is filled with holes. They stand less a chance of being competitive than the Raiders and it is just about Certain Ryan is done at the end of the season along with Sanchez.

    That said, I’d kind of like them to roll with Tebow this season to make it all into a side show.

  16. seahawks fan – stop talking like you guys have won anything of would think you guys were the 49ers the way you talk..would you even make the wild card if the refs didnt give you a game?

  17. Phinfan – you dare talk about qbs? As terrible as he has played , buttfumble has won more playoff games than every dolphin qb since marino COMBINED.. I can’t wait until they move to least you still have the heat

  18. phinfan says:Apr 12, 2013 9:38 AM

    Team Needs:

    1) A primary QB
    2) A back up QB
    3) A back up to the back up QB
    4) A QB to compete with the others

    Sounds like the Miami Dolphins after Marino retired.
    2000- PRESENT

  19. Add up the wins-losses of these jokester mutts’ teams in the last ten years and I guarantee the Jets would land closer to the top than the bottom.

    Summary: These Jets-hating mutts need a life.

  20. pats54 says:Apr 12, 2013 9:30 AM

    Team needs: Everything.

    Pats needs: Eliminate playoffs
    Add newer spying equipment
    Bring back Eric Mangini

    The lack of the above has resulted in your winning nothing!!

  21. straighcashhomey says:Apr 12, 2013 8:55 PM

    lrjets. U MAD BRO?

    Not mad, but what does repeating on any Jets article, “circus”, Rex, Tebow,………..” on and on do?
    Don’t you think true Jets fans are pissed at the way things were handled and how it will affect 2013?
    Been a Jets fan since the Namath era, even going thru low single-digit wins, I still had hope for the next season when everyone was 0-0. Not this year.
    Jets fans didn’t hire Rex nor control him.
    So….I am not mad, almost flattered that you non-Jets fans offer up so much advice for the Jets to improve, that there will be 31 Lombardis given out next season.
    Except for the Jets!

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