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With the NFL Draft approaching, we’re taking a team-by-team look at the needs of each club. Up next is the team with the No. 10 overall selection, the Tennessee Titans. They have four picks in the first 97,  and could be in the mood to move after an aggressive offseason.

Guard: The Titans spent (or should we say overspent) to make a quick deal with Bills free agent Andy Levitre (six years, $46.8 million). That took the top free agent at the position off the market, and made a splash. But they needed to make moves here in bulk. They also signed free agents Robert Turner and Chris Spencer, but they’re far from finished.

If one of the top guards available — Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper — are there at 10, there’s a good chance the Titans could move in that direction, and solidify their line from the inside out (in the image of their head coach Mike Munchak).

Defensive end: The one spot the Titans didn’t address in free agency was the pass-rush. The Titans got better there over the second half of last season, and they feel OK about starters Derrick Morgan and Kamerion Wimbley. But it’s a group that lacks what you’d call quality depth, and they could make an early move for one of the many rushers in this class. They brought Dion Jordan in for a visit, and he figures to go well before 10, but he’d be a dangerous player there.

Wide receiver: They found a complementary runner in Shonn Greene, and replaced tight end defection Jared Cook with Delanie Walker, but their offense still lacks much of a dynamic quality outside. The Titans have receivers with potential, but a legitimate threat opposite Kendall Wright would make life easier for quarterback Jake Locker.

Safety: If not for their free agent splurge, this would have been atop the needs list. But a quick move for former Bills safety George Wilson, then the later acquisition of Bernard Pollard gives them a solid pair to work with Michael Griffin. But having some young legs behind them wouldn’t be the worst idea.

The Titans are in at once an enviable but tricky spot. They spent in free agency to cover most of the positions which would ordinarily be described as needs. And while it’s good that they have an owner who is willing to fling money at a problem, that also creates an expectation of immediate results. For all the money, however, it’s hard to say they’re significantly better at any spot than they were a year ago, with the exception of Levitre.

So much of the future of the franchise hinges on the development of Locker. If he progresses well, he has the opportunity to run a versatile offense, which is built on a foundation of running with Chris Johnson. That’s a good place to start, and takes some of the pressure off him.

But if Locker doesn’t start looking like a Top 10 pick, and soon, the rebuild in Tennessee is going to be significant, and will include coaches and players alike.

22 responses to “Team needs: Tennessee Titans

  1. As the weak $ contracts have trickled in over the last several weeks, Andy Levitre has gotta be ecstatic he signed early.

  2. Team needs: To be more like the Redskins. Get a patient owner like Dan Snyder. Tell your GM to DRAFT young talent like Bruce Allen. Tell your QB to STUDY like Robert Griffin, #TheRedskinsaretheStandard

  3. logicalvoicesays says: Apr 12, 2013 3:05 PM

    Team needs: To be more like the Redskins. Get a patient owner like Dan Snyder. Tell your GM to DRAFT young talent like Bruce Allen. Tell your QB to STUDY like Robert Griffin, #TheRedskinsaretheStandard

    HA HA? Redskins as a standard? One good season in god knows how long and now your a model franchise? I remember many years of your owner trying to buy his way to a championship through free agency, and falling flat on his face time after time

  4. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 12, 2013 3:05 PM
    Team needs: To be more like the Redskins. Get a patient owner like Dan Snyder. Tell your GM to DRAFT young talent like Bruce Allen. Tell your QB to STUDY like Robert Griffin, #TheRedskinsaretheStandard

    Hah… is this serious? Dan Snyder – patient? How many coaches and QBs have the ‘Skins mowed through in the past 10-15-20 years? Just under Jeff Fisher’s tenure alone I bet Snyder went through 4-5 coaches (and Fisher was coaching years before Snyder was around).

    Just because the ‘Skins made the playoffs once recently doesn’t make them the standard. As a Titans fan I’d prefer they follow something more along the lines of NYG or GB.

  5. It seems like a good guard could be drafted in the second round or even later. D-line seems like a better first round choice imho.

  6. They are going to love Delanie Walker. Blocks like a lineman and runs routes like a receiver. Solid teammate and leader.

  7. No concerns about QB for the Titans, while your writeup for the Jaguars has it as the top priority?

    Gabbert put up better numbers than Locker last season, in about the same amount of playing time. He is a couple of years younger and played with the same injury that put Locker on the bench. Blaine had similar test scores at the Combine and doubled Locker’s Wonderlic score.

    Your blind Newton-centric bias is showing.

  8. @thesteelers – thee Tennesee Titans not only have a team, but the Titans beat your Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night football on the NFL Network, and with how your team has played as of late, begs the question, Steelers who? You have Todd Haley as an OC who doesn’t get along with your QB very well… Show some Titan respect !

  9. The signing of Levitre probably gives them a reason to go DE in round one. If it were me, the pick would be Warmack all the way.

    But, if we have a chance to get the next Jevon Kearse, I’m for that, too. But, which end is it? Jordan? (who surely won’t be there). Ansah? (probably gone as well). The LSU fan in me wants Mingo.

    The real question is do you go Warmack/Cooper, and hope for a Margus Hunt in round two, or do you go DE and hope for Larry Warford in round two?

  10. For people saying Warmack, no. Cooper is the man for the Titans. He is way more versatile. Looks to have more potential as well. Warmack is strictly guard. I think Cooper will be able to play all the positions in the line maybe except for left tackle.

  11. We also need to take a QB late. Low risk, could be another Russell Wilson. Just in case Locker winds up a total flop.

    Jordan Rodgers. Maybe he and Aaron would be like the Mannings.
    Perhaps Collin Klein, or Sean Renfree from Duke.

  12. I would solidify the OL with one of the top guards, I’m still not sold on the center position but with one of the top OG’s at least you should be able to run the ball with CJ. I like Locker the person but thought it was a reach when they drafted him and he’s really done nothing to prove me wrong. My biggest concern is Munch and the coaching staff, I’ve seen absolutely nothing that says they have the Team headed in the right direction which goes back to the old saying those that can play, and those that can’t coach. Munch and Bruce were great players but I guess you get my point. Also, to bring Gregg Williams back into the fold to me is a sign of desperation and there is no way I would have made that move. I’ve been a fan since they got here but really have no idea where this Team and staff are headed, I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for the best. Of course this could just be sour grapes, I was a big Jeff Fisher fan and thought Bud saddled him with VY and then was pissed when it didn’t work out, but just like Shoeless Joe said…”Owners”

  13. Wait was that guy referring to the same Redskins that overpaid for Albert Haynesworth after the Titans were smart enough not to pay him the money he wanted? The same Redskins whose coach put his QB’s future in jeopardy by allowing him to go back in when the game was mostly likely lost?

  14. Is Britt not on the Titans anymore?

    If he’s still there, I think they have a pretty strong WR core actually. I know he’s injury prone but Nate Washington is a really underrated WR in the league and Kendall Wright had a pretty decent rookie season.

    I think they’re actually in good shape at the position even if Britt ends up hurt. If Britt actually stays healthy and keeps his head on straight, they could have an outstanding core.

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