Tuck wants Cruz at offseason workout for “good faith”


The Giants offseason program opens Monday, and everyone’s wondering if wide receiver Victor Cruz is going to be there.

And one teammate is even putting some not-so-subtle pressure on him to do so.

Giants defensive captain Justin Tuck said there’s “no reason not to” expect Cruz in attendance.

“He hasn’t said anything as far as why he wouldn’t be there, even though, obviously, the contract situation,” Tuck said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “But for me, I think the biggest way to get things settled is to be there in good faith, I guess. But I can’t answer questions for Victor, he has to do what’s best for him. . . .

“And hopefully, when it’s all said and done, he’s doing a salsa in a Giants uniform this season. That’s all I’m worried about.”

Tuck can talk about good faith all he wants, he’s not the one looking for a new contract. And if Cruz wants to talk to someone about playing ball with the team for “good faith,” maybe he should call former Patriots receiver Wes Welker instead, to see how that worked out for him while working on a one-year deal and hoping for a longer one.

Cruz shouldn’t be anywhere near the Giants until after the April 19 deadline for a restricted free agent offer sheet, and the five-day period for the Giants to match.

The good faith move was showing up at Duke recently, to work out with quarterback Eli Manning and receivers Hakeem Nicks and Louis Murphy.

Beyond that, he needs to keep himself in shape, and let the business handle itself, and not be pressured into anything.

14 responses to “Tuck wants Cruz at offseason workout for “good faith”

  1. I can not stand the Giants for numerous obvious reasons but to be truthfully honest. They should not be overlooked in the NFC.

    A healthy Nicks with Cruz; that little bastard Eli with that defense is dangerous & especially with their experience & added motivtion to be in that Superwl hosted in in there stadium!!!

  2. What he needs to do is sign. The giants offered 7+ million making you the highest paid slot receiver. You are not Larry Fitzgerald.

  3. Anytime another player speaks on the contract situation of a teammate or foe I cringe.

    Justin Tuck shouldn’t open his mouth about the situation because in fairness, Victor Cruz should do what’s best for him and heck I am a New York Giants fan.

    One bad hit, or one tweak of the knee and he could see his career come crashing down.

    It’s a business, and similar to how the owners operate you have to get the money while it’s in your grasp.

    Tuck is making a lot of money right now to be an average player while Cruz has been lights out the last two seasons and has given Eli Manning a much-needed security blanket.

    I agree with the comments that Tuck made but I dislike when players talk to the media about situations such as this.

  4. Let’s be honest here!!! Unless unfortunate circumstances may occur. If your NOT a ……

    Nyg fan
    Sf49er fan
    Sea hawk fan
    Gb packer fan
    Wash redskin fan
    No saint fan
    Or Atl falcon fan

    You basically don’t have a chance in the NFC this year.

    **** I would have made an argument for Detroit but (mjkelly) &(lions draft guy) “TROLLS” have me down on them******

  5. I’m sure the giants coaches want tuck to show up for once since his first superbowl season. In good faith of course

  6. I always was a tuck fan, but all of his verbal diarrhea the last year is taking its till on that. I really like Cruz, but the man was raised in Paterson, NJ. Not the most affluent area. He has to do what’s best for him to stay out of that city

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