Wright: Bucs said they won’t trade me

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With a contract that has been reduced from $7.5 million to $1.5 million, Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright has become a bargain.  And that makes him possible trade bait.

But Wright says it won’t happen.  He says it won’t happen because the team has told him it won’t.

“While we were restructuring, I got a chance to talk to Coach Schiano and Mark Dominik, and I frankly asked if a restructure would mean me possibly getting traded,” Wright wrote on his blog, via JoeBucsFan.com.  “They told me that would not happen.  They told me that they wanted me.  Telling me they want me to be there and they’re not thinking about trading me, that meant a lot to me.  They opened the door for the restructure to happen, so I obviously was ready to take the pay cut to stay and prove myself.”

Of course, none of that is binding, unless the contract has a no-trade clause.  And it doesn’t.  Which means that the Bucs can trade him if they want to.

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  1. What an idiot..
    It meant a lot to you that they want you there and will not trade you huh????
    Yea, they want you VERY VERY much, as long as you give up 6 million dollars!!!
    And because they told you something, you believe them?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What was your Wonderlic score?

  2. Just because you went public with the line Victory Formation fed to you doesn’t mean he’s not gonna trade you now! That has been your destiny ever since the Glazers over paid you. Sorry! Life will be better when you get out I promise! (As long as you don’t end up at the Jets or Raiders)

  3. Right so he has an iron clad deal that they won’t trade him contingent that they want him. If the day comes that they change their mind and no longer want him then he will naturally be traded. Just like everybody else, no other player in the league is in any different of a situation.

    They are always wanted at their present contract level, until the day that they are not whenever that may be whether 1 hour or many years.

  4. Let’s just do a mock conversation for fun:

    (Monday afternoon) Eric Wright walks into the GM’s office….


    Hey boss, Mr Dominik sir, sorry to bother you but I’m having an issue. My agent called me this morning and told me I was traded today and I explained to him how there must be some kind of mistake and that I wouldn’t buy into his joke, but he wouldn’t let up and insisted it was real. He even told me to come talk to you if I didn’t believe him. There’s something going on cause all of my friends I called also are in on this prank and it’s starting to get really annoying. I don’t mean to accuse you or anything of starting this joke, but I mean do you have any insight here or any advice of what I should do?


    Well you see Mr. Wright, this news may actually surprise you but it is in fact true. Please allow me to explain. You see you and I had a contract that was based upon us wanting you here, which we did. But that was based upon where we value you as a player against other options. And this morning another team called us and said they are increasing their trade offer to us from the last time we talked and it would seem now that we value you far less than what this trade package is worth. So commensurate with our contract agreement we are making the deal. Thanks though for everything, we really appreciate it!

    MD to the Press:

    It is with great pride and pleasure that I am here to announce the acquisition of a key new player on our team! His name is “Mr X a Round Y prospect to be named in 2 weeks”. Despite this player being nameless and unspecific we are truly honored to add this great new addition to the team considering he’s even more exciting than the player we had to give up to get this new player of slightly more intriguing value.

  5. Win Win for both camps. Wright needs to prove himself because as of right now I doubt anyone would want him and “my” Bucs still need some CB help, like Leonard Johnson but everyone else eh.

  6. Eric,

    You should have already proved yourself by now..

    Starting with getting kicked out of SC for….hmmm??

    Grow up young man..time is flyin’

  7. The magnitude of how badly Goodell and the owners kicked De Smith’s arse during the lockout is just beginning to come to light. Great comedy indeed!

  8. Sigh…why don’t you just admit that the trade isn’t going to happen, Florio? It was never going to happen, but you media types just won’t let it go. Just like the Favre to Tampa rumors years ago.

  9. eric my friend, you have been had. i cannot believe you went for that. you could have made more on the open market. totally off the subject i’ve got a beach house in topeka that you would absolutely LOVE.

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