Dolphins pick up the tab for stadium vote


The way the Dolphins are spending money, you’d think this stadium referendum was a free agent linebacker.

According to Craig Davis of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins delivered a check for $4.8 million to the Miami-Dade County mayor’s office to pay for a referendum on public money for renovations to Sun Life Stadium.

The money is non-refundable, and will be used to pay for the election, if the election is held. If the Florida Legislature doesn’t pass a bill to approve the election, the county keeps the money.

“We’re willing to make that bet on ourselves and on the voters being able to disseminate why this is in the best interest of the county,” Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said. “We’re kind of preparing for it like a game. You don’t prepare to lose, you think about what it takes to win.”

It’s a symbolic step, sure. But in Miami, where voters were fleeced for a baseball stadium only to have the owner turn the Marlins into a Triple-A team, symbolic steps might matter.

12 responses to “Dolphins pick up the tab for stadium vote

  1. I hope the Florida voters don’t get fooled again. Marlins ballpark, hanging chads.. etc.etc.etc….
    If the Dolphins delivered a “check”, this is a done deal. Hang on to your wallet! They’ll get that money back and then some.

  2. Whoa. A pro football franchise that puts its money where its mouth is.

    What’s next, reasonable ticket prices?

  3. What will probably happen will be like what happened in Pittsburgh.

    The voters will vote AGAINST using the taxpayer’s money to build a a stadium for a billionionaire but it will be a sham vote that absolutely won’t matter and taxpayer money will be used to build a stadium for a billionaire anyway.

  4. From what I have read, the proposal is quite reasonable as the Dolphins are paying nearly all the costs. Still I doubt it passes referendum, especially after Loria fleeced the city for a stadium.

  5. If you live in Miami who cares you are not paying for one penny. Its tourists. Think of this Super Bowl 44 396$ in Revenue. That’s pretty much what the stadium renovations cost. Now imagine Super Bowl 50 how much revenue it will bring in. Just Vote YES. FORGET JEFFRY LORIA He lied to all of you Guys in Miami.

  6. The misinformed should study the proposal before posting. It’s good for the City and the franchise.

    Thank goodness that most of you live outside of the voting area.

  7. i’m begining to wonder if there is other owners out there that want this to fail and the reason i say that is there seems to be so much oppisition to this deal that the dolphins are paying more than half the costs and offering to give back every dime if the super bowl is not awarded to the city and not costing local property owners a single cent in taxes. and on top of that the revenue gained is a win win and the history of the super bowls plyed in miami have proved that everytime the big game has been played there and lets not forget that it is not the only event outside of games that will be bringing in more revenue. i’m starting to believe that other owners want this to fail because they dont want this deal to be a model for the future so they dont have to come out of pocket the way the dolphins are they want the local city/county tax payers to foot all or most of the bill not just part of it.

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