Idzik’s scholarship year comes with a caveat


It’s widely believed that, if the Jets have a third straight subpar season, coach Rex Ryan’s tenure with the team will end.

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News takes a thorough look at the situation, explaining that the placement of Ryan on the hot seat buys time for new G.M. John Idzik.

“Rex provides cover for one year,” an NFL source told Myers.  “It’s almost like having a shield.  You can do what you need to do and the guy who is going to get the arrows is Rex.  He is an easy target.  John can stay behind the scenes like the Wizard of Oz.”

Myers’ source is right, to an extent.  But if 2013 ends up so badly that ticket buyers decide there’s no place like home, the man behind the curtain will be getting a pink slip, too.

Surely, a potential scenario exists in which owner Woody Johnson would decide at the end of the season to clean house.  Whether it’s 3-13, 2-14, 1-15, or 0-16, at some point Johnson will decide to press the “reset” button.

In 2009, Johnson wanted Bill Cowher, but Cowher wanted his own G.M.  In 2013, the ongoing presence of Ryan arguably caused some candidates for G.M. to pass.  If both jobs are open at the same time, Johnson will have much more flexibility to get the right combination of coach and G.M.

Johnson could hire the G.M. first, then the coach.  Or he could hire a coach (like Cowher) and then let the coach fill out the rest of the front office.

That’s not a prediction Idzik is destined to be shown the door.  But the looming mess could end up being bad enough that, once the 2013 season finally ends, Johnson decides he’s had enough of everyone in his football operation.

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  1. Idzick has done exceptionally well, so far. Releasing the right players, and restructuring the right contracts. He didn’t have much to work with in the wake of Tannenbaum, who left him with huge contracts in all the wrong places. There are one or two players he would have been smart to re-sign before the tested the Free Agent waters, but you can’t keep everyone. The Revis situation, and the draft will be defining moments of his tenure, however long that may be.

  2. 2 years ago the Jets covered up all the Giants Superbowl Banners when they were the quote home team and played each other. It was a move that showed top to bottom how much class the organization has.

    The reality is you can fire the Coach, and you can fire the GM……………but the saying a fish rots from the head down applies to this team.

    Things will change with better ownership.

  3. The Jets are a complete mess and there is no reason to think that it will get better this year. Idzik is hamstrung with an aging roster, the Sanchez contract, and a coach who seems over-matched. Idzik may or may not be the guy to turn around the Jets, but being shown the door after one year will simply lead to another year of declining fortunes for the franchise.

    They actually need to tear the whole roster down and start from scratch. Idzik comes from a franchise that simply cut a receiver with a seven million guaranteed contract rather than have him take up a roster spot that a younger player could use. The Jets need to face up to past errors and move forward.

  4. I understand people hate Rex for whatever reason but how can you honestly blame him? Tannenbaum gave him absolute crap the past two years to work with. Giving him Sparano as OC wasn’t exactly a recipe to success either.

  5. So Woody Johnson is accused of being cheap in regards to not wanting to resign Revis but is willing to pay 3 GM’s in the span of 2 years? Hard to believe both of those things are possible.

  6. Idzik need not worry. No one else wants the job. Especially if things get worse, which they will. They’re in full out rebuild mode and they’ve got no choice.

  7. The Wizard of Oz needs to get something done with Revis and Tebow, especially if the Bucs are the only interested team in Revis. I still think another team could enter the Revis talks if he shows a return to form but the Bucs have the cap space and willingness to pay Revis top dollar, so at the end of the day Tampa seems the logical destination.

    As for Tebow; I’d try to package him with Revis and see if Tampa bites. The Bucs would obtain a QB that doesn’t possess Freeman’s talent, but would apply pressure on Josh to produce as the Florida fanbase would be salivating to see Tebow play. See if the Bucs will throw in Blount so the Jets can fill their starting RB spot with a capable player and get rid of Rex and Sanchez after this season and focus on obtaining a franchise QB.

    Easier said than done? Of course, but Tampa appears to be interested in making a deal, so why not get something done before Revis walks away for nothing at the end of the season.

  8. The other possibility of course, being that John will be given a powdered wig, a ruffled shirt, and the title Marquis De Queens. But that still remains least likely, despite an apparent natural prediliction for the role.

  9. Introducing the coach of the 2014 New York Jets…..ROB RYAN!

    For real, what’re you gonna do? The Jets gonna be the Jets.

  10. I would be real surprised if the GM gets the axe after one season
    It’s gonna take a couple of years to turn things around for that franchise

  11. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BAD!!! I swear if they can Idzik after one year, I as a jet fan will lose what little faith I had in this organization. Idzik has made all the right moves so far and i’m confident he can be successful. Trust the process.

  12. Idzik signed a 5 year deal and is going nowhere. jets will go .500 this year with 1 of the best young D lines in football, and the offense will be much better with Holmes healthy, Kerley and Hill in his 2nd year.
    They will add O line depth in the draft and will be contending again in 2014. Don’t cry for the Jets, worry about your own team. we’ll be just fine,and will sneak up and beat your ass.

  13. I dont want to sound too simplistic but if the Jets dont get just a little bit better at QB then the writing is in the sky… Rex may not see the end of the season as head coach!

  14. Big, Blue fan-
    You were picked to go back to the Bowl last year, fell on your face and missed the playoffs, and you want to talk about the Jets?
    You’ve got your own problems and the Giants covered up the Jets consecutive Championship Banners as well, so that’s no big deal.

  15. @eaglesfan290

    Wait, so you’re saying that the Jets, in their stadium specifically built to accomodate both teams by being able to switch team allegiance within a day, covered up the Giants banners while the Jets played a home game? The NERVE! Thankfully something so disrespectful doesn’t happen literally every single Sunday.

  16. Keeping Rex on this year was a monumental mistake by woody. Vince Lombardi could coach this team in 2013 and they would still be awful. So why hold on to Rex for an almost guaranteed 10+ loss season while going through a rebuilding offseason where they add young players that nobody even knows if they will fit into the next coach’s schemes? Next year they’ll be hamstrung in the coach search, either A) they restrict the search to a guy who basically runs Rex’s schemes, settling for a subpar coach, or B) they bring in someone with different schemes and they start rebuilding again next offseason, canceling out most of what they do this offseason.

    Of course, these are the Jets, so this all makes perfect sense

  17. They should do the right thing and rename them to the New Jersey Jets, since they play there anyway. And it would officially give NJ a football team.

  18. DonRSD says:Apr 13, 2013 11:14 PM

    What a joke of a franchise.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

    Yet you come here to post your pearls of wisdom.

    Come up with that all by yourself??

  19. That’s ok…he can always mandate Tebow play, which would lead the team to the playoffs, if history is any indication (4-21 to 9-7)…but it’s ok, keep searching for “the magical right way to the playoffs”, when there’s a guy on the roster who already figured out, before he even knew what he was doing as a pro…

  20. eaglesfan290 says:Apr 13, 2013 11:23 PM

    2 years ago the Jets covered up all the Giants Superbowl Banners when they were the quote home team and played each other. It was a move that showed top to bottom how much class the organization has.

    The reality is you can fire the Coach, and you can fire the GM……………but the saying a fish rots from the head down applies to this team.

    Things will change with better ownership.

    Firstly, two years ago, the Jets were still tenants at Giants’ Stadium. What’s wrong on your “home game week” to have the theme of your team on display?

    Secondly, yes fan and media pressure can have a coach and/or GM fired in any sport. Never heard of an owner selling in any sport because of poor team performance. To many owners, it’s their toy. They made their money elsewhere.

    Thirdly, as an Eagles fan, don’t you have enough to worry about with your team?? Good luck.

  21. Good. Let them suck for another ten years. It’s been a great two years not having to listen to that fanbase. Hopefully the banner cover up is their cubs billy goat

  22. A couple of thoughts from a Fins fan…

    Revis, as good as he is, isn’t worth $14-$15 million per year he is looking for. Don’t do it.

    You have Garrard this year, who is a good player if healthy. He should have an equal shot at being the starter and will likely outperform Sanchez

    How quickly you forget, the problem with the Jets has been the offense (like my Fins). Poor playmakers, terrible QB play and a non existent running game these last 2 years. That is on the coaching staff with a lack of planning and creativity. What happened to the ground and pound?

    Revis has screwed the Jets twice. He didn’t live up to his first contract and held out….and on this 2nd contract, at the time, the Jets made him the highest paid CB in the game and paid him a big number up front….and now he wants more. Say what you want about Tannebaum, but that “no hold out” clause in Revis’s contract is pretty smart.

  23. Seven years ago this team was headed in the right direction..Doing it the correct way, thru the draft, getting players like Revis, Mangold, Washington, Smith, Brick.etc..etc and .Oh Right they let go Mangini.. and besides 2 appearances in Div Championship with 90% of Mangini’s players and 70% of his coaches its been an incredible free fall..The further away from Mangenious the J-E-T-S get the worse it gets and this year could be down right UGLY…just sayin

  24. Myers…I wouldn’t believe him if he said the sky was blue on a cloudless summer day.

    So far I think the NYJ have done some good things. I thought after last year they should fire Tanny, keep RR, and get him a very self sufficient great OC so RR wouldn’t have to devote a minute of time to the offense. Well, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

    For this year they have a not so good cap situation, they are stuck with a mediocre QB they can’t cut who may be a head case, a selfish jerk of a WR coming off injury they can’t cut and a CB coming off injury who while elite, wants QB money. There isn’t a single GM in the universe who could fix that in one year. I’d give Idzik 5 years.

  25. What does a revolving door for GMs tell GM candidates?

    I think anyone capable would think twice before even considering interviewing.

    It’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  26. Woody is running his football team like an accountant. You need to be smart with the purse but you also need to be a maestro and conduct the whole orchestra. Woody doesn’t like to pay people who he fires or the individuals he sees as “his” guy. Alas, both Tannenbam and Ryan were kept past their highest and best use so the accountant in Woody could save a buck on a rehire. The result is that the orchestra as a whole continues to play out of tune.

  27. If Idzik goes 3-13 or 1-15, he will be a genius. This team needs a franchise QB, and next year is the year to do it. This year is about getting rid of the dead weight and salary cap hell, and he is on his way to that.

    Build the O-Line and Defense, let the future QB(Johnny Football) take care of the rest.

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