McCoy likes winning vibe in San Fran


Quarterback Colt McCoy refused to say anything bad about the Browns after being traded to San Francisco.  But his recent gushing about the 49ers says everything he could about his view of the situation in Cleveland.

“When I walked in the building in San Francisco, it was the same feel [as at UT],” McCoy tells Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “It’s a great organization, and their only focus is:  We want to win, and we want to win now.  That’s obviously different than some of the things that I’ve been part of the last few years.  I was really happy about that.”

In other words, the Browns don’t have that vibe.  And he’s not upset about being gone from Cleveland.

In San Francisco, he knows he’ll be the backup.  “That’s my role — to back up Colin [Kaepernick],” McCoy said.  “We all want to play.  I think everybody’s career takes a different path.  Ultimately, starting is the goal.  But Coach [Jim] Harbaugh and [offensive coordinator Greg] Roman are great offensive minds.  There are so many positives there that I’ll go in and learn.  I’m in my playbook right now.  That’s kind of my job right now — get familiar with the system, what we’re doing.”

As McCoy enters the final year of his rookie deal, a chance to learn from Harbaugh and Roman could help prepare him to go elsewhere and compete for playing time or a starting job in 2014.  In a quarterback-starved league, crazier things have happened.

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  1. I think Colt could be playing for the Steelers or the Redskins as a starter in two years.

  2. I love Colt. What a predictable chump. The Browns don’t have a winning atmosphere in their building (like UT… gag) because they aren’t winners yet. Do you get that Colt? They gave you two seasons at the most important and influential position on the field to turn them into winners and you failed emphatically. What are you whining about, then?? You are a pop gun, undersized, dink and dunk qb with no potential as a starter. Just don’t say anything next time. You were not given a raw deal in Cleveland. Even with the WR’s and RB and O-line they have there now, you would have accomplished nothing to make the Browns a playoff contender. Suck it up and quit pointing the finger. Your glory days are long gone, cowboy.

  3. Colt McCoy to the Redskins next year. They are in desperate need of a decent QB. They might have to bring in Tebow too, really anything would be an upgrade over what they have right now.

  4. Better be careful little pony boy! #3 on the Niners is not too shabby of a backup and you aren’t automatically Kaepernicks backup? You didn’t do crap in Cleveland so don’t assume anything! I’d take Tolzien over you any day of the week!

  5. SF has a winning vibe and Cleveland doesn’t? Color me surprised. This is not news to anyone other than an infant football fan. Good for McCoy to finally feel like he is a part of a winning organization albeit as a backup. I hope his NFL journey takes him to Indianapolis for at least one season, for obvious reasons.

  6. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 13, 2013 9:26 PM

    When you look at the word fraud in the dictionary it’s a picture of the 49ers logo, RG3 Wannabe #7 and Colt McCoy. #Frauds


    Frauds don’t make the Super Bowl. They do, however, make troll accounts. #HaveFunWithMediocrity

  7. Logicalvoice,

    It gives me great joy to know that ten years from now both Kaepernick and Wilson will have more wins, both regular season and post-season, than RGIII, even though they compete against each other in the same division.

    Redskins are a joke, barely relevant.

  8. Browns first step to building that winning vibe: new ownership.
    Second step: new front office and coaches.
    Third step: unload dead weight like Colt McCoy.
    Looks like they’re on their way…

  9. He threw the brownies under the bus…it’s up to the players to create a winning environment in the locker room, but obviously McCoy didn’t have that vibe either as a player.

  10. I’m sure there are a lot of NFL teams whose goal is not to win now, lol. These kinds of hyperbole are great for high school dummies, but it’s a little bit ridiculous for the pros.

  11. How is it that 99% of the comments I make here get deleted, and logical voice somehow manages to stick around. Please logical voice, kill yourself.

  12. This dude sounds like a crybaby! He’s not going to be a starter this year, so it doesn’t matter what he thinks about a winning vibe. The 49ers gave up picks for a guy that is in his last year of his contract. He won’t be in SF after that.

  13. When McCoy didn’t gut it out in the national championship and left his teammates high and dry, you could see he didn’t have what it takes to be a leader in the NFL. Protected that paycheck though.

  14. I’ve never liked McCoy ever since he was leveled by James Harrison and he had his daddy cry “foul” on his behalf.
    Little Colt is a whiny, sniveling, pampered, spoiled, entitled brat who has zero business being involved in a man’s game like the National Football League.
    His parting shots at the Browns upon his arrival in San Francisco were classless.
    The irony is that the 49ers haven’t exactly been steeped in recent greatness. I’m pretty sure that not so long ago, that building was occupied by the fired Mike Singletary.

  15. Colt, you are a loser. What have you accomplished? If you earn a ring, it’s as a backup. How does that feel?

  16. I like Colt McCoy, he was terrific at Texas, and seems to be a good kid. But let’s face it. He is nothing close to a starting caliber NFL QB. He does not have anything approaching a strong enough arm. He may have one of the worst arms in the league.

  17. @lionsdraftguy…great comment bud. Now try it with less envy. You’re going to call SF classless when you have a guy on your team that stomps opponents when they’re on the ground and your offseason program has way too much marijuana and police field sobriety tests. Thanks for trying loser. 🙂

  18. Lets all pray together than that kap goes down with a serious knee injury then,
    So McCoy can prove to the world how confident he really is.

  19. It would be wise for colt to keep his trap shut and do his best impersonation of a sponge. Watch and learn Colt.

  20. Florio: “In other words, the Browns don’t have that vibe. And he’s not upset about being gone from Cleveland.”

    In others, you just invented a vibe that McCoy NEVER conveyed. What McCoy ACTUALLY said in so many words according to the ACTUAL piece written by Charean Williams had nothing to do with thumbing the Browns. If anything, McCoy seems be OWNING his part of the suck when he admits to “the things that I’ve been part of the last few years.”

  21. I ,as a browns fan, liked Colt McCoy. He was a competitor for sure, and you could do alot worse for a backup. This comment isnt anything to be pissed about as a Browns fan. Its only stating the obvious atmosphere we all observed while Schurmur was giving his few, and I stress few, post game win speeches to the team. Our team does have talent, and we do have holes to fill, but the one thing weve never had is a firey, motivating leader. Name one guy since 99 that was like this. Maybe Butch Davis, but that is as close as it got. Maybe we have a coaching staff now that can get the atmosphere in Cleveland to a winning one. Colt was a cool Kat at training camps talking with fans and wanted to win, but it didnt work out, Move on and good luck to him!

  22. How disappointing. I wanted to happy for Colt when he left Cleveland. He had a chance to be the man and put a franchise on his shoulders. He failed. Winners don’t kick dirt on the team that sent them packing.

  23. Colt starter; losing atmosphere.

    Colt backup; winning atmosphere.

    In other words, Colt is saying, ” I don’t want to play for any team that would have me as a starter.”

  24. Colt, what happened man? You were leaving, not saying a word, doing the classy thing & then you made a dig bro…..

    You ruined what could have been a perfect exit… As time marches on you will wish you hadn’t said anything you’ll see… Reflection can really suck at times….

    You’ll get your shot… Colin will unfortunately get hurt… You will be in a game before you know it man but dude, no more comments about The Browns…

    There is a new vibe in Cleveland… Things are changing…. They will be winners… Be happy for them Colt…. Just play & wish good things for this young Browns ball club….

  25. logicalvoicesays says:Apr 13, 2013 9:26 PM

    When you look at the word fraud in the dictionary it’s a picture of the 49ers logo, RG3 Wannabe #7 and Colt McCoy. #Frauds

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  26. @49erstim

    Yeah, the same guy that donates more money to organizations and educational programs than any player in the league. Don’t see joe staley doing that. Or anything Davis. Or big mouth Harbaugh…

  27. McCoy likes winning vibe in San Fran


    Winning they haven’t won nothing yet, what if they go 0-16 ?

  28. A ring is a ring. Being a backup and getting a ring is no shame. But if he wanted a ring he should have became a Ram, after all the Rams beat the hell out of the 49ers twice in 2012. The 49ers and sea hawks will be fighting for 2nd place

  29. Makes no sense when college guys DOMINATE D1 football and then look so outmatched as pros. God forbid the Niners actually have to use him someday.

  30. Harbaugh so far has shown he’s able to maximize the talents of the QBs under him so if their is a shred of talent in McCoy Harbaugh will bring it out.

    Before Harbaugh Alex Smith was nearly ran out of town and destined to go be a backup somewhere but now he was able to fetch a high 2nd round pick and a future 2nd or 3rd round pick next year to be the starting QB of the Chiefs.

    That’s not to say the same thing will happen to McCoy but if I was a QB with a career on the ropes I couldn’t imagine any other situation I would want to be in to revitalize my career.

  31. To be honest, it’s players like Colt McCoy that are the reasons Cleveland hasn’t been any good. Looks like they are purging their roster of dead weight and sub par talent along with rebuilding the front office and coaching staff with respectable and proven coaches. I understand that Pat Shurmer and Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennell are some of the worst coaches in the league and never should have been hired to head a football team and GM Tom Heckert assembled some nice talent. Now it’s up to the coaches to take a competitive team from last year and take the next step.

    As far as McCoy, he needs to stop thinking this is Texas and that he is some star. He is not talented enough to be an NFL starting QB. Kind of classless on his part and didn’t accept any blame. Good kid just getting caught up in dealing with being irrelevant.

  32. logicalvoicesays says: Apr 13, 2013 9:26 PM

    When you look at the word fraud in the dictionary it’s a picture of the 49ers logo, RG3 Wannabe #7 and Colt McCoy. #Frauds

    A lesson we all need to take to heart, sir. Carry on truth-telling.

  33. It’s incredible how one’s perspective can change once we come to accept our roles and fate in life. If you cling to the past and think you’re better than you really are, then you’re going to be a bitter person whose negativity reflects onto others. Colt can have a nice long and lucrative career as a backup QB in the NFL. #greatestgig

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