Sanchez apparently won’t be heading to Tampa


On Friday, we advanced the ball on the Darrelle Revis trade talks with a wrinkle that came as a surprise:  The name of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has come up in the negotiations.

We tripped over this particular nugget while exploring whether the Jets may be trying to foist Tim Tebow onto the Bucs as part of the trade.  A source with knowledge of the talks said that, while Tebow’s name hasn’t been mentioned, Sanchez’s has.

The move would make a lot of sense for the Jets, who surely would have cut Sanchez by now, if his $8.25 million base salary for 2013 weren’t fully guaranteed without offset.

Multiple reports have since emerged that the Buccaneers aren’t interested in Sanchez.  Several of the reports have confirmed, however, that his name did indeed come up as a potential add-on to the deal.

If the Bucs would take Sanchez, it wouldn’t mean they necessarily want him.  It would mean that they want Revis badly enough to remove from the Jets the obligation to pay Sanchez $8.25 million guaranteed — and to carry the cap space that is consumed along with it.

Apparently, Tampa’s desire to land Darrelle Revis has a limit.

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  1. Jets said. Ok we need the 1st, the 3rd and 5th round picks from the bucs for Revis. Or no picks but you have to take Sanchez from us.

  2. themagicman1223 says:
    Apr 13, 2013 10:51 AM
    This article made me laugh so much… Teams aren’t even willing to take Sanchez if he was given to them.

    Certainly not at a guaranteed $8 million+. If he was getting paid as a potentially serviceable NFL backup QB then some teams would be interested.

  3. What a ridiculous trade proposal. I’m not a Sanchez fan, but c’mon. The Jets have a lot more problems than their QB. They should trade their GM, not the QB!

  4. Not a surprise. Can’t help but notice that the Jets new GM has pretty much put a muzzle on Rexy as has S. Payton in NO with his loudmouth twin Robbie. In the past, Rexy was the mouthpiece about everything gang-green. It’s kind of nice not having to hear Rexy or Robbie’s blow-hard mouths…… if we could just do the same with the blow-hard in Dallas, all would be well in the NFL.

  5. Hmmm…. I want to play…
    I’ve stumbled over a nugget that indicates the 49ers are exploring a trade for Kaepernick.
    Now… Tomorrow I’ll say that Kaepernick isn’t going anywhere.

  6. REALLY???????????????????????????????????

    NO KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The headline should’ve read
    “Sanchez apparently won’t be heading to Tampa. Whoops! My Bad!”

  7. demolition:
    The media coined the nickname “Sanchise.” That was back when the Jets had a smothering defense, a solid running game and were, you know, winning. As the media always do, they gave all the credit to the quarterback.
    Now that the Jets are only a shadow of their former selves (2009 and 2010), the media have turned on Sanchez and are giving him all the blame.
    Let’s be honest: the Jets couldn’t win even with Peyton Manning, who, as I recall, told the Jets so much so by showing them zero interest when he was a free agent…

  8. Please dear God let someone, anyone take Sanchez, even if the Jets have to pay most of his contract, just get him the hell out of New York, please!!!

  9. The fact that the new JETS GM even thought about proposing an add-on like Sanchez to the Revis deal has me questioning his competency for his job.

    Its one of most ridiculous suggestions I have heard in quite a long time. This isn’t a video game. Embarrassing!!!

  10. There are occasionally dumb items of speculation offered on this board, but to think there is even ONE franchise in this league that would take on BOTH Mark Sanchez, AND his contract beats them all.

    That would be a trade that would immediately instigate a league wide investigation on whether any management group THAT stupid should be allowed to continue running that team.

    BTW- at a million per year, Mark Sanchez would make a fine back up for some team.

  11. I could see Tampa taking Sanchez with revis but giving less draft value. Maybe revis and Sanchez for a 4th rounder and 5th rounder in 2020.

  12. Jax to NYJ 2nd overall pick

    Jets to jax 2nd round pick

    Jets to TB – Revis

    TB to Jax 2014 1st rounder
    TB to Jax 2013 2nd rounder

  13. Just because the Vikings made it look easy trading Percy Harvin for a first and seventh this year and third next year doesn’t mean the same would happen to the Jets. What on earth were they thinking demanding so much to begin with and then adding a quarterback into the mix? This isn’t just greed. This is stupidity at its finest.

  14. Could someone please explain to me why a cornerback coming off major knee surgery is worth all this?

  15. Bobzila demolition:
    The media coined the nickname “Sanchise.” That was back when the Jets had a smothering defense, a solid running game and were, you know, winning. As the media always do, they gave all the credit to the quarterback.
    Now that the Jets are only a shadow of their former selves (2009 and 2010), the media have turned on Sanchez and are giving him all the blame.
    Let’s be honest: the Jets couldn’t win even with Peyton Manning, who, as I recall, told the Jets so much so by showing them zero interest when he was a free agent…

    If you think Peyton didn’t consider coming to the jets because of their talent you’d be mistaken. It is as simple as not playing in the same city his brother has already conquered.

  16. I suspect that lots of various names come up with hypothetical negotiations. If I was talking with the Pats and said…..”we want to know what you want for Brady”…..that would qualify that my team is interested and talking with the Pats about getting a deal put together for Brady. It would be a big news/blog item but have not substance. I suspect this may have been the case here, too.

  17. Not a Buc’s fan but can’t for the life of me understand why they would be willing to offer a 1st rd. draft pick for Revis when they could draft one of the elite DB’s, save a ton of money and not have to deal with whether or not Revis will be 100% healthy……….and not have to deal with Revis wanting a new contract every other year. Buc’s have other holes to fill, including QB so their interest in Revis is baffling. The Jets should’ve jumped all over the Buc’s offer of a 1st rd pick but with an owner like Woody and a HC like Rexy…..I guess it’s not that hard to understand why they didn’t.

  18. In 201p the Bucs under spent the imaginary salary cap by as much as the Skins over spent it and they are still reaping the comparative advance from that. How else could they even consider just eating$8M in cap space to facilitate a trade.

    Good thing they weren’t in the NFC East or they would have felt the wrath of Mara!

  19. Not a fan of either team, but if Sanchez and Josh Freeman were both free agents, I would take Sanchez first.

    Freeman can’t even get an extension from his own team.

    If I was Tampa, I would take the Sanchez/Revis trade on the condition that Sanchez restructured is contract to a 2 year deal, with a $2 million signing bonus and league minimum this year with another $5 million option bonus due the first day of the league year in 2014 with another $8 million in salary next year plus the chance to compete for the starting job.

    If Sanchez wins it, and actually wins the starting competition and plays like a competent starting QB, he can make $16 million in the next two years with the ability to hit the free agent market in 2015 when the big money TV deals comes in. Then, Tampa would have to pay him Flacco money (as a Steelers fan, it is SO funny writing that), franchise him (after Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan get paid that will probably be in the $20 million + range) or let him hit free agency.

  20. The Bucs would not of seriously considered taking Sanchez’s contract for a minute. This is proof of reporters justifying their jobs during the off season.

  21. Jets receive the Bucs 1st and 2nd round picks in this years draft and Lagarette Blount.

    Bucs receive Darelle Revis, Mark Sanchez and the rights to Joe Klecko, Freeman McNeil and Mark Gastineau.

    Sounds Great!!!

  22. I seriously don’t understand why people claim that the Bucs can just draft one of the “elite” corners rather than trade for Revis.

    That “elite” corner you have them hypothetically drafting is just a lottery ticket. He’s an unknown. He’s not a proven commodity. Revis is proven to be elite. He’s one of the best cb’s in the league. He’s as close to a guarantee as you can get. If he were fully healthy, this wouldn’t even be a question.

    Would you rather have one of DRC, Aaron Ross, Antoine Cason, Ahmad Carroll, Mike Jenkins etc (1st round unproven CB) or Revis?

    I’d rather take the safe bet and trade for Revis… And I am, by no means, a Jets fan.

  23. Freeman and Sanchez should be a perfect case study of not over reaching for a “franchise” QB when it’s not there.

    Just cause you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to ruin your franchise and draft one.these guys were 3rd rounders at best.

    Take best player available teams. Learn your lesson.

  24. If im the bucs not only am i taking revis and that bum stankchez, im asking for mangold as well. You have muscle hamster to run the ball and adding mangold to that o-line would drastically make him one of the best rbs in the game. Add revis, who cares abt the acl, its 2013 not 1983. Anyone else see what AP did after acl surgery? Technology is more advanced today. Getting revis puts them atop their division defensively almost immediately, so having a great defense then a great running game you are looking at the 2000 ravens who won a superbowl that way. Look at the bigger picture here and all please stop saying get a corner in the draft. No corner in the draft will be better then revis even with one leg. I wish my giants could afford to get revis, not at 16 mil/yr but at a more reasonable 9-10 mil/yr. defense still wins championships sometimes. So having revis when you play brees,ryan, and newton twice a year, he is well worth it. You think brady,isnt hoping revis gets dealt, or tannenhill or whoever buffalos qb will be. So if im the bucs ill take that bum sanchez, along with mangold n revis and give away aa 2nd this year and a 1st next

  25. Then the Jet’s could finally appoint Tebow the heir-apparent, and he can go on to lead the Jets to the playoffs next year and everyone will live happily ever after. NOT!

    What a train wreck that would be for the Buc’s. I can just envision the Jets saying, hey, we decided that as part of the deal you have to take Sanchez off our backs and his contract to, how about that?

    I can only imagine the bucks response and it would have to be fairly close to language I used in my Navy days. Maybe worse.

  26. We can all agree that Sanchez is terrible, but come on now, the Jets don’t have anyone better.

    The only way it would even start to make sense is if the trade is Revis and Sanchez for Freeman and picks. TB’s not that stupid.

  27. I seriously think Woody Johnson needs to go, but they can’t fire an Owner, Who would fire the Owner? I dont know about Woody, too many eggs in too many baskets

  28. How many front office guys shake their heads & laugh at the Jets after they hang up the phone?

  29. Thank God! Stevie had Revis’ number so if he sticks around no big deal. But if the Jets can get rid of Sanchez that’s terrible news for Bills Mafia.

  30. Can you believe the Jets traded up to secure the right to draft Sanchez. So not only did they blow a 1st round pick, they bet the farm on it.

    That can set your franchise back about 10 years and the Jets are proving that to be the case.

  31. wow, can this get any worse for the jets. first revis and now sanchez feel unwelcomed by the jets. and both have huge $$$$$$$ coming up in 2013 from the jets. NICE. what a mess.

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