School district sues Brian Banks’ accuser over false rape claim


Wanetta Gibson, the woman who put aspiring linebacker Brian Banks in prison for five years by falsely accusing him of rape, also got $750,000 from the school district in Long Beach, California, by falsely claiming they failed to keep her safe from Banks. Now the school board is trying to get its money back.

The Long Beach Unified School District is suing Gibson, who claimed that Banks raped her at Long Beach Polytechnic High School while they were both students there. That accusation cost Banks his scholarship to USC, got him sent to prison for five years and appeared to end his football career until Banks got her to state in the presence of a hidden recording device that she had made the whole thing up.

“Our school district takes seriously our obligation to be a good steward of public funds,” the district said in a statement. “It’s important to convey that our school board will take action to recoup any losses if someone attempts to defraud our schools of much-needed resources.”

Even if the district wins the lawsuit, it’s unlikely that Gibson will ever pay anything close to $750,000, as she has reportedly spent all the money already and currently is poor enough that she and her children qualify for public assistance.

The school district also wants Gibson criminally charged, although prosecutors have said they have no plans to file any charges against her. Banks, who signed with the Falcons this month, has said he has forgiven Gibson.

141 responses to “School district sues Brian Banks’ accuser over false rape claim

  1. Unfortunately, there’s probably nothing they can do to this woman. What should the penalty be for ruining someone’s life? Hope BBanks hits it big, that’s probably as much justice as he can hope for.

  2. I still can’t believe the state doesn’t want to try her criminally. She broke the law, sent an innocent man to jail for 5 years (potentially costing him millions of dollars) and defrauded a public institution out of taxpayers money. Not to mention its stories like this which help to cast doubt over REAL victims, just makes me sick.

  3. She is obviously a worthless person. Her kids should be put in custody of someone who doesn’t suck at life so they don’t suffer and then every dime she makes for the rest of her life should go to that school district.

  4. It takes a special kind of stupid person to ruin a man’s life, then blow $750,000.00 and have no money left to pay back the school district for the lie you created, and then have to apply for public assistance and screw the taxpayers once again, because you are as dumb as dirt.

  5. To be honest … she should be executed. How about someone puts you or a loved one in prison for 5 years? This evil person needs to get a ticket to the next life.

  6. One part makes me wonder why Banks has forgiven her??????

    Another makes me sick on how one could blow $750k and then receive welfare. She should be in a homeless shelter where she belongs, not in a comfortable 2 bedroom apartment receiving money, food stamps, ect……ect…..let me stop now before I get into trouble!!!!!!!

  7. How did he get convicted in the first place? I’m asking because I don’t understand the American judicial system. Did he sleep with her or what?

  8. Prosecutors have no plans to charge her with a crime? Pathetic. Their indifference is a worse use of taxpayer money than the $750,000 that was previously shelled out.

  9. if this society had any sanity/sense left in it this woman would not have been able to live freely for this long after the news broke & she’d be unable to pay bail in county while awaiting an upcoming prison sentence

  10. I would hope that someone who falsely reports a crime and then gets paid as a result would be able to be prosecuted legally??

    They should stick her in a cage in the penal system for five years.

  11. I think this girl should be forced to do 10,000 hours of community service; preferably serving as Bank’s tackling dummy..

  12. Hasn’t this woman been put in jail? I mean she did defraud the school out of all that money, did she not?

    Make her work for the school without pay until the day she dies.

  13. A little while? She destroyed a Nan’s life and stole $750k from a school via fraud. Give her 10 years min.

  14. So she ruined a man’s life, wasted 3/4 of a Million, and at the age of 24 she is on welfare. Wow! A poster child for all the wrong reasons. The school district should make her a speaker to every class so all the kids would learn what not to do in life.

  15. WOW…you get that kind of money and you don’t put yourself through college and have a prospering career? I grew up very poor but I got myself on track. I can’t imagine what I could have done with that kind of money.

  16. Thats why our system needs to be tougher. Oh you committed fraud but blew all the money on stupid garbage (our money)? Thats ok, we will take away your kids and put you in a work camp until you make the 750k back. We need more consequences.

  17. Why? Won’t charge her? How the hell can they not plan to file charges? Look at what she did. Complete BS

  18. I would be ashamed of my local prosecutors for not filing charges. She did irreversible damage to this man. She lied on the stand and stole money from the local school district.

    How can there not be charges filed against her?

    Who cares about getting the money back, she needs to be in jail.

  19. The hell with the money, I’m curious to know why she’s not facing criminal charges. Everything in this world can be replaced except for time. That B#### stole 5 years of Brian’s life.

  20. And just think there is rapist like Big Ben playing in the NFL, this poor SOB goes to jail and his life ruined and the real rapist is on the loose everyday.

  21. I wish they’d throw her in jail. It’s sad that she even has kids. I’m sure they will turn out great.

  22. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

    Sue her for everything she’s got!!!!!!!

    It’s about damn time like women like this learn their lesson!!!!

    Prosecutors, after this just use Bank’s recording to throw her ass in jail for double or triple for what Banks got!!!!

    Try Roger Clemens for perjury??? It should be for this miserable product of disgust!!!

  23. I don’t care if they can’t get anything I still am glad to see this happen. If she does happen to come into a little money later then the judgement against her would still be in effect. She should absolutely be criminally prosecuted though, along with her scumbag mother who her up to this.

  24. She lied about the entire thing… in court… over and over…. keep telling us they cant do anything. Charge her with numerous cases of perjury.. and technically she could be charged with fraud for the money

  25. She needs to do five years in jail to see how it feels. Unfortunately, she has a lot less to lose than Banks did. What a piece of human filth.

  26. Really, what can be done at this point? The woman is entirely wretched. She’s a liar and cost a man a career. She had money thrown at her and blew it all and now cares for herself and multiple children with public assistance. She has no prospects for a good life, and her kids are sinking with her ship. You can’t help but pity such a foul creature.

  27. Women that falsely accuse others of rape will never see a jail cell. They are afraid that if a woman cries rape, then a man goes to jail, then she would never admit it was a lie because she would go to prison. Its a broken system.

  28. She needs to have her children removed from her and send her to jail. But that’s almost like sentencing her kids as well, given the state our child assist programs are in. All she has done is shown the next generation how to cheat and lie. Banks on the other hand is a fantastic story of perseverance and is an example of how to lift yourself up out of trouble and rise above it.

  29. Its about time! That deadbeat should do at least 5 years in the clink, then five years of community service for general principle.

  30. The school system might not get any money back, but she sure as hell can get some jail time. I’d say 10 years (twice the time he spent in jail) is sufficient.

  31. How long has he been in jail?
    It should be time for time. As long as he was in jail. She should go for the same time.

    For those of you who think that she has children and they would be punished by not having their mother around, I say that would be a blessing for them!
    Keep the grandmother away too. BAD PEOPLE.

    Good Luck Brian!!

  32. Even if the school can’t get the money back, it’s necessary to show that you can’t do this kind of thing and get away with it.

  33. All acts that harm someone where a wrong is committed, a crime, must be met with some form or retribution and restitution.

    This is the function of the ‘state’ (i.e. government) – as a protective association. This is the basis for why we have government in the first place. If the various levels of government are unwilling to pursue this person then they should discontinue collecting taxes and disband. The citizens could then form their own protective associations and we could devolve society back to our tribal days.

    I am so disappointed that no one will be pursuing any criminal case against her.

  34. Unfortunately they’re just wasting more taxpayer $$$ by suing her. By all accounts she’s blown thru all that cash money.

    If only we still had debtors prisons…she would be inmate #1.

  35. Charge her. She should go to jail for five years and have 50% of any future earnings garnished to go to the victims of actual rape and towards repaying the taxpayers of the district. Oh, and her going to Hell wouldn’t be so bad.

  36. pretty interesting that he spent 5yrs in jail, he lost his opportunity for scholarship and college football career and possibly a pro career but chose not to sue but the school who lost nothing due to the events is suing….

    they won’t get anything out of her just toss in jail for a while that seems to be the best justice

  37. What was the proof in the case anyway that could lead to him getting jailed for 5 years. How can that happen??

    She should now be jailed for ruining his life.

  38. Sadly, the worst part about this whole situation is that this low life made it much more difficult for future rape victims criminal and civil court cases!

  39. What a disgrace. With 750,000 bucks, I could start my own business and be self sufficient the rest of my life. She needs a public caning, then a public UFC style brawl with Banks, and then 5 to 10 behind bars. Poor innocent kids, once again.

  40. “She and her children” obviously don’t have a father around the house. Scum of the earth.

  41. This chick should be imprisoned for a minimum of 5 years, and her kids put in foster care.

    There’s no accountability for these liars.

  42. If she admits that she ‘made the whole thing up’, then she needs to be charged. That’s rather the concept behind justice…

    I’m impressed with Mr. Banks, who has said he forgives her. That said, she should be punished for defrauding the school district to the tune of 3/4 of a million dollars (not to mention falsely imprisoning Banks for five years).

    At some point we need to be clear in our message that lying under oath is a crime… especially in this instance where real damage has been done.

  43. I object to calling this woman “poor”. The term “poor” should refer to people who work hard and struggle to stay above water. They deserve support/help. People like her should simply be called scammers, or willfully poor since they could work, stay on birth control and off the taxpayer’s dime.

  44. Public assistance? What a joke. Baby mama didnt save that money like a smart girl would have because she knew she was a liar. It cool. Taxpayers raising your kids for you.

  45. Something is wrong when she doesnt get charged with lying to police,perjury in court and taking money under false pretenses.she should also be charged with false imprisonment since it was her lie that sent an innocent victim away.the laws of this land must be changed to protect the innocent by making lying in sexual assault cases a severe criminal act which results in prison terms.

  46. I really hope there aren’t any of you concerned about her having children and therefore she should not go to prison. Not only did she perform this heinous act repeatedly with premeditation (in order to file report the crime, testify in court, and then file the insurance), she also blew through 700k when this money should have been used responsibly if indeed she is concerned about her children. I’m sure she is raising model children.

  47. She (and her Mother) need to be put in jail for 5 years and surrender the rest of their money to Banks

  48. she should be in jail. what a disgusting thing to do. surprise surprise she’s blown through all the money and is on public assistance. what a joke.

  49. Simple solution. If the school district wins the judgement, whatever federal financial assistance she receives (welfare, cost of food stamps, etc…), goes to the school district UNTIL she pays back the 750k. She receives nothing until the debt is paid.

    Of course, that is in a FAIR and JUST judicial system. Never gonna happen.

  50. She won’t be prosecuted? She must be a member of the Jane Fonda “exempt from justice club”.

  51. I’m not a tea bagger, but this woman really needs to spend time behind bars. I read that if the prosecutors go after her, this could prevent other liars from coming clean to free other innocent people behind bars. I say BS to that. Those are isolated cases and depends on the DAs office in each area. The court should also take away all her luxury items and make her pay restitution the rest of her life. She is worthless to a civilized society.

  52. What is the statute of limitations for perjury in California? Maybe that is why no charges filed. Not saying it is right, just asking.

  53. Take away her kids and give them a chance at life. With a mother like that, they’re already on the path towards prison.

  54. Under California state law, a person wrongfully convicted is entitled to 100$ a day for every day in prison. Banks served 5 years, which comes out to $182,500. So the guy loses 5 years of his life and gets less than 1/3 of what the girl who falsely accused him got. Seems fair right??

    Mr. Banks, I hope you sue the state of California for everything they have..

  55. I love this story! Except for the part where she gets off the hook. Debtors prison anyone?

    Or maybe, forgo civil case and go after her criminally. Either way, I hope her life is made miserable (for at least 5 years).

  56. “Mr. Banks, I hope you sue the state of California for everything they have..”

    I agree, but these days the state of California doesn’t have much. The only way these days that Banks could get something from the state of California is if he had a state-worker’s pension.

  57. Brian Banks must be an intelligent and remarkable person.

    Wanetta Gibson … well, she’s another story. She’s obviously one of the dregs of society. Anyone who can accept that amount of money under false pretenses while ruining someone’s career, imprisoning that person is totally despicable. I give Brian Banks a lot of credit for being able to move on and wish him and the Falcons the best.

  58. rajbais says:
    Apr 13, 2013 8:54 AM

    Sue her for everything she’s got!!!!!!!
    She is on welfare,what will you sue her for,food stamps ?

  59. give her a year and a day in a Bangkok prison. If she gets away with this it insults the justice system and future victims, plus the man’s life is clearly a fraction of what it could have been

  60. What’s wrong with this picture? A guy has no violent criminal record, is a star high school athlete, and is about to play bigtime football at USC. A girl cries rape with no evidence present, and Banks’ lawyer thinks he shouldn’t plead innocent. His former lawyer is a criminal too.

  61. The children should be placed with their fathers – I’m sure there is more than one. Then, she should serve 5 years in a men’s prison just like banks. I’m pretty sure she won’t falsely cry rape ever again after that!

  62. this story infuriates me. this welfare queen gets 750k by lying and manipulating the system, blows through it and gets knocked up in the meantime so our gov’t starts throwing money at her…and meanwhile i get denied federal student aid for school b/c “my parents income is too high” and i am TWENTY FIVE years old….what a joke this country is. public assistance should be ended, survival of the fittest. let people like this spend their money and hair and nails and clothes until they starve to death. savages.

  63. If you put her in jail you just have to giver her free food, healthcare, pay guards to watch her plus utilities. Then you have to put her kids in foster care, which costs more money from the state. So what do we do with these people???
    How years about public service? Picking up trash or cleaning up the animal shelter. We used to shame people like this. She could perform her duties with a sign around her neck saying what she did.
    Or, better yet remember the stocks?

  64. Is nobody else purely disgusted by the fact that WE are paying for this miserable wh*%#’s life? Is this what our wonderful government assistant programs are for?! To support worthless pieces of trash that can blow through $750k in less than five years? I’m so sick of the professional baby makers our government is creating. We should make it more difficult to get government assistance, not easier. Good call libs, let’s just keep pouring money into these programs. Smdh

  65. This may be a little extreme, but she should be fixed. She shouldn’t be allowed to procreate anymore cause god knows those kids are just going to follow in moms footsteps and be worthless trash.

  66. kingpel says:
    Apr 13, 2013 7:54 AM
    Huh? So she just gets away with it? It can not end like this or people will just keep doing it!

    This got 3 thumbs dumb, REALLY ??????????
    I wish it listed the names. We could get them help.

  67. Send her to prison, she ruined a mans life and possibly destroyed a school while making up a lie. In that prison she will get what she lied about over and over… and no one will care. Even that’s too good for this woman.

  68. @lilrob10201

    Well, it’s worth making her cry and go through nervous breakdowns constantly. If she’s broke, but is given a “bill” would you not want to see a life wrecker go through suffering?

    She is a life wrecker!

    The aforementioned imagery does not represent me me being evil or wishing ill towards others. This what is okay for us to see because Brian Banks saw way worse in prison.

  69. Please post the name of the DA that didnt press charges. I would think the voters would like to know.

  70. I for one don’t think it’s extreme blacktooth! It should be a regular practice for welfare recipients. It’s to easy for losers to procreate while sensible and responsible people plan their families!
    They should at least be required to have 2 proofs of purchase from a froot loops box! 🙂

  71. @lilrob10201

    My friend, even if she has nothing she deserves to suffer in all ways.

    If there are people who hate prison so much where the conditions cause them to not want to live. Why would you want this despicable woman to not go through worse pain that Banks had to go through or endure punishment?

    That is all I am implying.

  72. First, I commend Mr. Banks for taking the high road. He obviously got what he wanted which was to be vindicated for the injustice that was done to him, to get a shot at his dream of playing NFL football and to put all this behind him and go on with his life.
    Second, I speculate that one of the reasons why the prosecutors have no plans to charge her is they probably can’t. There is this law that we have here in the USA, it varies from state to state and for the crime committed, it is called statute of limitations. If the statute of limitations has expired nothing can be done, except in a civil court, which is what the school district is doing.

  73. if it was a false claim – then she should be put in HIS old cell in the SAME prison and just get what she gets – how’s that for all you lib enablers?

  74. “the woman who put aspiring linebacker Brian Banks in prison for five years …”

    FALSE. The police department, the DA’s office, the judge put Banks in prison. One false witness does not make a case. The authorities colluded to railroad this guy. He should be suing THEM.

  75. I don’t know maybe I’m crazy, but it seems like just having to live life as this woman is punishment. She did everything she could to ruin his life and he is still a good man with a chance for a good life. Meanwhile she lied and stole and still ended up with nothing. I’m not convinced she “got away” with anything.

  76. “Please post the name of the DA that didnt press charges. I would think the voters would like to know.”
    Along with the name of the DA who DID press charges against Banks.

    It is likely that they didn’t press charges against the liar in order to not embarrass the DA who railroaded Banks.

  77. Everyone yelling for prosecution should look up something called “statute of limitations”…As much as she deserves it, the prosecutors usually know what they’re doing.

  78. Wanetta Gibson is a form of human trash that does not deserve forgiveness, and should go to jail.
    Banks is only forgiving her, so that he can sanely move on with his life without constantly thinking about the destruction Wanetta did to his life.

  79. So this scum makes a false claim, gets an innocent person sent to jail, she gets handed $750,000 and now she is broke collecting welfare?

    All the while we have hard working Americans working 40hrs a week, struggling paycheck to paycheck, will never sniff that much money and now have to pay for this womens everything? Wow what has this country come to?

  80. She needs to go to jail and have her kids taken from her. Yes, her kids would be in much better hands as wards of the state than in the hands of a lying, low life, leach of a human being. The only values she will instill in her children are the values of getting over and doing the wrong thing for selfish reasons no matter who it hurts. She should not be allowed to see her children.

  81. its sickening how this woman isnt being arrested and put in jail and everything of value in her house taken.. it basically sets up all athletes to be accused of rape pay an outrageous sum then years later the woman can come out when she spends it all and wont get arrested..

    the man spent 5 years in prision for a lie.. the least the ‘system’ can do is match that for her.

  82. godenbroncos “statue of limitations” should begin after Banks is totally absolved from the court system, and when his probation is over. Did you ever hear of that? Maybe the prosecutors don’t know that. You sound like an apologist for the court system.

  83. I want to feel sorry for this guy if the really was innocent but the thing is, he pled no contest to the charges. I’m sure he had a lawyer and that lawyer would be obligated to make him understand that no contest is about the same thing as pleading guilty.
    There is no way I would believe a story that he did not know thoroughly that no contest meant your going to jail pal.

    Then all of a sudden he is out because she lied? After 4 years? Wonder what she was promissed?

  84. siknutty says: Apr 13, 2013 10:28 AM

    Under California state law, a person wrongfully convicted is entitled to 100$ a day for every day in prison.

    Huh. Minimum wage in CA will pay you $8/hr, that’s $64/day.

    Working for a living seems to be the least lucrative option here.

  85. How is she not in jail?

    She got $750k from the state and now she’s getting even more money from the state in the form of welfare.

    What a pathetic person.

  86. And good work Falcons for signing this guy. Even if it’s a pitty-signing it’s a classy move by the organization.

  87. I spent 5 years of my life behind bars in the California Youth Authority for crimes that I committed as a teenager, I could not imagine doing 5 years for something I did not do….. What a waste, at least I deserved to do the time, I feel for Banks, who did not deserve to do the time, this woman should be forced to do the same amount of time as Banks or more……

  88. A few thoughts here:

    1. The D.A. knows it’s useless to seek a judgment against this broad, because she will never repay, even if she were to ever make $750K over the rest of her pathetic, worthless life, so that’s why they’re not pursuing it.

  89. 2. She defrauded not only the school system, but TAXPAYERS (directly), because it is a public school system. Not to mention, she likely cost this boy 5 years of his prime, his reputation, and, simply because he would have been a USC Trojan, an almost-guaranteed eight-figure payday coming out of school.

  90. 3. What I WOULD do is seek perjury charges and let HER do some real time. She deserves it, as Banks did time for her lies. Besides, her children deserve better.

  91. She should spend 2 days in prison for every day he spent. She cost the school district money, she cost him money AND a scholarship, and she cost the government money to house him for 5 years.

    I’m surprised women’s groups aren’t storming the DA’s office. People like her cast doubt on any and all women claiming rape.

    Perjury, theft, false police report, false imprisonment, conduct unbecoming a human being.

  92. I say we all get together…lie to the cops and investigators and have her thrown into jail for something she didnt do….then she can see what its like to rot in prison for something she didnt do.

  93. She deserves to spend at least as much time in jail as Banks did. You have perjury, you have fraud… how are those two charges not enough to put her in jail for at least five years? There also has to be a way for her to pay back the school district; if she can’t pay back their money, then she should be forced to perform community service for the district until her labor adds up 750K. At minimum wage, that should take her enough years to realize how horrible what she did was

  94. Also, Banks is an amazing man for being able to forgive her for what she did. If someone did that to me, I don’t think I could be that magnanimous

  95. 10 solid years in jail.. no paroll. That coulds have happened to anyone of us. It shouldnt be that easy to ruin a guys life. Sending a guy to jail based on nothing more than a womans acusation is flatt out wrong.

  96. It’s California, land of fruit and nuts. So she partied and got busted, she’ll just make up some more sh*t , and so it goes. All about being PC ,right.All you Obamamots , this is your poster child.
    She probably got jizzy with Holder too. He never met a criminal that he wanted to prosecute.
    Push her in front of the Light Rail in Long Beach.

  97. Put a huge photo of her on billboards all over California. Next to the pic put the graphics. She LIED. She sent an innocent man to prison. She stole $750,000 of YOUR money.

    If the government won’t do its civic duty, then make a public example of her.

  98. When I first heard about this a few years back Real Sports was doing a piece about a woman who lived in the town or something and had heard from friends that he was set up. So she starts raising money to get him an attorney etc. She didn’t know him prior to someone telling her what really happened.

    They did have sex at school and it was consensual, and it was like in a stairwell and someone saw them. So in no time flat somebody calls her parents and said the was doing horizontal hokey pokey in the stairway with a big black guy. I guess her parents demanded and explanation and were afraid what the neighbors would think etc. So she says he raped me and her dad parents took it from there. Don’t get me wrong she lied and lied and lied and ruined him. As for the money I guess her parents took most of it, remember part of the issue was age she was 15 and he was 18 which would have been statutory rape in that state. Rarely done but hey.

    She the girl claims that 2 years later the guilt was killing her and she told her parents but they threatened her blah blah so…. By the way I think I saw this story 3 years ago, so even after she recants it took years to get another trial or an acquittal. I hope he does well because he must be one hell of a human being to be able to forgive and and recover his chance at his dream.

  99. It sucks she won’t even be prosecuted for what his a clear case of fraud. My guess is the tape Brian made wouldn’t be admissable or something. In addition, all the evidence the state used to convict Mr Banks could be used in her own defense, but i’m no lawyer.

    Florio you there?

  100. You will never hear any women’s rights group say anything about this ….bad PR but I bet they where all over this thing when it first happened and benefited from charitable donations and name recognition by saying hey look another brutish black male we need protection from …. The sad thing is there are a whole heap of Brain Banks out there past, present and future until we stop making it so easy to demonize young males and parlaying that into dollars for somebody we will continue to be hoodwinked by skezzas like her and the organization who make money off of societal stereo types…but hey she’s just a girl and she made a mistake…lol

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