Sherman, Browner positive tests may have helped lure Winfield to Seattle


Earlier today, we explored why cornerback Antoine Winfield may have opted to leave Minnesota.  Now, it’s time to take a look at why he chose Seattle.

Apart from the obvious stuff, including the strong-to-quite-strong chance the Seahawks have of winning the Super Bowl, Winfield likely realizes that he has a chance of extensive playing time.  And not just because of the ever-present possibility of injuries.

In 2012, starter Brandon Browner served a four-game suspension, reportedly after testing positive for Adderall.  One more violation of the policy against performance-enhancing substances will result in an eight-game suspension.  Likewise, fellow starter Richard Sherman dodged a four-game Adderall suspension of his own, beating the penalty on appeal.

A failed test or other violation by either guy would vault Winfield into the starting lineup.  If he would end up replacing Browner for half the season, Winfield would have a chance to seize the job across from Sherman for the balance of the year.

From the Seahawks’ perspective, it makes plenty of sense to have a high-end reserve ready to go, in the event that Browner or Sherman suddenly are unavailable for reasons other than injury.  For Winfield, it makes sense to be in position to make a potentially major contribution to one of the short-list Super Bowl favorites for 2013.

39 responses to “Sherman, Browner positive tests may have helped lure Winfield to Seattle

  1. He’s in Seattle because Bruce Allen deemed him unnecessary with our secondary of Hall, Jackson, Meriweather and Wilson set. No need to bring in an old player for Sub Duty. #BurgundyandGoldstandard

  2. Maybe I’m just overvaluing our depth, but I feel like Walter Thurmond & Jeremy Lane would probably step in to those roles over Winfield. Winfield is a great corner but I’m not sure how much he fits the scheme playing outside and having to play press.

    Remember, Even after Browner went out Trufant stayed as the NCB while the younger guys like Lane/Maxwell played on the outside.

  3. The Seahawk Anthem

    “No more speed, I’m almost there…Radar Love”

    Welcome to Seattle Winfield. The only smaller markets are Buffalo and Jacksonville, and the little press they get Sherman hogs it all.

    Did you really think this out?

  4. super bowl? are you high?? anyone with a brain knows the superbowl is going to be the broncos vs the 49ers….ending with manning getting his second ring. schneider, bow before john elway you peasant

  5. Logicalvoice should know that there is no free agency playing for the skins. Strong safety meriweather is coming off an acl surgery.
    By the way, Seahawks eliminated the redskins in the playoffs

  6. Just quit with hype Florio, the hacks did not even win their division…need to crawl b/f U walk…Skol

  7. super bowl? are you high?? anyone with a brain knows the superbowl is going to be the broncos vs the 49ers….ending with manning getting his second ring. schneider, bow before john elway you peasant

    haha manning the Post season choke artist. Broncos have a hi priced STOP GAP QB. How many play off games did you win last season? and the 9ers missed their window

  8. 3 CBs are on the field 60-70% of most games in today’s NFL.

    The pride of Akron Garfield High School will see a ton of snaps this year; whether Dick Sherman and/or Brandon Browner get suspended or not

  9. Welcome to Seattle Winfield. The only smaller markets are Buffalo and Jacksonville

    Uh, wrong. Seattle is a bigger market than Minneapolis, Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Denver, San Diego, Phoenix, St Louis, Tampa, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Kansas City, Milwaukee/GB, Cincinnati, Nashville, and New Orleans, plus those two. But other than that, you were right on.

  10. @Seatownballer y’all Shehawks fans beat us. Ok… RG3 reaggravated his knee AFTER the offense put up 2 TD’s on that “stingy D”. Beat us by 10 right ? Y’all should have beat the Falcons but didn’t and the 49ers won your division. All that super bowl talk out here is from the good weed they smoking… lol. Its way 2 early to be talking about super bowl.

  11. That’s nuts. He probably chose them because he can extend his career by not playing a lot of plays and by playing the slot guy.

  12. I think Logicalvoice should change his name Hahahahaha. Yeah Bruce Allen didn’t want him I guess that’s why they offered Winfield a contract lol lol. Are there really fans that delusional out there?????? Kinda sad… He just chose the better team end of story. That’s why he picked the Hawks over more money in Min. Boosh

  13. rickyspanish24 says:
    Apr 13, 2013 8:40 PM

    Winfield is an insurance policy for Walter Thurmond, who when healthy is better than Browner and Winfield.


    Yeah right, what are you talking about? Winfield and Browner are both miles better than that guy who hasn’t even finished a season…LOL it’s disrespectful to have him in the same sentence as those two

  14. Uh, wrong. Seattle is a bigger market than Minneapolis, Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Denver, San Diego, Phoenix, St Louis, Tampa, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Kansas City, Milwaukee/GB, Cincinnati, Nashville, and New Orleans, plus those two. But other than that, you were right on.
    Robby212, not sure where you get your gorilla stats from, but Phoenix has sold out for years and has 1 of the highest television ratings. Not to mention PHX is the 6 largest city in the nation, only smaller than LA, Houston, NY, Chicago and I believe Philadelphia. Read a book.

  15. As a Skins fan, let’s just a couple things straight:

    (1) Logicalvoice is not only annoying to read for you… It’s even worse for us! Wish that dude would just shutup and go away, gives us Skins fans a bad name, and he posts NON-STOP… Damn son, chill!! (2) Seahawks, your team is good, but be honest with yourself… if RG3 had been 100%, not so sure you would have won that game… RG3 was gimpy from the start, as you know, he wasn’t even close to his normal form, and we were still beating you 14-0 as he re-injured his knee at the end of the 1st quarter… I do wish Shanny had just put in Cousins at that point, but, that’s another story; (3) Skins have a solid team but had no money to offer Winfield, so stop hating just to hate… the Vikings snubbed Winfield and their starting QB is basically a midwest version of Mark Sanchez, so, of course he didn’t want to go back there… the Seahawks have the best D in the league (yup, I said it, it’s true, I’ll agree), so of course he wants to be a part of that… Seahawks also have a solid offense and tons of cap space to pay him with, all of which is why he ended up there; (4) of course the Skins wanted him, and there was mutual interest, but it soon became clear to Winfield that we just have no money to give him, oh well

  16. ringwormsherm says:
    Apr 13, 2013 8:36 PM
    Haha the Skins are garbage. Are you kidding me!? Their D is average at best
    Yep we’re garbage, we have 3 SB’s to go with our garbage, and this coming from a Seahawks fan..haha, have fun with your division titles from so long ago , I would rather have SB’s than division titles.

  17. I wish everybody would realize that the only people that are talking about Seattle winning a Super Bowl is the press. The media drives this ridiculous crap. However, Seattle is on the short list for teams with enough talent to win it all. But, so is Denver, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco and maybe even New York G. It’s way too early to talk about Super Bowl’s for anyone. It’s a long season, but Seattle does have every chance as anyone else and they are loaded on paper. Now it’s time for everyone to go out and prove what’s on the paper, including San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Atlanta and yes, Seattle. So, shut up everyone… Seattle fans are not the ones waving the Super Bowl flag already. How dumb can you all be to believe the media of all places.

  18. John Schneider a peasant? LOL

    JS is 10 times the GM Elway is. He found his franchise QB in the 3rd round, where as Elway had to sign an old choke artist to almost 100M which will cost his team big time in the long run. Peyton will never bring a team to a super bowl again.

    And not sure why everyone thinks the 49ers would go back to the Super Bowl. It’s extremely tough to go back to back. Luck won’t be on their side. I see a major decline on that defense this year and Kaepernick really isnt what everyone thinks he is. I honestly think that is an 9-7 team.

    Anywho, back to the article, this is false and not even close to the reason Winfield came to Seattle. I highly doubt Browner or Sherman would even consider messing around with anything after the scare last season. Lane or Maxwell would play their spot anyways. He came here because this is the most talented team in football and have an amazing QB to steer the ship in the right direction. If the Seahawks are not at least in the NFCCG next season I will be very surprised. They already have 8 wins with that defense playing at home.

  19. and what hype train? This team is obviously legit. Top 9 defense the past two seasons and number 1 last season and only going to get better because they’re the second youngest team. Straight boss at QB. The niners were awful for years while the Seahawks dominated and the niners have two seasons of winning the division and all of a sudden are kings of the world and everyone is on their D. Besides Justin smith and the LB core, that defense is not special. And who knows how long Smith can main yain his high level coming back from a pretty big injury. They only won the division last year because of a tie. Seattle was 11-5, still had the same amount of wins. So in reality SF has one more year of being a good team of late. So if you’re gonna say the Seahawks are all hype just because of 1 season, you might as well say the same thing about SF. They don’t even have the same QB that made them so good for a year and a half of the two years.

    Russell Wilson> Kaepernick

    And that’s real.

  20. Logicaldouche, try watching a game instead of just playing Madden. Merriweather is so bad that he lost his job in New England to Jackie Slater’s offspring, a backup WR and special teamer. Merriweather is without a doubt the worst S in the league.

  21. To me this signing makes no sense. Maybe that is why I am not an NFL executive. Why would Seattle get another DB when we are busting at the seams at that position. This article doesn’t mention that when Brower was gone for 4 games Seattle went on a terror with teams winning most games by 30+ points.

    Why you ask? Lane/Maxwell etc filled in great, and most everyone said Lane would be a started on most NFL teams. So why get a vet in this position?

  22. @truthassassin

    First of all, thank you for recognizing that logical dude or whatever for what he is……a complete tool who, odds are, has a social life which consists of the same two inflatable friends. Next, I truly do appreciate your perspective on the playoff game between our two teams. I look at it like this. The points we scored are to be left alone, ,rg3 didn’t give those up. But, had he stayed healthy, you’d have to pencil them in for at least another touchdown. You could make the argument for more, but we were three best scoring defense still, and would have made the necessary adjustments, rg3 or not. very close in talent just year, but we’ve been adding pieces, while all others have watched. This is why seattle will hold the edge on the division, conference, and entire league for the next decade

  23. 1 New York, NY
    2 Los Angeles, CA
    3 Chicago, IL
    4 Philadelphia, PA
    5 Dallas – Ft. Worth, TX 6 San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose, CA
    7 Boston, MA
    8 Atlanta, GA
    9 Washington, DC
    10 Houston, TX
    11 Detroit, MI
    12 Phoenix, AZ
    13 Tampa – St. Petersburg – Sarasota, FL
    14 Seattle – Tacoma, WA
    15 Minneapolis, MN
    16 Miami – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    17 Cleveland – Akron, OH
    18 Denver, CO
    19 Orlando – Daytona Beach – Melbourne, FL
    20 Sacramento – Stockton – Modesto, CA
    21 St. Louis, MO
    22 Pittsburgh, PA
    23 Portland, OR
    24 Baltimore, MD
    25 Charlotte, NC
    26 Indianapolis, IN
    27 San Diego, CA
    28 Raleigh – Durham, NC
    29 Hartford – New Haven, CT
    30 Nashville, TN
    31 Kansas City, MO
    32 Columbus, OH
    33 Cincinnati, OH
    34 Milwaukee, WI

  24. The signing makes plenty sense. Sea young corners can’t stay healty plus they all question marks, cause they haven’t done it yet. Winnfield was ranked the number slot corner in the NFL. Slot corner was Seattle’s only weakness on D last year.

  25. Perhaps if crapernick was a bit more intelligent and (like Russell) and a bit less self absorbed….but the Seahawks have the best roster in the NFL and it will be Seattle vs Denver in the Superbowl. … 38-7 seattle

  26. i want Seahawks to win like every other fan, but simply having “the best roster” doesn’t mean squat. Sometimes teams come out and play like everyone else around them is going to make a play – and then no one does. That is what we have to worry about.

  27. Yes, there’s always the fear of letdown, but I also think there is a fear to succeed by the fans. No one simply wins by showing up, but Pete Carroll is a master motivator and I believe this football team will be ready when the whistle blows. Russell Wilson is a man possessed and obsessed. He’s going to lead this team and I don’t think he will lead them into a false sense of security. Saying that, I would much rather start the year with a roster full of talent, then have 53 tough guys without talent but giving their all. The question is, will 53 Seahawks give their all? I think they will and I’m not afraid to be excited about something that the city of Seattle has never seen before and that’s a Lombardi trophy. Yes, they have to go out on the field and win it. But remember, this is a franchise that has never won a Super Bowl. I just don’t think this team will fall down when they have so much to get up for. It’s not like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and New England. I think they’ve gotten so spoiled that they could have a letdown. This city is going to Jack the Seahawks players through the roof. Go Hawks!

  28. What in the heck? Seattle wasn’t bursting at the seams with defensive backs. They had four great ones and a couple developing. Jeremy Lane is going to be a good one someday, I think, but that remains to be seen. The Winfield signing was brilliant. Cheap, a great security blanket in case of an injury and a huge upgrade at the slot nickel back. Seahawks have several defensive backs on the roster, but most of them haven’t been able to stay healthy and some became disappointments. Winston Guy was a disappointment. Maxwell and Thurmond are very injury prone and Jeron Johnson and D’Shaun Shead don’t fit Carol’s prototypical size requirement. Huge and physical. Still, the Seahawks will draft another defensive back to develop behind veterans. That’s the way that Ted Thompson taught Schneider when he was with the Packers. Don’t waste a lot of money on free agents, build from the draft and draft intelligently for the future. Looks like Schneider blended new mentality with all Thompson mentality. Spent money on Harvin and the rest is going to be through the draft or through cheap bargain players like; Avril, Bennett, McDaniel and Winfield. None of them got blockbuster deals. Go Hawks!

  29. Oh, found this for again. Somehow it just keeps disappearing. Weird right?

    “Good job deleting a bunch of comments. Oh funny thing.. I still had that page open and since your site doesn’t auto-refresh here’s one:

    “You are garbage Florio and I see you have spewed more of crap. Why don’t you actually try to write about football?”

    Your welcome.”

  30. Sorry Mike, but Winfield will NOT replace either Sherman or Browner regardless of circumstances, because Winfield is not capable of playing the outside corner position. He simply lacks the speed to do so.

    Seattle brought Winfield in to play the nickle/slot position, and that is all. If Sherman and/or Browner is unable to play, either Jeremy Lane or Byron Maxwell (or perhaps Chris Maragos) would substitute.

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