Tamba Hali helps the NFL sell hope

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It’s the offseason.  Everyone is 0-0.  In theory, anyone can play in the next Super Bowl.

And the NFL wants every fan of every team to think their team can pull it off.

Unwittingly helping the effort to persuade all fans that this year could be the year are players who get caught up in the glass-half-full phenomenon.  Even guys like Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali, whose team won a measly two games in 2012, can sell the idea that a Super Bowl appearance isn’t out of the question.

Via ArrowheadAddict.com, Hali gushed on Twitter about teammate Justin Houston, calling him a “monster,” adding that “the excitement builds up every day we work as a unit,” and finishing with this rallying cry:  “MetLife Stadium gets closer each day.”

Yes it does.  And seats and suites and jerseys and hats and everything else is available to be purchased by any Chiefs fan who gets swept up in the excitement.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with hope.  As we’ve learned in recent years, any team that gets a seat at the playoff table can run the table and win the trophy.  Whether it’s emerging as the best of four teams in the division or being among the best two of the other 12 in the conference, a postseason appearance can happen even for the worst teams from the prior season.

Last year, three of the six worst teams from 2011 got to the playoffs.  The Chiefs, with six Pro Bowlers, a new quarterback in Alex Smith, and a new coach in Andy Reid, will be a trendy pick to turn it around.

So get excited, Chiefs fans and fans of every other team.  It can happen for your team this year, or any year.

19 responses to “Tamba Hali helps the NFL sell hope

  1. As a Saints fan who watched Justin Houston run roughshod over our o-line, I can say he is indeed a monster.

  2. The cynicism is remarkable. What else should he say – damn we suck and wouldn’t be competing to reach the playoffs + SuperBowl ?

  3. The Vikings had only 3 wins before last season. They needed to win out over 4 teams you wouldn’t think they would have beat any of them. but they made the playoffs. while the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, as a fan I can enjoy a entertaining season too.

  4. The Chiefs have a fantastic opportunity to go from worst to first and could be the most dominant team of the next decade or so with the right moves. They have a handful of young and valuable players to work with and if they can purge away any assets of trade value that don’t make sense for the long-term and put that towards the rebuilding process then that can help them speed things up towards forming a foundation for a dynasty.

    I don’t expect them to convert on anything special though because they don’t seem to be making any moves to transition for that kind of a transformation. You need to be proactive and not reactive during a key opportunity as special as this one now that they have the draft material to draw leverage from.

  5. My head automatically substitutes Tamba Hali’s name for Prince Ali in the Alladin song whenever I hear his name and I hear the song in my head.

  6. I watched my team fail miserably last year and said “no way is this completely the players fault.” New coaching staff? As long as we don’t draft a QB in the first round, I’m feeling pretty good about my Bills this year.

  7. The Half-glass-full mentality is the only way i’ve managed to stay a Panthers fan all these years…

    Don’t dare take that from me, Mike. It’s all i’ve got.

  8. With all of the moves made by the Chiefs, this offseason and already having a pretty good, young core of players to build upon, I’m as optimistic as I’ve been for a long time and I’ve been a fan for over 40 years. The Chiefs are more talented than a 2 win team, which was manifested by having 6 Pro-bowlers. I think Reid and Dorsey adding some quality veterans (but not antiques) to provide leadership and depth, along with the addition of a QB who has played exceptionally well, over the past 2 plus years and was a couple of special teams mistakes from a Superbowl, in 2011. I’m also glad that the leadership didn’t succumb to the fan’s pressure of using their number 1 pick on a QB, in a year where there just isn’t anyone who really stands out.

  9. I personally had the Chiefs pegged to win the AFC West last year, mostly because I assumed Manning was done.

    KC didn’t greatly improve either side of the ball in FA (unless you count cutting one Shaky Franchise QB and giving up a low 2nd rounder for another). New Shaky Franchise Coach, to go with him too. But they didn’t need to improve all that much, they have talent all over the place.

    For them to go up 6 wins, the calendar no longer reading 2012 should be enough. What a weirdo, nightmare season…

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