Tavon Austin’s floor looks to be No. 16

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Not long ago, we pegged the over-under for West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin at the 15th pick in the draft.

It’s now looking like his floor will come one spot lower.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reviews the praise that has been heaped upon the small-but-explosive receiver-returner.  ESPN’s Mel Kiper has Austin being taken with the 16th pick in the draft, by the Rams.

If Austin lasts that long.

At the Scouting Combine, a G.M. privately remarked that Austin runs like he has a rocket in a place where rockets don’t normally go.  And that was before Austin ran the 40-yard dash faster than most expected.”The guy’s got Az Hakim-like quickness,” an unnamed veteran scout told Thomas.  “If you get him the ball on the field anywhere, he can score.  Hand it to him, toss it to him, bubble screen it, throw it deep.”Regardless of whether Austin is gone by the time the Rams pick at No. 16, they need to add a receiver who can make an impact.  Especially with Danny Amendola now gone.By the time the Rams go on the clock with the first of their two first-round picks, Austin could be gone, too.

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  1. And over/under should be the spot where there is an equal chance of either/or. A floor would have to be the worst case possible. So are you saying the over/under is 16 or the floor is 16?

  2. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 13, 2013 8:48 PM
    He’s the new Santana Moss. He, just like Santana, will be a top 5 WR in professional football down the road.


    How boring/crappy/miserable is your life that you wait around for new post on PFT and somehow bring up the Redskins? Go back to school, work harder at work, get to the gym, there has to be something you can do to improve your life rather then troll this site.

  3. Santana Moss top 5
    There is not redskin in the top 5 in any category unless you are counting your coach as number 1 in the idiot head coach category

  4. Austin will be a playmaker at the next level. He sort of reminds me of Percy Harvin without the migraine.

  5. Exactly when was Santana Moss ever a top 5 WR? The dude made a grand total of one Pro Bowl. As his career has coincided with the likes of Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Steve Smith, TO, Donald Driver, and Anquan Boldin to name a few, I fail to see a time when Santana would have cracked the top 5. Top 10, perhaps for a season or two, but not top 5. You can’t be one of the best if you have to struggle to make the freaking Pro Bowl.

  6. I see the Rams taking Kenny Vaccaro. He is exactly the type of player Fisher drools over.

  7. Funny how flustered people get by LogicalVoicesays’ harmless comments (and internet comments in general). You tell ’em though.

    Anyway, I thought Cook was pretty much a slot receiver as it is. I heard he played like 70% of his snaps there last year or something. Seems odd to spend all the cash on him there and then draft a slot receiver with the 16th pick. Guess you can’t pass on that kind of potential for too long though.

  8. This guy is going to be amazing for teams with his speed and explosiveness. Question is can he keep himself from being blown up because of his small size.

  9. nyyjetsknicks: Lighten up, Francis. Everybody except you has come to realize that logicalvoicesays is the standard-bearer of professional football commentary on this web site, and is a welcome and valued addition here. Green-eyed ragemonster-esque jealousy does not become you.

  10. A potentially explosive player is only as good as the coaching staff in the manner of using him. If the coaching sucks and the o-coordinator has no clue in which to call a game in which to accentuate his skills in a complementary manner, it is a wasted pick and he will be damaged goods by the time his second contract rolls around.

    Personally, I feel if a guy is not comparable to Calvin Johnson in terms of development, size and speed coming out of college, a WR is better taken in the second round or later.

    Look at the smallish guys who’ve made hay in the league….Welker UDFA, Cruz UDFA, Dante Hall 5th round, Desean Jackson 2nd round, sheesh, Hakim was a 4th rounder. Santana Moss is an exception to the rule in terms of his toughness and ability to stay in the league as long as he has…very rare exception for a small guy drafted in the 1st round.

  11. If Austin goes in round one as expected…..would he be the smallest player ever drafted in the first round?

  12. He’s from Baltimore home of the World Champion Ravens so u kno he gonna ball so hard i hope we can get this guy I’m giving him a nick name rite now Stone Cold Tavon Austin aka the Game Changer Go Ravens!

  13. Both Geno Smith and Tavon Austin played college football in a conference that makes the Arena Football League look like defensive warfare.
    Buyers beware.

  14. you would think with a name like that, I don’t know… at one point, maybe even, could possibly, say something logical once in a while. That’s ok tho ill feed the troll, it’s funny to laugh at you and your comedic posts, you are just joking around right? If your not I feel really bad for you. Most people will want but your smoking but your past that dude, you need rehab.

  15. It’s not exactly a lock if the only credible source is a Kiper mock a couple weeks before the draft and an anonymous gm saying he likes him. Need a little more info than that to make any proclamations of this sort. Regardless, I hope this is correct and he doesn’t go below 16 so the Vikings aren’t tempted to draft this guy.

  16. Logicalvoicesays dude on behalf of all redskins fans please shut up your making us look bad………

  17. I say he could go as low as Minnesota’s second first rounder. If Austin and Patterson are there for the Rams at 16, I pass on them both knowing I could get Keenan Allen, the better WR, at 22.

  18. If the Eagles trade back, this is their pick. Put him in that Offense with djax and defenses won’t be able to gameplan.

  19. NFCW is a great place to be for being an X factor player. Game changers are in high demand no matter what but in the ever tightening NFCW it may be in even higher demand. That said it is also probably the worst division to be in when you are that said game changer but you are a whopping 5’8″ and 174 lbs. Doesn’t matter which one you land on either, your 3 rivals will be packed with heavy hitters.

  20. The first GM I can picture saying “that little receiver has a rocket in his @$$” is definitely Buddy Nix. Just think about it you’ll hear that voice too

  21. If I may be allowed to interrupt all this hyperventilating for a second, I’d like to point out that Tavon Austin averaged an “explosive” 11.3 yards per reception this past season, and for his 4 years at WVU he averaged an “explosive” 11.9 yards per reception.

  22. Not sure Tavon Austin can be compared to any WR in the NFL. However, if one must be made I would say a slightly small version of Steve Smith of the Panthers. I slightly disagree with the article, by the way, I say the ceiling is 16. I don’t think he goes higher than that. By the way I love Santana Moss but he’s never been top 5. Not close really.

  23. This guys will b a stud I promise y’all!! 14 of his 15 TDs would have counted in two hand touch last season and that in itself is sick!! Would love to c him in Honalulu Blue but can’t spend that 5th on him, but man Calvin, Reggie, Broyles, Staff and Austin!!!!! 40 Pts a week easy!!! Go D!!!

  24. Joey, if you think defenses don’t gameplan with safety help over the top against djax leaving middle routes open you know nothing about football. He is faster than just about any corner. To the extent that off corners are forced to play bump so he doesn’t get downfield. Changing your strategy is same as game planning. If you out two burners on same team, the defense will get best consistently. The only problem is that the Eagles don’t have the quarterback yet to pull it off. That will be addresses next year.

  25. Austin is about the exact same size as Steve Smith was coming out of college (maybe an inch shorter than Smith) who turned out to be a pretty productive player for the Panthers.

    So I wouldn’t hold his size against him. Austin is a real play maker and some team will be glad they picked him while other teams that played it safe will be kicking themselves.

  26. Ironic that everyone has Tavon Austin pegged to the Rams. This is the same team that had first crack at Andrew Hawkins after his CFL stint.

    Compare their measurables:
    Hawkins: 5073-182-4.34-4.03ss-38vj-906bj
    Austin: 5084-174-4.28-4.01ss-32vj-1000bj

    One of these two is almost guaranteed to earn a 1st round contract, the other didn’t even make it into the pre-season with the Rams (cut 8/1/11). Austin is likely more talented but not by that much…

  27. I hope the Rams get a bigger, physical WR or spend their first round picks on Vaccaro and Ogletree.

  28. First time i saw Tavon was at Dunbar High school, you knew he was destined for a great football career in college. You could say whatever you want about WVU, but every time he got the ball in his hands it was electrifying… Now he gets his dream of a chance in the NFL, I cant wait, he is a better version of Welker. Too bad my Ravens will not get him, because we pick #32 hehehe.
    Ps: who was Santana Moss?

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