Tim Tebow says his offseason has been great and he’s ready to work

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No one believes Tim Tebow has any future as a quarterback with the Jets, and many people doubt that Tebow has any future as a quarterback with any NFL team. But Tebow says he’ll be an eager and enthusiastic participant when the Jets’ offseason workouts begin on Monday, and he thinks he’s ready for a big year.

Tebow told the Associated Press on Friday night that he won’t stress about what the Jets plan to do with him and will just try to get himself ready to play somewhere.

It’s nothing I can control, and like I’ve said ever since I was at Nease High School, I really try not to worry about what I can’t control,” Tebow said. “Just try to have the best attitude, have the best effort, a great work ethic, and so far this offseason has been a lot of fun. Been my best yet.”

It may have been Tebow’s best offseason so far, but it won’t be a good offseason for Tebow if he finds himself released by the Jets and unable to find any other team that’s even willing to give him a chance. But Tebow says he still has aspirations of being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

“It’s always been my dream, always will be,” Tebow said. “Yeah, I’ll be there Monday ready to work out and have a great attitude.”

No matter how great Tebow’s attitude may be publicly, privately he has to be thinking: Just cut me already, Jets. As long as he’s under contract to a team that has no long-term plans for him, he’s just wasting his time.

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  1. “As long as he’s under contract to a team that has no long-term plans for him, he’s just wasting his time.”

    So what you’re suggesting is that he retire.

  2. I just do not understand all of the Tebow hate – I hate some of folk (god-ell) and maybe much of the business end of things – but to all the haters – maybe it would be best for your daughter to marry a member of a biker gang!

  3. @logicalvoicesays: Is that damn Uncle Rico? lol

    Tebow is a hell of a player, don’t know what the fuss is about. I can’t wait for the Steelers fans to be butt hurt once again!

  4. I think he could still have a successful NFL career, just not as a starting QB. This guy continually gets slammed, but what has he done that is so terrible? He is a stand-up guy who works his ass off but all he receives is mocking and criticism. There are much better candidates to direct your hate than Tebow.

  5. >>I just do not understand all of the Tebow hate – I hate some of folk (god-ell) and maybe much of the business end of things – but to all the haters – maybe it would be best for your daughter to marry a member of a biker gang!<<

    The NFL is a meritocracy. If you're good enough to keep playing, teams hire you to help them win. If not, you go bye bye.

    It's fans like YOU that we hate – not Tebow! Because you are all fans of a player while WE are fans of the NFL. Knowledgeable fans with a deep understanding of the history and the game.

    You only know that Tim's a clean cut kid and since you want more of that in the NFL you choose to overlook how AWFUL he is and keep pounding away that if he just got a legitimate shot, he's be great!

    You don't think the talent evaluators on 32 professional NFL teams know more than you??

    Hey Tebow fan: just go away already! Leave football to actual football fans!

    Go by some Christian trading cards of your favorite Christian athletes and trade them after Sunday school. Leave the rest of us alone!

    And I'm a solid Christian who loves Tebow the man and Christian. But I also know he's not an NFL caliber QB.

    Wise up, son!

  6. If Tebow had a thought would it be a Christian Ponder?

    Did anybody get the joke? Tebow is a Christian and plays QB in the NFL. Then ponder means to think. There is a QB named “Christian Ponder”. It’s a nice play on words.

  7. Tebow gets a bum wrap. Good guy…team player. I wonder if a strong organization who wants a winner on their team will take a chance on him once the Jets cut him (Pittsburg??). Big Ben needs a backup and he is strong enough starter that a QB controversy would not happen.

  8. He still has a good work ethic and a good attitude. Too bad he’s still a below average quaterback.

  9. I don’t think his work ethic has ever been in question. Just his ability to read defenses, complete passes, etc.

    It’s funny how hating on him for being a poor QB has morphed into hating on him as a person. I’d like to see the work ethic of some of these people in this thread versus his.

  10. Most of the hate Tebow gets is because of his delusional fans not himself.. I think Tebow is a great guy and a rare role model in professional sports.. but he simply is not a good QB. He could start on some bottom feeder teams over guys like Blaine Gabbert and whoever is QB in KC, but he isn’t going to lead a team to the promised land. And before everyone yells “2011 Playoffs!!!!” The Broncos backed into a division title (people forget Denver could have clinched with a victorry but Tebow played absolutely dreadful against KC and they had to rely on a SD loss.) and beat an injured Steeler team that presented one of the most disrespectful defensive schemes I’ve ever seen.

  11. “vilelabyrinth says:

    if he really wants to play he should go somewhere he would be given a real shot..”


    You make that statement as if he has any choice in the matter. No doubt he would love to go to a team that would give him a legitimate shot at playing.

    Until the Jets cut or trade him there’s nothing he can do except retire, and by the time he could un-retire and not belong to the Jets he’d never get back into the league.

  12. kwgator says:
    Apr 13, 2013 12:08 PM
    Tim Tebow should become a bus driver because he took my #1 rated D to School

    — Dick LeBeau


    Now this is how you tell a joke! Even as a Steeler fan that was pretty funny and he didn’t have to break it all down for us and explain it!

  13. Was Jesus a terrific quarterback? Being a Christian or a very nice guy doesn’t mean you’re a great quarterback nor does it mean you deserve the starting QB job somewhere. Being able to throw the ball quickly and accurately, not to mention being able to read defenses, makes you a great QB. Tim doesn’t have those traits. He absolutely doesn’t. It is proven with facts.

  14. thank you patssox someone finaily agrees with me about tebow obe of the best quarterbacks in the league he is better then aron rodgers

  15. 13arod says:
    Apr 13, 2013 1:26 PM
    thank you patssox someone finaily agrees with me about tebow obe of the best quarterbacks in the league he is better then aron rodgers

    Huh? Can someone please translate?

  16. Must have the crew from Timmy’s church working the thumbs down today because no serious student of the game would think of him as being NFL caliber.

  17. “The NFL is a meritocracy. If you’re good enough to keep playing, teams hire you to help them win.”

    Another naive statement, how do you think he got to where he is now? Answer….Hype….BS scouts who actually work for the NFL and really don’t know what they are doing, Oh yeah and ticket sales.

    The reason NFL teams can’t find another Tom Brady or Joe Montana is because hype gets in their way and many of the scouts are looking at the wrong thing.

  18. Tim Tebow could become one of the best tightends in NFL history if some team would use him the right way. He could also be used as a running back. Just like the Packers did back in the 50’s and 60’s, Tim could do the same. He is an incredible athlete.

  19. Hey ‘patssox’ – aka non player, student of the game – it may come as a shock to you that you do not know more than me (or anyone else) about football – I know, you told us that you do – got it – take your football history book back to the library before it’s overdue. Good luck on landing that football 101 course at the community college. I am sure ‘notoriousbri’ will be on the front row.

  20. What’s with all the Tebow haters, oh that’s right, their lives suck and so they have to look for winners to bad mouth. If you haters would put as much effort into improving your game (life) then you would be a lot more joy in your life.

  21. Can’t believe there are still people out there perpetuating the Tebow urban legend.

    Since he’s been in the NFL he’s NEVER been on a winning team (not a winner). He DOESN’T have a winning record as a starter (not a winner). He skipped lockout workouts with the Broncos (not a team player) to pimp his book about himself (not humble). His major endorsement is as an underwear model (not selfless), he hogs the spotlight and he divides lockerrooms.

    And when he came to visit the kids in my neighborhood, it was because he got a $100,000 appearance fee. Not exactly a sacrifice.

  22. logical is a liar – he probably injured his knee while he was on his knees trying to convince the coach that he could play. patsoxx you lie too – “solid Christians” don’t hate. He would be good if he was ever given a real chance. I remember a QB who went 1-15 before eventually winning three SB in four years.

  23. It’s going to be interesting to see if the media keeps the Tebow fascination going if he’s not on an NFL roster in September.

    After all, his high profile is largely a media constructed illusion. People have been interested because the media told them to be and have been force-fed Tebow trivia to reinforce it.

    I can’t wait to see what happens.

  24. Tim Tebow has 8 wins to 6 losses and 29 touchdowns to 24 turnovers (rushing and fumbles combined with pass td’s and int’s).

    The guy wins more than he losses and makes more good plays than bad. That’s why he is still in the NFL and a reason why people want to see him get a shot. His lack of passing talent is what keeps him off the field. It would be interesting to see what he could do as a entrusted starter based on his unique ability to some how find a way to still get it done.

  25. What are Tarvaris Jackson’s thoughts on his offseason?

    What is Matt Leinart looking forward to this season?

    What is Dan Orlovsky’s fav “pre-holding a clipboard” meal?

    All would be at least as compelling articles about a terrible backup QB, but PFT keeps the Tebow hype machine powered on and well-lubricated.

  26. Are Favre and Tebow related-or do they just share the ‘most annoying athlete ever’ gene?

  27. All I know is the guy just wins. Sometimes a player just has a way of getting the job done. Not the most talented and not as fast as many of the other players in the NFL or the NCAA but he has something that a lot of the others don’t. He has what athletics people call (The It Factor). Given the chance Tebow can help an NFL team win football games. Maybe not at QB but in some other capacity because he has HEART. That is something that a lot of others don’t have . The will to be successful is what I see from Tim Tebow.

  28. that would be logicvoicesays. had a little bump on his knee in high school now he can’t play anymore i quess.but still thinks he’s a better QB than tebow.

  29. You never know what to expect out of the Jets. Who knows. Maybe they’ll shock the world by coming to their senses and releasing 3 of their quarterbacks (Garrard, McElroy, and Sims – all of which are 100 times worse than Tebow) that they picked up for only God knows why, then place Sanchez where he belongs at the back-up qb position so he can watch and learn from Tebow, and he can be ready to come in if Tebow ever gets hurt. But that makes too much sense. Rex is not known for doing anything that makes sense offensively. It makes me laugh when I see the plays that his offense runs. I don’t know if it was all Sparano’s fault or Rex’s, but some of the decisions were definitely Rex’s.

  30. The personnel packages were a joke. The best quarteback that has worn a Jets uniform during my lifetime (with the exception of Brett Favre), and they use him like a fullback/punt protector. Makes sense (shaking head..). But someone is paying that clown to make these bonehead decisions.

  31. It’s funny how the guy always does and says all of the right things, does absolutley ANYTHING that the coach’s tell him to do – I mean he’d punt the ball and kick field goals if you told him to, and he finds ways to win games when he starts, stays out of trouble and even does good things in the community, plus even produced better #’s than John Elway himself produced in his first 10 starts, and was practically identical after the 1st 16 starts, which is all Tebow has had to this point…Yet, nobody wants to let him play?? He is far better than so many other starting quarterbacks. It’s a much different era now than it was when Elway was coming through. I was a die-hard Elway fan and would never say anything bad about him when he was playing (even if I didn’t like certain parts of his game, like his accuracy). But Elway always gave the team a chance. Even though he sometimes didn’t get things started until there was less than 5 minutes left in the game, and quite often when there were only 2 minutes left. But he was exciting to watch at the end of games. Just like Tebow. It seems like people have totally forgotten how John played the game. People should watch the old tapes. It would be so interesting to see Tebow get the chance that he really deserves. I’d like to see him play a whole career so we could then take a look at his career in comparison to Elway’s. They are both leaders. They both love football. They both know about playing with heart.

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