Woodson compares his current market to 2006

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This isn’t the first time Charles Woodson has been available for longer than he expected to be.

In 2006, the Raiders opted not to use the franchise tag on Woodson for a third straight time.  He remained on the market until late April, when the Packers signed him to a seven-year, $52 million contract.

“Oddly enough, it’s a lot like it is right now,” Woodson recently told 790 The Zone in Atlanta regarding his situation, via a Green Bay newspaper.  “It was slow.  I had nobody really calling.  I had my agents calling a lot of people, and Green Bay was the only team that was calling us.  So it was just that it was about the money, it was that was the only team that was calling.  So I ended up going to Green Bay because there were no other suitors.”

This year, there appear to be no suitors, other than maybe the 49ers.  And even if there were, no one will be paying him $52 million over seven years.  Or at that same rate on a one-year deal.  Or anything close to it.

Like so many other veteran players, Woodson has to decide whether he wants to continue doing what he has been doing for a lot less money than he has been doing it for.  And that’s not an easy pill for any player to digest.

The money could improve and the interest could expand after the draft, when teams that had been hoping to address their needs via incoming players realize they still need a safety.  Until then, Woodson will likely keep on waiting.

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  1. Woodson would be perfect for the Patriots, at lesser money. They like veterans and, and veterans and you get it. Anything to improve the mess in the defensive backfield.

  2. Took Charles a while to warm up to GB and the way things are done here but eventually he did and GB was a much better team for having him.

    Would have to say that his time and performance in GB is what will put him in the HOF. Prior to that he wasn’t a HOF guy.

  3. Say what you want but I think he still has another year or 2 left. He has a way of finding the ball and making plays. A team looking for safety help could use him and even more so could use the leadership he brings. He should receive some calls after the draft if some teams can’t get the safety they want. With the market slow he should be able to be signed fairly cheap now.

  4. TT needs to call woodson right now. we have depth at the safety position and we are stocked at corner. But we lost ALOT of lockeroom leadership in jennings and driver. woodson still has something left in the tank, and besides, he is my favorite player. call teddy call!

  5. When will people realize that in the NFL, you don’t go in under one team. Woodson will be represented by every team he’s played for, which includes the Raiders.

  6. If he were a Viking, the Hawks would sign him in a heartbeat. The man has done us enough misery over the years. You have to respect a man and his talent, and I do.

  7. Charles will find a team fast if he plays at vet. minimum for a player his age…He needs to post a sign that says: ” I will work for $1.00″ and teams will call fast…

  8. Green Bay should bring him back because of his much needed leadership skills. He still has a couple of good years left. Offer him an incentives loaded deal or a similiar deal as to what the Seahawks gave Winfield.

  9. Good piece and Pill to swallow as one of our favorites players is correct…But, he has enough coin in the bank to just go out and make headlines again…Believe it or not, he could do that with Buffalo!

  10. It’s not that Woody can’t play. He’s slowed down a little bit.

    But this is more due to the fact that we’ve got youngsters like Casey Hayward who can really play. And who are much younger and much much cheaper.

    Woody’s got plenty left, and he wants that all time Pick Six record. He’s still hungry!

  11. It’s one of the deepest draft classes for Safety in years which is probably why no one is jamming you phone line Chuck.

    Any team would rather cheap, young help, with upside, and on your team for years than an aging vet with 0 upside and no future on your team.

    That’s not to say Woodson can’t still ball but he’s going to have to wait till the draft plays out and teams have a firm grasp at what their roster looks like before they commit to an older vet.

  12. He is from Ohio and went to college in Michigan. The Lions and Browns have a need for a veteran DB. Perhaps he is holding out for a contender to call.

  13. I’d love to see him go to the Saints and take over the “Darren Sharper Veteran Who Shows The Kids How to Get It Done” role, maybe our D wouldn’t be embarrassing this year.

  14. Maybe he has earned the right to “cherry pick” what team he plays for, but it is still about the money.

  15. I think it would be great if he came back to Michigan and joined the Lions. Then when he retired they would be crazy to not offer him a job as an assistant.

  16. Can’t stand it when people think that a player enters the hall of fame as the member of a particular team thinks they know what they’re talking about. Players enter the hall of fame as a player, not as a member of a certain team. Get with it people…

  17. Green Bay learned the hard way about keeping an aging vet around 1 year too long with Driver last year. It’s not about the money. It’s about the roster spot.

  18. Woodson was paid like a king in Oakland and rewared the Raiders by partying like a rock star and not taking his job seriously during his last few years in Oakland always injured and paid top dollar. Gannon and Brown both stated thus guy did not even lift a weight! Not what you would expect from your highest paid player. Wherever he ends up I hope he gets his clock cleaned. You bailed on the Raiders when they needed you most!
    If his career is over hell be selling his Superbowl ring on Ebay in 3 years!

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