Collin Klein not ready to give up on quarterback


In a league where teams are willing to look under any rock to find a possible quarterback, it is a pretty bad sign for your quarterbacking future when no one’s been interested in having you in for a workout two weeks before the draft.

That’s the predicament Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein finds himself in. Klein has been adamant about remaining at quarterback during the pre-draft process, a stance that puts him at conflict with just about every draft pundit who believes that his awkward throwing style and mediocre deep balls are a sign that Klein will need to play a different position in the NFL.

“In my heart, I know I can do it,” Klein said, via Kellis Robinett of the Kansas City Star. “That’s the position I love to play. Until that door closes, I’m going to walk through it. I have the work ethic and all the physical tools to do it. I was very fortunate to have good coaches at K-State. I feel very well equipped.”

Peter Schaffer, Klein’s agent, pushes the notion that it is a good sign that no one has asked him to work out as a tight end or anything other than a quarterback, but it seems more telling that Robinett reports no one’s asked him to work out as a quarterback either. Klein thought his draft stock was rising in March, but there’s not much sign of that in April.

Schaffer also touts Klein’s winning record at Kansas State as the biggest reason why Klein shouldn’t switch positions, although that argument didn’t work out for Eric Crouch, Tommie Frazier or other quarterbacks who won a ton of games in college because they were excellent runners. Strong running skills are definitely helpful for a quarterback, but they need to be make him a dual-threat player. Klein’s only seen as a threat on the ground, which is a stumbling block he’s unlikely to overcome with a couple of weeks left until the draft.

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  1. He is Tim Tebow without the drama – and nobody wants Tebow either.

    If Tebow had found a way to make it work, Klein would have had a better chance. As it played out, nobody wants that distraction on their team. If they did, Tebow would be in demand.

  2. It seems as though, at this point, Klein should embrace what appears inevitable and start thinking of himself as an NFL Tight End.

  3. With the lack of QBs in the league today, Klein has the talent to make it. I have seen him play and he is electric in his ability to lead the drive down the field. He injured his shoulder at the last of the season which kept him from showcasing his true talent in the East-West game but he was the winner of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award as well as the Kellen Moore Award (AP Player of the Year), Big 12 Player of the Year and is tied with Ricky Williams for most rushing TDs in a single season! With a good coach this guy could be phenomenal!
    He is better than many current NFL QBs currently in the NFL and I would much rather have him than Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb, Colt McCoy, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brady Quinn, Matt Cassel etc. This guy was a Heisman finalist and I’m not sure why the media has not been more receptive of him? Pundits…Pfft!

  4. I would rather win with Tim Tebow and Colin Klein instead of losing with Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Kevin Kolb or Ryan Fitzpatrick.
    People get bigger paychecks for winning. Losing gets people fired.

  5. I would take a late round flyer on him as a red zone threat as part of a spread package but that’s about it. He doesn’t have a strong enough arm to make the out or skinny post throw, his release isn’t quick enough, and he is not accurate enough to play as a full time NFL QB.

  6. Add him to the long line of terrible Big 12 QBs who either couldn’t make it professionally:
    Vince Young
    Colt McCoy
    Todd Reesing (did he even get a tryout?)
    Blaine Gabbert
    Chris Simms
    Major Applewhite
    Sam Bradford
    Jason White
    Michael Bishop
    Countless Others

    Yet we were told every April how great they are and how great Big 12 defenses are.

    C’mon down Geno and Collin, let’s add you to the failure list.

    Griffin is TBD because he may be injured every year after a great season in 2012.

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